The 8 Best Water Storage Containers – Products Review

If you compare the best water storage containers in the market, you’ll notice they have different styles. Some can store huge gallons of water while others only hold a few liters of water. Mostly, they are used for emergencies in case of storms, hurricanes, and water contamination. Not only that, but also you can carry the compact ones to camping, hunting, or hiking sites. We understand finding the best one that gives you value for money can be hard. That’s why we have come up with this review featuring the best water storage containers in 2021.

The Best Water Storage Containers In 2021

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#8. Collapsible Rain Barrel Water CollectorGoplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector Collapsible Tank

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By: Goplus

The Goplus tank is among the best water storage container with a collapsible design. It holds up to 60 gallons of water suitable for places with frequent water shortages. You can collect rainwater to use it for emergencies for drinking, cooking, and even washing. Besides, this barrel is money-saving and reliable than the rest. It saves up to 40% of the water used for watering dry lawns and gardens. Plus, you can fold it quickly when you want to store or carry it to a specific location. The green finish makes this gadget more visible in any placement location, such as the backyard.

Furthermore, the top mesh comes in handy to aid in keeping out bugs, insects, animals, dust, and debris. You can even remove it to enjoy safe cleaning and maintenance. Note that the mesh is made of PVC, as well as the frame. This keeps the material free of cracks, dents, and other environmental damages for more durability. Besides, it will not becomes brittle when used in wintertime for added user stability and reliability. Place this accessory under a downspout for water to run through the top mesh. Even if the capacity has reached its peak, the rest of the liquid flows out through a top drain-pipe.

  • Collapsible
  • Money-saving
  • Simple to fill
  • Large capacity
  • Durable PVC frame
  • The overflow pipe is near the top

#7. Portable Water Container

REDCAMP 2.6:3.17:4:4.9:5.3 Gallon Portable Water Container

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Another best water storage container we look at is from the Redcamp company. It is suitable for outdoor and emergency applications for storing water for an extended time. Ensure you store liquids that have a 32℉ up to 104℉ temperature levels. This will prevent odors and PVC aftertaste, especially if the fluid stays inside the container for a long period. What’s more, the portable structure measures 12.6 inches tall x 6.7 inches wide x 15.7 inches long. You can carry it for camping, hiking, hunting, picnic, and other travels. Alternatively, you can use it as a home preparedness water unit.

Cleaning this product does not require too much time and effort. With two barrels, the larger one lets you put the hand inside for cleaning with a brush. Just scrub around the interior to remove any residue, dirt, and other undesirables. We love the additional kits bag with an air inlet cover, a water pipe, a sealing cap, and a cleaning brush. Also, the updated faucet prevents leaks as it opens and closes quickly. This accessory’s food-grade HDPE plastic is odorless and safe. It keeps the stored water free of PVC aftertaste.

  • For emergency applications
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Simple to clean with a brush
  • Odorless and safe HDPE plastic
  • Tight sealing cap
  • No other colors

#6. Jerry Can Style Rigid Water Container

Reliance Products Jumbo-Tainer 7 Gallon Jerry Can Style Rigid Water Container

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By: Reliance Products

Jumbo-Tainer can is 26-liter water storage with a lovely Jerry can design. This structure plus dual grip-through grips give you quick lifting and pouring. Also, the style measures 15.5 inches long x 21.8 inches tall x 7.3 inches to improve portability. We love the featured tap-style spigot to help reduce water wastage when drinking or dispensing the liquid. Note that this tank holds enough water for more than one person to enjoy. Use the two carry handles to transport this product from one area to the next with ultimate comfort.

Boasting a thin profile, this item is easy to manage even with a load inside. Not only that, but also it uses minimal storage floor, countertop, or truck-bed space suitable for travels. What’s more, the convenient dispenser nozzle is best used with a 1/2 turn or rotation from start to a full pour. There’s a threaded hole integrated into the lid for more user flexibility. Simply, rope in the dispenser nozzle inwards when not in use and outward when using. This top water storage container is made of high quality and reliable material for appeal and longevity.

  • Stores up to 26 liters of water
  • Quick lifting and pouring
  • The spigot helps reduce wastage
  • Compact and comfortable storage
  • Durable material
  • Nozzles leak a bit

#5. Portable Wheeled Water Collector

VINGLI Tote Tank| 10 Gal: 20 Gal Portable Wheeled

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The best water storage container can be large and also easy to transport like VINGLI. It has a 10-gallon capacity suitable for outdoor places for camping, BBQs, RV, hiking, picnic, and more adventures. Also, transporting the stored water is much easier with the two large wheels. They work together with the integrated handholds for you to enjoy easy portability. You can also extend the handle using the special holes to suit different carrying needs. Weighing 9.3 pounds, this item is not too heavy for one person to store drinking water. Priding a large diameter outlet, quickly fill and drain the liquid. Also, an anti-sticky HDPE surface promotes easy cleaning.

Built from food-grade safe plastic, the material maintains the freshness of the water. You will not experience any PVC taste or odors when consuming the liquid after an extended time. Furthermore, you can use the liquid for washing hands, vegetables, and other foods. Ensure you store room temperature or cold water because the material gets affected is using hot fluids. An added advantage is the featured storage compartments that let you store faucet and matches hose. It keeps the setup looking neat and makes it more accessible to the accessories.

  • 10-gallon capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Food-grade plastic
  • The wheels move smoothly
  • A bit pricey

#4. BPA-Free Collapsible Water Container

Collapsible Water Container, Freezable, BPA Free Plastic

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By: Wittywares

If you live in a small house such as RV, dorm room, or apartment, every space is important. This water container set has four pieces that hold 5 liters of water each. Not only that, but they are super portable, thanks to the compact structure. Take them with you for most outdoor activities such as travel, concerts, hiking, camping, fishing, tailgating, and much more. Moreover, the structure is space-saving and ensures you use minimal placement room. This item cleans easily by air-drying and folding flat between uses. It has a screw-on cap with a stylish finish for a leak-proof seal.

Another feature that makes this accessory among the top-rated water storage container is its versatility. It can hold freshwater, saltwater, or other fluids to suit various storage needs. Plus, these tank careers are freezable suitable for beach and summer parties. Built from food-grade materials, it has an amazing safety feature. The design is non-toxic and reusable for a convent water storage service. Apart from its BPA-free construction, this unit boasts durable and firm handles for portability. The large bottle mouth has a dimension of 1.4 inches to promote a smooth filling and pouring.

  • Space-saving and simple design
  • Each tank hold 5 liters of water
  • Suitable for outdoor locations
  • Leak-proof and sturdy screw-on cap
  • Easy to freeze with liquid inside
  • Hard to clean

#3. 6 Gallon Water Container

Igloo corporation 42154 6 Gallon, Blue Water Container

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By: Igloo

Most water storage containers have a blue finish because of its light-blocking capabilities. It prevents bacterial formation that forms when there’s sunlight present. Not only that but also the Igloo bold finish blends well in a variety of places, whether indoors or outdoors. You can carry it to a campsite, hiking ground, or fishing center to enjoy clean, safe water. In addition, this tank can hold 6 gallons of liquid, which is enough to keep you hydrated all day. Bring it with you to all outdoor adventures to quench thirst when need be.

This accessory has a vent plug to helps contain the water inside. You can follow the supplied manual to get better information about its usage. Measuring 21-1/4 inches tall x 13-13/16 inches long x 6-15/16 inches wide, portability is quite easy. You can carry it without assistance thanks to its secure and ergonomic structure. What’s more, this product is made of premium polyethylene that has a lot of benefits. It is lightweight than most metals and can withstand aggressive use. It also does not get punctures or dents easily, like the rest, hence better performance.

  • Light-blocking and attractive blue finish
  • Simple to use and transport
  • Holds up to 6 gallons of water
  • Durable and lightweight polyethylene
  • Puncture and dent-resistant construction
  • When pouring, the vent plug has minimal leaks

#2. High-Density Polyethylene Lab Pack Drum

Eagle 1610MB Blue High-Density Polyethylene Lab Pack Drum

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By: Eagle

We understand some of the best water storage containers in the market are quite pricey. But if you want one that’s affordable and keeps your water safe, we’ve it. The Eagle drum weighs 8 pounds to hold up to 220-pound of water. What this means is that you can store 14 gallons of liquid suitable for emergencies and other uses. Measuring 26.5 inches high x 15 inches in diameter, it uses only the needed floor space. What’s more, this unit’s lever-lock ring is made of durable metal to secure the lid firmly to the drum.

We love the plastic lid with a stylish and reliable design. This material will not rust, making it suitable for wet and dry places. Also, you can transport, store and dispose of the content with added safety. Designed with HDPE material, it has a lighter weight than steel as it resists punctures, certain chemicals, and dents. The blue finish is eye-catching, even when placed at a distant location.

  • Keeps water safe
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Stores up to 14 gallons
  • Safe lever-lock ring
  • Dent and puncture-resistant
  • The lid could be better

#1. 5 Gallon Samson Stackers

API Kirk Containers 5 Gallon Samson Stackers

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By: API Kirk Containers

If you store water in a huge drum, it limits the portability and also ease of use. The API containers are compact and hold up to 5 gallons of water. You can also use one or two from the pack if you plan to use the stored liquid alone. Another thing you can enjoy is quick storage to fit in your garage, truck bed when going to a campsite. They act as an emergency water storage in case of contamination or shortages. In addition, these items are stackable as you align each piece on top of each other.

With a dimension of 11.25 “L x 10 “W x 14.25 “H with a 0.25” top, each jug engages with the bottom of the other one smoothly. Not only that, but also they are safe, simple to maintain, and even use. Made from high-density polyethylene, generally known as HDPE, makes them food safe. The worries about odors, PVC taste, and harmful chemicals that affect stored fluids is no more. Each jug has a gasketed cap with a unique Rieke-style exterior geometry. You can reuse the caps that feature a tamper evidencing ring for more safety.

  • Holds up to 5 gallons of water
  • Stackable and compact design
  • Keeps water safe
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Free of PVC taste
  • Some users complain about cap leaks

To Conclude

Storing your drinking or washing water is more manageable with one of the best water storage containers in the market. You can pick one that suits your daily or emergency needs, whether at home or on a camping ground. Not only that, but check the design to know how simple the portability will be. For instance, the VINGLI Tote Tank has two wide wheels that move smoothly on most ground surfaces. For the bottles made from food-grade HDPE, they help keep the liquid free of harmful chemicals and odors. Select one of the best water storage containers we have above for secure use.

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