The Top 9 Best Sades Headsets – Products Review

When you play an intense video game, you need to use one of the best Sades headsets. Not only to enjoy clear audio effects but also to eliminate surrounding noises. The newer models are made from quality material to keep the body secure at all times. For the earmuffs, they usually have a memory foam filling for added comfort. You can wear the headphones for long hours without experiencing any head or ear pains. Plus, the design is simple and usually uses Plug and Play technology. Check out the following best Sades headset currently available in most stores.

The Best Sades Headsets In 2020

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#9. PS4 Gaming Headset

Angel Edition] SADES PS4 Gaming Headset


We understand some headphones don’t focus more on performance than they do on aesthetics. This one is easy to use as it complements the surroundings, including a gaming room. With a fingertip and mic control, you have the total freedom of the audio level. Not only that, but also note that the microphone mute dial is located on the earcup for easy access. Its adjustable headband adds flexibility while the leather earmuffs provide a skin-friendly soft service. You can now wear this gadget for a few minutes or long hours encased in maximum comfort.

The anti-twist cord of this headset ensures you have an instant use as it eliminates detangling of the wire. Plus, a flexible design is foldable for quick stow away when not in use. What’s more, this equipment is compatible with PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Abox One, Nintendo, Android device, and even Windows PC. You can use your preferred components to immerse yourself in unique and private gaming action. This device prides an ergonomic structure made of lightweight material.

  • Fingertip control
  • Lightweight materials
  • Anti-twist cord
  • Foldable design
  • Excellent compatibility
  • A bit pricey

#8. Stereo Lightweight Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset, Sades SA-928 Stereo Lightweight


Your ears can get strains and pains after wearing a bulky headphone. You can prevent this by using this best Sades headset that has a lightweight design. What this means is an extended listening experience with maximum comfort. Also, the acoustic positioning precision lets you feel the full effects of a grenade blast, brostep drop, or an explosion during a gaming session. The NdFeB driver units have great magnetism to offer clear sounds. It comes in an elegant retail gift box for you to give a friend, relative, or loved one for any occasion.

Furthermore, this product has a comfortable fit, thanks to the premium contact points. Plus, the cushioned ear-cup made of memory foam leaves your ears feeling soft and cozy. This headphone’s closed ear cup structure comes in handy to cancel any background or surrounding noise. It is large enough to cover the whole ear while eliminating any ‘seashell effect’ found in most low-quality units. Made of high-quality silicone, the microphone is durable and easy to adjust.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Affordable
  • Durable design
  • Lovely gift
  • One-color option

#7. Over Ear USB Wired Headset

SADES SA901 Over Ear USB Wired


What do you look for when searching for the best Sades headset? Is it design, performance, or reliability? If all these features are your top priorities, this headphone is an excellent option. With an ergonomic design, it features a cozy headband that provides 9 height adjustment levels. Pick one of them to enjoy a perfect and comfortable fit. Additionally, this accessory is simple to use, thanks to the Plug and Play technology. Plug it into a USB-powered device such as PC port to get a thrilling stereo surround audio. Besides, the external sound card adds more user convenience.

An added advantage this headphone has over the rest is a retractable mic design. It has a powerful noise-canceling mechanism that allows use even in the noisiest areas. You can concentrate on your music or video games, whether there are people and pets around. Another thing we like is the four-piece headband with comfortable ear pads. You can wear this equipment for long hours and not experience any head or ear discomforts. The in-line remote control function lets you adjust the mic and sound volume.

  • Multiple height levels
  • Simple to operate
  • Thrilling sound experience
  • Retractable mic design
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Lacks enough ear ventilation

#6. 7.1 Surround Stereo Sound USB Headset

SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Stereo Sound USB


Do you want a more precise and crispier sound when gaming? Then, we have the top Sades headset that does exactly this and much more. Using an innovative NdFeB driver, it delivers distortion-free audio. Also, it is made from strong brass for durability and amazing acoustic positioning accuracy. This device has lovely LED lights located on the microphone and ear cups to highlight your gaming atmosphere. Note that the contacts are soft as well as the memory foam to keep you comfortable for long hours. Plus, a one-key Mute button improves your accessibility.

You don’t have to worry about the surrounding noise, thanks to the noise-canceling feature. It improves your listening experience, whether gaming or watching videos for the ultimate audio clarity. Also, this gadget’s updated closed ear cups have a cozy feel to the skin, unlike the others that cause discomfort. We love the use of environmental protection materials that eliminate the irritating seashell effect. This headphone is compatible with computers, laptops, and other devices to encourage a personalized listening experience.

  • Clear sound
  • Easy to use
  • Noise-canceling system
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • No irritating seashell effect
  • It does not sit flat on a desk or around the neck

#5. 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo Headset

Sades SA902 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo


Another best Sades headset that has made it in our list is this one with an above-average noise-canceling microphone. It is flexible and retractable to provide high-sensitive sound. Not only that, but also its unidirectional pickup pattern plus a well-grounded structure will not crackle when you adjust. This device’s black and red finish is stylish and fits most gaming and video room atmosphere. You can mix and match with existing accessories such as laptops, gaming chairs, and more for a coordinated look. What’s more, its high compatibility supports the use of PC, Mac, computer games, laptops, and also Windows.

Featuring a 7.1 surround sound, the drivers are powerful and improves audio quality. You can adjust the levels to enjoy a customized session for all your gaming tasks. Besides, this accessory comes with an in-line volume and Smart Mute button to facilitate a simple hand control. Operating this headset is simple by plugging and playing it without any setup procedures. Preferably, you can download the driver for the stereo surround that is compatible with this device for instant enjoyment.

  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Retractable design
  • Unidirectional pickup pattern
  • High compatibility
  • Lovely black and red finish
  • It’s not compatible with Xbox

#4. Xbox One Headset With Surround Sound

SADES SA926T Xbox One Headset Surround Sound


This top-rated Sades headset has a reinforced padded headband to give you the perfect fit. It has multiple height adjustments for everyone to set the ideal level when listening to music. Not only that, but also it improves the audio sound and comfort when gaming or playing video games. With an adjustable microphone insert, it works with the noise-canceling technology for added comfort. Whether you are in a noisy area, the surrounding sound gets muffled. What’s more, this device has an in-line control box for you to have total freedom on the chatting and gaming volume.

In addition, this headset is super cozy, thanks to the cushioned design. You can wear it for long hours as you listen to favorites music without experiencing ear or head pains. Besides, the memory foam helps keep out ambient noise. This equipment game-quality stereo captures any footsteps or flying bullets effects in games. As a result, you get a clear, rich, and crisp sound to improve your audio experience. We love the high precision magnetic driver for delivering clear audio through the full frequency range.

  • Comfortable padded headband
  • Multiple height adjustments
  • Improves audio clarity
  • Adjustable microphone insert
  • High-precision driver
  • A bit fragile

#3. Gaming Stereo Headphone With Microphone

SADES Gaming Headset Stereo Headphone with Microphone


Experience an extraordinary sound effect with this headset. Tuned by professional technicians, its 40mm drive unit is larger than most to improve the sound clarity. Also, it creates a powerful stereo sound suitable for gamers to immerse themselves in the action-packed game. You can even hear a grenade blast, brostep drop, or an explosion during a gaming session. With shocking and deep bass audio effects, you can use this gadget for games, music, and movies.

What’s more, the seamless mic communication is made possible because of a quality microphone. It sends audible and clear messages to all your gaming teammates for you to take the first rank. Also, setting it to the full 120 range is easy, depending on your user preference. Featuring a leather padding, it is soft and protects the head and ears from pressure in a marathon gaming session. It glides over the ear lines and head to let you focus on the action much better. Besides, the sleek, futuristic style combines beauty and practicality.

  • Extraordinary sound effect
  • Large 40mm drive
  • Seamless mic communication
  • Sends audible message
  • Futuristic style
  • The microphone stick feels a bit cheap

#2. Black Stereo Gaming Headset

SADES SPIRIT SA721 Black Stereo Gaming Headset


The other best Sades headset is this one with a lovely black finish. It is suitable for someone who wants to enjoy clear audio without too many logos, parts, and other designs. Besides, this unit has a soft memory foam filling for the ear cup to cushion your ears. This will give you a comfortable and safe listening experience as you game with friends or privately. Note that the headband delivers a lasting comfort to keep the ears pain-free and fatigue-free. Concentrating on video games is now easier and reliable with this unit.

Moreover, the advanced driver measures 50mm to provide a fantastic surround sound. Not only that, but also you get to experience top-level audio technology at home. Whether you want to hear the villains in PUBG, CS: GO, or Fortnite games, the sound clarity is admirable. Use this accessory with a 3.5mm plug cord that supports XBOX One, PC, Laptop, PS3, PS4, Tablet, Nintendo Switch, PSP, or Smartphone connection.

  • Attractive black color
  • Simple and durable design
  • Comfortable earmuffs
  • High compatibility
  • Provides amazing surround stereo
  • The sound could be better

#1. Gaming Headset For PS4 Controller

SADES R17 Gaming Headset for PS4 Controller


This is an advanced headset with a multi-platform design that works well with a variety of devices. Use it on a PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac, iPhone, or smartphone to enjoy a private listening experience. Also, its Plug and Play mechanism requires a simple plugging action without the need for a complicated setup. This gadget works well with an old version of the Xbox One controller when you use an additional Microsoft Adapter. Another thing is its cool and fashionable style suitable for men and women. The cable has a rotary volume dial and one-key microphone mute function to simplify your use.

You can prevent the line from tangling and twining, thanks to the braided cord with Velcro wire tie. This item boasts of full-range speakers that deliver superior sound as the 50mm magnetic neodymium driver offers more sound clarity. You also get rumbling lows and crisp highs for that deep audio immersion. In addition, this sound system has a quality microphone on a boom for you to hear clear music. Plus, the in-line master volume, mic mute, and audio controls keep audio controls easily accessible.

  • Multi-platform design
  • Simple to use
  • Full-range speakers
  • Quality sound
  • In-line master volume
  • The ear cuffs could be thicker


Choose one of the best Sades headsets from the products above to improve your gaming sessions. They have advanced sound technology to provide a crystal clear surround stereo. Also, you can pick a color that goes well with the gaming room theme, such as black, red, white, grey, blue, or even a combination of two tones. This gadget is easy to use as well as maintain. For easier buying choice, go through this best Sades headset list to enjoy a comfortable and safe use.

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