Top 10 Best Sandblasters You Should Buy In 2021

Getting rid of corrosion, rust, contamination, flaking paint, stains, and other things from items can be hard. Using manual methods such as scrapers, sandpaper, files is tedious and also can lead to injury. Using chemicals is a health hazard and may contribute to environmental pollution. The best solution to the above things is by using sandblasters. Sandblasters relies on pressurized air and abrasive media to eliminate the oxidation, corrosion, rust, paint, and otter things.

The air which is fed from an air compressor will blow the particles at high velocity. This leaves a clean surface. In addition, it will be able to penetrate the hard to reach areas such as edges, corners, inside holes, and more. The machines will vary in design, capacity, size, weight, performance, reliability, durability, and more. The following units, in our opinion, are the best sandblasters in the market.

The 10 Best Sandblasters In 2021

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#10. 20 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster

20 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster Sand Blaster

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By: S

Blasting off dirt, paint, rust, corrosion, and pitting is made easy with this sandblaster. It’s designed for small to medium-duty jobs and works pretty well. The container is made from metal and handles the pressure, abrasive material, movements, bangs other things well. It features 2 wheels which make movement easy. Moreover, they move nicely even on relatively rough surfaces. The accessory can be used indoors and outdoors without problems. You, however, should ensure that you are wearing protective equipment.

It has a 20-gallon capacity which should be okay for most applications. You won’t need to keep refilling it too often. Besides, adding the media is easy thanks to the basic design and wide opening. Operating it is fairly easy even for a beginner. Youll find simple instructions in the pack. It works with most blasting media and is also easy to clean and take care of. The item should give you a durable service and is also easy to take care of.

  • Adding the blasting media is very easy
  • It works great and is also relatively fast
  • The capacity is practical for most needs
  • It’s made from tough materials
  • It’s less prone to clogging compared to its rivals
  • This equipment isn’t designed for heavy-duty applications

#9. 10 Gallon Air Sand Blaster With Ceramic Tips

10 Gallon Air Sand Blaster with Ceramic Tips

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By: Unknown

You don’t need to spend so much time getting rid of rust, corrosion, or flaking paint. You also should use lots of effort cleaning or readying the surface for painting, polishing, and other tasks. What you need is the best sandblasters. It will use abrasive compounds to easily and quickly clean the surfaces. This unit is the right choice and is suitable for small and medium jobs and works well. We love the style which makes using it easy. The opening is large enough for easy addition or removal of blasting media.

It has 2 wheels for easy movement and the handles are well made for a firm hold and comfort. Using the sandblasters is easy since it has few controls. You also will find the instructions easy to understand and follow. It comes with a 10-gallon capacity which is suitable for most light-duty tasks. The metal construction and good engineering can handle the use, pressure, abrasive compounds, bangs, and movements quite well.

  • Using this sandblaster is pretty easy
  • It has a good design and is also not too heavy
  • Moving it around is convenient
  • It built from metal and handles the jobs well
  • The accessory is ideal for many applications
  • The capacity is a little small for demanding jobs

#8. 10 Gallon Abrasive Blaster

Buffalo Tools SB10G 10 Gallon Abrasive Blaster

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By: Black Bull

With the Buffalo Tools SB10G, you should have little challenges preparing surfaces. It will remove rust, paint, dirt, corrosion, pitting, and other things. This allows you to see the condition of the surface. In Addition, it makes the paint and other sealants to adhere better. This unit is made from metal and feels tough to put up with everyday needs. It has tough welding and engineering and is unlikely to break or come apart.

The 10-gallon capacity holds a decant volume of the abrasive material. It also handles the high pressure well and can run continuously with no issues. The recommended pressure range is 65-125psi while the best CFM range is from 6-25 CFM. Selecting the best setting is also pretty easy and straightforward. According to most consumers, it moves the air fast and this allows you to complete the job faster. Moreover, it’s very efficient and doesn’t use up too much-blasting media. Moving around with it is simplified by the 6 wheels, making it among the best sandblasters.

  • Using this sandblaster is easy
  • It’s toughly built and durable
  • Easily and effectively removes rust, paint, and oxidation
  • The capacity is suitable for most needs
  • Moves easily and conveniently
  • It’s not designed for very large projects

#7. 10 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster With High-Pressure Tank

9TRADING New 10 Gallon Portable Air Sandblaster Sand Blaster Kit High-Pressure Tank

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This is, without a doubt, one of the best sandblasters in the market. It is made from tough materials and will put-up with the operations well. The metal tank is less likely to get holes, dented, or lose pressure. It also handles the abrasive compounds well and the capacity of 10 gallons is suitable for most applications. You won’t need to keep adding the compound. It’s also efficient and uses minimal media which means you’ll work for a longer time with fewer refill cycles.

It comes with a shut-off valve for extra safety and is also less prone to clogging. By directing the abrasive material only to the target area, you’ll be able to get a clean and neat job. Also, it will conserve the pressure. The two 6 inch wheels improve movements and roll smoothly on various surfaces. They are made from rubber hence provide a firm grip and also don’t make noise during the movement. Besides, you’ll find well-designed and comfortable handles.

  • Removes paint, rust, corrosion, oxidation and other things easily
  • Easy to operate and delivers consistent performance
  • Suitable for mobile and immobile projects
  • Good weight and capacity
  • Moves seamlessly in different surfaces
  • It won’t work well with low pressure

#6. Light Duty Sand Blaster

ALC Keysco 40002 Sand Blaster

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By: ALC Keysco

ALC Keysco 40002 Sand Blaster gets rid of graffiti, paint, corrosion, rust, and other things fast. It’s created for light-duty jobs and functions quite well. The container is made from steel and deals with the stress, rough material, motions, bangs, and well. It is easy to operate and doesn’t require lots of skills. You’ll discover straightforward directions in the pack. The device is useful in the home, garage, workshop, and other locations and works okay indoors and outdoors without trouble. You, nevertheless, need to make sure that you are putting on safety devices to prevent any injury or breathing in the abrasive compounds.

It holds up to 90 lbs of abrasive media and will run for 30-45 minutes before needing refilling. Adding the media is simple courtesy of the standard style and wide opening. It works well with the majority of blasting media and is additionally very easy to care for. The equipment will offer you a long-lasting solution and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Works relatively fast and easy to use
  • Durable welded steel frame
  • Easy loading of abrasive
  • Convenient to Handle
  • Easy to move around
  • It’s not the lightest in its category

#5. Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit

Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit

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By: Performance Tool

You don’t require wasting a lot of time eliminating corrosion, graffiti, deterioration, or flaking paint. Cleansing or prepping the surface area for painting, applying sealant, filler, or any other compound should also not be tasking. With the very best sandblaster, you will have an easier time and the results will be pleasant. The Performance Tool unit is a good choice and is ideal for most jobs. It’s an excellent option for small and moderate tasks and functions well. We love the design that makes using it simply as well as compact nature. The opening is larger than most and more effective for adding the abrasive media.

It has a 50lb hopper than can handle the decent volume and operates with 3.5cfm of air at 50psi. Moreover, it has rubber wheels for simple movement on different surfaces well. Using the sandblaster is easy, given that it has a basic design and few controls. You additionally will find simple guidelines to assist you in operating it. The steel built together with the excellent design can take care of the use, stress, bangs, and activities rather well.

  • High-performance unit and decent results
  • Removes rust, corrosion, paint, scale and graffiti fast
  • Compatible with most abrasive media
  • Doesn’t require very high air pressure
  • Heavy-duty construction and durable
  • May not be very reliable for large jobs or long continuous use

#4. Handheld Portable Media Spot Sand Blaster

EWK Hand Held Portable Media Spot Sand Blaster Gun Air Gravity Feed Sandblaster

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With the EWK Handheld sandblasters, you’ll have an easier time preparing surface areas. It will eliminate graffiti, corrosion, paint, dust, rust, and various other things. This permits you to see any underlying problems as well as make the paint and other sealers to stick much better. This system is made from tough materials to tolerate daily requirements. It has a good design and is not likely to get damaged or split up. These sandblasters can handle high pressure well and will run consistently without problems.

It works with most abrasive media, including Sand, Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Baking Soda, and Crushed Walnut Shell. Moreover, it doesn’t require lots of air pressure (PSI) and will deliver good results. Picking the most effective setup is additionally easy and simple. And from what a majority of the users say, its energy-efficient and works relatively fast. This enables you to finish the task much faster. Also, it’s reliable and does not use up lots of the abrasive compound.

  • Small and compact
  • Easy to move around with
  • Well made and high quality built
  • Suitable for most small and medium jobs
  • Easy to operate and reliable results
  • The metal feels somewhat light

#3. Professional Sandblasting Gun

Soda Blaster, Sand Blaster, Professional Sandblasting Gun, Media Blaster

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This is certainly among the most effective sandblasters on the market. It is made from durable products and will put-up with the procedures well. The unit is less likely to get damaged and puts up with the abrasive compounds as well as the activity. You won’t struggle with the load, size, or weight. Moreover, it’s appropriate for a lot of applications and you won’t need to maintain it too often. It’s likewise effective and makes use of most blasting media in the market. It includes all the accessories and hardware you’ll need. This saves you from having to buy additional items.

It is less susceptible to blockage and directs the abrasive to the target location. This gives good results and also prevents energy and abrasive wastage. Putting the pieces together is fairly easy and once fitted, they remain firm and steady. Cases of air leakage or pressure loss are minimal. The accessory is most suited for small jobs and operates seamlessly. Taking care of it should also not be a problem it is among the great sandblasters.

  • Suitable on a wide range of materials
  • Works well with many abrasive media
  • Easy to operate and simple design
  • Delivers the results relatively fast
  • Its energy efficient and doesn’t require lots of air or high pressure
  • Not very ideal for heavy-duty use

#2. Sand Blaster With 10 Foot Hose Set

Sand Blaster with 10 Foot Hose, Sand Blast Gun, and Wrench

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By: Campbell Hausfeld

This sandblast kit will easily get rid of old paint, corrosion, deterioration, stains, rust, pitting, and much more. It boasts of superior engineering and is made of tough materials. The accessorily is ideal for small and medium-duty operations. The different parts are made of tough materials to endure the harsh abrasives high pressure, regular use, vibration, and much more. It works with most sandblasting media, including glass beads, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, sand, steel grit, and walnut shells.

The device can be made use of inside and outdoors without issues. It works smoothly and is less likely to be clogged by the materials. Moreover, the gun fits nicely in hand. This gives the user good control. It also directs the abrasives well to prevent wastage of the abrasives as well as the air pressure. Like other top choices, running it is easy even for a novice operator.

  • Using the apparatus is really simple
  • It functions well and runs smoothly
  • The gun fits nicely and comfortable in the hands
  • It’s ideal for most demands
  • It’s made from sturdy materials
  • May not be very effective for deeply entrenched rust or heavy pitting

#1. Premium Sandblaster Sand Blaster Gun Kit

Premium Sandblaster Sand Blaster Gun Kit, Soda Blaster | Media Sandblaster Gun

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You do not require spending a lot of time eliminating corrosion, rust, or flaking paint. You likewise should paint a surface that has rust, corrosion, or pitting. With the best sandblaster, you’ll be able to clean the surface and also get rid of rust and corrosion. The Premium sandblaster kit by LE LEMATEC is an excellent selection. It’s appropriate for small and light-duty tasks and comes in a simple design. This makes using it very easy.

The opening is big sufficient for the simple addition of the sandblasting media. It manages the abrasive compounds well and has a nice hold and for added convenience. The sandblasters is fairly fast and will handle different pressures quite well. The tough built and great design manage the use, abrasive compounds, pressure, and more rather well.

  • It supports many kinds of sandblasting media
  • Easy to use and delivers good results
  • Works relatively fast and it isn’t wasteful
  • Flexible and suitable for most needs
  • Suitable for small to large-scale jobs
  • It’s not very ideal for highly demanding sandblasting

The Best Sandblaster Buying Guides

As said earlier, you’ll get all kinds of products in the market. Sadly, not all will deliver the required service. The capacity may be too small or too large for your needs, moving it around may be a problem, or it may be noisy. The unit may not work with some blasting media or may not handle the use well. You also don’t want to regret later that you overspend on a low-quality product. The following are the key things you should focus on.


You should go for a unit that feels right in the hands. The sandblasters shouldn’t be too light and also not too heavy. You should not only focus on the accessory when it’s empty but also when fully laden with the blasting media. The larger the capacity, the heavier it will be. Also, the blasting media’s weight will vary from brand to brand.


Before you purchase a unit, it pays to first understand the work at hand. If it’s for your small projects or hobbies, you don’t need a very large piece. However, if you are running a garage or plan to do extensive work, you’ll definitely need a large piece. A small unit may work, but it will mean you are refilling it too often. This will save time, effort, and also improve productivity. A very large piece isn’t ideal for small space and is also cumbersome to move in limited spaces.


This is closely related to size. The size will generally apply to the overall weight of the entire unit. Capacity, on the other hand, focuses on what the container or compartment will handle. You’ll find a small handheld blaster that has a tube that ensures a small container of less than a gallon. You’ll also find a larger unit that comes with an integrated tank that will hold more sandblasting materials. It may be 10, 20, or even more. The larger the job or frequency, the larger the capacity should be.


Like any other equipment, you desire a unit that is easy to move around with. You don’t want to struggle to haul it or pulling or pushing it. The right choice will have a decent weight and also have user-friendly handles. They will fit nicely in the hands and also provide a nice grip. Also, it will feature wheels that improve movability. The top choices boast of relatively large wheels that move better than the smaller ones, especially on rough surfaces.

Noise level

The truth is that sandblasters do make some noise. It may be from the compressor which feeds in the air to activate and push the blasting media through the nozzles. The swirling abrasive material will also create some noise. People desire something that isn’t too noisy. This makes it convenient to use and won’t disturb the peace in the surrounding. This is critical, especially if you’ll be using it in your home garage or workshop, or plan to work at night. The sound level will be indicated in decibels, and the lower the figure, the less nosy it is.


A good choice will be durable to offer you long-lasting service. It will comprise of tough materials such as metal and heavy-duty plastic. The materials will handle abrasive material, pressure, and other things well. It won’t get chipped, abraded, corroded, or worn out easily. Moreover, it will put up with the elements well.

NB: Other elements that prospective buyers look at include the design, color, brand, and price, ease of use, maintenance ease, and reliability.


You don’t need to spend so much effort and time trying to remove contamination, rust, pitting, corrosion, and related compounds. You also shouldn’t expose yourself to toxic fumes and substances by using chemicals. What you need is some good sandblasters. It will do all the work with minimal human intervention. All you’ll need is to simply direct the nozzle to the target area. The accessory works much faster and is also more users friendly. It leaves better results thanks to the deeper penetration.

Finding a good product in the market can be hard. You’ll need to look at several things. Fortunately, we have done the hard job and found the very best sandblasters. The included products are well built, reliable, easy to use, durable, versatile, affordable, high-quality, and easy to maintain.

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