The Top 13 Best Putter Grips In 2021 – Products Review

A putter grip is critical for the performance of a golfer. It breathes a new life to the golfer. However, there are so many different varieties of putter grip available in the market. A golfer needs to try out all of them to find out the best one for him. Some also opt for different putter grips for different types of strokes. Besides, switching from thinner to thicker putter grip or vice versa has been a trend to improve performance. Go through the following list of the best putter grips and choose the best one for you.

The 13 Best Putter Grips In 2021

#1. Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

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By: SuperStroke

This is a USGA approved putter grip. It comes with the angle of 1.30″. The length of the grip is 10.50″. This grip only weighs more than 60-gm. The core of this grip measures .580″. This putter comes with the grip size of slim 3.0. Furthermore, with the help of the parallel technology, this grip equally distributes the pressure on both hands in a 1.30″ offering.

The putter also minimizes the added tensions in the wrist and forearms. Moreover, the putter grip allows the arms to swing freely to enhance the pendulum stroke. The latest hi-tech PU material of this grip also comes in the lightweight with the Cross Traction texture. The tackiness of this grip also provides a non-slip grip to get a comfortable feel.

In Short:
  • USGA approved high-quality putter grip
  • 1.30″ angle, 10.50″, grip length
  • Grip weighs about 60 grams
  • .580″ grip core size
  • Slim 3.0 grip size

#2. Slim 3.0 Non-Slip Putter Grip

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip, Non-slip

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By: SuperStroke

Made with the superb quality polyurethane outer layer, this grip has the grip size of slim 3.0. The tacky putter grip comes with no Taper technology to get the most consistent stroke during every single putting. The CrossTraction texture of this putter also provides the non-slip stroke during the golf, even if, in inclement weather conditions. Constructed with inner EVA material, the grip weighs only a little for the comfortable feel. This grip has a diameter of 10.50″ X1.30″.

Moreover, it allows the even pressure in both hands to reduce the added tension in the wrist and forearms. The grip also allows the arm to get swing-free and enhances the pendulum putting stroke. Besides, it allows a very easy and quick installation. It is undoubtedly one of the best putter grips to have.

In Short:
  • Outer made of top quality polyurethane
  • Slim 3.0 grip size
  • Taper technology tacky putter grip
  • Consistent stroke and comfortable
  • Nonslip CrossTraction texture

#3. Excel Pistol Midsize Putter Grip

Winn Excel Pistol Midsize Putter Grip

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By: Winn

This is a midsized putter for the perfect putting strikes for every time. With the dark gray and blue combination, this looks great and feels soft and comfortable. This grip, with its gentle polymer material, supports the anti-slip tacky feeling. The core size of the putter grip measures 0.590″. It comes with the shape of the popular pistol grip. Moreover, the latest thread pattern of this grip provides the proper thumb traction.

Furthermore, the bottom layer with the light texture enhances the feel for the fingertips. At the bottom of the putter grip, it measures 11/4″ X7/8″. This putter has a length of 10″. The putter grip simply weighs 77-gm. With a great holding capability, this grip always delivers a smooth stroke.

In Short:
  • A midsized and comfortable putter
  • Delivers perfect strikes
  • Blue and dark gray color combination
  • Comfortable grip and great looks
  • Gentle polymer material construction

#4. Tour SNSR Contour Putter Grip

Golf Pride- Tour SNSR Contour Putter Grip

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By: Golf Pride

This oversized grip measures 104cc. The SNSR compound of this putter is soft and light in weight to promote you with superior control. It easily provides you with solid strokes with the précised ball contact during the difficult striking. The larger and wider tour-shaped grip is for the ultimate comfortable feeling. Moreover, this putter is very easy to install.

Additionally, the putter comes with the shape of a pistol grip. This weighs only 90-gm. The size and structure of this grip are ideal for your hands. The grip with good look and great perfection also helps you to the perfect putting each and every time. You get this grip with a soft, smooth, comfortable, and nice flat front.

In Short:
  • Oversized 104cc grip
  • Soft and lightweight NSR compound
  • Comfortable and superior control
  • Delivers solid strokes with good precision
  • Large, wide tour-shaped grip

#5. X Pro Golf Putter Grips

Winn X Pro 1.18 1.32 and 1.60 Golf Putter Grips

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By: Winn Grips

This light in weight jumbo sized putter grip supports the superb clubhead feel. The putter comes with the stability of an oversized grip. Made with the highest quality polymer material, this grip provides you with a soft, smooth, and comfortable grip. The tacky rubber material of this grip also does not get slipped from your hands during the full-fledged strokes. This grip is available in three different grip sizes of 1.18, 1.32, and 1.60.

Moreover, this extremely lightweight grip weighs the same as the other standard sized putter grip. The putter grip has a medium surface texture. The pistol shape of this grip also minimizes your wrist movement. The lighter weight of this grip enhances the stability during the putting stroke. Therefore, it is one of the best putter grips to opt for.

In Short:
  • Jumbo-sized lightweight putter grip
  • Offers superb clubhead feel
  • Stable oversized grip
  • High-quality polymer contraction
  • Smooth, soft, and cozy grip

#6. NCAA Golf Putter Grip with Removable Gel Top Ball Marker

Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip with Removable Gel Top Ball Marker

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By: Team Golf

This grip comes with various vibrant color options to choose from. You get your favorite team logo on this putter. This is a midsized putter grip. The length of the grip is 10.3/8″. This grip also includes a built-in magnetic gel top ball marker. Furthermore, this grip provides you with a comfortable grip to easily play the super strokes. The cost-effective grip is a durable product.

This grip comes with an easy installation. Moreover, the tacky rubber handle makes your grip soft, smooth, and comfortable. The tackiness of the putter also provides an anti-slip grip over it. This looks absolutely classy and provides a consistent stroke every time. This grip is not at all small or large, it comes with a standard size.

In Short:
  • Grip offered in various color options
  • Putter Features team logo
  • Midsized putter grip measures 10.3/8″ long
  • Built-in magnetic ball marker with gel top
  • A comfortable and firm grip

#7. NFL Golf Putter Grip with Removable Gel Top Ball Marker

Team Golf NFL Golf Putter Grip with Removable Gel Top Ball Marker

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By: TourMark

The soft polyurethane surface of this grip provides a soft and smooth grip over your golf stick. This comes in the shape of a jumbo pistol. The inner layer of the rubber makes it light in weight and easy to operate. Moreover, this rubber of the grip provides you with a comfortable grip on a large footprint. The tackiness of the polyurethane layer with the meticulous surface texture, this grip, also provides consistency in your every stroke.

Furthermore, you get a convenient inbuilt magnetic ball-marker into the end of the cap. The grip is a mid/jumbo sized grip. This lightweight putter only weighs 110-gm. With a wide grip, this putter also provides you the full control over your putting. The putter grip has an angle of 1.25″.

In Short:
  • Soft polyurethane surface
  • Smooth and comfortable grip
  • A jumbo pistol style
  • Inner rubber layer and lightweight
  • Easy to operate and a tacky polyurethane layer

#8. Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

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By: SuperStroke

This is a USGA approved putter grip. It has an angle of 1.67″. This grip is 10.50″ long. The grip weighs more than 90-gm. The core of this grip measures .580″. Moreover, the parallel technology of this grip allows putting even pressure in both hands. Besides, it also eliminates the added tensions in your wrist and forearms. This keeps your arms free of the swing. So, you can easily putt the pendulum stroke.

The latest, light in weight high-tech PU material comes with the Cross Traction technology for an improved grip over the golf stick. This foam provides you with a comfortable grip in a large footprint. Furthermore, this grip permits easy installation. The tackiness of the grip also provides an anti-slip grip over it.

In Short:
  • USGA approved and measures 10.50″ long
  • 1.67″ angle and weighs over 90 grams
  • Grip core measures .580″
  • Parallel technology offers even pressure
  • Lightweight high-tech PU construction

#9. Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

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By: Odyssey

This putter grip is ideal for the right-hand people. The grip of this putter grip measures slim 2.0. It comes with a standard odyssey rubber grip. It also comes with a headcover. This comes with the black and white color with a red tip. The grip weighs 343-gm. This grip is a balanced face putter. The length of this grip is 33″.

Moreover, this well-balanced putter comes with a soft and smooth grip. The grip allows improved feel or handling. The larger head of this putter is also resistant to impact. Hitting a straight shot is absolutely possible with this grip. The putter comes with a very solid contact point. This makes your strokes much more precision than ever. It is one of the best putter grips on the list.

In Short:
  • Suits right-hand people
  • Slim putter grip measures 2.0
  • Standard odyssey grip made of rubber
  • A nice headcover, black, white color
  • Red tip and weighs 343-gm

#10. Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip

Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip

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By: Karma

Made of good quality rubber, this putter grip allows the stress-free installation. This grip only weighs 85-gm. The putter grip is a grip shaped putter. This grip is a midsize golf grip. It comes with the core size of .580″. The length of the grip is 10.25″. The soft and comfortable grip of the putter grip also helps you to achieve the strokes with precision.

The color of this grip does not bleed. Moreover, the anti-slip grip makes putting consistent and smooth every time. This putter grip is also sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. Furthermore, the tackiness of the grip with smooth texture provides you the best putting. This looks great and comes in at a cost-effective price.

In Short:
  • Made of high-quality rubber
  • Stress-free putter grip installation
  • Grip weighs 85-gm only
  • Midsize and comfortable golf grip
  • 0.580″ core size and 10.25-inch grip length

#11. Legacy Golf Putter Grip

Champkey Legacy Golf Putter Grip

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By: Champkey

This putter grip comes with the no Taper technology to provide more even and consistent stroke. The meticulous surface texture of this grip helps you with the most reliable and smooth putting stroke. The sticky polyurethane outer cover with the no taper technology grip also allows you to put even pressure while striking. The light in weight highest quality EVA foam of this grip also permits the larger footprint to maximize feel.

Moreover, this minimizes the chances of a wrist, joint twist slip to deliver the strong push. It comes with different grip sizes slim 2.0, 3.0, and 5.0. This grip weighs only 50, 60, and 90-gm. This comes with the angles of 1.2″, 1.3″ and 1.67″. Additionally, it also comes with 9 different color options.

In Short:
  • Comfortable putter grip
  • Offers consistent and even stroke
  • reliable and comfy putting stroke
  • Non-sticky polyurethane
  •   exterior cover
  • no taper technology and firm grip

#12. New Super Stroke Slim Putter Grip

Destinie New Super Stroke Slim Lite 3.0 USA Ryder Cup Putter Grip Superstroke Red Blue

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By: Destinie

This is a standard Como putter grip. With the 1.30″ angle, this weighs only 60 grams. This lightweight grip is a made in the USA product. The newest high technology PU material comes with Cross Traction texture to have an improved feeling of tackiness. Moreover, the no taper technology of this grip enhances the consistency of your golf strikes. It also has a comfortable flat front. This has a grip with a slim 3.0 diameter.

Furthermore, it comes in the red and blue, vibrant color combination. This is not at all small or large, it comes with a standard size. You also get this non-slip putter grip to putt with comfort. This grip allows more consistent and smooth stroke.

In Short:
  • 1.30 degree, weighs 60 grams only
  • lightweight and comfortable grip
  • Manufactured the USA
  • Boosts of high technology
  • Tough PU material

#13. Golf Putter Grip With No Taper Technology

Champkey Death Golf Putter Grip No Taper Technology

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By: Champkey

Made with the sticky polyurethane material, this putter grip provides a comfortable grip. This golf putter does not come with the Taper technology. The meticulous surface texture of this grip also helps you to achieve the smooth and consistent putting stroke ever. The light in weight 50 to the 60-gm inner foam of this grip is of premium quality EVA foam.

Moreover, this foam provides you with a comfortable grip in a large footprint. You also get a strong push with this putter grip, with the help of the lesser wrist joint twist slip. The core size of the grip is .058R”. The grip size of this grip is slim 2.0 or 3.0 with a diameter of 1.2″ X1.3″. You also get 8 color options on the same graphic on this golf putter grip.

In Short:
  • Sticky polyurethane material construction
  • A firm, comfortable grip
  • No Taper technology
  • Smooth meticulous surface
  • Weighs 50 grams, 60-gm inner foam

All You Need to Know About Putter Grip

It becomes very important for every golf player to get the right of grip to enhance his performance. Here are some of the important things you should know about grip before buying.

Grip Types

  • Corded Grip: This type of grip contains a cord material during their composition. Corded grips will help a player to provide more traction in their hands and is suitable for all types of weather, including the rainy season. It will also let you perform better when your hands are sweaty on a hot summer day. However, this type of grip tends to be uncomfortable when you compare them to uncorded grips.
  • Rubber Grip: Made with rubber, this has an adhesive feel. This is very easy to shape and produce and has a firm feeling. Plastic, silicon, and elastometer also fall into this category of grip.
  • Lightweight Grip: As the name indicates, this is very lightweight and is of metal wood technology. This will provide the player with lightweight feeling.
  • Wrap Grip: In this, leather is enfolded around the shaft. It has a soft surface texture that will give the player a gluey touch. It comes in an original style and is of modern material.
  • Putter Grip: This is the only kind of grip which is permitted in the golf rules for a flat edge. It will help you guide on where your thumbs should be located on the grip by adding it to the front of the grip.

Putter Grip Functionality

A putter grip is the one which varies from other types of grips. It does not need the exact traction and is for a normal golf swing. With this, a player can neither swing hard nor grip. There are many things that you need to consider when you look out for a good putter grip. They are available in different sizes which will let you perform better when you are in the game. If it is a thicker grip, then your wrists and hands will take out of the stroke. It will help to improve the golfer’s putting and is desired by most players. The thinner grip is better to hold when compared to a thicker grip. It will make you feel better, but there will be a lot of wrist movement. The more you make wrist action, the better you will suit with a thin grip.

How To Choose The Best Putter Grip?


With size, you get to hold the grip comfortably and will also make sure that you perform better. A perfect grip size will ensure that the fingers of the top hand do not touch the palm. If it is a larger grip, then there will be limited grip movement. Similar will be the problem if it is a thinner grip. Players can also make minor adjustments in getting a perfect grip size by adding tape layers between the grip and shaft.

Easy Maintenance

Grips often need replacement to make sure that it does not affect the performance. If there are signs of cracks or shiny material, then it should be replaced. You can also look out for other signs like wearing on the grip in order to replace it. See if a grip is easily washable with water and mild detergent. In doing so, there will be longevity in the grip.


Firmer grips will offer better turning control. It will also suit their higher swing speeds and will encourage players with light grip pressure. There are also soft grips which are easier to use and is more comfortable.


All type of grips is either ribbed or round. A ribbed grip has a small ridge on it and acts a reminder on where the fingers and hands should be on the grip.


All grips will last on how often you use them. It will also depend upon the players and how hard they grip. It is better if you replace grips after every 40 rounds. You can also change it once a year after it has allowed you to play, practice, and make you take swings.


For a beginner, it is important to choose the best putter grips that can enhance his/her performance. Buying a cheap putter grip can ruin the interest in golf, and it can make playing easy strokes difficult. Therefore, we have considered all the factors and chosen the best putter grip that is tailor-made to improve the performance and make stroke playing easier than ever. There are different types of best putter grip we have listed, and you need to read the features to understand the select the best one for you.

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