Top 9 Best Solid Wood Bookcases In 2021 – Review

Why not use the best solid wood bookcase to display your books and collectibles? Most people prefer this stand because of its stability and ease of use. It supports multiple items from books to photos, to give your library simple access as well as style. Apart from this, some models have an open shelve design. Not only to create modern book access but also to improve your room’s look. Let us look at the best solid wood bookcases in the market.

List of The 9 Best Solid Wood Bookcases

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#9. Amherst Solid Wood Bookcase

Simpli Home AXCAMH-007 Amherst Solid Wood 70 inch x 30 inch

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By: Simpli Home

Improve the way to store your books and other accessories with the Simpli Home bookshelf. Priding of a dark brown finish, it complements other decors in your study area such as desks, tables, and much more. Also, it has 4 adjustable shelves for easy storage and one fixed to create an interesting way to display items. It measures 70 inches long x 30 inches wide to hold more stuff. Note that its weight has an NC lacquer coating to highlight the uniqueness of the grain. Plus, its hand-finished design brings out a personalized element in your home.

Moreover, this stand is durable and stable. With an edged tabletop featuring a premium molded crown, it adds more safety. In addition, the tapered legs are steady and prevent vibrations and shakes when in use. You can relocate your bookcase effortlessly from one place to the other. An added feature is that the solid wood has a smooth line structure and great anti-mildew and odor-free properties. That means more safety to your respiratory system unlike using the other low-quality stands.

  • Lovely dark brown finish
  • 4 adjustable shelves
  • Creates a safe place to store your books
  • Premium NC lacquer coating
  • Steady tapered legs
  • Takes time to assemble

#8. Carolina Oak finish Bookcase

Sauder Orchard Hills Library, Carolina Oak finish

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By: Sauder

Sauder is among the top brands that produce the best solid wood bookcases. With this one, it boasts of a unique Carolina Oak finish. That means excellent functionality, together with beauty. You can place it in most locations, such as the living room, study room, and more to have easy access to the items. Another thing is the three adjustable shelves. You can set them to a suitable position depending on your preferences. Besides, they are spacious and accommodate multiple valuables at the same time. We love the enclosed back panel featuring modern cord access. No more wires dangling to create a neat setup.

This item needs some assembly that takes lesser time than the rest. Ensure you follow the guide to know which pieces go where for more convenience and ease. Plus, the slide-on moldings improve the setup process. Measuring 29.45 inches long x 13.47 inches wide x 71.50 inches high, it fits in most locations. Made from quality wood, this stand is stable and reliable. You can use it for an extended time without worrying about damage.

  • Lovely Carolina Oak finish
  • Functional and attractive
  • Easy item access
  • Neat book storage
  • Stable wood construction
  • It has a lot of separate pieces

#7. 6-Shelf Double Wide Wood Bookcase

Concepts in Wood MI4836 6 Shelf Double Wide Wood Bookcase

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By: Concepts In Wood

If you prefer to use the best solid wood bookcase that holds both large and small items, stops worrying. We have this stand by Concepts In Wood brand that supports up to 70 pounds of load. What this means is superior stability and reliability. Featuring 2 fixed and 4 adjustable shelves, you can place a variety of valuables. Whether its books, magazines, accessories, or other, you get easy access. Moreover, this stand’s unique handcrafted design is made from solid wood molding and genuine wood veneers. This improves longevity without peeling or cracking like the paper laminate.

Additionally, it has a 10-step polyurethane finish that provides a stain-resistant service. It only that, but also it looks elegant with its Eco-safe elements free of VOC emissions. Enjoy a quick and assembly, thanks to the camlocks, wood back panel, and dowels. Note that the panel has better strength than cardboard to give you excellent stability. This equipment measures 36 inches high x 48 inches wide x 10.62 in diameter.

  • Hold small and large items
  • Superior stability
  • Adjustable and fixed shelves
  • Stain-resistant polyurethane
  • Strong and easy to use
  • Instructions could be better

#6. Oxford Open Bookcase With Burnish Finish

Martin Furniture Huntington Oxford 84 Open Bookcase, Burnish Finish

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By: Martin Furniture

We understand some bookcase needs a bit of assembly before the first use. If you dislike setting up the item from scratch, you can use Martin Furniture’s stand. It comes fully assembles to support immediate use. Not only that, but also you can place all your valuables such as books to keep your library neat. Made in the USA using quality wood, it is stable and reliable. In addition to this, it has a hand-applied Burnish, including wear sanding, pinholes, dry brushing, and rasping. These elements give your piece more character and a unique appearance.

Thanks to the 2 fixed and 5 adjustable shelves, you enjoy versatile storage. You can create a design that meets your needs to keep the library neat and easily accessible. Although this top-rated solid wood bookcase is a bit pricey than the other brands, it has better stability. Whether you move it to other locations a number of times, it still delivers an excellent service. Measuring 36 inches wide x 13 inches in diameter x 84 inches high, it is spacious.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Improves book access
  • Stable and reliable
  • Unique design
  • Versatile storage
  • Expensive

#5. Large Shaker Bookcase

International Concepts Shaker Bookcase, 72-Inch, Unfinished

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By: International Concepts

You don’t have to spend too much on a bookshelf to enjoy simple access to items. Instead, you can invest in a less pricey best solid wood bookcase from International Concepts. Made from premium parwood with a unique butcher block surface, it has lovely aesthetic appeal. This design and vintage characters, make it stand out from the rest. Besides, the material is mildew-resistant and rot-resistant to give you long years of use.

Equally important are the three adjustable shelves. You can create customized storage to keep your books, photos, and more valuables securely. Now, you have a steady product that provides maximum stability. Moreover, this top solid wood bookcase has a 2.20-inch distance from the floor to the bottom of the lower shelf. This gives you enough clearance to keep the space neat. Note each compartment measures 32.67 inches wide x 9.84 inches in diameter to accommodate small to medium-sized items.

  • Affordable
  • Butcher block surface
  • Rot-resistant construction
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Longlasting and steady
  • The backing is a bit flimsy

#4. 5-Tier Bookshelf With Vintage Industrial Style

Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf, Vintage Industrial Style Bookcase

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By: Tribesigns

This bookshelf provides you with a large space to showcase your valuables. It measures 72 inches high x 12 inches wide x 47 inches tall. What this means is a simple placement of books, photos, and more valuables at once. Also, the compartments have a perfect height of about 14.2 inches for good clearance between each shelf. This stand comes with 5 spacious slots with 47 inches of length. Not only giving you an ideal storage organization but also superior display needs.

Reliability, durability, and stability are a guarantee with this bookshelf. Made from engineered wood and steel tube metal, you will enjoy years of use. Another benefit is the modern open design that encourages versatility. Add this budget-friendly bookshelf to any room for storage purposes. You can keep your finest trinkets, curios, knick-knacks, or books to enjoy easy access. Not only that, but also it keeps your space neat and aesthetically appealing. Additionally, this product has an anti-slip leg pad for balance and scratch-free service.

  • Large interior
  • Good shelf clearance
  • Durable and stable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Anti-slip leg pad
  • It has a tiny wobble

#3. Solid Wood Bookcase

Sawdust City Solid Wood Bookcase (Solid Sage)

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By: Sawdust City

The Sawdust City best solid wood bookcase brings out a rustic feel in your living space. With a cottage style finish, it stands out from the rest and complements most interior decor. You can stage it in most rooms in your house, such as a study room for easy book access. Another thing is its solid knotty pine design with a spacious design. It measures 36 inches wide x 10 inches in diameter x 32 inches tall, to fit small spaces. No need to struggle with the bulky bookshelves that don’t give you an outstanding service.

Besides, this item’s three openings offer a 33 inch W x 8.5 inch D x 9.25 inch H space. You can use all of them to hold your photos, books, memorabilia, and more valuables. Assembling this equipment is quite easy if you follow the supplied manual. It has clear instructions that support a beginner’s setup process.

  • Brings out a vintage feel
  • Fits small and large spaces
  • Comes in 3 pieces
  • Simple to assemble
  • Quality solid wood construction
  • Some complaints about too long crews

#2. Solid Wood Bookcase With 3 Tiers

LITTLE TREE Bookcase, 47.24 Inches Solid Wood 3-Tier

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Little tree bookcase gives you the perfect spot to organize your books and other accessories. It has a size of 40.15 inches high x 11.2 inches in diameter x 47.24 inches long. This dimension has a good clearance of about 14.76 inches between each slot. Now, you can keep your room clutter-free to prevent an overcrowded look. We understand solid wood is more pricey than the other materials but delivers excellent durability. This gadget’s 3-shelf design offers both functionality and an interesting visual appeal. Not only that, but also has a 5-inch thick panel for more stability.

In addition, this bookshelf is multipurpose to hold your office supplies, awards, photos, collectibles, and even photos. It adds an aesthetic appeal as well as character to a place for a vintage industrial style. Moreover, the assembly of this equipment is straightforward with the supplied instructions and tools. Simply, insert all the screws and tighten for a solid and stable setup. What’s more., this shelf has an X-frame design for decorative and stability purposes. It prevents your unit from separating vertically when holding a heavy load. Plus, the adjustable feet help to stabilize the stand on a level surface up to 360 pounds.

  • Simple book storage
  • Clutter-free setup
  • Quality solid wood
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy assembly
  • The quality can be better

#1. 5-Tier Industrial Rustic Vintage Etagere Bookshelf

HSH Solid Wood Bookcase, 5 Tier Industrial Rustic Vintage Etagere Bookshelf

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The HSH best solid wood bookcase brings nature to your home. Also, it creates a healthy and Eco-safe element in most living spaces. Boasting of rustic finish adds elegance and warmth to your home. Made from solid wood, this item is durable and sturdy. Not only that, but it also comes with a thick steel tube frame. This gives you excellent sturdiness to encourage years of use. As a bonus, an X-shaped bracket improves stability and safety.

We love the 5-tier design of this bookshelf. It allows you to organize your items more easily to create a good-looking home library. Now, you can access your books easily after you organize them according to your preferences. Its natural crafting and rustic wood grain enliven your room as it makes a bold impression. You only need 20 minutes to finish the assembly, thanks to smart design. All the hardware tools are included as the leg levelers keep this stand horizontal to prevent wobbling. For more space, it measures 70 inches high x 47.2 inches wide x 9.1 inches in diameter.

  • Elegant and steady
  • Durable wood finish
  • 5-tier design
  • 20-minute assembly
  • Stable leg levelers
  • Pricey

To Conclude

Using the best solid wood bookcase is a better way to organize your valuables. You can keep your office supplies, awards, photos, collectibles, and even photos. Also, some designs like the Sawdust City brings out a rustic feel to any living space. Check the number of shelves the bookshelf has to know the number of items it can accommodate. Other models have only 3 while the rest more than 5 tiers. It all depends on your preferences and accessibility. Check out the above products and pick the best solid wood bookcase.

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