Top 12 Best Spy Pens with Camera & Recorder In 2020 – Products Review

In today’s world of mistrust, the use of spy pen is becoming very common. However, it is useless to carry a spy pen which is cheap in features and does not get the job done perfectly. There are so many such spy pens available that promise so many features but are useless in reality. That is why our team has done thorough research and listed the best spy pens that come with a quality camera and crystal-clear recorders. Go ahead and check best spy pens with camera & recorder out and never miss out on a single bit while recording.

Here Are The List of 12 Best Spy Pens with Camera & Recorder

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#12. HD 1080P Clip On Body Camera

Mini Spy Camera Pen - HD 1080P Clip On Body Camera


This spy pen with a mini DV camera supports snapshot and video recording. The unit is also able to capture videos for 5.5-hours without any break. Moreover, the hidden camera offers two different resolutions of 1280X720p and 1920X1080p for video recording. You can easily play the footage via your Television set. This pocket spy camera is suitable for capturing the footage of the tiny meeting.

This pen-camera also requires charging for 3-hours. Furthermore, the device records videos in AVI file format. The USB 2.0 interface of this unit supports high-speed data transmission. The external micro SD card slot supports up to 32GB micro SD card. The unit comes along with an inbuilt rechargeable 850-mAh lithium-ion battery. This spy pen has a portable handheld design.

  • Comes with an inbuilt 850-mAh battery.
  • Captures videos for non-stop 5.5-hours.
  • High-speed data transmission.
  • It is a relatively new product.

#11. Wireless Hidden Spy Pen Camera Full HD 1080P

Hidden Spy Pen Camera Wireless Full HD 1080P

By: Aisoul

This spy pen comes with three-way running options, like P2P connection, Micro SD card, and Wi-Fi connection. You can also use this pen as a simple writing pen. Moreover, this mini spy camera easily fits in your hands, pockets, or drawers. This Wi-Fi camera offers 1080 HD app real-time monitor video remote view. The camera comes with motion detection alarm as well.

This unit is also able to capture motion detection loop video recording. Furthermore, with a single press of a button, you can easily operate this device. This portable spy pen is suitable for recording the videos of business conference and forensics. The USB port allows you to connect with your computer with ease. This unit requires a 32GB micro SD card.

  • Supports P2P and Wi-Fi running operations.
  • Comes with a 32GB micro-SD card.
  • Supports real-time footage monitoring.
  • This is another new product.

#10. Portable Hidden Camera Spy Video Recorder

Upgraded-Hidden Camera Spy Video Recorder Portable Security Pen Cam

By: Facamword

This upgraded spy camera supports both video recording and snapshots. The mini spy pen also allows you to capture videos at HD 1080p resolution. Moreover, with a single charging, this device is able to record footage for continuous 5.5-hours. The pen-camera supports the one-key user-friendly operation. You do not need to install any other software to play the footage of this pen-camera.

With the help of an inbuilt micro-SD card slot, this spy pen also requires a 32GB SD card for recording. Furthermore, this unit is able to record videos for 24/7 while charging. The pen-camera is suitable for recording the videos of small meetings, conferences, and classroom. This hidden camera easily fits into your pockets, books and files, and folders.

  • Records footage for continuous 5.5-hours.
  • Supports plug-n-play function.
  • Comes with a 32GB micro-SD card slot.
  • The average rating is relatively lower.

#9. Wireless Hidden Camera 1080P HD With Video Recording

Daretang Hidden Camera 1080P HD Spy Camera Pen, Video Recording Wireless Security Camera

By: Daretang

With a 75-degree wide-angle, this spy pen can capture footage in 1920X1080 HD color video resolution. This unit also allows you to take videos or snapshots safely and securely in your absence as well. Moreover, with the help of concealed pinhole lens, this hidden camera is able to capture footage without letting anyone know. The pen comes with a micro SD slot for the 32GB card.

The camera is also able to write over the oldest files all by itself. Furthermore, this device connects with your computer via USB cable. To turn on the web-camera, you just need to turn on and off button once to switch on the camera mode. The spy pen camera supports wireless video recording as well.

  • Overwrites the oldest files.
  • Connects your computer via USB-cable.
  • Supports wireless video recording.
  • There are few reviews available to judge.

#8. Portable Mini Camera Pen

Mini Camera Pen, PANNOVO HD 1080P Mini Portable Camera Video & Photo Recorder


This spy pen camera is able to record Full High-definition 1920X1080p resolution videos with ease. The unit also allows you to capture images at 560X1440p resolution. Moreover, you can enable or disable the date stamp in your footage or images as per your requirement. This pen-camera comes along with a built-in 200-mAh battery to record videos for continuous 60-minutes. The pen has an inbuilt micro-SD slot.

The unit also supports SD card loop recording. Furthermore, this camcorder pen allows you to use it as a writing pen. The unit helps you to capture every single moment in your classroom or meeting. With a simple 2.0 USB cable, this pen-camera supports the easy plug-n-play operation. This pen requires a 32GB SD card for recording.

  • Supports easy plug-n-play operation.
  • Supports SD card loop recording.
  • Offers Full HD video recording.
  • There are mixed reviews available.

#7. Hidden Camera With FHD 1080P

Hidden Camera,PORTOCAM POT21 FHD 1080P Spy Pen Camera Recorder


This portable spy camera generally looks like a simple ball pen. The pen also comes with an inbuilt 1080p HD lens. Moreover, the mini spy pen-camera easily fits into your pocket and file folder. The unit helps you to capture footage without drawing anyone’s attention. You can stress-freely record videos for lectures and conferences. The unit offers excellent night visibility.

This camera is also able to capture crystal-clear black and white images in the pitch black. Furthermore, this user-friendly spy-camera supports the easy one-button operation. With the help of an inbuilt 400-mAh battery, this pen-camera helps you to record footage for continuous 190-minutes in a day. Even, you can record videos for continuous 90-minutes at night. This unit records details up to 16-feet during the night.

  • Comes with darkness-illuminating infrared LED-light.
  • Records footage continuously for 180-minutes.
  • Comes with inbuilt 400-mAh battery
  • There are some negative reviews.

#6. Mini Portable Camera Pen Full 1080P

CHUHE Camera Pen Full 1080P Body Camera Mini Portable Hidden Camera


This simple looking executive pen comes along with a spy camera. You also do not need to install any software to run the footages of this unit. Moreover, the plug-n-play system of this camera allows you to play clippings on the operating systems, like Mac and Windows. With a one-button press simple operation, this spy-pen enables you to take photos and videos without any difficulty. This unit is able to capture videos at 1920X1080p high-definition resolution.

The camera also takes videos in AVI file format. Furthermore, you can capture videos for 50-minutes continuously. This simple looking pen is suitable for conference, outdoor, travel, and investigation. The unit comes along with a USB cable. The pen comes with a 32GB SD card. It is clearly one of the best spy pens with camera & recorder to buy.

  • Captures videos at AVI file format.
  • Comes with a 32GB SD card.
  • 50-minutes of video-capturing time.
  • There is no con to talk about.

#5. Pen Hidden Cameras Portable Video Recorder

Spy Camera Pen Hidden Cameras Portable Video Recorder

By: Facamword

The spy pen exactly looks like a normal pen. The hidden camera of this pen also offers high-quality video footage. Moreover, this unit comes with an inbuilt storage space of 16GB to safely record your all videos or images. This spy-pen has two modes for snapshots and clippings. You can effectively use this hidden-camera as an external flash drive to carry important documents.

This portable pen recorder also allows you to record footage at FHD 1920X1080p resolution. Furthermore, the unit is able to take images in 2560X1400p with the concealable FHD lens. The hidden-camera captures photos or videos with vibrant colors, steady frame, and top-grade video capture technology. This executive pen with stealth camera offers a one-button simple operation as well.

  • Offers simple Plug-n-play option.
  • FHD 1920X1080-p resolution videos.
  • High-quality 2560X1400-p images.
  • The grip is not so comfortable.

#4. Wireless Hidden Camera With 1080P

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera 1080p WiFi Home Security Cameras Nanny Cam Pen

By: Auspicious beginning

This best spy pen with camera & recorder offers real-time image and video capturing. The mini surveillance camera also comes with a built-in 650-mAh rechargeable battery. Moreover, this unit is able to capture clipping for up to 2.5-hours in fully-charged condition. The camera captures videos at high-quality 1920X1080p resolution. This unit allows you to record or view images or videos at a 155-degree angle. The mini size of this hidden-camera easily fits into your bag, desk, book, or pocket.

This hidden nanny camera also comes along with four high-quality IR lights to track every movement even in the dark. Furthermore, this camera captures snapshots and saves them in your phone or memory card up to 128GB. The pen camera works without any Wi-Fi connection as well. It is certainly one of the best spy pens considering all the features.

  • Works without a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Comes with a built-in 650-mAh battery.
  • Consists of four IR lights.
  • There is no negative point to discuss.

#3. Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD

Yumfond Hidden Spy Pen Camera HD

By: Yumfond

The spy pen has a mini pen-shaped design easily clips into your pockets. This easy to carry around pen also comes with inbuilt polymer lithium batteries with an intelligent power management system. Moreover, the hidden camera has high-temperature resistance to record videos for 60-minutes with any break. Apart from that, this pen-camera offers 120-minutes of standby time. The six-layer glass lens of this unit is able to shoot videos at HD 1080-quality.

This pen-camera also supports AVI file format and is able to capture clear video with proper stability. Furthermore, with a simple press of a button, you can easily capture clippings and images. The recordings of this unit are accurate to seconds. The camera is suitable for the courtroom and backup access.

  • Supports AVI file format.
  • Captures High-definition clips and images.
  • Offers 120-minutes of standby time.
  • There is no drawback.

#2. 1080P HD Mini Portable Hidden Cameras

Spy Camera Pen 1080P HD Mini Portable Hidden Cameras


With a simple press of a button, this spy pen is able to record clippings at Full HD resolution. The pen also comes with an inbuilt 16GB SD card for collecting uninterrupted series of evidence. Moreover, the LED indicator lights turn off during the recording. You just need to connect the hidden camera with your computer to review the recorded footage.

You can also disable or enable the date and time in the corner of your footage as per your requirement. Furthermore, the unit allows you to choose between photo and video modes. This hidden camera helps you to crystal-clear photos along with videos. The sleek design of this spy pen looks like a simple pen for ordinary purposes as well. All in all, it is one of the best spy pens with camera & recorder on the list.

  • Captures videos at 1920 X 1080 resolution.
  • The large storage capacity of 16-GB.
  • Takes crystal-clear photographs.
  • There is no negative point.

#1. Spy Hidden Pen Camera With 32G

Spy Camera LTMADE 1296P 32G Hidden Camera Pen


This beautifully-crafted spy pen looks absolutely like an ordinary pen. The pen is also ideal for interviews, meetings, and evidence collection. Moreover, the tool is ideal for outdoor activities and other occasions. The hidden-camera with the 20-Megapixel resolution is able to record 2K videos. The clips are easily removable when not in use. The camera of this pen allows you to change to 720p at 60-fps dynamic professional shoot for capturing photos or videos.

The motion detector function of this pen also helps you to get crystal clear video clips. Furthermore, this pen-camera helps you to operate this unit with a simple press of a button. The spy pen comes with the viewing angle of 65-degrees. This pen-camera has inbuilt 32GB memory to save clips or photographs. The battery of this pen lasts for non-stop 60-minutes.

  • High-resolution 2K clippings.
  • 32-GB of inbuilt memory.
  • Comes with the viewing angle of 65-degrees.
  • There is no con at all.


If you are not careful, you may end up buying a cheap-quality spy pen at a premium price. Such spy pens may work, but the recording clip will not be up to the mark. You should choose a spy pen which can record at least HD quality video, and the recorded audio clip should be loud and clear. All the above-listed best spy pens with camera & recorder meet these two criteria, and there are various other features. You need to go through to understand and select the best one.

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