Discover The 9 Best Tennis Shoes – In 2021 Review

Whether a learner or pro, you should always go for the best tennis shoes. The sport is very intense and will put lots of stress on the shoe. At one time, you are sprinting and in the next moment, you are trying to stop. You’ll also need to jump high and Landing will put lots of impact on the footwear. Also, we can’t ignore the sliding and slip as well as the different surfaces.

With a poor product, chances are the sole will rip from the upper, or it will even split. Also, you may have poor traction meaning you will easily fall. Moreover, nobody wants a shoe with poor ventilation or bad sweat absorption. This may make the feet too wet and also creates a stuffy interior. To help you pick the perfect choice, we will review the best tennis shoes in the market.

List of The 9 Best Tennis Shoes

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#9. Men’s Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis Shoe

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By: New Balance

This New Balance shoe comes in a simple white color. It may look a little plain but does the job quite well. The tennis shoe targets men, both novices and pros. It’s lightweight as well as also very adaptable. This makes putting on and removal easy and you won’t use a great deal of effort and time. They fit well and remain firm on foot thanks to the remarkable laces. The top comprises sturdy textiles and also artificial materials.

It will manage the movement, routine cleansing, abrasion, sweat, dirt, and knocks and also far more. Moreover, you additionally get a great rubber sole that lessens the possibility of you sliding or falling. It maintains a tight grasp on different surfaces. And to make sure the foot stays dry with no odor, the internal lining supports good air movement. It has a tough outsole that guarantees you of high-wear sturdiness. It cleans easily and also dries fast.

  • Top-quality shoes and sturdy
  • Cool interior and no odor
  • Fits on the foot properly
  • Lightweight as well as comfy
  • May feel a little narrow the first time

#8. Men’s GEL-Resolution Tennis Shoe

ASICS Men's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe

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If you want the best tennis shoes, this alternative is perfect. It has a good design that looks okay on any male. Moreover, it has a nice color mix to boost the charm. The white, blue, and silver color gives it a trendy and classy appeal. The upper really feels lightweight yet tough at the same time. This results from the 100% synthetic material that takes care of the play and regular cleaning well. The product is flexible to boasts wearability. Moreover, it has a wide opening to cater for even the large feet.

The internal lining is smooth as well as really feels incredibly relaxing on foot. It won’t scrape or irritate the skin. The excellent air circulation prevents dampness and odor. The Flexion Fit construction improves stability whereas the PGuard bumper safeguards the toe. Moreover, it has a robust and durable AHAR Plus outsole to put up with the use and also for longlasting service.

  • Excellent looking and dependable
  • Good cushioning and cozy interior
  • Handles impact and abrasion well
  • The interior is non-sweaty and also has no odor
  • It is somewhat narrow especially for wide feet

#7. Men’s Adizero Club Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Adizero Club Tennis Shoe

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By: Adidas

Adidas Adizero Club shoe is excellent for men. It’s fit for beginners and professionals too. This shoe looks stylish and is also very reliable. The upper consists of synthetic materials and will put up with the activity well. It won’t rip, crack, shrink, or stretch easily. Moreover, it has a smooth finish and is also easy to clean. The interior feels very comfortable and is also breathable to minimize sweating or odor.

The nice rubber sole offers a nice grip and functions okay in both hard as well as clay court. The odds of you missing your footing are thus low. And to stop the shoes coming off, they have sturdy laces that firmly secure them on foot. According to consumers, this footwear keeps its integrity and good appearance for a long time. It doesn’t fade or expand over time. Also, it requires little upkeep and keeps the foot dry even in intense play.

  • Comfortable and also breathable
  • Resistant to cracking, abrasion and wear
  • Firm grip on different surfaces
  • Tight lacing and good wearability
  • Tough materials and durable construction
  • The outsole is not very heavy-duty

#6. Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

NIKE Men's Court Lite Tennis Shoes

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Nike is a well-known brand in regards to the best tennis shoes. They have many suitable options for both men and women. This specific piece is okay for men, whether professional or amateur. They are lightweight and flexible. Therefore, putting them on and also taking off requires minimal effort as well as time. They fit perfectly on foot and also stay firm. The good sturdy laces make this possible.

The top section consists of long-lasting textiles and also synthetic materials. It will endure the play, routine cleaning, impact, scratching, and a lot more. Moreover, the good rubber sole reduces the possibility of you falling or sliding. It does this by ensuring you have the best traction, no matter the playing surface. These include grass, hard surface, and also dirt. Thanks to the smooth and breathable interior, the foot remains dry and has no smell.

  • High-quality footwear and very durable
  • Good design and very trendy
  • Fits on the foot well
  • Good moisture and impact absorption
  • Light-weight as well as comfy
  • The toe box may feel somewhat tight

#5. Men’s Gel-Dedicate Tennis Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoe

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 is one of the best tennis shoes for men. It has a nice design that looks all right on the wear. Moreover, it the white and silver color combination improve the allure. The upper feels tough due to the 100% synthetic and textile material. It manages the plays and harsh surfaces well. Besides, it’s very flexible and this makes it more wearable.

The wide opening caters to various feet, including the wide ones. The internal lining is smooth and really feels extremely smooth and cozy to the foot. Also, it won’t scratch or irritates the skin. What’s more, the good airflow minimizes odor buildup and also keeps the foot cool. And thanks to the Forefoot GEL Cushioning, it handles shock attenuation well. The rubber sole offers a firm grip to prevent slippage or falling. Besides, it’s tough and won’t split, crack, or wear out easily.

  • Good looking and also longlasting
  • Easy to put on and takeoff
  • Excellent interior and cozy cushioning
  • Handles the operations well
  • Keeps the interior and foot dry
  • The shoe is a bit plain

#4. Men’s Courtsmash Ankle-High Fashion Sneaker

adidas Men's Courtsmash Ankle-High Fashion Sneaker

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By: Adidas

These shoes are excellent for male tennis players. They function well with novices as well as with professional players. It is simple in design but also looks sophisticated. The upper comprises of tough synthetic leather, which has a smooth surface. It endures abrasion, flexing, the elements, and much more. Besides, it’s also easy to clean. The inside feels really smooth and comfortable. Also, it has decent breathability to prevent sweating or odor.

They come in a nice ankle height which has a smooth lining. When not playing tennis with them, you can also wear them casually. They will look amazing with different outfits. We love the robust synthetic rubber sole, which provides great traction on various surfaces. The Colorblocked EVA midsole boasts good comfort as well as stability. For a nice fit as well as to prevent it from coming off, the footwear has effective lace closure.

  • Well-built and high quality
  • Very comfortable and good ventilation
  • High-wear resistance and durable
  • Good moisture absorption and minimal odor
  • Extremely flexible for easy wearing and also taking off
  • The front section may feel a bit large especially for people with a small foot

#3. Men’s Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe

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By: Adidas

Coming in a White/Black/and Light Grey color combination, these tennis shoes are okay for men. They are lightweight and also very flexible. Therefore, you’ll use lots of effort and time. They fit nicely on most men and stay firm on foot. This is owing to the superior lacing system. The upper comprises durable textile and synthetic materials. It will handle the movement, regular cleaning, and knocks, and much more. Moreover, you also get a nice rubber sole that minimizes the possibility of you or another player falling or slipping.

It maintains form grip on different surfaces, including grass/lawn and dirt. And to ensure the foot stays cool and the interior has no odor, the inner lining and the shoe, in general, have good breathability. As other top picks from Adidas, it has an Adiwear outsole that guarantees you of high-wear durability.

  • High-quality shoes and also durable
  • Fits on the foot well
  • Good impact absorption and very durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The front section may feel little tight the first time

#2. Men’s GEL-Solution Speed Tennis Shoe

ASICS Men's GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

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If the best tennis shoe for men is what you want, then picking this option is what you need. We love its nice styling that looks okay on any man. Moreover, it has a nice color combination to improve the appeal. You find Navy/Silver and Neon Green colors. The upper feels lightweight but is still quite tough. This is due to the 100% synthetic material that handles the plays nd regular cleaning well.

The materials are flexible and this boosts wearability. Moreover, it opens wide to cater for even the wide feet. The inner lining is smooth and feels super cozy on foot. Cases of scratch marks or irritability are unlikely. And thanks to the good air movements and good moisture absorption, the interior stays cool and dry. The sole comprises a high-grade synthetic material and provides a firm grip.

  • Good looking and reliable
  • Good cushioning and impact absorption
  • Easy to war ad removals
  • Keeps the foot dry and also cool
  • It may feel somewhat narrow fop people with wide feet

#1. Men’s GameCourt Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's GameCourt Tennis Shoe

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By: Adidas

Gamecourt tennis shoes are perfect for men who want to improve their game. Also, they work well with beginners learning g the game. They come in different sizes to cater to different needs. This particular pair is medium size 9.5 US. It comes in a simple design but still looks classy. The upper comprises of textile and synthetic materials. Besides, it has a smooth finish and this inhibits dust, oils, and dirt from sticking on.

The interior feels very cozy and is also breathable. This prevents unnecessary sweating or odor. We love the nice rubber sole, which offers nice traction. It works okay in both hard and clay coat. And for a nice fit and to prevent it coming off, especially during play, the footwear has sturdy lace closure. It’s easy to clean and will give you good service.

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Abrasion resistance and high-wear durability
  • Firm grip and tight lacing
  • Very flexible for easy wearing and removal
  • It may feel a little tight the first time


If the best tennis shoes are what you desire, we trust that we have made life much easier for you. After researching the market and thereafter reviewing the top choices, we were able to pick out the most suitable options. Our focus was on reliability, effectiveness, toughness, flexibility, comfort, maintenance ease, and much more.

Therefore, any of the above offers are worth buying. And as you may already know, shoes play a vital role in the selection. And as you will clearly notice, they come from only the well-known brands. This should give you more assurance in regards to their reliability, top performance, safety, and more. The best tennis shoes will handle you to take your game to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner learning the game or a professional aiming to become better.

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