Top 12 Best Weekender Bags — Full Review In 2021

A weekender bag will come in handy during your weekend or short-term travels. It provides a sweet spot for you to store your clothes, toiletries, phones, tablets, wallets, and other things. However, it’s never easy to find the right product. The bag may be a little small and you may be forced to either leave some items or compress them inside the small space. In addition, the materials of construction may be a bit weak and tears easily, the feeble stitches may come apart, or the color may start fading. Other things that you need to watch out for include the dimension, design, interior lining, and pockets, zipper, and straps, and much more. However, what if you lack the time or relevant knowledge to buy the bag? Well, you just need to follow this best weekender bags review and choose an item.

The 12 Best Weekender Bags

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#12. Women Canvas Weekender Bag

BAOSHA HB-24 Ladies Women Canvas Weekender Bag Travel Duffel Tote Bag

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By: Baosha

The BAOSHA HB-24 is, without a doubt, one of the stylish bags in the market. This is probably the reason many women choose it over others. It comes in a fancy blue color and excellent design to complement different fashions and individual taste. Moreover, it features stylish handles that improve carrying and also have a smooth finish to prevent discomfort.

The bag is moderately spacious (16.9 x 10.2 x 8.3 inch / 43 x 26 x 21 cm) and should fit most of your items (tablet, phones, toiletries, wallet, clothes, bottles, glassless…). Moreover, it is made of quality duck canvas to prevent ripping, tear, and to protect your accessories. We also love the plush mint cotton lining because it provides a smooth surface and will, therefore, not scratch your things. To prevent spillage or to drop things, the accessory features sturdy dual zippers made of brass.

#11. Canvas Weekender Carry-On Bag

Women Ladies Canvas Weekender Bag Overnight Carry-on Tote DuffelWomen Ladies Canvas Weekender Bag Overnight Carry-on Tote Duffel

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If you love traveling in a hassle-free manner, then you need to invest in a decent and functional weekender bag. This piece by BLUBOON is among the good picks in the market. It comes with feminine features to suit the modern woman. It has elegant designs that are complemented but the Black Stripe. You, therefore, will feel stylish when carrying it. What’s more interesting is that it is spacious to handle all your stuff, be it phones, tablets, wallets, iPads, toiletries, makeup, and more. Did you also know that it could hold a 15.6-inch laptop?

We love the tough fabric that can handle the movements and items as well as the comfortable PU leather shoulder straps. Other than for yourself, you can also decide to gift a loved one, friend, or collogues during Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Job promotion, and more.

#10. Travel Weekender Overnight Carry-On Shoulder Bag

Travel Weekender Overnight Carry-on Shoulder Duffel Tote Bag

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By: Simplily Co.

With this best Weekender bag, moving around with your things will be hassle-free. Firstly, it has decent size (eight (W) x 12(H) x 16(L) inches) to accommodate the everyday things such as phones, wallets, blotters, toiletries, tablets and more. Secondly, it is tougher than most bags out there and the credit goes it the quality and durable Black Quilted polyester. It will withstand abrasion, bangs, falls, and more.

Thirdly, you can easily fold the accessory to save space and improve storage. And despite the folding, the materials will not be harmed in any way. Fourthly, it also doubles as a gym bag, or overnighter thanks to its versatile nature. The interior is smooth for extra protection against rough objects such as keys and it has padded for extra comfort.

#9. Canvas Weekender Travel Duffel Bag

Malirona Canvas Weekender Bag Travel Duffel Bag for Weekend Overnight Trip

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By: Malirona

The Malirona bag will make the short trip less of a hassle. It has a roomy interior to hold your belongings and features a smooth lining for extra protection. The zipper opens easily for easy placing of the items and also closes tightly to secure the items. Unlike other types that rip or tear easily, this canvas-made unit is stronger and more durable. This suits it for different t travel situations and environments.

The canvas retains its good looks even after extended use, washing, or fading thanks to its anti-wrinkle nature. It features a 47-inch shoulder strap that boosts carrying and is detachable for convenience or easy cleanup. The printed floral pattern brings out a unique effect and goes well with various fashions. And since it measures 22(L) x11.5 (W) x11.5 (H) inches, this bag meets most airline travel regulations.

#8. Unisex Large Travel Weekender Bag

ECOSUSI Unisex Large Travel Weekender Bag Duffle Bag Gym Totes

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If you want a large and stylish weekender bag, the ECOSUSI Unisex bag is what you deserve. It is 18 inches long, 11 inches high and 8 inches wide. With all this space, carrying your clothes, toiletries, tablets, and other things will be easy. It is made of a tough nylon fabric for excellent protection. What’s more, it is also water repellant and this makes certain your things stay dry at all times.

The smooth opening and closing bag has a functional zipper and a smooth interior. Therefore, the fear of your phone, tablet, and other things being scratched will not be there. The carry straps are also padded for extra comfort and to prevent sores. In addition to using for the weekend and short trips, the bag is also the right choice for the gym, beach, shopping, or everyday use. And since its only 1.4 pounds, it’s easy to carry.

#7. Weekend Travel Bag

CAMTOP Weekend Travel Bag Ladies Women Duffle Tote Bags PU Leather Trim

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Made from high-grade canvas, this best weekender bag will ensure your belongings stay safe during the short trip. It is also roomy (21.3” (L) x 11.8(H) x 10.3″(W) inches) to accommodate many things and has a smooth cotton lining to stop damage by scratches. It is ideal for women and features solid copper core hardware that not only enhances its looks but also is also resistant to corrosion or rust. The accessory is suitable for many situations and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

This weight, together with the practical design, improves portability whereas the dual brass zippers keep everything secure. Many consumers concur that it can endure regular travel quite well and is also easy to clean. When used and cared for properly, this bag should serve you for many years.

#6. Women Canvas Travel Weekender Overnight

BAOSHA HB-28 Ladies Women Canvas Travel Weekender Overnight

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With a dimension of 16 x 12 x 8 inch / 40 x 30 x 20cm, this bag is spacious enough for your things. It’s perfect for the short trips, whether work or leisure and is made of tough canvas fabric to put-up with the items, movement, and environmental factors. Being a women bag, it is also elegant and stylish thanks to the modern-looking design and blue color.

The PU leather strap provides good handling and since its padded, cases of soreness or aches are unlikely. The accessory has a strong zipper to secure the items whereas the standard handle enhances portability. Other than for weekend use, the bag also doubles as a gym bag, duffel, and an overnighter.

#5. Convertible Carry-On Travel Backpack

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Carry-On Travel Backpack

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By: eBags

Coming in an eggplant color, this bag is a good option for the weekend or short trips. It has nice easy-to-adjust sternum straps for better handling. The bag has a dimension of 22(L) X 14(W) X 9(H) inches and can handle the sizeable amount of things. The zippers come with lockable rings to enhance security whereas the 210D orange-colored nylon lining and splitting the main compartment improves the organization. To ensure there is good airflow and to minimize a stuffy interior, this bag comes with a breathable air-mesh back panel. Moreover, the panel is padded for comfort and features a removable. It also features an adjustable laptop sling to handle laptops up to 11.75 x 19 inches. And Thanks, too, the full expansion zipper, you get an additional storage space.

#4. Oversized Canvas Genuine Leather Travel Bag

S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Genuine Leather Trim Travel Tote Duffel Shoulder

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The S-ZONE Oversized bag will make traveling for a short trip or over the weekend easier. It is spacious to offer a large capacity and together with the smooth interior keeps the items safe. The zipper opens and closes easily for convenient placing of things whereas the wide opening improves access. The tough canvas and quality stitching prevents tear and ripping while the solid zinc -alloy hardware is resistant to rust.

The canvas material keeps its integrity and appearance even when used for a long period. It features an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and easier carrying and can be detached for cleanup. The nice design will complement different fashion tastes and outfit. And With a dimension of 21.7-(L) x14.8 (W) x10.25 (H) inches, the bag is appropriate for most airline travel.

#3. Women’s Weekender Duffel Bag With Shoe Pocket

Jadyn B 22 Women's Weekender Duffel Bag with Shoe Pocket, Navy Floral

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By: Jadyn B

With the Jadyn bag, carrying and moving around with your tablet, phones, iPad, wallets, bottles, toiletries, and more is easier and less inconveniencing. Firstly, it has a good size (22 (W) x 12(H) x 12(L) inches) to hold everyday things. Secondly, it is durable than other alternatives bags and this is due to the quality material. It will endure bangs, abrasion, falls, and more.

Thirdly, it has a good space for better storage and a front exterior pocket for better organization. Furthermore, the handy and comfortable straps are easy to adjust. Fourthly, other than a weekender bag, it can also serve as an overnighter, Gym bag, or duffle bag. The smooth interior lining offers extra protection against other objects, as well as poor handling.

#2. Weekender Junior Carry-On Travel Backpack

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Junior 19 Carry-On Travel Backpack

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By: eBags

If you want to travel in a stress-free manner, then this best weekender bag is what you need. The functional bag ranks among the top in the market and is fit for different users. It‘s also elegant and among the most portable and easy to carry. The junior bag is spacious (19.5″ x 14″ x 9″) for convenient placing of different things (phones, tablets, iPad, wallet, toiletries, wallet …..) and can also hold a 17.5-inch laptop.

The tough fabric can endure the movements whereas the multiple compartments improve organization. It also features dividers, multiple clips, and mesh panels boost the organization whereas the lockable zippers enhance security. If not buying for self, you can gift it to another person for Birthday, Christmas, and other occasions.

#1. Genuine Leather Weekender Bag For Men

WOWBOX Duffle Bag Weekender Bag for Men Genuine Leather Canvas

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By: Wowbox

The WOWBOX bag is among the elegant pieces in the market. This explains why it’s popular with different men. It has a fancy design to suit different fashions as well as personal taste. On top of that, it has stylish handless for easy carrying. The leather and canvas materials give it strength whereas the smooth lining safeguards the items from scratches.

The bag is roomy (is 21.7 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches / 55 x 25 x 30 cm.) and your things (tablet, phones, wallet, toiletries, clothes, toiletries, bottles, glassless…) will fit inside. Moreover, the thick canvas is strongly stitched to prevent tear and ripping. For extra pockets offer more storage while the zippers keep the things secure.

Best Weekender Bags Buying Guide

Just like the name suggests, weekender bags are perfect for a short escape for a couple of days. This type of bag has just enough space and compartments to accommodate your basic packings which are so convenient. There are a few simple things that you want your weekender bags to have, and you will find them below.

Compartments & Space

Even if for a quick getaway, there are still travelers who pack more than they need. If this traveler is you, then you probably need more compartments and larger space in your weekender bags. There are weekender bags that come with extra pockets outside for additional storage for you. Also, go for a larger size if you usually extend your stay or if you often bring souvenirs back. That way, you will be able to have enough space for extra storage.


Different travelers have different styles, and that is why there are various different designs of weekender bags. However, make sure that the design of your weekender bag is up to standard for convenient use. We refer to space, comfort, and the durability that it offers. There are stylish and cute weekender bags out there with such features, so it is not too difficult to find.


High-quality weekender bags should be durable and heavy-duty for long term use. The most common material in weekender bags is definitely the thick canvas. This material is sturdy and rugged, and it is more resistant both inside and outside. If you are a frequent traveler, getting a durable canvas weekender bag is a great decision to make. In case you prefer style, a leather option will do although it is more expensive and less sturdy.

Size & Shape

Depends on your means of transportation, the size, and shape of the weekender bags matter. If you prefer to use your weekender bag as carry-on luggage, find the ones with standard size for airplane compartments. In case you usually travel by bus or car, larger ones will do just fine.


Weekender bags come with different types that you may choose from which are:

  • Backpack: is very flexible and versatile since you can use it for various purposes. If you prefer a weekender backpack, make sure it has enough compartments and pockets for multiple storages. Some travelers prefer a weekender backpack because it has a special compartment for a laptop. It is also easy and comfortable to carry as well.
  • Carry-On: comes with wheels and telescoping handle for easy portability. It allows a few different ways of carrying that you can use for different purposes which is so convenient. Many of them come with cool leather design as well, and this is popular among businesspeople.
  • Duffle Bag: is the most common and popular type of weekender bags. It is spacious enough to handle all travel items for a few days trips. Also, duffle bags look casual and it is durable which is perfect for traveling, gym, and other outdoor use. There is also a classic leather duffle bag that is ideal for a business trip as well.

In Conclusion

With all kinds of products readily available, choosing a good weekender bag can be challenging. And if not careful, you soon be looking for a replacement because the bag you just bought is a little small, the material has started fraying, the zipper isn’t super strong, or is somewhat large. The color and design may not go well with your sense of fashion or the outfits you have, or the bag may fail to remain firm. You also don’t want an item that feels rough on the skin or clothes has few pockets or gets dirty or stains easily. Thankfully, you don’t need to start comparing and reviewing the many products. Simply use our best weekender bags review and choose the one your heart feels is right.

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