THE Waterproof Sneakers With Merino Wool Interior

Waterproof Sneakers With Merino Wool Interior 3

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By: Loom Footwear

Waterproof sneakers are not so common in the market, and I was psyched when I found this pair right here. Most waterproof shoes are for hiking and other outdoor uses so their design are not really cool for daily use. So if you are looking for some stylish waterproof sneakers too, I am here to share my great experience. I came across this brand when I was searching for some stylish waterproof sneakers. Decided to purchase, and it was the best decision I have ever made in online shoes shopping. There are many reasons why I really like these sneakers and highly recommend them. I list all the main features below, so feel free to check them out.


When it comes to comfort, a pair of shoes needs a combination of many elements together. This is one of the reasons why I like these sneakers so much. To make things easier to understand, I break down some important components that make these waterproof sneakers standout.

  • Breathability: No matter what type of shoes you wear, breathability is very important. Without it, your feet will slowly die inside and that is where the smell comes from. These sneakers come with special material that offers proper ventilation even on hot days. This allows your feet to breathe so that there won’t be sweaty feet which leads to odor.
  • Cushioning: Since I am going to wear sneakers a lot, I want to make sure that there is enough cushioning. Enough cushioning means enough support for the feet in every movement as you walk or run. This simply means less pressure so that you won’t have to experience pain in the ankle or foot at all.
  • Flexibility: One of the main features that I look for in sneakers is definitely the flexibility that they offer. No matter how much cushioning the shoes have, your feet will still hurt if the shoes are stiff. This is why the flexibility that these sneakers provide got my attention. The flexible design that this pair comes with provides free movement with both comfort and support which is simply amazing.
  • Lightweight: Sneakers are meant to be for everyday use, so you want them to be light. The lightness and the flexibility that these sneakers deliver make the movement so comfortable and convenient. I also wear boots, so I can tell the differences between the weight right away. These sneakers are super light, and they get a strong point for that.


Waterproof Sneakers With Merino Wool Interior 4

Comfort and quality are important, but style also plays a big role in shoes that I buy. Every detail on these sneakers is simple yet very classic and stylish. At the same time, it makes a nice match with most everyday outfits which is absolutely a jackpot. Another great thing that I like is that these sneakers are very easy to wear and take off. The design for both men and women is stylish and unique in their own way. There are 2 colors available for you to choose from between black and white. Mine is black, so let’s see which color that you fancy more.

Easy Cleanup

Honestly, I am no fan of washing shoes, simply because I don’t like doing it. Things are actually different with these waterproof sneakers because they are easier to clean. Each shoe comes with the stain repellent outer coating that I can easily wash away with water. It is so easy and simple, and this is another reason why I like these sneakers a lot. As long as it does not involve brushing and scrubbing, I don’t mind cleaning them.

Merino Wool Interior

I personally like the merino wool interior of these sneakers a lot. It is very comfortable, and it is also durable as well. This material offers amazing cushioning so that the feet receive all the support that they need. The great part is that this material is bacteria and odor resistant, and I need those. I walk a lot, so I need comfort in my shoes and the odor out. The merino wool lined cushion of these sneakers also allows you to wear them for hiking and running as well. I haven’t tried the hiking part, but running sure is comfortable and supportive.


I did not focus on this part at first, but the description of these sneakers blew me away. Then I realized that safety in shoes is also quite an important part as well. We are talking about the slip resistant rubber soles that these sneakers come with. Thanks to the special soles design, the shoes have great traction to the floor or ground. This helps to eliminate slipping especially when you walk on slippery or wet surfaces.

Waterproof Sneakers With Merino Wool Interior 5

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These sneakers are 100% waterproof, and that is my most favorite part about them. With the combination of moisture-wicking technology and waterproof materials, these sneakers will protect your feet from getting wet. Another great thing is that the moisture-wicking technology is also in the interior of the shoes. It helps to keep the feet dry so that there will not be any sweaty feet and odor. These sneakers are waterproof and windproof, and they are simply perfect for everyday use.

Waterproof Sneakers With Merino Wool Interior 1

In Summary

  • Antibacterial and anti-odor
  • Durable and heavy duty materials
  • Impact resistant and protective cushioning
  • Stain repellent outer coating for easy wash
  • Breathable and comfortable merino wool interior
  • Classic and stylish design with minimalist details
  • Slip resistant, shock absorbent and supportive soles


When it comes to the best waterproof sneakers with stylish design, this brand has to be up for consideration. It is available for both men and women, and there are may size options available for everyone. These sneakers have everything from comfort to durability and performance, and I have great experience wearing them. Great quality comes with price, and these sneakers are absolutely worth investing in. You really should check them out, their quality will not let you down.

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Waterproof Sneakers With Merino Wool Interior 2

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