Top 11 Best Toddler Chairs In 2020 – Product Reviews

Taking care of Toddlers is a challenge. One of the key difficulties is ensuring they remain in one location. As you may already know, they are bubbly and will to leave the seat more often than not. It’s been shown that discomfort plays a role in them not wanting to sit in one place. The chair may be a little hard or stiff, maybe too larger of bulky, or may not be toddler-friendly. Unfortunately, most parents, guardians, and caregivers don’t give the accessory the seriousness it deserves. They’ll pick sent chair they’ll come across or will simply focus on the price. It’s also easy to get confused by the vendors or too much information. In the following read, well review the best toddler chairs in 2020.

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#11. Cozy Children’s Chair With Fun Animal Character

Delta Children Cozy Children's Chair - Fun Animal Character

By: Delta Children

If you want the right chair for a toddler chair, this piece by Delta Children should be perfect. It comes in a modern style and should go well with most decors. It’s available in a range of colors to meet varied needs and preferences. It is a high-quality unit that will handle the use well and also last for a long time. The chair provides excellent support and is also comfortable.

We like the nice texture which enhances the comfort and the sturdy ledges that offer good stability. It’s a versatile piece that will suit kids of different ages and weights. It’s also ideal for use indoors and outdoors too. This seat is ideal for kids of varied ages. It’s also portable, thanks to the lighter weight. The good ergonomics ensure the user is comfortable, safe, and will prevent fatigue.

  • Strong and durable legs
  • Good support and very comfortable
  • Easy to use and good looking
  • Suitable for kids of different users
  • It’s a relatively small chair

#10. Stackable Wooden Chair For Toddlers

ECR4Kids 8 Stackable Wooden Chair for Toddlers

By: ECR4Kids

Designed for children aged 1-2 years, the ECR4Kids chair should be a good buy. One thing we like it for is the simple yet elegant styling. It will look good in most decors and is also suitable for use indoors and outdoors. The lightweight materials and nature make moving it from one location to another pretty easy. Moreover, it comes in a compact style and doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

The sturdily built legs are firm and ensure the child is firmly held in one place. It has a nice design to handle users with different weights. This unit is suitable for both boys and girls and is also very comfortable. This makes certain your child will enjoy maximum satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if he/she will be seated for long sessions. The nice finish improves the comfort and also simplifies cleanup. It doesn’t get dirty, dusty, greasy, and oily or stains easily.

  • High quality built and long-lasting
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Good design and very comfortable
  • Easy to use and space-efficient
  • The surface is a little stiff

#9. Roundy Rocking Kid’s Chair

KEET Roundy Rocking Kid's Chair Gingham

By: Keet

This chair feels sturdy and durable. It should be perfect for your young son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild. It’s suitable for boys and girls too and is available in an elegant style. The unit is pink in color and comes with a fine texture for excellent comfort. It’s made of a soft fabric and is very supportive. It doesn’t wobble, shake, or vibrate during use. Moving it from one place to another is also not a problem. We love the tough materials and good engineering which ensure the child is firmly held.

Safe and ergonomic design improves comfort and also minimizes fatigue and tiredness. The height and width are good enough for most kids. Moreover, it has a nice padding, thanks it the high-density foam. Youll have peace-of-mind knowing your child is very comfortable. Cleaning the chair is easy and you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth or a little amount of warm water and mild soap.

  • Good size and weight capacity
  • It’s made from tough materials
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Comfortable and ergonomic style
  • It can stain easily

#8. Chelsea Kids Upholstered Chair With Cup Holder

Delta Children Chelsea Kids Upholstered Chair with Cup Holder

By: Delta Children

The Delta Children Chelsea should be right for your toddler. It’s ideal for users aged over 3 years and comes in a nice modern design. The chair looks good in most surroundings and feels very supportive and sturdy. It is made of soft grey fabric and has a nice seating surface. This ensures the baby is not only well supported but can move freely. We love the nice fabric which feels smooth to the skin. It also looks classy and is easy to clean. A damp cloth, some warm water, and dishwasher soap are all you need.

The chair is fairly lightweight and carrying it shouldn’t be hard. It also has a nice style for easy handling and tough legs for good support. It is designed for toddlers up to 8 years, and this should handle children of different ages well. It’s available in different colors to blend well with most decors.

  • Can handle a wide range of weight
  • Feels tough and durable
  • Good support and comfortable
  • Easy to clean and take care of
  • Not ideal for very young kids

#7. Microsuede Children’s Chair

Keet Roundy Microsuede Children's Chair

By: Keet

If you desire the best chair for your toddler, the Keet Roundy Microsuede should be an excellent pick. It comes in a nice practical size and design to handle children of varied weights and ages. It comprises suede material which, together with the tough construction, will handle the weight well. The finish and texture are also good and will enhance the surrounding. The plush padding boosts the comfort to make certain the child is very comfortable. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed to minimize soreness or fatigue, especially after sitting on it for a long time.

The height and size are excellent and provide free movement for the child. At the same time, it ensures the support is effective in preventing slippage or sliding. Like other pieces in the above review, it is simple you maintain. It is more resistant to stain, dirt, dust, and cleaning it is easy. With good maintenance and care, it will serve you for a decent period.

  • Solid and durable construction
  • Good weight capacity
  • Comfortable mad lightweight
  • Easy-to-Clean finish
  • It’s a small chair

#6. Microfiber Kids Recliner With Cup Holder

Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

By: Flash Furniture

This best toddler chair is what your young child needs. It looks stylish and merges nicely with most decors. It’s a solid piece, thanks to the durable materials and good engineering. The nice padding provides good comfort. It also maintains good firmness to prevent any unnecessary movement. The sturdy frame can accommodate even heavy kids and will last a long time. It comes ready to use and no assembly is needed. Moreover, it’s not a heavy piece and moving it from one location to another isn’t a problem.

Many consumers praise its good comfort as well as versatile nature. It’s fit for indoor and outdoor use and will tolerate the use well. The strong frame provides ample support and also extends its longevity. You, therefore, won’t be buying a replacement any time soon. The nice style and colors blend well with the living room, bedroom, and other settings.

  • Strong and durable frame
  • Super comfortable and sleek design
  • Good support
  • Easy to handle and use
  • It may be a little large for small babies

#5. Little Reader Chair

P'Kolino Little Reader Chair, Light Blue

By: P’Kolino

This chair by P’Kolino should be ideal if you want the best for your toddler. It comes in a contemporary style and should go well with most settings. You get a variety of colors to satisfy diverse requirements. It is a high-quality device that will manage the use well and also durable. The chair offers excellent support and is comfortable as well.

We like the beautiful texture that enhances the convenience and the sturdy ledges that give excellent stability. It suits children of varying ages and weights and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use as well. This chair is perfect for most toddlers. Thanks to the lightweight, it’s also portable. The excellent ergonomics guarantee that the user is comfortable, secure, and prevents tiredness.

  • Strong and sturdy support
  • Elegant and very comfortable
  • Easy to clean and long-lasting
  • Fit for kids of different users
  • Not ideal for large children

#4. Sweet SeatsPink Owl Children’s Chair

Animal Adventure Sweet SeatsPink Owl Children's ChairLarge Size

By: Animal Adventure

This chair should be a nice purchase and is designed for kids aged 18 months and over. One thing we like about it is the basic yet elegant design. It will look great in most decors and is also appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. The lightweight materials and nature make it simple to move from one place to another. Besides, it comes in a compact size and does not take up a lot of room. The sturdily constructed legs are firm and guarantee that the baby is strongly kept in one location.

It has a good design for handling different weights. This chair is appropriate for both genders and is quite comfortable. This makes sure that your kid will appreciate maximum fulfillment. It very cozy and provides the right support. The smooth texture increases comfort and simplifies cleanup as well. It is more tolerant of dirt, dust, oil, stains, and other thing compared to other options.

  • High quality built and affordable
  • Long-lasting and ideal for boys and girls
  • Good support and very comfortable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It’s somewhat large for small kids

#3. Durable Kid’s Chair Gingham

Keet Roundy Kid's Chair Gingham

By: Keet

This toddler chair feels strong and durable. For your young son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild, it should be ideal. It is also appropriate for both genders and is among the cozy and affordable units in the market. It has a dimension of 24(W) x 18(D) x 17(H) inches and will serve most toddlers well. For easy cleaning, it comes with a fine texture. It’s made tough, easy to maintain materials, remains steady and does not shake during use. Moving from location to location is also convenient. We like the excellent engineering that guarantees that the baby is strongly kept.

The design is both safe and ergonomic and minimizes fatigue and discomfort. For most children, the height and width are good enough. Moreover, thanks to the high-density foam, it has good padding. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kid is well-seated, comfortable, and safe. Cleaning and taking care of the chair is simple and it also should last for a long time.

  • Good design and size
  • Decent seating and weight capacity
  • It’s made from durable materials
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • May become dirty easily

#2. Disney Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair

Delta Children Disney Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair

By: Delta Children

The Delta Children Disney Minnie is perfect for toddlers aged from 3 to 6 years and comes in a beautiful contemporary design. The chair looks great in most environments and offers nice support. It’s also robust and very comfortable. It is built from tough materials and has a cozy and sleek seating surface. This guarantees that the child is not only well supported but can move without any restriction. We love the beautiful finish which has a nice feel to the skin. It also looks classy and is simple to wash. You need a clean cloth, warm water, and soap. It dries fast and maintains a nice appearance for a long time.

The chair is lightweight and it shouldn’t be difficult to carry. Furthermore, it has a nice style for simple handling and the legs are solid and firm. It is intended for infants weighing up to 100 lbs and is a long-lasting piece. It mixes well with most decors and is available in many colors.

  • Can handle toddlers of various weights
  • Tough and durable
  • Good support and very cozy
  • Easy to take care of
  • Not for kids aged above 6 years

#1. Elmo Upholstered Chair

Sesame Street Elmo Upholstered Chair

By: Sesame Street

This best toddler chair is good for kids of different ages. It looks stylish and fuses beautifully with most decors. Thanks to the durable materials and excellent engineering, it is a strong piece. The beautiful padding offers excellent comfort. It also retains excellent firmness to avoid any unnecessary motion. The strong frame can handle even or more mature toddlers well. It is a robust item and will last a long time. It comes prepared for use and no assembly is needed.

Moreover, it’s fairly lightweight and moving it from one place to another is not an issue. Many customers praise its elegance and solid construction as well as comfort. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and puts up will use well. The robust frame offers decent support and is also long-lasting. It can be used in many areas in the home, including the bedroom, living room, balcony, and outdoors.

  • Strong and durable construction
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Sleek design and easy cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • It looks a bit plain

The Best Toddler Chair Buying Guide

Picking the right toddler chair may appear easy on paper. However, consumers realize that it’s quite a challenge even for seasoned parents. There are all kinds of products in the market and its very easy to be confused or overwhelmed. Secondly, marketers and vendors will engage in stiff competition, at times, exaggerating, or leaving out vital information. Thirdly, you need to spend some time researching, comparing, and rating the items. The following are some of the important things to look at:


It’s essential that you pick a unit that is toddler-friendly. The child will fit it indeed well and will get the best support. This entails considering the age, weight, and size of the target user. The next thing is looking at engineering and construction. The right option is made from good materials and is also versatile. It will be able to cater to kids of different ages, weights, and both genders. Also important is focusing on colors that that appeal to kids. Children seem to love bright colors and animated graphics.


Comfort should be one of the key factors to consider. You don’t want your “bundle of joy” crying or getting moody because he/she is uncomfortable. You also don’t want to find him/her sitting in an awkward position because the chair offers poor support. Also, you don’t want the toddler to get too tired or experience soreness. You should go for a product that has a nice finish since it’s friendly to the skin. The surface shouldn’t feel too hard or stiff.


You’ll most likely be moving around with the toddler. At one time, you’ll be with him in the bedroom, the next time it will be at the balcony. While in another moment, you’ll be at the yard. To put-up with such movements, you should pick a product that is easy to move around with. It will be lightweight, compact, and also has a carry-friendly design. Plastic seems to be a favorite material.


When purchasing the product, you want something that will not only give good service but will also last a long time. In fact, you want a piece that will take care of several children over its lifetime. Good choices are made from tough and durable materials. They won’t warp or break easily. They will maintain their firmness and sturdiness and are resistant to stains and color fading. Cleaning and taking good care of the chairs is also easy.

Material of Construction

Chairs for toddlers can cost a dime. The last thing you want is looking for a replacement after spending a good sum of money because the chair broke. During the search, you should go for high-quality pieces. They will be made from tough materials such as heavy-duty plastic or wood. The engineering will be solid and allows the chairs to handle the weights. Moreover, it will handle the movement, use, environmental factors, frequent cleaning, abrasion, and much more.


It’s critical that you go for a very stable chair. You don’t want to find the child on the floor because the chair broke or came apart. You also don’t want the child sitting in an awkward position because the legs are a bit weak and tend to warp. What you desire is a firm and sturdily built chair. The legs will remain firm, it won’t wobble easily during use, and the materials won’t become weaker over time.


Like any other mom, dad, grandparent, or caregiver, you want the child to be safe at all times. You don’t want home/her to suffer from allergic reactions, side effects, or get bruised or injured. The right chair is made of safe materials that don’t contain harmful or toxic compounds. The surface will be smooth and won’t scratch or injure the skin. It will also be smooth or easy cleaning and discouraging germs, bacteria, oils, sweat, and other things.

In addition to the above things, you also shouldn’t forget to factor in the price, brand credibility, versatility, maintenance ease, and ease of cleaning.


Picking the right chair for a toddler comes with lots of challenges. You may get a unit that is too weak, too rigid, uncomfortable, looks a bit plain, offers poor support, or loses its stability over time. You also may waste a bit of time trying to compare the many options or learning about the most important things to look at. The better approach is reading reviews that will not only spell out the top types but will also offer handy insights in regards to selecting the right one. In this one, for instance, we have reviewed the best toddler chairs on the market. What you need to do is simply pick one from the above listing.

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