Top 10 Best Vertical Mouses Of All Time Review – In 2021

It is difficult to think that a vertical mouse can replace the traditional horizontal computer mouse. However, the vertical mouses are rapidly replacing them and most of the users who have made the transformation feel that the vertical mouses are more ergonomic and comfortable to use. Moreover, they are highly productive and functional, even though they look unusual. Your wrist and forearm will be at a more natural position with a vertical mouse. The following is the list of the top 10 best vertical mouses that our research team has handpicked for you.

Here Are The List of Best Vertical Mouses In 2021

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#10. Wireless Vertical Mouse With Ergonomic Wrist

MoKo Wireless Vertical Mouse, 2.4G Ergonomic Wrist Relax Mouse

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By: MoKo

If you are looking to have a hassle-free usage of your computer, then this vertical mouse will serve the best for you. You will only have to plug and play to use it and get a completely new experience. You can easily connect it to your computer or laptop and use it at a range of 33 feet. This comes in a vertical design and is also ergonomic. Moreover, this will relieve the stress from your wrist and ease your hand movement. This is very durable and will provide you with a comfortable feel.

It is a wireless mouse which has a total of six buttons. Furthermore, you will be finding three adjustable DPI switch, and you can also adjust the sensitivity. This is very portable and will easily fit in your hands. This is compatible with various types of computers, and it is also very lightweight. This will not squeeze your nerve and will reduce cramping risk.

#9. MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

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By: Logitech

This vertical mouse is from a very popular brand and is in a unique shape. It will place your hand in a natural position providing a 57° angle. There will be no more forearm twisting, and it will also reduce the muscular strain. The mouse has a high-precision sensor which will provide tracking with less hand movement. Moreover, this has a 1000 DPI sensor which is very effective when compared to an optical mouse. This has seamless navigation and will provide you with cross computer control.

This has three different ways to connect through USB, USB unifying receiver, and Bluetooth. Furthermore, this has a quick charging rechargeable battery which will work for four months with a full recharge of just three hours. This is very easy to use and will let you have easy functions of copy-paste. This has customizable shortcuts, and you will also find natural grip and island keys.

#8. Ergonomic Optical Wireless Vertical Mouse

Autley Ergonomic Mouse, 2.4G Optical Wireless Vertical Mouse

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By: Autley

This vertical mouse comes in three different sizes and has an ergonomic design. This will support your palm in a proper way and make sure that there will be no stress on your wrist. This will easily fit in your hands and will make you feel comfortable. When compared to your regular mouse, it will make your hand stay more natural and will keep you in a vertical position. Moreover, the DPI button will let you choose from three different settings, and it is wireless. This has a built-in rechargeable battery which will also work while charging.

This is compatible with the Windows operating system, and you will also find the buttons for forward and backward. This is very convenient to use the mouse which will provide you with a dynamic experience. This has a blue lighting line which will indicate that the mouse is in running mode. With this, there will be no more hassle.

#7. Small Rechargeable Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

Vertical Mouse, 7Lucky Small Rechargeable Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

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By: Lekvey

This is a rechargeable vertical mouse, where its ergonomic design will keep the forearm and wrist in a handshake position. Even with prolonged use, you will not experience any strain on your wrist. This is lightweight and will make you feel good. Moreover, it is made up of skin material, and you will easily get used to it. It has a high-capacity rechargeable battery where you don’t have to buy batteries anymore. Furthermore, it gets recharged quickly and will save your time. The quick-connect design of the mouse allows you to charge it either with a cable or go wireless.

This is very functional and allows you to plug and play. This has the page forward and page backward functionality which is very suitable for web browsing. In addition to this, it comes with the technology of resolution optical tracking, where you can use it on different surfaces. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best vertical mouses on the list.

#6. Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse With RGB Backlit

Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with RGB Backlit, NPET V20 Wired 7 Programmable Buttons Mouse

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This is another stylish yet very functional vertical mouse which will make you feel better. It comes in a fatigue-resistant vertical design and will perfectly contour to your hand. This is anti-swear, rubber grips, and anti-skid. Moreover, it has a detachable palm which will provide even better support. You will witness a significant decrease in your wrist pain, and it will meet all your needs. This is very suitable for gaming as well as for daily use.

The mouse features a total of seven programmable buttons, and there is also memory function. You can easily organize your keys as well as the characters which enable you to remap fully. The seven buttons will let you have five profile settings. Furthermore, in this one, you will find five DPI settings, and it comes in a full-lighted mode. You can easily change the sensitivity of the cursor and use it as you prefer.

#5. Vertical Ergonomic Mouse With Wired USB Connection

Evoluent VM4R Vertical Mouse 4 Right Hand Ergonomic Mouse with Wired USB Connection

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By: Evoluent

If you are having discomfort in your wrist while moving the mouse, then your solution is here. This vertical mouse also arrives in an ergonomic shape and is very convenient to use. It comes in a patented shape where there will be no twisting of your forearm. Moreover, this will provide you with a better experience in comparison to an optical mouse. The mouse allows you to program it according to your preference and you can also install the mouse manager on your computer. You can adjust the different buttons along with the programs.

This will offer you optimum comfort as it has a broader lip and will prevent your finger from chafing the desk. Furthermore, the thumb position has been reshaped to provide you with a better feeling. This has vast compatibility, and you can also adjust the speed of the pointer. You don’t have to release the grip for any adjustment.

#4. Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse, Vertical Wireless Mouse

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By: Lekvey

Here is a vertical mouse which comes in a sleek design and is very easy to use. The scientific ergonomic design of the mouse will let you have a proper arm position without any strain. This will let you have a smoother movement, and there will be a neutral wrist. This is multifunctional and has the feature of forward and backward. This will allow you to have easy web browsing and is also suitable for people who are into gaming.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the mouse with three different DPI levels. In this, you will find a rechargeable battery, and it is inbuilt. You don’t have to buy batteries anymore, and there is also a nano USB receiver. Furthermore, this is compatible with different types of computers and will let you use it conveniently. This has an anti-slip paste, and you will also find the feature of Photoelectric Induction system. It is one of the best vertical mouses to buy and get the best value for your money.

#3. Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse With Adjustable Sensitivity

J-Tech Digital [V628] Wired Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse with Adjustable Sensitivity

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By: J-Tech Digital

This is another attractive vertical mouse which will completely change your experience of using your computer. With a design that will allow you to have smooth movement, this mouse will help to reduce the wrist pain. It will assist you in getting a proper arm position and is also comfortable to use. To get the perfect mouse responsiveness, you can switch from three different DPI levels according to your own preference. Moreover, this has the optical tracking technology which will ensure that you get precise tracking on different types of surfaces.

Furthermore, in this, you will find a removable palm rest which is detached on the base. You can use it or remove it according to your own convenience. The mouse has also got a blue LED outline which will light up when you use it and will look very attractive. You will also be finding thumb buttons which will let you select from previous or forward, making it suitable for web surfers and gamers. This is compatible with various types of computers and is also very easy to use.

#2. Scroll Endurance Wired Vertical Mouse

J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Wired Mouse Ergonomic Vertical USB Mouse

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By: J-Tech Digital

With an option to choose either from wired or wireless, this vertical mouse comes in an ergonomic design and is very convenient to hold. This has a removable palm rest which will ensure that there is no stress in your wrist and hand. In the mouse, you will find two thumb buttons which are very suitable for browser navigation. Moreover, the buttons will easily let you opt from back or forward. It has a high-resolution sensor, and you can also adjust the sensitivity. Furthermore, this is very accurate and sensitive.

Apart from having the back and forward buttons, you will also find a scroll wheel or middle buttons. In addition to this, there is also a DPI mode button which is also adjustable. This will help you achieve a natural grip and provide you with better support. The DPI shift has three modes, and it is also very comfortable. This is compatible with most of the desktops and will ensure that there will be no fatigue in your hand. This is lightweight and will run longer. With this, you can say goodbye to your wrist pain when using the mouse. This is definitely one of the best vertical mouses on the list with all the features you need.

#1. 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

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By: Anker

Available in a scientific design, this vertical mouse will ensure that you maintain a neutral wrist as well as arm positions. This also comes in an ergonomic design, and there will be less strain. You will get a smoother movement, and it has more sensitivity when compared with any standard optical mouse. Moreover, this will let you have a precise tracking on different types of surfaces with ease. In this, you will find “power saving mode” where it gets automatically cut off after eight minutes. You will only have to press either the left or right button to wake up the mouse.

The mouse also has the feature of previous and next buttons, which is very convenient for internet browsing. This is ideal for people who are gamers and who like surfing the net. Furthermore, this is lightweight and is powered with AAA batteries. This is wireless and comes in a perfect shape to run it. The mouse will alleviate the pressure in your wrist joint and will reduce the risk of cramping. The product comes with an instruction manual and a USB receiver.


All the above are the best vertical mouses you can find online. You should definitely use a vertical mouse instead of the traditional horizontal mouse at least once. You will understand that it is going to produce less strain on the forearm muscle and less pressure on the wrist. Moreover, your fingers will also be comfortably placed. Those who have tried it, you have stuck to a vertical mouse over the traditional mouse. There are different shapes of vertical mouses available in terms of size, ease of use, and comfort. Besides, there are differences in terms of sensitivity and features like wired and wireless and likewise.

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