9 Best Windshield Snow Covers Review – In 2020

Does removing snow and ice annoy you? Well, it’s probably time you bought the best windshield snow cover. Scraping snow and ice off the windshield does take some time and effort. And the bigger the windshield or quantity, the more effort and time you’ll need. You also are likely to damage the glass, trim, or paintwork. This is because the sharp points or spikes may leave scratches. Another disadvantage of this way f removal is that you’ll spend more time out in the cold.

Fortunately, there is an easier and more convenient technique. With a windshield cover, you’ll simply need to remove it. It will leave the screen clear and also takes a shorter time. Installation is also simple even for a first time user. A Good piece will fit on the car well, has decent coverage, and also ensures no snow, ice, or moisture penetrates, though. In this review, we will highlight the best windshield snow covers in the market.

List of The 9 Best Windshield Snow Covers

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#9. Heavy Duty Snow & Ice Universal Windshield Cover

Hopkins 17529 SubZero Heavy Duty ArcticGuard Snow and Ice Universal Windshield Cover

By: Subzero

This universal windshield cover works with many vehicles. It comes in a nice dimension of 40″ H x 73″ W inches and fits perfectly. It doesn’t leave gaps on the edges and this offers full protection. Moreover, it’s a heavy-duty piece and comprises strong materials. Therefore, it will put up with snow, ice, hailstorm, and much more. Also, it offers good protection against dirt, flying debris, and more.

Installation and removal are pretty easy. This is owing to its basic design and lightweight too. You will be able to accomplish the task with minimal effort and also fast. It folds into a smaller size for better handling as well as storage. And thanks to its durable nature, it will provide longlasting service.

  • High quality built and durable
  • Easy to install as well as remove
  • Offers decent coverage and also safe on the glass, and car body
  • Universal see works great with many vehicles
  • Easy folding design for better storage and carrying
  • It takes a bit of time to fully install it

#8. Windshield Snow Cover With Magnetic Elastic Hooks

Big Ant Windshield Snow Cover, Magnetic Elastic Hooks Fixed Four Wheels & Reflective Warning Bar

By: Big Ant

This is also one of the best windshield snow covers you’ll find in the current market. It’s a very versatile piece and also easy to fit. It works on many vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, MPVs, hatchbacks, and more. Besides, it is lightweight and placing it on the windshield in a problem. It will take little time and also uses minimal effort.

We love the nice texture and smooth finish, which won’t scratch the glass, rubber, or car body. What’s more, it fits well and also stays put. You won’t worry about the wind blowing it off. This is courtesy of the nice elastic edge as well as the 4 strong magnets. It measures 100”× 58.7 inches and comes in silver color. In addition to protecting the glass, you’ll also get pieces for the side mirrors.

  • Good design and coverage
  • Easy to install and takeoff
  • Suitable for different types of vehicles
  • Good protection against snow, ice, frost and more
  • Remains firm on location
  • The storage bag is somewhat small

#7. Universal Magnetic Windshield Cover

Magnetic Windshield Cover - Huge Size Fits Any Car, Truck, SUV, Van or Automobile - Keeps Ice & Snow Off

By: Ice King

Why struggle to get rid of the ice, snow, and other things? With this windshield cover, you’ll have an easier time. All you do is simply lift it off the windshield. No need to use scrapers, which can accidentally damage the glass, trim, or car body. What’s more, you will save quite some time and effort. It’s a simple-looking piece but works quite well. We love the size of 50 x 70 inches, which will fit most cars. It doesn’t matter if it is an SUV, MPV, sedan, van, or light truck.

It secures on the windshield nicely and won’t come off easily, even in strong winds. This is owing to the strong magnets. We also love the smooth texture that prevents scratching the glass, rubber, or paintwork. Removal, similar to installation, is also pretty easy and straightforward. And thanks to it, its foldable nature, storage, and carrying is very convenient.

  • Universal size fits most vehicles well
  • It’s made from tough and durable materials
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Withstands strong winds well
  • Smooth and scratch-free texture
  • It feels somewhat lighter than most alternatives

#6. Windshield Cover For Ice & Snow

MT. FUJI Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow Windshield Snow Cover for Sedan Cars SUV Van Truck Minivans


This cover measures 93(L) X 43(W) inches. It has universal styling and is appropriate for up to 99% of the vehicles in the market. It is okay with trucks, SUVs, vans, MPVs, Sedans, and many others. We love the basic design and flexible nature, which makes installation hassle-free. And thanks to the nice hold, it won’t come off easily unless you remove it. It features 6 powerful magnetic points that keep it firm at all times. They won’t move out of position and also don’t lose their magnetism over time.

It will put up with strong winds and also offers good coverage. Moreover, you won’t find those annoying storages that may get in your way. Also, it doesn’t leave gaps or edges on its sides. The design will offer maximum protection to also the side mirrors. And thanks to the double stitching and high-quality materials, it will deliver longlasting service.

  • The good size suits most vehicles in the market
  • User-friendly design and good protection
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Does scratch the glass, trim and other parts
  • It has no annoying straps
  • It’s somewhat thinner than some of its rivals

#5. Premium Windshield Snow Ice Cover

SnowOFF Windshield Snow Ice Cover - Custom Made Premium Quality Car Cover - Windproof Straps, Wings

By: SnowOFF

SnowOFF universal windscreen cover comes in a nice size. It fits well without leaving any spaces on the edges. The full protection ensures no snow or ice finds its way through. Moreover, it’s a sturdy piece and will endure snow, ice, hailstorm, and a lot more. Likewise, it uses excellent protection against dust, flying particles, and even more. Installing and removing is quite simple and takes minimal time.

It has a basic design and is also lightweight too. Therefore, you will be able to use it with minimal inconvenience or difficulty. It’s a portable piece and moving around with it isn’t a problem. Also, it folds up right into a smaller dimension for better handling. And thanks to its resilient nature, it will give long-lasting service. We love the black color that matches most setups well.

  • Firmly secures to the windshield
  • Lightweight materials and very flexible
  • Fitting and removal is pretty easy
  • It works well with most vehicles
  • Offers full coverage and is also longlasting
  • The magnets are somewhat small

#4. Windproof Windshield Snow Ice Cover

Windshield Snow Ice Cover Winter Frost Cover for Car Wind-Proof Keeps Ice Snow Frost off Fits Most Vehicle

By: Cosyzone

This is additionally one of the best windshield snow covers you’ll locate in the present market. It comes in a standard size of 147×120cm and has a nice silver color. The piece is a very functional piece and likewise simple to fit. It serves numerous vehicles consisting of cars, SUVs, MPVs, hatchbacks, and even more. Besides, it is lightweight and placing it on the windshield is not difficult. It will take little time as well as effort.

We appreciate the great appearance and also smooth finish. Therefore, it will not scratch the glass, rubber, or body. The extra-thick materials offer longlasting protection. What’s more, it fits well as well as also stays put without moving. Besides, chances of wind blowing it off are unlikely thanks to the 4 strong magnets. The double-sided aluminum coating helps to control the temperature so as to maintain a cool interior.

  • High quality and durable construction
  • Easy to mount as well as take-off
  • Offers respectable coverage and safe on the glass
  • Works well with lots of automobiles
  • Easy folding layout and convenient storage and handling
  • It’s not 100% waterproof

#3. Premium Windshield Cover With Wiper Blade Cover

Frostguard Pro | Premium Windshield Cover for Ice and Snow with Wiper Blade Cover | Standard Size Windshield

By: FrostGuard

Finding the best windshield cover shouldn’t be difficult. With this unit, you’ll be more at peace. It measures 61 x 41 inches and is pretty easy it use. It’s a simple-looking piece yet functions quite well. We also love its versatile and universal nature that will certainly fit most cars. These include SUV, MPV, sedan, van, or light truck. It is black in color and matches most cars and surroundings well. In additionally lightweight pieces hence won’t exert lots of pressure in the windscreen.

It protects the windscreen well and will not be blown off by the wind easily. This is due to the strong solid magnets. We also love the smooth appearance that won’t scratch the glass, rubber, or paintwork. Removal is also quite simple and easy. Besides, foldable nature makes storage and carrying extremely practical.

  • Good coverage and easy to mount
  • Suitable for various kinds of vehicles
  • Smooth non-scratching finish
  • Good defense against snow, ice, frost and more
  • Remains firm on the spot and won’t be moved by the wind
  • It’s not very thick

#2. Thick Windshield Snow Cover

MATCC Car Windshield Snow Cover Winter Frost Guard Windshield Snow and Ice Cover Thicker Snow Protection


This cover is appropriate for most automobiles in the market. It works right with trucks, SUVs, vans, MPVs, Sedans, and also others. The basic style and flexible nature makes installation and taking off easy. And thanks to the nice hold, courtesy of the strong magnets, it won’t come off easily. It’s not just a good pick for protection against the snow and ice but also works well in stopping strong sunshine. Also, it will inhibit the harmful UV rays.

It includes high-density materials that combat snow, ice, hailstorm, and much more. Moreover, it doesn’t scratch the glass, thanks to the smooth finish. Additionally, it provides good coverage and doesn’t leave gaps or edges on its sides. The layout will provide optimal security to the side mirrors As well. Also, the tough sewing and top quality materials deliver longlasting service.

  • Universal size fits most cars well
  • Light-weight and very flexible
  • It’s made from tough as well as long-lasting products
  • Holds up against the wind and rain well
  • Smooth and elegant appearance
  • It may not fit on some cars

#1. Universal Fit Windshield Snow Cover

Universal Fit Windshield Snow Cover for Cars, Compact and Mid-size SUVs, and Anti-theft Tuck-in Flaps


This cover works well with most vehicles out there. It measures 60 x 90 inches and also fits perfectly. Also, it provides good coverage and does not leave gaps on the edges. It’s a durable piece comprises of tough materials to put up with snow, ice, hailstorm, and a lot more. Likewise, it supplies excellent protection against the sun, rain, and UV rays too.

Installation and taking off is quite easy due to its simple style. It’s lightweight and you’ll need very little effort. Besides, it folds into a smaller size and is also portable. Handling as well as storage is thus not a problem. The unit is waterproof and proves effective in the wet weather. Also, it comes with two tuck-in flaps to prevent theft or unauthorized removal.

  • The excellent size suits most cars on the market
  • User-friendly layout and decent protection
  • Easy setup and does scratch the glass or other parts
  • It has no annoying straps and easy folding layout
  • Portable and space-efficient
  • May feel a bit lightweight


You don’t need to spend too much effort and time removing snow or ice from the windshield. Also, you shouldn’t risk damaging the glass and other parts because if using crude or sharps tools. With the best windshield snow covers, it’s just a matter of placing it for protection and then removing it when you need to eliminate the snow or ice. It’s that easy. And by picking any of these offers, you are certain of reliable service.

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