12 Best Skateboard Helmets You Should Buy In 2020 — Products Review

Skateboarding is an exciting activity, but it is somewhat dangerous at the same time. Therefore, it is so thrilling and popular among kids to teenagers and even adults. But you need to have the proper gear for skateboarding to ensure your safety and a skateboard helmet is the most essential gear. You should never compromise while buying a skateboard helmet as it can save your life and prevent severe injuries. Therefore, our research team has spent enough time spotting the best skateboard helmets for you.

Here Are The List of 12 Best Skateboard Helmets

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#12. Impact Resistant Skateboard Helmet

UPSKR Adult Skateboard Helmet Impact Resistance Multi-Sports Cycling Skateboarding


The helmet is perfect for skateboarding, roller-skating, or inline skating. This headcover also provides safe and reliable protection to your head in every outdoor sport. Moreover, the sturdy ABS plastic material construction of the outer shell provides superior impact resistance. With the aid of the EPS foam inner layer, this helmet delivers the perfect shock absorption all the time. Even the inner layer effectively turns down external pressure caused by crashing in the skating activities.

The aerodynamic design with breathable foam also keeps your head cool and sweat-free. Furthermore, this unisex design easily keeps your head irritation and sweat-free during the intense body movement during skating. The adjustable nylon straps of this helmet allow you to have a comfortable fitting. The easy-release buckle permits a quick take on and off.

  • Optimum shock-absorption.
  • Made with high-quality material.
  • Adjustable nylon straps for snug fitting.
  • Relatively new product.

#11. Adult Skateboard Helmet With 11-Vents & Adjustable Straps

Adult Skateboard Helmet 11-Vents Adjustable Straps Protective Skiing Skate Bike Cycling Helmet

By: Giho

This helmet has the adjustable straps to fit your head snugly. With the aid of the quick-release buckle, you can also easily put in on and put it off. Moreover, the headcover has a robust ABS outer shell to protect your head from accidental banging. On the other hand, the EPS foam inner shell of this product provides the best in class shock absorption.

The CPSC certified helmet is also safe to wear. Furthermore, you can comfortably wear this headcover during skateboarding, roller-skating, longboarding, or inline skating. The eleven vents of this item allow proper airflow to keep your head cool and sweat-free. The inner padding of this helmet keeps your head free of odor-causing bacteria, sweat, and itchiness. Even you can wear this headcover for bicycling or any other outdoor sports.

  • Impact-resistant EPS foam inner-layer.
  • Anti-bacterial and odorless inner layer.
  • Ideal for different sports activities.
  • Relatively new product.

#10. Adjustable Skateboard Helmet With Protective Gear

SymbolLife Adjustable Skateboard : Skate Helmet with Protective Gear Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist

By: SymbolLife

The eleven vents of this helmet provide proper airflow to have extra breathability. This headcover also comes with the adjustable buckle chip strap for a snug-fitting. Moreover, the classic side-cut design of this product comes along with elastic pads straps and Velcro closures. The knee and elbow pads of this set provide safety to the knees of the boy and girls.

This skateboard helmet is also ideal for skateboarding, scooter, and rollerblading. Furthermore, the breathable inner lining of the product helps to release external pressure. The helmet is perfect for the kids only. This set of skateboard helmet, knee, and elbow straps are highly economical. The ABS outer shell and EPS foam inner shell of the helmet makes it ideal for different aggressive skateboarding activities.

  • It is a set of helmet, knee and elbow straps.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Absorbs shocks effectively.
  • Pads could be better.

#9. Adult Skateboard Helmet With Certified Protection

Tourdarson Adult Skateboard Helmet Specialized Certified Protection

By: Tourdarson

The helmet is ideal to use for skateboarding, inline skating, roller-skating, rollerblading, scooter, and longboard. This headcover also ideally protects your head from accidental hitting on the ground. Moreover, the ABS outer shell of this helmet is highly impact-resistant. This item comes with the shock-absorbent layer of soft EPS foam. The multiple vents on this helmet have the special aerodynamic design to allow the proper air circulation to your head.

The design of this product also prevents excessive sweating during intense body movement to make you feel comfortable. Furthermore, both youth and adult can easily wear this helmet. This headcover allows snug fitting for everyone. The quick-release buckle helps you to open the helmet easily.

  • Impact-resistant ABS outer-layer.
  • Shock-absorbent EPS foam.
  • Special Aerodynamic design allows airflow.
  • Padding could be better.

#8. Heavy Duty Skateboard Helmet

Triple 8 Skateboard Helmet

By: Triple Eight

This helmet comes with the design to withstand multiple impacts. The sweat-saver liner of the headcover also prevents the sweat from dripping into your eyes. Moreover, the product has the adjustable straps to fit it according to your head circumference. The classic skate side cut helmet design looks great on everyone. This headcover is suitable for inline skating, skateboarding, roller derby, and scooter.

The 360-degree wrap-around design of the inner shell also keeps your head protected. Furthermore, the terry cloth construction of the inner layer causes no itchiness caused by sweating. The sweat-absorbing foam layer allows you to have a comfortable wearing. This helmet has the anti-bacterial function on the inside to cause no stinky odor. You get this skateboarding helmet at a cost-effective price.

  • The sweat-absorbing inner layer.
  • Comes with Anti-bacterial function.
  • Multiple impact-resistant.
  • Lack of variety colors.

#7. Lightweight Skateboard Helmet With CPSC Certified

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Helmet - CPSC Certified Lightweight, Low-Profile Skate & BMX Helmet

By: OutdoorMaster

This CPSC certified helmet provides reliable and best in class comfort and safety for your aggressive sports activities. The item also has strong and reinforced ABS material outer layer construction. Moreover, this headcover has the inner layer of soft and shock-absorbent EPS foam. The helmet has a classic low profile design. This head protector also does not feel heavy on your head.

The detachable inner lining also allows you to have a comfortable wearing during the summer. Furthermore, the lining is easily washable and washes away all the sweats. The twelve pieces of air vents help to flow the air properly to keep your head cool and sweat-free. People from different age group easily wear this helmet during rides. This helmet is ideal for skateboarding, cycling, and roller-skating.

  • Weightless and classic low-profile design.
  • ABS outer-shell provides shock resistance.
  • Soft EPS foam absorbs shock.
  • Adjustability takes some effort.

#6. Skateboard Helmet With Adjustable System

PHZING Skateboard Helmet with Adjustable System


The injection-molded rigid outer shell of this helmet provides proper resistance against multiple impacts. The inner layer of the head protector also has the shock-absorbing EPS foam material construction. Moreover, the helmet has three different sizes to fit the heads of the kids, youths, and adults. The thirteen air vents of this head protector also permit perfect airflow to keep your head cool for a long time.

This helmet also has the design to circulate fresh and cool air, while blowing out stale air from it. Furthermore, you can use this head protector for roller, inline skating, skateboarding, pogoing, and scooter. The adjustable straps make it ideal for both women and men. The adjustable spin dial at the backside of the helmet also allows a comfortable and safe fitting.

  • Injection-molded impact-resistant outer-layer.
  • Air vents to support air circulation.
  • Adjustable spin-dial allows snug fitting.
  • Relatively new product.

#5. Skateboard Helmet With Controllable Ventilation

Mpow Ski Helmet, Skateboard Helmet with Controllable Ventilation, Detachable Velvet Earmuff

By: Mpow

With a rigid ABS outer shell, this skateboarding helmet has the shock-absorbing EPS inner shell to give you the ultimate impact-resistant. The head protector with goggle-clip is also compatible with the snow goggles. Moreover, this item provides strong protection against the accidental head from hitting the ground. The regulator on the top of the helmet also allows you to open or close the vents as per your requirement.

Besides, these vents also provide a perfect airflow to keep your head sweat-free and cool. Furthermore, this helmet consists of detachable velvet earmuffs to provide warmth during the winter practice session. The Velcro closure of these earmuffs allows easy closing or removal. Each helmet also has two adjustable sizes to fit snugly on your head. This unisex head protector is suitable for both youths and adults. Overall, it is one of the best skateboard helmets on the list.

  • Attached goggle clip.
  • Regulator to adjust the air-vent openings.
  • Highly impact resistant.
  • Does not seem to have one for now.

#4. Skateboard Helmet With CPSC ASTM Certified

JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM Certified Impact Resistance Ventilation

By: JBM International

The distinctive aerodynamic design of the helmet with a breathable inner layer of EPS foam allows proper airflow to reduce sweating. This product is also ideal for skateboarding, scooter, longboarding, two-wheeled electronic board, cycling, and inline skating, and so on. Moreover, the helmet comes with the anti-shock function. This head protector also has the hard outer shell of strong PVC and PC material construction to resist high impacts.

These adjustable straps of this helmet also allow you to fit the helmet according to your head circumference. Furthermore, the item has three adjustable sizes for a snug-fitting. The helmet does not cause heavy sweat even after rigorous activity. This head protector is also suitable for people from different age group. The helmet does not feel heavy on your head.

  • Aerodynamic design to reduce sweat.
  • Extremely impact-resistant.
  • Ideal for everyone.
  • Does not cover ears fully.

#3. Helmet With Sweat Saver Liner

Triple Eight Helmet with Sweatsaver Liner

By: Triple Eight

The outer layer of this helmet has sturdy ABS plastic material construction. Made of terry cloth, the inner layer of this head protector also comes along with the sweater saver liner. Moreover, this helmet has the best in class multiple impact-resistant designs. The sweater saver liner also helps to decrease the chances of irritating sweat drops. This inner shell has the anti-bacterial treatment to keep your head and helmet odorless. The terry cloth of the helmet reduces the itchiness of your head and allows comfortable wear for a long time.

This head protector is also ideal for skateboarding, roller derby, inline skating, and scooter. Furthermore, this helmet has a 360-degree wrap-around design for additional shock absorption. The adjustable straps of this item also allow you to have the snug-fitting. This product has the classic skate side cut helmet design and definitely one of the most affordable and best skateboard helmets.

  • 360-degree wrap-around design.
  • Terry cloth inner-layer with sweat-saver line.
  • Classic skate side-cut design.
  • Not certified.

#2. Dual Certified CPSC Skateboard Adjustable Dial Helmet

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi Sport Kids & Adult Bike and Skateboard Adjustable Dial Helmet

By: Flybar

This helmet is perfect for sports activities like skateboarding, longboarding, bicycling, scooter, pogoing, roller and inline skating. This product also comes with the CPSC and ASTM certification. Moreover, this item is perfect for both adults and kids. The 12 wide and stylish vents of this helmet support proper and airflow to keep you cool. You can get a variety of color and texture options on this item. Each helmet also allows a snug-fitting and comes along with three different sizes as well.

The robust ABS construction of the outer shell also makes the helmet sturdier to prevent your head from impacts. Furthermore, the EPS foam inner lining allows comfortable fitting with shock-absorbing power. The helmet also has the special adjustable spin dial on the backside. This dial permits you to adjust the helmet to achieve the perfect fitting for your head. The head protector is entirely safe to wear during trick skateboarding. It is one of the best skateboard helmets on the list.

  • Highly shock-absorbent.
  • Adjustable spin-dial to for comfortable fitting.
  • Perfect for multiple sports activities.
  • Does not seem to have one for now.

#1. Dual Certified Helmet

Triple Eight 3013 Dual Certified Helmet

By: Triple Eight

This skateboard helmet is ideal for the kids above five years and more. The headcover also comes with the polystyrene liner to fit every type of head shape and size. Moreover, the helmet has a classic shape with a streamlined look. This product has a special shape inside to allow a comfortable fit for all. You can ideally use this helmet for skateboarding, inline skating, roller-skating, and biking. Moreover, this item always comes along with two sets of inserts to fit both sizes.

The helmet also tends to match the safety standard for skateboarding and trick roller-skating. Furthermore, the foaming layer of the product is highly shock-absorbent to prevent your head from accidental banging. This helmet is not easily breakable and also resistant to impacts as well. The design of the head protector is ideal for people of different age groups.

  • Extremely impact-resistant.
  • Ideal for every head shape and size.
  • Comes with robust and non-breakable construction.
  • Does not seem to have one for now.


As far as the construction and durability go, we have provided the list of best skateboard helmets possible. Of course, there are different types of skateboards available in terms of designs. Some provide complete protection but cap the audibility. The common ones cover the skull and leave the ears out. Apart from these, you have to look at the padding and ventilation of the helmet you are shortlisting to buy. Besides, you have to get the size right as oversized or undersized helmets can be uncomfortable.

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