Best Whole House Fans Review In 2021 – Top 9 Products

A fan for the house draws hot air out and sucks in the cooler air through open doors and windows. Also, it exhausts all the air up into an attic and back outside via a venting system available in your home. There are a lot of designs in the market with different performance. The main benefit is to ensure the air is breathable and free from humid, overheated air, moisture, mold, and also excessive heat. If you are looking for the ideal fan and have no time to scout for one, we have done all the legwork for you. In this review, we have the best whole house fan in 2021.

List of The Best Whole House Fans

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#9. Cool Attic Belt Drive Whole House Fan

Cool Attic Belt Drive Whole House Fan

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By: Cool Attic

This Cool Attic fan is designed to make the air fresh and free form unfavorable elements like mold, humid, and overheating. It can cool a home with 3000 sq. Ft. attic more affordably and efficiently than using a traditional AC. Also, it delivers CFM 9,700, as it uses 600Watts, 5.0 Amps, and 120 Volts 120, to improve energy consumption.

No more worries about high electricity bills even after extended use as your house got calmer and refreshed. With a 36-inch diameter, it is wider than the rest in the market but delivers a powerful performance. Featuring a new joist in or out setup, you can mount on a ceiling effortlessly. The provided mount has a wall plate and two-speed switch for a smooth assembly in a 14 sq. Ft air exhaust vent space.

The above accessory comes with two-speed 1/3 HP motor, which has thermal protection to create adequate ventilation. Your home will feel more comfortable to improve relaxation as you perform different activities. We like the unique precision-balanced fan blade made from quality aluminum. The material offers maximum strength for a longlasting performance while the four fan blades deliver optimal air movement. Not only to eliminate heated air but also prevent mold formation. The steel venturi and an automatic shutter improve durability and ease of use. Plus, the screen has a white powder-coated finish to blend well in most attic surroundings and improve the overall design.

  • Thermal-protected motor
  • Creates efficient ventilation
  • Precision-balanced fan blade
  • Superior air movement
  • Joist in/out installation
  • Heavy

#8. Insulated Whole House Fan

Tamarack Insulated Whole House Fan - 1150 CFM

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By: Tamarack Technologies, Inc.

The above fan brings in the fresh air as it expels the unhealthy, stale air from your attic to cool both your attic and home at the same time. If you have a ridge vent or attic gable, it lets the hot air out for you to have a breathable environment. For a noiseless and efficient operation, it features an interior ceiling grille made of quality material. It works together with a robust motor using 70 watts of energy. This is way lesser energy consumption than the other fans in the market to guarantee lower electricity bills. With this device, it comes with insulated covers to prevent damages from unfavorable elements like humidity, atmosphere, and mold as your house cools to enhance comfort.

Weighing around 20 pounds, this item is quite lightweight for one person to install. In case you need a more efficient setup, get assistance from a friend. It might look compact but delivers an exceptional service to cool the attic making it a perfect gift. Boasting of a lovely black and silver finish, it looks good in most settings and at the same time, allow simple maintenance.

Another thing is an included switch to control this product. You can install it to operate efficiently on a single switch for a quiet., reliable, and longlasting service. Still, on assembly, you have the freedom to set up in either vertical or horizontal manner to fit your preference. Plus, there is no joist cutting to ensure a secure set up to 1000 sq. Ft floor area.

  • Strong interior ceiling grille
  • Operates quietly and efficiently
  • Lovely black and silver finish
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Energy efficient
  • Lacks different fan speed

#7. Durable Whole House Fan

TPI BD302WHS Belt Drive Whole House Fan

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TPI fan delivers a durable and reliable operation better than the others in the same price range. Featuring self-closing shutters, not only for an extended but safe air circulation around your house. Also, the blades have excellent lubrication to offer resistance from abrasions, damages, and corrosion to keep the structure looking good and operating as expected. You can use it in all seasons, even the rainy and snowy days with confidence. We love the superior mechanism of this equipment with self-operating shutters that open automatically when you turn the fan on. Also, they close tight after shutting off the fan. Plus, the 2-speed motor delivers maximum speed for adequate interior ventilation.

Portability is as smooth for a single person to do without using too much effort. This unit is heavy duty and weighs only 50 pounds for a convenient carry from and to different places. For the perfect speed, this accessory uses 120 volts to ventilate the house efficiently. Measures 34 X 35.5 X 14.5 inches with a compact style to fit in both small and large areas comfortably.

Additionally, this utility moves tons of warm air from your house by pushing inside the cold air. Not only is this useful for eliminating odors but perfect for quicker cooling during the hot season. Maintenance and cleaning are simple by wiping the dust using a scrubbing brush and mild detergent to remove dirt and grease.

  • Durable and safe
  • Heavy-duty bladed
  • Corrode-proof and impact resistant
  • Self-operating shutters
  • Delivers high motor speed
  • Heavy

#6. Quiet Whole House Attic Fan

Cool Attic CX24DDWT Whole House Attic Fan

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By: Cool Attic

Cool attic fan pulls cold air in from the outside and removes warm air. Also, it pushes the hot air out through an attic exhaust vent to expel stale and unhealthy air to enhance the atmosphere. There is no need for cutting parts, corners, or installation. This fan is quality-made to give you a smooth setup, and the provided instructions enhance this process. Boasting of a unique re-engineered bracing system, it helps to create a stable motor mount.

Not only for more strength than the tube-style bracing but also eliminates vibration. The loud sounds in your hallway is a thing of the past for you to get fewer vibrations for a quieter performance. The most important part of this accessory is the motor to cycle the air in no time as it leaves your house calm and you refreshed.

With a 24-inch structure, it does not take up too much room in your attic designed for houses that have lofts up to 1, 800 sq. Ft. Set it up to your preferred place and worry less about moisture, humidity, and overheating problems. Another functionality is a 2-speed level for you to pick either the low or high as the area becomes more breathable. You get an efficient and affordable way to reduce cooling costs as the house stays comfortable. Plus, the powder-coated finish is superior to the rest for excellent weather resistance.

  • Reduces cooling costs
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • Weather-resistant powder-coating
  • Energy-saving and reliable
  • Removes unhealthy air
  • Poor instructions

#5. QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Best Whole House Fan

QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 Smart Attic Gable Fan

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By: Quietcool

Stop searching for the most powerful attic fan on the market for residential purposes. The above one moves high airflow better than the traditional ones up to 1.6x efficiency. It has a standard permanent split capacitor motor to provide efficient operation. The PSC motor delivers an above-average service with great value and performance as it uses low energy and is much quieter than the rest. With this fan, you don’t have to adjust thermostat because of the inbuilt thermostat and Humidistat, plus a self-adjusting mechanism. Relax and do your activities without constantly changing the temperature levels to save you time and frustrations, especially for people with mobility problems.

This accessory gives you the confidence of longlasting operation with its heavy-duty construction. The materials are impact-resistant, durable, and polished for lovely aesthetics and reliable wind service. Simply plug and play in installation to eliminate the complicated wiring process making it ideal for beginner users. No need to hire experts to save you money and time.

Besides, the mechanism helps to prevent moisture, humidity, mold, and excessive heating as it cools air up to 30-50 degrees in an overheated attic. The 10-speed brushless motor efficiently reads the humidity and temperature in your attic. If there are changes to be made, it adjusts the levels for you to have a conducive breathing atmosphere.

  • Cools an overheated attic
  • Inbuilt humidistat and thermostat
  • Automatically self adjusts
  • 10-speed motor
  • Prevents moisture, mold and excessive heat
  • The thermometer has low sensitivity

#4. Sturdy Whole House Fan

Air Vent Inc. 24 Whole House Fan 54301

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By: Air Vent

The traditional whole house fan consumed a lot of energy and space. This one from Air Vent ensures you use only the required room for installation to give you a more relaxed environment. With a lovely finish, it looks good in most attics and other places. Not only that, but also allows simple maintenance. Wipe the non-electrical parts with a damp cloth to remove any dust and debris for a better-looking exterior. Still, on appearance, the housing is sturdy and safe to use as it protects the inside components to make the cooling process seamless.

With a 24-inch direct drive and an automatic shutter, it quickly pulls air from up to 1500 sq ft, using a powerful force of 4500 CFM. This makes the process much quicker together with a sturdy motor. Your electricity bills will not spike as this item runs on high and low using only110V. Plus, the 2-speed pull chain requires open exhaust vents with 864 sequins in attic space.

Install it without an extra pair of hands and finish after a few minutes. The rough opening has a dimension of 27-3/4 x 29 inches to fit comfortably in most spaces. Moreover, the shutter has a white finish to add beauty to the overall design and brighten up a place. It is automatic to prevent cutting joist during installation for convenient setup.

  • Automatic shutter
  • Runs on high and low
  • 2-speed pull chain
  • White shutter
  • Simple installation
  • Affordable and impact-resistant
  • The shutters/louvers could be better

#3. Whole House Window Fan

Air King 9166F 20 Whole House Window Fan

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By: Air King

Air King fan comes with a high-quality motor and sleeve bearing split capacitor. The engine delivers 1/25-horsepower, has a 120-volt rating, and 3-speed settings for different cubic feet per minute between 1360, 1170, 1010. Also, you get a great velocity of air circulation with less maintenance. This device is ideal for small or large rooms to give off quality cool air.

With a front-mounted rotary control, you can select your desired speed level. If you prefer a powerful air circulation, pick the maximum speed rate to get more air suction and quicker air cooling. It comes with a black power cord measuring 7-foot long and 3-conductor for you to connect with maximum ease. For faster setup, follow the instructions in the manual, with guard sliding panels and mounting hardware.

You can use this accessory to circulate the cold air in a room, whether in a work or home setting. It comes in different sizes to fit comfortably in window openings between 27 and 38 inches and vertically/horizontally slides open. A bonus is the Storm Guard feature that allows you to close the window behind the fan for home security or change of weather. Constructed with a robust plastic housing that gives you the best impact resistance plus a powder-coated steel grill and blade to enhance longevity.

  • 3-speed levels
  • Impact-resistant plastic case
  • Powder-coated steel grill
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cool air circulation
  • Hard to install

#2. Original Classic Fan Model

QuietCool QC CL-4700 Original Classic Fan Model

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By: QuietCool

If you want an affordable fan that does not disappoint, you have found it. The above one from a renown brand gives you a breathable atmosphere together with your family members. It saves you lots of money than using an A/C, which uses more energy and needs more maintenance. Installation takes a few minutes, although this unit is quite heavy.

Another pair of hands will make the setup much more straightforward, especially if the attic space is wide enough to stand upright comfortably. The instructions need improvement, and the already pre-wired design gives you added convenience. Plug into a standard 110v/120v power outlet using essential tools such as wire cutters, power drill, pliers, and tape measure.

We understand some fans are too noisy to use peacefully in a place. With this one, it is much quieter than the rest producing around 50 decibels. What this means is that you can have a normal volume conversation with your friends or on the telephone while standing beneath the dampers. The dampers reinforced in the ceiling grate, easily open and close to prevent loss of heat. Another thing we like is the longevity of this machine. Made from quality material, it can withstand extreme pressures to give you a more refreshing breathing environment. Comes with split capacitor motors to provide an above-average efficiency up to 2250 Sq. Ft. with enormous value.

  • Neutralizes noise vibrations
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful motors
  • Up to 2250 sq. Ft coverage
  • Quality breeze
  • Heavy

#1. Energy Saving Whole House Fan

QuietCool QC ES-4700 Energy Saver Fan Line Model

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By: Quietcool

We love Quiet Cool fan due to its energy-saving capabilities. It consumes as low as 61 watts of energy to ensure you save on power bills up to 50‐90%. Whether you occasionally use or for an extended time, the electricity costs are less than using a traditional AC. With a patented unique self-contained duct technology, it helps to neutralize the noise and sound vibration inside your home. This is great because there will be zero disturbances, especially for young-ones sleeping. Moreover, this unit has an electronic ac/dc brushless motors that deliver a powerful air function at 4504 CFM. Plus, they work slower than the rest and well-built for you to use for a prolonged time.

The provided damper mechanism features superior barometric pressurized gravity dampers that eliminate loss of heat or cooling air between the attic and your home. Not only does this function make it more reliable, but also you get the right temperature or atmosphere that fits your needs. The occupants of the house can have a better and breathable area to enhance relaxation.

You can have a gentle breeze all around the house, thanks to the full fan head and duct. They take a bit of space, so ensure where you mount it where there is enough clearance and space for best results. Also, this powerful machine covers a distance of 2250 sq. Ft to give you adequate airflow no matter the season. Use it during the cold, warm, and others to make the air around cleaner, healthier, and breathable. The constant breeze makes your indoor temperatures tolerable and comfortable.

  • Moves a ton of air
  • Quieter than other brands
  • No heat/cold air loss
  • Energy saving
  • Affordable and durable
  • The fan head and duct are large

Buying Guide For The Best Whole House Fan

Whole house fans help to suck out heated air from the house and at the same time force it through the attic, to deliver a cooler outside air. They help to remove hot air and consume less energy than the traditional ones. We have the following guide that focuses on the top features to look out for before buying a fan.

Quality Shutters

The shutters must be of good quality to reduce thumbing and vibrations in your house. Look for an energy-saving unit with self-sealing shutters that close automatically when the fan is idle to help prevent heat escaping when not in use.

Timer Control

Some house fans come with a timer control which is recommended over the use of a thermostat. The main reason is that the thermostat turns the unit on when no doors or windows are open. Also, a lit fireplace can trigger it to go on as if the thermostat controls it.


Most fans for the whole house have compact dimensions as low as 24 inches. Go for a larger size that runs s efficiently at the lowest speed, to use less energy. A heavier one usually is quieter than the lightweight models because of its foam weatherstripping elements held down only my own weight.

Installation Method

Another thing to consider is the installation method and its simplicity. Most fans don’t require special tools to assemble and are quite easy to complete within minutes. When it comes to the Direct-drive designs, they allow a DIY setup because of the lack of cutting attic joists. Note that the Belt-drive fans that use a pulley system take longer to assemble, although they deliver quieter and smoother operation.

Size of Your House

The bigger the space, the bigger the fan should be. If you use a compact size, it will not work efficiently to produce cold air within the whole house. The old and newer fan models are rated according to the CFM, which means cubic feet per minute of air they move. Pick a large one to move air quickly and effectively. Also, consider the size of the ceiling. For instance, if your house has an 8-foot-high ceiling, multiply the overall square foot by 3 to get the correct fan size.

Attic Vents

Lastly, check the vents. There are different types, including roof louvers, gable vents, eave vents, intake vents, and soffit vents. Note the location and size of each to get a correct estimation of your attic’s square footage. Do not underestimate your ventilation needs.


Picking the best whole house fans should be more comfortable after going through this review. You will find the top products that deliver excellent service. Some of the benefits include eliminating stale and unhealthy air, prevents mold and moisture, and also leaves your house clean and refreshed. Make the atmosphere more breathable in your home by picking one of the products on the list to enhance comfort and maximum relaxation in all seasons.

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