Top 9 Best Slip n Slides You Should Buy – Reviews

Of the many play accessories that are popular during the hot days of summer, the Slip n Slide does stand out. It offers a nice way to cool under the hot sun while having lots of fun. The unit which is basically spread or placed on the ground provides a nice place for the users to slide over it. You just need to add some little water to make it slippery. A little soap will also enhance the slippery nature. The accessory will come in all designs, colors, brands, weights, and much more.

What may be the perfect choice for your neighbor may not be very ideal for you. It may be too large for your small backyard, too narrow for large kids, or the water pressure may be a little low; hence, the unit won’t be very slippery. To counteract the negatives, it’s always necessary you pick the most suitable piece. It will be very slippery, easy to assemble and use, durable, high quality, elegant, and also affordable. The following are the best slip n slides in the current market:

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#9. Slip N Slide Hydroplane Double With 2 Slide Boogies

Wham-O Slip N Slide Hydroplane Double with 2 Slide Boogies

By: Wham-O

The Wham-O Slip N Slide is just what you need. It’s designed for users aged 5-12 years and does deliver excellent results. The length and width seem pretty okay for most situations. We also love the bright colors that appeal to kids of most ages, both boys and girls. Standing at 15 feet, it’s neither too long or too short or too wide or too narrow. Setting it up is simple and straight forward. It should take you just a couple of minutes to have it ready. And once assembled and installed, it does stay on the same location without shifting position.

The accessory comes in Hydroplane double and will handle two users at the same time. The surface feels super smooth and also slippery. Moreover, it has no stitching or seems to stick out from the top surfaces. Just like installation, folding it down after use is also easy. Its lightweight for easy transportation and handles the use and elements well. Some users, however, complain that the water pressure is a little low.

  • Good length and width
  • Easy to set up and disassemble
  • Using it is simple and straight forward
  • Suitable for many locations
  • Very sleek and slippery
  • The water pressure may feel a little low

#8. Triple Racer Water Slides

Banzai Triple Racer 16 Ft Water Slide-with 3 bodyboards included

By: Banzai

Banzai is one of the popular brands when it comes to slip n Slides. It has many good items under its sleeve. The Triple Racer is a common choice and is loved by most users. It has good size and looks okay in many lotions. The colors are also very vibrant to enhance the fun experiences. The play accessory is Wider than most and should comfortably allows three kids to slide on it at the same time. We love the design which makes it less likely for a user to slide off the boundary. Moreover, it’s very slippery even with a little Water.

Setting it up is fairly easy and you don’t need any prior experience. And in case of any hardships, you’ll find some basic instructions in each pack. The unit measures 16 feet long and is about 82 inches wide. It has a super smooth texture that feels cozy to the skin. Moreover, It warms up relatively fast to allow the kids to engage in the fun sooner rather than later. And according to the manufacturer, it’s ideal for 5-12-year-olds, both girls and boys.

  • Has good width and length
  • Setting it up and using it is easy
  • It’s made from smooth and sturdy material
  • The accessory is colorful and elegant
  • It’s suitable in many situations
  • It’s not designed for teens or adults

#7. Slip N’ Slide Triple Racer With Slide Boogie Board

Slip N' Slide Triple Racer with Slide Boogie Board

By: Wham-O

This item should make a good addition to your outdoor play accessories. It targets children aged 8 to 12 years. We love how basic it is, as this simplifies the use and convenience. Moreover, it speeds up the setup and maintenance. It’s made from tough vinyl and will put-up with the operation well. The material will endure the surfaces, strain, the elements, regular washing, and much more.

Besides, it has a super sleek and smooth finish for easy sliding. It measures 16 feet long and should provide a decent play area. It stays firm on the ground ounce set and you won’t see some sections lifting. The item boasts of superior hydro-glide technology. This provides a smooth and sleek area and doesn’t require lots of water. Moreover, it maintains the slipperiness for a longer time. The color and design do go well with most surroundings. This makes it perfect for most circumstances whether in the yard, near the swimming pool, or park.

  • Setting upon and operating this unit is easy
  • It’s made from tough and durable vinyl
  • The surface is super sleek and very smooth
  • It doesn’t require too much water
  • The piece is high quality but still pocket-friendly priced
  • It’s not ideal for very young kids or adults

#6. Giant Lawn Double Slip Water Slide Play Center

Giant Lawn Water Slide Inflatable 16ft Double Slip Slide Play Center

By: Wonderful Industry ltd

This water slide is made for kids and different ages. It is 16 feet long and 2.4 feet wide and provides a nice place for the users to slide on. We additionally like the colorful nature as well as sleek finish which should appeal to most children. It’s neither too long nor too short and will fit okay in most locations. Setting it up is simple and direct and there is no need for tools as advanced skills. In fact, it will take you a few minutes to have it all set. And once mounted, it remains intact all through.

The device will allow most users quite well and is less likely to rip or tear. The surface feels incredibly smooth and additionally unsafe. This is due to the absence of seam or stitches on the surface. Similar to the installation, taking it down after use is additionally simple. It’s lightweight, weighing just 1.9 lb, and very easy transport. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with stakes for extra support and firmness.

  • Made of tough heavy-duty PVC
  • Safe and environmental friendly
  • Smooth a soft finish
  • Easy to use
  • Fit for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • It’s a little narrow

#5. Long Double Water Slide

H2OGo 18' Long Double Water Slide

By: H2OGo

H2OGo is also another respected and popular brand. It has many of its items featuring in the best Slip n Slide reviews. This piece is a good selection and is enjoyed by a lot of individuals. It has an excellent dimension of 18 inches length and looks alright in most locations. The color is additionally vivid to boost enjoyable experiences. The accessory is larger than many in its category and ought to conveniently handle the children. We love the layout that makes it much less likely for the user to glide off the border.

It’s extremely safe and is med of eco-friendly materials. Setting it up is relatively easy and you do not require any kind of previous experience. Also, you’ll get some clear directions in each pack to assist you. The item has an extremely smooth structure that really feels comfy to the skin. It warms up reasonably quick to permit the youngsters to involve in the enjoyment soonest possible. It’s a perfect choice for the yard, swimming pool, and many other settings. It’s easy to clean and also doesn’t become dirty easily.

  • Extra-long ride
  • Slick and smooth finish
  • Very effective side sprinklers
  • Nice and bumpers
  • Easy to install and operate
  • The material isn’t super sturdy

#4. Icebreaker Water Slide With Racing Raft & Water Sprayer

Slip and Slide Waterslide - Icebreaker Water Slide with Racing Raft and Water Sprayer

By: Jilong

This product makes an excellent choice and should be part of your outdoor play items. It targets kids aged over 4 years and comes in a simple but practical style. We love just how easy it is to set it up as well as the colorful nature and elegance. This suits it for the outdoors and fun experience. It’s made from sturdy material to put-up with the operation and exposure to the elements. The product will handle the surfaces, pressure, cleaning movement, and far more.

It has a very streamlined and smooth coating for simple gliding and an effective water sprayer to enhance the slickness. It is 16 feet long and suitable for the backyard, swimming pools, and other areas. Moreover, it remains firm on the ground and this prevents any unnecessary movements or sliding. The advanced technology, together with the innovative design offers a smooth and fun experience. It also preserves its integrity for a longer time and is easy to take care of. Besides, it’s easy to pack together, store, and move around with.

  • Looks stylish and colorful
  • Works great and skin-friendly
  • It’s made from safe and eco-friendly material
  • Comes with a repair patch
  • It is Durable and long-lasting
  • Doesn’t come with any anchors or stakes

#3. Slip ‘N Slide Surf Rider Double Sliding Lanes

Wham-O Slip 'N Slide Surf Rider Double Sliding Lanes 16ft

By: Wham-O

Wham-O is one of the top brands in the market. It has numerous excellent products that prove very reliable. This Surf Rider is considered as one of the best Slip n Slides in the current market. It has a great dimension and looks all right in many circumstances. The style and design work well to relay maximum enjoyment. The play device is 16 feet long and is slightly larger than a lot of its alternatives. The layout is basic but very effective.

Assembling, it is relatively easy and doesn’t require any kind of deep skills or complex tools. Besides, you’ll discover some simple directions in each pack. The extremely smooth finish feels comfy to the skin and won’t cause any friction or abrasion. It also doesn’t get too hot, especially in the hot summer days. The unit warms up fairly quickly to permit the youngsters to engage in the activity without waiting for too long.

  • It has a nice length and width
  • Assembly is very easy
  • It’s made from smooth and tough material
  • Using it is straightforward and simple
  • It’s streamlined and very safe
  • It doesn’t come with stakes

#2. Slip & Slide With Water Spraying Channels

Inflatable Water Slip and Slide with Water Spraying Channels 2 lanes size 52 x 16 ft.

By: Inflatable Water Activities

This inflatable will take outdoor fun a notch higher. It targets youngsters who enjoy sliding and playing in the water. The basic styling makes assembling and using it pretty easy and quick. In fact, it will be ready for use after a very short awhile. You don’t need any tools to put it up. It’s made from durable materials and manages the play and environmental factors well. The smooth coating and slick nature make sliding on it super convenient and safe. And with a length of 16 feet, it should give you a good ride.

The item is fit for most backyards and stays firm on the ground. The product possesses remarkable technology that requires little water and never gets too dry. Besides, the design and color do match a lot of environments and this makes it excellent for many areas. Compared to other alternatives, it doesn’t get dirty easily and cleaning it is therefore easier.

  • Using this device is pretty simple
  • The item is built from sturdy PVC
  • The surface is incredibly slick and smooth
  • It does not need way too much water
  • It’s premium quality but very affordable
  • It’s not for very young kids

#1. Super Water Slide

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide l 25' x 6' Water Slide

By: WOW Sports

Measuring 25 feet long, this inflatable Slip n Slide offers you a larger coverage than most options out there. Simply put, it gives you a larger surface area to cover hence more fun. It has a decent width of 6 feet which minimizes the odds of the user going over the edge and landing on the ground. One likable thing about it is the nice water spray pattern. Unlike the common types, it sprays it in a Zig-Zag pattern. This best Slip n Slide offers better coverage and ensures the surface is always slippery. Moreover, it seems to use lesser water.

Connecting to a water system is also pretty easy thanks to the superior styling. Moreover, it’s made from a tough PVC material that handles the surfaces, use, movement, wetness, and much more. Chances of it getting torn, ripped, or poked by objects are much lower than others. The surface is super slick and also ultra-smooth. This ensures the user to smoothly glide all the way. It doesn’t burn or scratch the skin and also warms up pretty fast.

  • Good water coverage
  • Easy water connection and great sliding
  • Extra-thick and heavy-duty PVC
  • Super-slick and very slippery
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • It may be a bit long for small spaces.

Taking Care of Slip n Slide

When searching for a product, consumers want an item that will deliver good service and also will last for a long time. And the truth is that many will get a high-quality unit that ought to serve them well for a long time. However, a good number don’t get to enjoy the service for a long time. The unit will rip, get torn, and have poor water deliver, or lose its slipperiness. A closer look reveals that this is usually because of poor use. The following are some ways you can extend the lifestyle of the unit:

Follow the Recommended Age Restrictions

The play accessory will come with the age restriction. It will state it’s for 3-12, 5-12, for kids and teens and much more. So why would a teen or adult slide on an item that’s designed for kids aged from 5 to 12 years? While it will still work, it will have to bear a heavier weight and more strain. The fabric or material will start ripping or becoming weaker too soon. In the end, the slip n slide won’t last for the desired period. It’s always important that you don’t overlook what the manufacturer states.

Place it on the Right Surface

The item is normally designed for outdoor use. You can use it in the backyard, near the pool, or even at a park. High-quality pieces will be made from tougher materials. This allows it to handle the different surfaces well. Nonetheless, using it on a very rough terrain greatly impacts its lifespan. Sharp stones may easily poke through the materials. Twigs and thorn will scratch the surface, and the rough concrete is also not good. You should aim at smooth surfaces. The grass seems to be a good choice.

Avoid Using Harsh Soaps and Other Compounds

It’s common for people to add a little soap to the accessory. This helps to make it more slippery. Moreover, in such a state it won’t require lots of water and will help to conserve and minimize wastage. Unfortunately, some people will use very harsh soap. This will negatively impact the accessory. The protective coating or smooth finish may deteriorate. It may also start to fade and the materials are thinning out and becoming weak.

Avoid exposing it to the elements for too long

Although it’s designed to be used outside, this doesn’t mean that you should leave it outdoors for too long. Exposing it to the elements for long periods will undermine the integrity of the materials. It will become weaker over time, start breaking down or lose its flexibility. The coating which gives it the slippery nature, may also start coming off. It’s essential that you don’t leave it out in the hot sun, cold, or windy environment for too long if you are not using it. Fold it and store it indoors.

Regular Cleaning

The device will get dirty, dusty, greasy, and soppy after a while. It will need to be cleaned thoroughly to restore it to its earlier clean and hygienic state. You should avoid harsh detergents since they may have corrosive compounds. These may start eating into the material and also making the surface a bit rough. This will undermine the sleek and slippery nature. Also important is avoiding using things like abrasives or brushes with stiff bristles to clean the unit. You should use mild soap, clean water, and little effort when cleaning.

Handle it gently and With Care

Many consumers don’t give the Slip n Slide the treatments it deserves. They will pull or tug it, crumple it in tight spaces, wash is poorly, and also leave it out in the sun or cold for too long. Some people will store it while it’s still wet and this encourages mold and mildew which is harmful. Others will store it while it’s dirty and has oils and greases. You also should desist from placing it near sharp items or objects with jagged, pointed, or rough edges. This is to prevent the play item from being scratched, poked, or even being ripped. Always store it while it’s clean and dry. Also, make certain the area of storage is cool and dry.


With the right Slip n Slide, your kids or the entire family will have lots of fun. It enables you to relive your young days and also bond with the children. Thanks to the many types out there, finding a piece isn’t hard. The stiff competition amongst vendors has also made the accessories more affordable. You can always find something that is within your budget. Finding the most reliable piece has its challenges. The size or weight may not be right, the material may be a little weak or too stiff, or the unit won’t handle the pressure, weight, or tough grounds. To help you identify a suitable product, we have reviewed the best Slip n Slides in the market. All that you require is simply pick a unit or two.

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