Top 10 Best Rock Tumblers – Full Review In 2021

We would all love to see something new from an ordinary item. What better it would be than to carve out a beautiful design out of an ordinary rock. A rock tumbler is a machine which can be used conveniently by people of all ages and transform rocks into eye-catching designs. It will enhance the skills of your kids and make them more enthusiastic about creativity and imagination. These machines can polish stones and assist you in making jewelry. Scroll below to know about the best rock tumblers that you can buy.

The Best Rock Tumblers In 2021

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#1. Hobby Rock Tumbler

Discover with Dr. Cool Hobby Rock Tumbler

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By: Discover with Dr. Cool

This is a rock tumbling kit where you will be getting everything like different types of gemstones, polishing grit, and jewelry fastenings. There is also a learning and instruction guide. This is very durable and has a metal base. It has a powerful workhorse machine which has a design to last for a long time. In this, you will find a stainless steel lid which is leak-proof and is also quieter than plastic. It has a rubber barrel which operates very quietly and is guaranteed to give you satisfaction.

Moreover, this also has a programmable timer where you can just set it and leave the task on its own. It will save your energy and time and will provide with great results. With this, the task of making beautiful gemstones becomes very easy. Besides, this also comes from a reliable brand and can be operated by kids of any age. The rock tumbler is very light in weight and is also compact.

In Short:
  • Suitable for use with gemstones, rocks, grit, etc
  • Simple and easy-understand instruction guide
  • Durable and steady metal base
  • Powerful workhorse machine
  • Leakproof stainless steel lid

#2. Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

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By: National Geographic

Here is an efficient rock tumbler which has a powerful motor and makes very little noise. It is very suitable for polishing rough gemstones, grits, as well as jewelry fastenings. This is very tough and has been designed to last long. Ideal for beginners, the rock tumbler is very easy to operate. With this, your kids will learn the technique of polishing rocks and transform them into gemstones. You will be getting an instruction guide and an educational guide. This can be your perfect hobby kit as it has a powerful motor and can polish dazzling gemstones.

You will be able to create custom jewelry like necklaces, keychain, and earrings. It is leak-proof and comes with automatic shutoff timer. Your kids will be able to explore geology and transform any stone sparkle into jewelry. This can also be used to polish metal scraps and sea glass. This is a high-quality tumbling machine which comes with gemstones. This is fun for people of all ages and comes with guaranteed satisfaction. Besides, you can go ahead and buy it as it is one of the best rock tumblers on the list.

In Short:
  • An efficient and reliable rock tumbler
  • A powerful and not very noisy motor
  • Fit for polishing stones, grits, and rough gemstones
  • Very tough and durable built
  • High-quality and easy-operate tumbling machine

#3. 3A Single Barrel Tumbler

Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler

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By: Lortone

This is a 3-pound capacity rock tumbler which is very simple to operate. This has been designed to work efficiently and give you good results. It is approved by UL and is very simple to operate. This weighs only five pounds and includes a barrel which improves the performance of the rock tumbler. Made with hard rubber, the barrel makes less noise and is very durable. It also has a powerful motor which will run for many years without giving any trouble.

This is suitable for polishing stones and will transform your jewelry. This also allows you to do jewelry tumbling and is a very stable product. It will be loved by hobbyists who are into rock collection and will also make them more interested in geology and science. It can be used by novices and allows them to polish various metals and rocks. This product requires less maintenance. There is also a steel lid with this tumbler.

In Short:
  • 3-pound capacity
  • Very basic and simple to operate
  • UL approved and minimal noise
  • Weighs just 5 lbs and barrel made of hard rubber
  • A powerful and durable motor

#4. 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler

Lortone 33B Rotary Rock Tumbler

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By: Lortone

This is a large rock tumbler which has a total capacity of 6 pounds. This is a double-barrel as it includes two molded rubber barrels. It is ideal for transforming ordinary stones into gemstones. This will polish the stones and give them a completely new appearance. It can also be used for polishing jewelry, beads, and glass. One of the best things about this is that it can also be used as a single barrel. The versatile product is very suitable for beginners and it is very strong. It is also stable and weighs only six pounds. It is handy and will give you beautiful results.

Moreover, along with a steel body, this rock tumbler will last very long. It is equipped with a powerful 115 V motor which allows you to complete your task with ease. The package also includes four different types of grits and is very suitable for hobbyists. The product runs smoothly, without much noise. It is definitely one of the best rock tumblers to buy.

In Short:
  • A large and heavy-duty rock tumbler
  • 6-pound total capacity
  • Two molded rubber double barrels
  • Easily transforms normal stones into gemstones
  • For polishing glass, jewelry, rocks, beads, etc

#5. Heavy Duty Rotary Tumbler

Heavy Duty Rotary Tumbler with 15 lb Capacity

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By: Tru-square Metal Products

This is a professional grade rock tumbler which is very large in size. This has a capacity of 15 pounds and has a steel hexagon barrel. You can easily remove the rubber liner from the steel barrel and work according to your preference. You can use for many mixing and tumbling works and also use brass or other metals. It has a heavy-duty motor of 115 V and to protect it from overloading, there is also a fan which will cool it. This is very suitable for hobbyists and can also be used in schools, laboratories, and industries.

The product weighs just over 15 pounds and will transform your ordinary rocks in sparkling gemstones. The product requires liquid for tumbling and is an ideal way of learning. It works great and will not disappoint you when it comes to performance. This has up to 60 RPM and it does not tumble aggressively. This is very suitable for getting people interested in geology and science.

In Short:
  • Professional grade durable rock tumbler
  • Large size with a 15-lb capacity
  • A tough steel hexagon barrel
  • Easy to remove rubber liner
  • A heavy-duty 115 V electric motor

#6. Single Barrel Rock Polishing Tumbler

Tru-square Metal Products Single Barrel Rock Polishing Tumbler

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By: Tru-square Metal Products

This rock polishing tumbler will make your rocks sparkle. This will polish and smoothen your hard substance and give it a completely new look. You will be able to make fascinating specimens which will be perfect for gifting to someone. You will be getting everything to transform ordinary rocks into gemstones. There will be grit package, rocks, and jewelry making kit. You will also be getting an instruction manual which will assist you in how to use it. This is a three-pound capacity rock tumbling machine which will effectively transform your gem collection.

It is very suitable for hobbyists and you can use it if you are not an expert as well. This is very suitable for laboratories and it can also be used in schools. This will allow you to learn various mixing and tumbling operations and will encourage your children to have an interest in geology and science. The product itself is very lightweight and includes a powerful motor of 115 V. It is also very portable and will assist you in creating a wonderful specimen.

In Short:
  • Adds sparkle to rocks
  • Pack includes grit, jewelry, and rock kit
  • Three-pound capacity
  • Ideal for hobbyists and experts
  • Powerful 115 Volt motor

#7. Professional Rock Tumbler

National Geographic Professional Rock Tumbler

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By: National Geographic

If you are looking to create stunning gems, then this is the perfect machine for you. The rock tumbler will change your ordinary rocks into gemstones. This is a professional rock tumbling machine which is long-lasting and durable. It has got many professional features and there is also a speed control. For faster tumbling, you will find a shutoff timer and will provide you with better results. The kit comes with a tumbler, one pound of rough gemstones, jewelry fastening, and four polishing grits. There is also an instruction manual for you.

Besides the National Geographic, approve and guarantee this rock tumbler to give you satisfaction. The rock tumbling machine has a leak-proof rubber barrel which will also reduce the noise. There is also a powerful motor which will make you polish your gems. Moreover, you can create custom jewelry and is ideal for making your children learn. This will give you better results and there will be faster polishing times.

In Short:
  • Tumbler creates stunning gems
  • A professional and reliable rock tumbling machine
  • Durable and good speed control
  • Kit includes four polishing grits, one lb of rough gemstones, etc
  • National Geographic approved and the leakproof rubber barrel

#8. Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher

Thumler's Tumbler Rock Polisher

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By: Tru-square Metal Products

With a capacity to hold 3 pounds, this rock tumbler is very suitable for polishing rocks. This has a powerful continuous-duty motor of 115 V and also includes a rubber barrel. It has impedance protection and you can use it easily. Experts highly recommend it for beginners and it does a very good job in polishing your stones. When compared to all other models, this one has a lighter motor. Apart from the tumbler, you will also be getting four different grades of polishing abrasives, polishing rock, and jewelry findings. There is also an instruction guide which will assist you on how to get a perfectly sparkling rock.

Besides, it weighs only six pounds and has been manufactured in the United States. The barrel is cylindrical in shape and it also does not make a lot of noise. You can also use this for polishing metal and will turn your glass into sea glass. Moreover, this product will not disappoint you when it comes to performance and is the best way to inspire your kids to get interested in science and geology. It is one of the best rock tumblers to opt for.

In Short:
  • 3-pound capacity
  • Ideal for polishing rocks
  • Powerful 115V AC continuous-duty motor
  • A rubber barrel and decent impedance protection
  • Simple, clear instruction guide
  • Weighs 6 pounds and portable

#9. Starter Rock Tumbler Kit

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Starter Rock Tumbler Kit

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If you are looking to make any stone shine, then this is the product perfect for you. You can make your rock shine like a professional and turn them into gemstones. The rock tumbler comes with all the accessories, including a learning guide, jewelry settings, sifter, and polishing grits. Additionally, you will also be getting 9 real rough gemstones. The product is very easy to use and you can use at any age, whether you have proper skill or not. Moreover, this has four stages of grit and will give you satisfactory results.

Besides, this is a high-quality polishing machine which has a combination of a powerful motor. There is also a leak-proof barrel which helps in the creation of smooth gems. If you are into rock collection, then this product is ideal for you. This will also inspire young kids to have an interest in geology. This is great for beginners and has a silicone lining in the barrel. Moreover, the product is only 4 pounds and is very portable.

In Short:
  • Starter Rock Tumbler Kit
  • Makes rock shine and look professional
  • Rock tumbler has all that you need
  • Includes 9 real rough gemstones
  • Four grit stages of grit
  • Smooth polished exterior

#10. Rotary Rock Tumbler

Chicago Electric Power Tools 67631 Rotary Rock Tumbler

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By: Chicago Electric Power Tools

This rock tumbler is very easy to operate and has a construction of plastic. This has a capacity of 3 pounds and operates in a quiet mode. The weight of this product is 7.2 pounds and it has got a rubber barrel. This has a motor of 120 V and it will run for many days without any obstruction. This will allow you to have a smooth polished finish on your semi-precious stones, rocks, metals, and glass. It will give them a lustrous and smooth finish.

This is also very quick to operate and takes one rotation in a second. This runs at 60 RPM and this comes in the size of 6 x 4.5 inches. This is very suitable for three pounds of rock and you will be getting an instruction kit with this. You can easily take care of it and you can also easily remove the drive belt. It can be used by people who do not have any experience and the lid is very tight.

In Short:
  • Easy to use and tough plastic construction
  • Decent 3-pound capacity
  • Quiet operation and weighs 7.2 pounds
  • Rubber barrel and 120 V motor
  • 60 RPM speed, 6 x 4.5-inch size

Types of Rock Tumblers

There are five different types of rock tumblers available in the market.

Commercial Rock Tumbler

Ideal for business purpose, this type of rock tumblers come in large sizes. It can easily tumble a few thousand pounds of rock at one time. This is very durable if used with proper care. You can use it comfortably 24/7 and can process rocks faster. Commercial rock tumblers are easy to use and will let you utilize the grit more efficiently. This is for larger operations and is equipped with heavy-duty motors. However, this can be expensive in comparison to other types of rock tumblers and can also be heavier to move. In addition to this, it can be louder.

Toy Rock Tumbler

This is the smallest of all the tumblers and is usually of plastic and barrel. You can easily buy at an affordable price but can wear out very fast. They can tumble only a few ounces of small rocks at a time and makes a lot of noise. Apart from being noisy, this has a low existence. However, they are very lightweight and are perfect for children to make them understand about geology. This is ideal for beginners who want to make tumbling as their hobby. This is not suitable for multiple uses, and you can store it easily.

Rotary Rock Tumbler

This type of rock tumbler is very simple to use and is highly recommended for beginners. This will easily smooth out the edges of a rock during the ground stage and provide them with a beautiful look. Rotary rock tumblers will change the shape of the rock and make them round. It can transform ordinary rocks in jewels and is perfect to attract your child into geology. This will process all the task of tumbling but will not be able to polish the already shaped rocks.

Vibratory Rock Tumbler

Vibratory rock tumblers are generally for polishing rocks that are already shaped. It will not shape the rocks, unlike rotary tumblers and is less common than the latter. If you are only looking to polish the rocks by maintaining their shape, then this is the perfect type of tumbler for you. It processes the tumbling very fast, and you don’t have to wait for weeks for polishing your rocks. However, unlike the rotary rock tumblers, this is not for beginners and is not the ideal choice if you are buying a rock tumbler for the first time.

Hobbyist Rock Tumbler

The price of this rock tumbler varies according to its size. This is very durable and is usually of metal or other strong materials. It is very efficient and will also operate very quietly. It can easily tumble up to ten pounds of rocks at a time and includes either a metal or rubber barrel. This is ideal for hobbyists and will let you use it for years. Hobbyist rock tumblers are ready for immediate use and do need not any modifications. It also has high-quality motors and is for using it constantly. This is very suitable for serious hobbyists who want to make stone crafting as their profession.

How To But The Best Rock Tumbler?

Keep the following things in mind while buying a rock tumbler to get the best value for money.

Quiet Operation

Most of the rock tumblers are very noisy, and it can be very irritating to many people. Even if a rock tumbler has good efficiency, it will make noise. It can disrupt your daily activities and will break your concentration. A rubber barrel tumbler makes less noise in comparison to a plastic barrel and can deliver the same performance. Noise can be very irritating, and the one which comes with the feature of noise reduction can be an ideal choice.

High Capacity

Capacity is one of the most important things one should not neglect when buying a rock tumbler. It all depends on one’s own usage, and you can always look out for the one which will suit your need. Bowels and barrels are available in different sizes and can fit in rocks of different sizes. However, the ideal size of a rock tumbler should easily fit in 2/3 to 3/4 capacities. If you are looking to use it for commercial purpose, then always look out for a tumbler that has higher capacity.


See if a rock tumbler will run efficiently for a long time. With good durability, you will save money as you don’t have to replace your tumbler quite often. It has to be a reliable tumbler that will grit efficiently and can operate consistently. See if it is made of good quality materials that will not give any problem while operating. It should be easier to use and must compact so that you can store it easily when not in use.


Every product has to perform efficiently to deliver you with the best results. Apart from delivering the performance, a rock tumbler should be very safe to use. Overheating of the motor can cause serious problems, and in some situations, you will have to shut off the rock tumbler for a certain time. See if it comes with overload protection so that it would shut off automatically. The feature will increase the lifespan of your rock tumbler, and there will be proper utilization. This will also let you have peace of mind, as there will be no complications.


If a rock tumbler comes with automatic controls, then it will be an added advantage. Most of the modern-day rock tumblers are equipped with the function of timer and speed controls. With a timer control, it will automatically turn off after a certain period. This is very convenient, as it will allow you to focus on other works. There is also speed control that will let you grind the rock at your preferred speed. This is ideal for people who want specific results.

A Complete Set

If the unit comes with a starter kit, then it will be an ideal way to practice rock tumbling. It is highly recommended for kids, and it will save your money, as you do not have to buy anything extra. It will make things easier for you and can come with everything including stones, grits, jewelry fastenings, and user guides.


There are various types of rock tumbling machines available, and you can buy any of these best rock tumblers for your kid or for professional purposes. They are simple to operate and can be used by beginners. The above-compiled rock tumblers are very safe and are the best way to give your children practical experience about polishing rocks, stones, and glasses. You can pick the one according to your requirement and start with a new hobby.

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  1. Every rock polisher I have purchased gets stuck, with the motor turning and the barrel not moving. And yes, I am careful to place the polisher on a level surface. So it must be a motor power issues? What tumbler would recommend having enhanced motor power? Thank you.

    • Something I’ve experienced as well. I got a kitchen scale so I don’t overload the barrels. 3lbs is the total weight, rocks, water, medium, grit, or whatever is put inside the barrels. I overloaded mine so much I’m surprised they are still working!
      I religiously lube and clean my equipment. New bushings may be needed as overloading will cause terrible wear.
      Belts are run as friction belts. They are not to be two tight, but have lots of flexibility. Grinder belts are run tight, not tumblers.
      Good luck!


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