The 10 Best Under Cabinet Radios In 2020 — Review

Fill your space with music by using the best under cabinet radio. It has a low profile and array of features ideal for kitchens and other places. In this review, we look at the best under cabinet radios in 2020.

The Best Under Cabinet Radios In 2020

#10. 7-Inch Under Counter TV Clock Radio

Curtis KCR2610 7-Inch Under Counter TV Clock Radio

By: Curtis

This is an affordable under cabinet radio that meets most of your music needs. It has a small to medium size to use only the required setup space. Although some users feel that the structure is too large, it helps improve the entertainment at home. You can fix it in the kitchen to prepare different meals as you enjoy relaxing music.

We love the stylish finish of this device that complements the most decor in the house. You don’t have to worry about color clashing thanks to the silver surface. Weighing around 6 pounds, this machine is lightweight for simple operation. You can carry it to the desired place for quick assembly. Use the remote control to input different commands from an appropriate distance.

  • Affordable
  • Practical size
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient remote control

Curtis is among the top under cabinet radio thanks to its small to medium size. You can set it up in the kitchen for you to cook different meals while enjoying relaxing music. Not only that but also it weighs 6 pounds for easy carry and safe use.

#9. Under Cabinet Kitchen Am/FM Radio

Audiovox Under Cabinet Kitchen Am-FM Radio

By: Audiovox

Audiovox is another top under cabinet radio that has a programmable CD memory to promote a comfortable use. You can put all your discs inside the drawer-load CD device to enjoy a seamless and convenient operation. Not only that but also it eliminates the need for buying a separate component when enjoying old and new songs.

Furthermore, this equipment’s LCD screen illuminates a bright backlit blue light for comfortable read-out. You can check the chosen settings with utmost ease without even turning on an additional source of light. In addition, setup is pretty easy by using the supplied hardware and mounting template. Note that this device measures 3.6 inches tall x 11.5 inches wide x 13.8 inches long and weighs 5.6 pounds.

  • Comfortable use
  • 90-min cooking timer
  • Bright blue backlight
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight

This radio has a programmable CD memory for comfortable use. Use the drawer-load CD compartment for quick and secure playback. Plus, an LCD screen illuminates a bright backlit blue light for fast read-out.

#8. Under Cabinet CD Player With AM-FM Radio

GPX KC232S Under Cabinet CD Player with AM-FM Radio


This top-rated under cabinet radio fills confined and small locations with music without using too much installation spacing. It is perfect for a modern or contemporary style kitchen thanks to its silver surface. Besides, this color brings out an additional appeal to dull locations while blending in with existing decor seamlessly. With a multipurpose structure, you can connect your MP3 player, listen to the radio or your favorite CDs.

The 3.5mm audio input is perfect for plugging in music devices to enhance your entertainment at home. Not only that but also this gadget is easy to carry because of its slim design. Just fit it in a flip-down MP3 compartment or the kitchen for easy access to the dials. Additionally, this equipment’s negative LCD screen displays a lovely white backlight for easy read-out of the timer and digital clock.

  • Clear music
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Digital clock

Fill a small space like your kitchen with relaxing music when you use this under cabinet radio. It lets you connect your MP3 player, listen to the radio or your favorite CDs. Besides, the slim structure can fit a flip-down MP3 compartment perfectly.

#7. Under Cabinet CD Player With AM/FM Stereo Radio

GPX KC218S Under Cabinet CD Player with AM-FM Stereo Radio


GPX is another best under cabinet radio that provides a crystal clear sound. Featuring front-firing speakers, the two pieces ensure no distortions as you listen to the radio or CD. Besides, you can adjust the kitchen timer to meet your time needs when preparing tasty dishes. This device is slim and has a low profile drawer-load player for playing CD RW, CDR, and CD components.

We also like the rotary tuning design to let you adjust the radio presets comfortably. Just turn it in for picking the preferred radio station as you enjoy morning shows and soothing music. Besides, a battery back-up comes in handy to remember the time in case of blackouts. Note that you have to purchase three AAA batteries for this function.

  • Clear sound output
  • Dual speakers
  • Low profile
  • Rotary tuner
  • Digital timer

This machine provides clear sounds, thanks to the dual speakers. They let you enjoy your favorite music from CDs or radio stations at any time of the day. Not only that but also you can find your desired FM preset by turning the rotary dial.

#6. GE Under-Counter Mounting Cordless Phone AM-FM Radio

GE Under-Counter Mounting Cordless Phone AM-FM Radio

By: Thomson

Thomson is among the best under cabinet radios that is perfect as a gift. You can buy it for a friend, colleague, or mother to improve their entertainment when cooking. Not only does it occupy little counter space, but it also livens the ambiance. It has a lovely and bright finish for added appeal to the placement setting.

Boasting a cordless phone, there’s no need to run to the wall every time you want to make or pick a call. This gives you maximum convenience and comfort, especially when busy. Furthermore, this gadget has am AM/FM radio to improve current entertainment. The digital clock located on the base lets you view the time effortlessly.

  • Saves counter space
  • Easy access
  • Good answering machine
  • AM/FM radio
  • Digital clock

This under counter radio is an ideal gift for mothers, friends, and other people. It has a digital clock for easy time read-out.

#5. 7-Inch Under-Counter LCD TV/CD Clock Radio

Sony ICF-CD555TV 7-Inch Under-Counter LCD TV-CD Clock Radio

By: Sony

If you are looking for the great under cabinet radio with a slim design, stop searching. Sony has a 7-inch screen for you to view the selected functions easily. Also, it has a clear panel display for added appeal and improved visibility. This gadget measures 15.75 inches wide x 4.125 inches tall x 12.75 inches in diameter to use little counter space. Plus, it weighs only 16 pounds, which is equivalent to 5.5kg for maximum stability and reliability.

What’s more, you can change and adjust the settings quickly with the provided remote control. It accepts commands in seconds as you cook, lounge, or chat with loved ones. Moreover, this accessory requires 120 volts of power to provide non-stop and reliable performance.

  • Slim design
  • Wide display
  • Easy installation
  • Remote control
  • Modern white finish

Sony radio has a slim and space-saving design with a 7-inch screen. You can view the settings comfortably thanks to the clear panel with enhanced visibility. Plus, a remote control accepts commands in seconds for added convenience.

#4. High Quality Under The Cabinet Radio CD With Bluetooth

The Highest Quality Under the Cabinet Radio CD Bluetooth

By: DPI, INc

What makes this device among the best under cabinet radio, is the versatile features. For instance, a CD player lets you listen to stored music on your CD while cooking and performing other kitchen chores. Besides, you don’t have to buy a separate device to enjoy the old tracklist. What’s more, the radio allows you to enjoy a variety of stations that have your preferred shows. This item is compact and works well in small spacings such as the kitchen. Although it does not come with an adapter, you can purchase one to enjoy continuous playback.

Thanks to a sleek structure, this product is a functional and appropriate gift. Buy it for your mother or loved one who enjoys listening to music when cooking. Furthermore, it uses only the required cabinet space to maximize the unused room. And for selecting the different functions, the user-friendly interface is easy to use.

  • Versatile design
  • CD player and radio
  • Compact
  • Functional gift
  • Easy to use

Enjoy versatile use with this under the cabinet radio. It has a CD player for playing CDs and Bluetooth technology for wireless connection. What’s more, the friendly interface lets you select the functions comfortably.

#3. Under Counter CD Player With Radio & Bluetooth

Sylvania SKCR2713 Under Counter CD Player with Radio and Bluetooth


Another best under cabinet radio we have is Sylvania that has a convenient CD player. You can play all your saved music on CDs to enjoy your favorite tracklist at home. Not only that but also you can activate the Bluetooth technology to enjoy clear sounds from the built-in speakers. When you want to select a specific FM station, just use the FM tuner for added convenience. Note that an AC adapter or a battery powers this under counter gadget.

Additionally, this device’s LED screen is ideal for a comfortable read-out of the set radio station or time. You don’t need to turn on an additional lighting source when you want to change the settings. In addition, the supplied mounting kit makes installation super easy and quick. Note that this radio uses 2 x 1.2 watts of power making it energy-efficient.

  • CD player
  • Bluetooth technology
  • FM tuner
  • Battery and AC adapter powered
  • Bright LED screen

Play the music stored in your CD with this under the counter device that has a CD player. It has Bluetooth technology for wireless music streaming. Not only that, but also the built-in speakers provide precise sound output.

#2. Wireless Under Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio

iLive Wireless Under Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio

By: iLive

The iLive best under cabinet radio is compact and measures 9 inches long x 7.32 inches wide x 2.44 inches tall. You can easily install it under the counter space to occupy valuable space. What’s more, the included mounting hardware, including four screws and four spacers, is easy to use to help quicken the setup process. This device has a Bluetooth technology that supports wireless connections to compatible components.

With a digital FM radio, you can enjoy up to 20 stations while cooking, conversing with friends, or lounging at the house. Not only that, but also the negative LCD screen displays the menu with a bright backlight for accessible setting selections. You can even pick the desired function in low lit paces with the utmost ease. Moreover, this gadget has a digital clock to keep you on schedule for all your daily activities. Other features include a single alarm, pairing button, dimmer control, and a timer.

  • Compact
  • Simple installation
  • Bluetooth technology
  • 20 radio stations
  • Bright LCD screen

If you want a compact under cabinet radio, stop searching. It has a dimension of 9 inches long x 7.32 inches wide x 2.44 inches tall for smooth operation. Plus, four screws and four spacers let you finish the installation quickly.

#1. Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

By: Sony

This Sony is designed to maximize the counter space in your house. It has a stylish structure that blends well with most decor from walls, chairs, and much more. Also, this radio is suitable for most kitchen styles to let you prepare your meals in soothing entertainment. We also like the delivery of deep bass and harmonious trebles. You can experience sturdy sound quality while you clean, relax, or converse with loved ones.

In addition, this item has a built-in audio wire for connecting digital music players. And the CD player can accept your burned RWs and CD-Rs for more versatility. What’s more, an AM/FM radio comes in handy to provide you with 15 preset stations. When you want ultimate convenience, use the remote control for changing radio stations, tracks, volume, and much more.

  • Maximizes counter space
  • Stylish design
  • Deep bass
  • Connects to a digital music player
  • 15 AM/FM stations

You can maximize the counter space in your house with this Sony radio. Its attractive and yet modern design complements most decor. Plus, an AM/FM radio provides you with 15 preset stations.


Install the best under cabinet radios in your kitchen to enjoy relaxing music when cooking. It is compact and lightweight for simple use as well as setup. Plus, the best under cabinet radios improve your entertainment at home.

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