Review Of The 12 Best Shoe Protector Sprays In 2021

The quality shoes are expensive and every pair of shoes needs proper maintenance to get the full value of the product in return. Therefore, having a shoe protector spray at home is a must. These sprays protect the shoes from water, dirt, fading, and other adverse conditions. However, you must be careful in buying such a protector spray as the cheap and low-quality sprays can damage your shoes permanently. Some of them also discolor the shoes to the point that they could no more be put on. Therefore, we have researched and listed the best shoe protector sprays for you to choose from.

Here Are The List of Best Shoe Protector Sprays In 2021

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#12. Waterproof & Stain Resistant Protectant Spray For Shoes

ForceField Protector Waterproof and Stain Resistant Protectant Spray for Shoes

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By: ForceField

This shoe protector spray is a water repellent. Therefore, you can apply it in your shoes during rainy seasons and winter seasons before going outdoors. Moreover, it does not let any stain or dirt settle on the shoes. It is tailor-made for sneakers, and you can also apply it on apparel, outerwear, and hats. The product creates an invisible coating that protects the footwear from yellowing and UV damage.

Furthermore, the spray is easy to apply, and it does not take long to dry. One treatment on the shoes is going to last for a year, and it is applicable to breathable shoes as well. This is because it does not block the breathability. The quantity of the spray is 6 ounces. The shoes or outdoor items will also not fade when you create a protective layer with it.

#11. Shoe Protector Spray With Added Protection

Sneaker LAB Shoe Protector Spray With Added Protection

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By: Sneaker LAB

This protector spray has a unique polymer-based formula that is highly effective in providing all-round protection. Hence, it is clearly one of the best shoe protector sprays on the list. It prevents stains and dirt from sticking to the shoes. It also provides protection against fading and UV rays damage. You can apply it on leather, canvas, mesh, suede, nubuck, and likewise. After applying the spray, you can let it dry and use it roughly with full confidence.

The product also comes in a travel-friendly package. Therefore, if you are going outside for a few days or for hiking where your shoes will undergo heavy torture, you can carry it comfortably. Besides, it is also an environmental-friendly product, and it is package biodegradable. There is no doubt that it is a value for money product. It is best for sneakers, and there are no many quality shoe protector spray available for sneakers in the market.

#10. Silicone Waterproofer Spray for Boots, Tents, Outdoor Gear

Sof Sole Silicone Waterproofer Spray for Boots, Tents and Outdoor Gear

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By: Sof Sole

Sof Sole is one of the most popular brands in the shoe spray product category. This is an imported product, and it is available in 12 ounces quality. The unique silicone formula will make the shoe durable and also protect the shoe from the water. As a matter of fact, it repels dirt and oil along with water. It is also very easy to apply to the shoes. Besides, you can use it to the tents and outdoor gears.

The product is ideal for work boots that people use for hiking because these shoes undergo severe conditions when used. However, it is not suitable for breathable materials and fibers like athletic shoes. Irrespective of that, it is one of the best shoe protector sprays available.

#9. Shoes Cleaner Kit

TriNova Shoe Cleaner Kit - Tennis, Sneaker, Boots

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By: TriNova

This shoe protector spray effectively cleans up the dirt and stains on almost every surface. The spray does not cause any damage to the surfaces. You can easily clean surfaces like cloth, sole, fabric, vinyl, leather, and likewise. This protector spray also comes with a free of the cost-free cleaning brush. Moreover, it helps to maintain the quality and the look of your shoes.

With this spray bottle, you can clean about 100 pairs of shoes. This versatile spray can clean all types of shoes like an espadrille, olive, black, hiking boot, runners, bikers, Clydes, pumps, and many more. The spray is ideal for cleaning sneakers, boots, and tennis shoes. It is a long-lasting shoe protector spray at a pocket-friendly price. The quantity of the shoe protector spray is 8-Oz.

#8. Boot and Shoe Spray

Rust-Oleum 280886 NeverWet 11-Ounce Boot and Shoe Spray

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By: Rust-Oleum

The shoe protector spray works well on the suede, leather, Nubuck, canvas, and many other materials. This protector keeps your tennis shoes, work and winter boots, dress, and casual shoes free from the dirt and stains. This spray not only makes your shoes resistant to water but also keeps them safe from the muds, snows, and likewise. It also helps to maintain the dryness of the shoe surfaces. As well as, this spray prevents your shoes from catching moisture.

Moreover, the spray also permits the fabrics to breathe. You need to spray this shoe protector occasionally or the effect of the spray finishes. You have to apply the spray in a well-ventilated area before 24-hours of usage. The transparent spray has a coverage area of 20 to 60-square feet, depending on the fabric density.

#7. Hightech Nano Protector Spray

Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector Spray

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By: Tarrago

The shoe protector spray provides the highest quality protection from the dirt and stains with the help of nanotechnology. By spraying this shoe protector, you can protect individual fibers from the water. The watershed off of the surfaces and creates the “lotus effect.” If you regularly use this spray, you can keep your shoes dirt and water-proof for a longer time. Moreover, this spray allows breathability for the materials.

You can apply it to the leather, suede, textile, Nubuck, and many other materials. When the fibers are covered with the NANO-elements, they become much more resistant to water and dirt. The spray comes in a bottle of 8.5-ounce. A single application of this spray can last up to 6 months. It is one of the best shoe protector sprays available.

#6. Water & Stain Protector Spray

Meltonian Water & Stain Protector

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By: Meltonian

This spray makes a thin and transparent layer on your shoes to prevent them from catching water and dirt. You can also protect your shoes from the oil-based stains by applying this spray. The shoe protector spray can keep the leather, suede, or Nubuck materials in brand new condition for lifelong. It also allows breathability for the materials. Moreover, you can keep the salt stains away from your boots and shoes with this shoe protector spray.

This spray works as an invisible barrier to dirt, stain, and water. You can also apply this spray on hats, jackets, rainwear, or any other apparel. This spray works well for the dry-cleaning only products. It also helps to extend the life and enhance the appearance of your shoes.

#5. 3-Brush Shoe Cleaning Kit

Reshoevn8r 4 oz. 3 Brush Shoe Cleaning Kit

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By: Reshoevn8r

You can get this shoe protector solution with three different brushes to have an accurate and effective shoe-cleaning. You can protect your shoes from the damages caused by the dirt and stains with this solution. Additionally, the shoe-cleaning solution contains no color to avoid any further staining while cleaning. It is a highly concentrated solution, so a little quantity of this solution can cover a large area. This solution bottle can clean up to 50 pairs of shoes.

The natural shoe-cleaning solution works well on the materials like leather, Nubuck, mesh, canvas and so on. You can easily apply the solution on the shoes with the help of simple push and play cap. This 4-Oz solution bottle comes with a stiff brush (sole), medium bristle brush and one soft bristle brush (suede).

#4. Suede Fabric Leather Water Repellent Spray

Suede Fabric Leather Protectant – Solemates Water Repellent Spray

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By: Solemates

The shoe protector spray can save your shoes and bags from the harmful moisture of the weather. This spray can effectively make a thin and transparent layer over the materials without darkening. It does not also leave any residues as well. Additionally, the layer also prevents the water, dirt, and stains from damaging your apparel. This water-based and chemical-free spray contains the natural carnauba wax and other organic ingredients.

You can use this non-toxic spray on the suede, leather, Nubuck, sheepskin, and many other materials with ease. The spray also allows the materials to breathe. You can get the shoe protector spray in the bottle of 8-Oz. You just need to spray the shoe protector on the shoes or bags and let it dry. Moreover, this shoe-protector lasts for a long time with a single spray. The spray also helps to maintain your shoes look brand new every time.

#3. Foot and Shoe Deodorant Spray

Foot and Shoe Deodorant Spray

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By: DoctorCare Plus

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this foot and shoe deodorant effectively destroys the strongest odor. This spray also kills the sweat-causing germs and bacteria and keeps you going all day. This natural oil mixture consists of tea-tree oil, thyme, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Moreover, the premium-quality, BPA-free aluminum bottle also helps to maintain the therapeutic and aromatic properties of the essential oils.

With this 4-Oz bottle, you can get hundreds of spray. This spray can successfully control the toughest odor and smell of the athletic shoes. The spray also provides moisture to the sensitive skins as well. You can easily spray this on your feet or in your shoes. You can also use this product in the bathroom, smoky room, garbage cans, and so on. It also works great as a bug repellent. Therefore, it is one of the best shoe protector sprays on the list.

#2. Shoe Cleaner Kit

Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit 8 Oz. Bottle Fabric Cleaner

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By: Pink Miracle

This shoe cleaner works well on leather, fabric, white, Nubuck, and sneakers. This highly concentrated shoe cleaner cleans a long way with a minimum quantity. This cleaner also makes your shoes look new. The totally non-toxic and safe cleaner contains the gentle oils, conditioners, and saddle soaps. With this shoe-cleaner, you can clean your black, white, sandals, espadrille, boots, and fabrics. You also get a brush with the cleaner.

You can effectively clean the scum, dirt, grease, and grass stains with the help of the shoe-cleaner. On the other hand, it is a good household cleaner. However, you need a damp cloth and a slightly wet brush to apply this cleaner on the materials to remove the dirt. After a good scrubbing, you need to wipe off the extra soap, water, and dirt. The shoe cleaner comes in an 8-Oz bottle.

#1. Premium Leather Stretch Spray

Premium Leather Stretch Spray | Stretching Shoes, Boots & Gloves

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By: Simple Shine

This is a premium-quality shoe protector spray, and it is going to make your shoe material smooth and long-lasting. It is applicable to leather, suede, nubuck as well as canvas. The product works by stretching the tight and stiff shoes which are vulnerable to cracks and other destruction. Moreover, the spray is applicable to all the colors of the shoes, and it is not going to darken the leather like the cheap sprays available.

Its superior formula speeds up the stretching process, and the leather fibers become relaxing. Therefore, you will also get comfortable walking with them. It has a unique formulation, and there are very position reviews from the repeated buyers. It works on all high-end leathers, and it is best for use during occasions. The product is made in the USA, and therefore, you can trust its quality.

Best Shoes Protector Sprays Buying Guide

No matter if it is daily use or outdoor trips, shoes protector sprays are ideal for them all. It is true that they are not too expensive, but it is wise to pick the right ones with quality. This buying guide is here to show you some vital points to have in mind when looking for shoes protector sprays. Let’s find out what they are with us below. 


When it comes to quality, we focus on two main things: Effectiveness and Performance. If the purpose of the sprays you choose is to shield the shoes from water, it has to do the job. You have to make sure that its effectiveness shows as what it says in the description. Different shoes protector sprays offer different types of protection. Those are protected from water, dirt, dust, or even everything in one.

The performance of the sprays is also important. It is not a good spray to choose if it works great, but it damages your shoes. There are shoes protector sprays that cause discoloration or fading on the shoes. Some even add this yellow film that you can see, especially on white shoes which is just bad. Avoid using the shoes protector sprays that damage your shoes instead of protecting them. The key is to always read the product description and see what it can do and what it won’t cause. That way, you will be able to pick the right shoes protector sprays in no time.


We refer to the capacity that each bottle contains and how many times you can use then. Some shoes protector sprays are so good, but their amount is so little which is not ideal for daily use. The key is to choose the ones that come in a pack if you need to use shoes protector sprays often. There are affordable shoes protector spray packs that you can find, so it won’t be too difficult. Just make sure that you won’t overspend on the shoes protector sprays that you choose because of their little capacity.


Shoes protector sprays come with a wide variety of scents that you can choose from. The advice is not to take the ones with scents that are too strong. Things are different when it comes to shoes because strong scent and shoes odors don’t match. Try something that smells fresh and clean because that is the purpose of the shoes after all. It is better to have a minimum smell on the shoes rather than a strong unpleasant smell.


Although there are multipurpose shoes protector sprays out there, you have to make sure to pick the right one. See if the sprays work great on the material of your shoes so that it is effective to use. Because if not, the sprays that you choose will end up helpless to the shoes. Don’t forget to check if the shoes protector sprays that you like are compatible with the shoes materials or not.


Whether it is your regular walking shoes, sneakers, or hiking shoes, all of them need protection for greater durability. In fact, whether it is made up of leather, suede, canvas, nubuck, or others, all of them are vulnerable to water, dirt, and UV rays. Apart from shoes, you can use these best shoe protector sprays on outwear items like bags, wallets, dresses made up of the above-mentioned materials. But you need to go through the description to understand the compatibility and choose the one that is best for you. By buying a spray with a few bucks, you are saving yourself buying new shoes every year.

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