The 8 Best Travel Irons Of 2021 – Products Review

Ironing of clothes can remove wrinkles out and give your clothes a neat look. If you are on any trip, then it might be difficult for you to have iron your clothes as you cannot carry the iron when you travel. For this purpose, you can easily use a travel iron and get wrinkle-free clothes. A travel iron comes in a compact design and allows you to carry it in your backpack. It is lightweight and can come with the feature of a steamer. Check out the best travel irons that our team has handpicked, keeping in mind all the factors.

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#8. Portable Steam Iron

Reliable Ovo 150GT Portable Steam Iron

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By: Reliable

Equipped with a light indicator, this travel iron has a non-stick soleplate. It has an electrical cord of 6.3 feet and is in a portable design. The lightweight iron has continuous steam and does not leak. Moreover, this is very powerful and has the feature of a unique heating system. This comes with a two-in-one case that protects the iron when not in use.

The ceramic soleplate of the iron lets it glide smoothly and is less resistance. Furthermore, it includes a handy kickstand and helps you to place it upright. This has a water reservoir of 3.7 ounces and is easy to fill. This heats up very quickly and has a removable nap with a water beaker and lint brush.

  • Sleep mode and ceramic soleplate.
  • Kickstand for placing in an upright position.
  • Iron case for storage and unique heating system.
  • It is the smallest travel iron on the list.

#7. Travel Iron With Steam

Hamilton Beach Travel Iron with Steam (10092)

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By: Hamilton Beach

The travel iron has a water capacity of 70 ml and includes stainless steel soleplate. This comes with a fabric brush attachment along with a convenient storage pouch. This has continuous steaming and lets you use it on hanging clothes. Moreover, this has a fold-down handle and has the feature of dual voltage, of both 120 V and 240 V. The iron heats up very quickly and is in a compact design.

This will allow you to use it anywhere you want and steams at 9 grams in a minute. Furthermore, this is easy to operate and is easy to store. This is very attractive in easily slides in different types of fabrics.

  • Stainless steel soleplate and continuous steaming.
  • Dual voltage and fold-down handle.
  • Fabric brush attachment and fast heating.
  • It takes time to cool off.

#6. Steam Iron With Nonstick Soleplate

Utopia Home Steam Iron with Nonstick Soleplate

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By: Utopia Home

With the function of water spray, the travel iron will help you to make crisp lines on the clothes. It comes with a water tank of 200 ml and delivers perfect results. In this, you will find a non-stick soleplate that lets you remove the toughest wrinkle with ease. Moreover, this includes a flexible cord that swivels in 360 degrees with its cord guard, which lets you use it in different angles and has comfortable ironing.

Furthermore, this is equipped with a light indicator and is ultra-lightweight. You can easily press the button for steam and gives exceptional results. This also has adjustable thermostat control and lets you choose from different heat settings. It is safe to use and comes with overheat protection.

  • Adjustable thermostat control and overheat protection.
  • Power cord of 2 meters and cord guard of 360 degrees.
  • Water tank of 200 ml and different heat settings.
  • The average rating is slightly low.

#5. Mini Travel Steam Iron With Dual Voltage

SMAGREHO Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage

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With an ability to heat up very quickly, the travel iron has three heat settings. This also has the feature of one-touch steam control and includes a convenient travel bag. Moreover, this comes with a plastic measuring cup for your convenience and has 420 watts of power for removing the wrinkles.

It will allow you to switch from 100 volts and 240 volts with its dual voltage and lets you use it from anywhere you want. Furthermore, this gives a consistent power supply and is perfect for different types of fabrics. It will let you do both dry iron and steam iron and has four steam outlets. This also has a heat indicator light and is easy to operate.

  • Dual voltage and three heat settings.
  • Comes with plastic measuring cup and travel bag.
  • Fast heat up and temperature indicator light.
  • There is no con to discuss.

#4. Compact Mini Iron With Dual Voltage

Small Mini Iron - Dual Voltage Compact Design

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By: Ivation

This travel iron has a powerful performance and has nonstick ceramic soleplate. This heats up in less than 15 seconds and saves your waiting time. In this, you will find the feature of anti-drip that avoids any kind of unwanted skin burns. Moreover, this includes a power cord of 7.5 feet and has a variable voltage.

The compact iron lets you use it in different types of fabrics and is highly functional. This is easy to handle and includes a plastic measuring cup. Furthermore, this is equipped with a heat indicator light, which turns off when the iron heats up. It also has one-touch steam control and prevents any kind of water stains. Considering all aspects, it is one of the best travel irons on the list.

  • Variable voltage and 7.5 feet power cord.
  • Anti-drip design for avoiding water stains.
  • Heat indicator light and one-touch steam control.
  • There is no negative to write about.

#3. Lightweight Steam Iron

Travel Steamer Iron Mini - Dual Voltage 420W Power Lightweight Best for Travel and Quilting Iron

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By: PurSteam World’s Best Steamers

Here is an ultimate steam iron that lets you have convenience with dual voltage. The steam iron produces more steam and has a power cord of 6 ½ feet. This has a non-stick soleplate and comes with a non-slip handle. Moreover, this is very easy to use and is in a lightweight design. This is perfect for travel and has easy settings. The iron has a powerful performance and is suitable for different types of fabrics.

The travel iron is affordable and has a continuously heated steamer. Furthermore, this is very easy to hold and lets you choose from different heat settings. The compact design of the iron lets you store it anywhere you want and lets you control it with the help of your fingertips. This can remove even the most stubborn wrinkles from the clothes and is little iron with more power. It is clearly one of the best travel irons to opt for.

  • Lightweight design and easy to control.
  • Continuously heated steamer and non-slip handle.
  • Non-stick soleplate and 6 ½ feet power cord.
  • It does not steam in upright position.

#2. Compact Non-Stick Soleplate Travel Iron

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800 Watt Compact Non-Stick Soleplate Travel Iron, GCSBTR-100-000

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By: Sunbeam

Equipped with a dual voltage system, the travel iron comes with an indicator light, which lets you known o when the appliance is ready. In this, you will find a soft touch handle, which allows you to use it smoothly from anywhere you want. It also has a dial that gives you added convenience. Furthermore, this has many temperature settings, which is perfect for different types of fabric. The iron comes with an easy-fill reservoir that delivers a powerful shot of steam.

It also lets you choose from the steam output setting and removes the wrinkles efficiently. Furthermore, it moves smoothly due to its compact size and you can easily control it with your fingertips. This glides smoothly with its non-stick soleplate and lets you have easy dexterity. Despite being lightweight, the travel iron comes loaded with many features. It removes wrinkles from your clothes in no time and is very convenient to use.

  • Steam output setting and different temperature controls.
  • Easy fill reservoir and soft touch handle.
  • Indicator light with dual voltage system.
  • There is no automatic turn off option.

#1. Mini Travel Steam Iron With Dual Voltage

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron with Dual Voltage White

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By: Steamfast

Here is a travel iron that heats up within 15 minutes. In this, you will find the feature of one-touch steam control and lets you iron on different types of fabrics with its three different temperature settings. This has the power of 420 watts, which can efficiently remove wrinkles from any type of fabric. Moreover, it comes with a power cord of 7.5 feet and lets you move freely when you work. It will allow you to hold it comfortably with its anti-slip handle and comes with a plastic measuring cup and traveling bag.

The iron is easy to use and has a water tank of 1.4 ounces. Furthermore, this will let you use it conveniently from anywhere you want due to its portable size. This has dual voltage and requires power from 120 volts and 240 volts. The lightweight iron has tiny non-stick soleplate and is a must-have appliance for anyone. There is no doubt that it is one of the best travel irons on the list.

  • Variable speed settings and 1.4-ounce water tank.
  • Non-stick soleplate and dual voltage.
  • One-touch steam control and non-slip handle.
  • There is no con at all.

How To Buy The Best Travel Iron?

Keep the following factors in mind while going through the travel irons and shortlist accordingly.

Two-in-one Design

A product that lets you use it not just for ironing, but also as a steamer can be a perfect choice. With an easy to fill the water reservoir, it will let you remove the toughest wrinkles from your clothes with ease. Quick and powerful steam makes it a versatile product for both dry ironing and steam ironing. The other important feature that you need to see is if it has dual voltage, which makes it a perfect travel iron.

Heat Settings

A travel iron with variable heat settings will let you use it in different types of fabrics. You can easily select the right heat setting for the cloth and use it with ease. This is in the form of dial control and helps to protect delicate fabrics. As different fabrics like linen and cotton require less heat, you can easily minimize the heat and use it in high settings when it is of nylon or similar other fabrics. You can also see if it has steam control for efficient usage.


A travel iron with higher wattage will deliver a better performance. Traditional irons can reach up to 1100 watts, but it is relatively lower in a travel iron. However, some travel irons can easily go up to 800 watts and deliver efficient performance. Travel irons with the wattage of over 400 can perform better and have a combination of power and speed.

Size and Weight

A lightweight and compact travel iron lets you take it anywhere you want. It has to be compact and does not bother you about luggage when you are at the airport. See if it is in a perfect dimension so that you can use it with ease and that it will fit perfectly in your hands. Some travel irons come up with a fold-down handle that lets you store them with ease. You can also see if it has a long power cord and lets you use it from different angles.

Water Capacity

Steam iron requires water to remove wrinkles from the clothes when you fold your clothes and travel. Water capacity in a steam iron can vary from model to model. Look out for a moderate water capacity travel iron that serves the purpose for you.


If the travel iron comes in an ergonomic design, then it will let you use it with ease. Non-slip handles can make a better buy as it will not fall off easily and cause harm to your skin or clothes. It will let you have a comfortable ironing experience and fit in your hands perfectly. You can also see if it has non-stick plates that ensure that your clothes remain safe even on high heat.

Other Features

In addition to this, you can also see if it heats up quickly and eliminates the time to wait. Travel irons with heat indicator light will be a better choice. You can even see if the product comes with added accessories like a convenient storage case and measuring cup that ensures that you refill the perfect amount of water in the iron.


All the best travel irons have a variety of features. You can easily select the one, which fulfills your needs. With a travel iron, you don’t have to worry about wearing wrinkled clothes when you appear for an interview in another city. It is affordable and has many features that make it your perfect travel partner. If you are traveling internationally, then check if it has dual voltage. Travel irons work similarly like a regular iron but are compact and easy to carry.

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