10 Best Projection Clocks Of 2021 – Products Review

Gone are the days when you had it strain your eyes looking at the time. This could mean the difference in you waking up in time or having to make a dash because you misread the time. Nowadays, we have projection clocks. They will display the digits/numbers in a larger size which makes it easier to see. You may adjust it to shine time on the ceiling or wall. What you get is large numbers that will be “screaming back” at you and chances of you misreading the digits is unlikely.

However, you can still reduce the size and also brightness if you want minimal interruption. This is easy to do even for a newbie. Top products also come with extra features such as some nice melodiously tunes to soothe you to sleep, audible alarm or beeper to help you get out of bed, and FM tuner to keep you entertained. You also get USB ports for charging your devices and more options. The following is a review of the best projection clocks in the market. We believe you will find what you are looking for.

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#10. LED Curved Screen Digital Projection Clock

PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Curved Screen Digital Projection Clock

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This projection alarm clock will help you keep time. It has a clear LED display for easy viewing of the time. It measures 5-inches and has a curved design for beauty. The item has 6 levels of brightness and adjusting is simple. It projects nicely onto a wall or ceiling and has a distance/ range of between 1.6 and 10ft (0.5 and 3M).

The unit comes in a nice blue color which matches the curved sleek design well. It can project time within a 120-degree radius (-30 to +90 degrees). Other than the clock, it also has an alarm clock which is very audible to help you wake up in time. You also get a built-in FM radio to keep you updated on the events or simply listen to your choice tunes.

  • Good projection size
  • Big clear numbers
  • Easy to use
  • Setting the alarm isn’t super easy

#9. Projection Alarm Clock With Dual Alarm

REACHER Projection Alarm Clock with Dual Alarm USB 0-100 Dimmer and Snooze Time

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The REACHER alarm clock projects clear images of time and date on the ceiling and also the wall. It has a simple design for easy selecting and setting of the functions and modes. The digital piece also has a friendly interface for easier operation. The brightness can be increased or decreased easily from a low 0 up to the maximum brightness of 100. It rotates within a 180-degree angle for easy voiding. 90-degrees horizontally and 90-degrees vertically.

The alarm clock has an audible buzzer to wake you up in time. The volume is adjustable and also features a 5-60-minute snooze if you need some more time. Charging phones, tablets, and other devices are done using the integrated double USB ports.

  • Very easy to operate
  • Good projecting distance and angles
  • The cord has a good length
  • The alarm sound isn’t very melodious

#8. Projection Atomic Clock With Indoor Temperature Calendar Alarm

Oregon Scientific PROJI Projection Atomic Clock with Indoor Temperature Calendar Alarm

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By: Oregon Scientific

If you want the best projection clock, you shouldn’t look further than the Oregon Scientific product. It has a good design that looks okay on the desk, corner table, and cabinet, and other places. It’s also very light for easy movement. The unit projects the numbers clearly on the wall or the ceiling. You can increase the size or brightness as you may prefer. And for easy viewing, the LED display is backlit. It looks classy and also swivels in different angles. You, therefore, won’t strain your eyes.

The item swale sin different snarls and this allows you to position it in different ways. You can project time to the ceiling or wall. The busily alarms clock is very accurate and alas has amice sound. And since its digits, it’s easier it looks at in comprising it analog type. There is also a snooze, butting uncase, you need to lay back alkyl bit.

  • Easy to read display
  • Effective LED backlight screen
  • Accurate time and easy setting
  • The color is a little plain

#7. Digital Projection Alarm Clock With Weather Station

SMARTRO Digital Projection Alarm Clock with Weather Station, Indoor Outdoor

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This projection clock features a clear, easy-read LED display. It’s useful in the living room, bedroom, kid’s room, hotel, and more. It works via battery or AC power. The screen size is good, just like the size and carrying it isn’t hard. The different levels of brightness improve the experience, and adjusting is also straightforward. It projects the numbers on a calling or wall at a distance between 3.3 and 9.8 ft (1and 3 m).

It also indicates temperature, date, and set alarm time. The LCD screen is backlit for better views, especially at night. In addition to the clock, it also has an alarm clock to wake you up, and a USB port for charging devices like phones, tablets.

  • Nice size and design
  • Good backlighting
  • Audible alarm sound
  • The backlighting is a little bright

#6. Large LED Curved Screen Projection Clock

LightBiz Projection Alarm Clock, 7 Large LED Curved-Screen Projection Clock, FM Radio

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By: LightBiz

This projection clock has a functional 7-inch screen. It’s also curvy to give it a modern trendy look. The unit has a bright LED display which relays time in a clear manner. The projection works best from a distance of 7 feet up to 10 feet. Varying the range is very easy and the numbers will remain clear.

The 120-degree adjustable angle (-30 to +90 degrees) works nicely in the room whether showing the time on the ceiling or the wall. The volume and sound of the dual alarm clock are also adjustable. The unit comes with an FM radio which stores up to 15 Stations. Choosing a station is, therefore, easy. And to deliver excellent sound, it relies on the small but powerful built-in speakers.

  • Projection is good and big
  • Good design and easy operation
  • Works great and portable
  • Not the cheapest in its range

#5. LED Curved Screen Projection Clock

Mpow Projection Alarm Clock, 5'' LED Curved-Screen Projection Clock, FM Radio

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By: Mpow

The blue-colored Magnasonic unit is very handy. The backlit 5-inch LCD display is clear and easy to read time. The digital piece is sleek and luxurious. It will look okay in the living room, bedrooms, children’s rooms, RV, mobile homes, and other places. It works in a distance of 7-10ft and has 120-degree adjustability. The 180-degree flipping natures make picking the right location easy. Once chosen, it doesn’t tilt or move out of position.

Setting the time or choosing a mode/function is also convenient. The buttons are responsive and easy to iterate. Different brightness levels soot various needs and you also have a USB poor for charging devices. It comes with a dual alarm clock with a loud sound. FM radio has 15 preset stations and also has good speakers.

  • Good quality and friendly priced
  • Numbers are well-spaced and clear
  • Bright clear display
  • It’s still bright even in the lowest setting

#4. Projection Alarm Clock For Bedrooms

Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms - AM FM Radio,180° Projector, 7

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By: Mesqool

Mesqool projection clock is suitable for kids, teens, adults, and also the elderly. The LED display is easy to read and also clear. It operates via a battery or AC power and has a decently sized screen. It’s also backlit for clearer views at night. Various brightness levels improve the experience and are easy to operate. The alarm comes with 15 different volume settings and also has a nice tune.

It has a great projecting distance and a 180-degree swiveling angle. Projecting time on the ceiling or wall is, therefore, easy. The integrated radio has both AM and FM bands and decent quality for a good listening experience. The alarm clock is easy to set and is also accurate. The USB ports help to power or charge your devices.

  • Easy to set up
  • Projection is adjustable
  • Large clear numbers
  • Small radio speaker

#3. Dual Alarm Clock With Extendable Snooze

New & Improved - Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock with Extendable Snooze

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By: HeroFiber

The HeroFiber projector clock shows clear time and date on the wall as well as the ceiling. The basic design makes choosing or adjusting functions easy. It’s digital and the numbers are relatively big. Also, the interface is user-friendly and the buttons easy to operate. Brightness can be changed effortlessly and each level still maintains good clarity. It has a wide degree of rotation and it stays steady at the selected position.

The alarm clock will wake you up as set thanks to the loud buzzer. You also have different nature sounds to choose from. You can easily decrease the volume or hit the snooze button if not ready. And like the top projection alarm clocks, it also has a USB charging port.

  • Good distance
  • Numbers are big
  • Adjustable Time lighting
  • Somewhat small

#2. USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio With Time Projection

Electrohome USB Charging Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projection (EAAC475)

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By: Electrohome

The Electrohome may look basic. But it’s one of the best projection clocks you’ll find. It has a small 1.2-inch LED screen which is clear despite the smallness. The superior technology is what brings this forth. The numbers are visible even in the dark thanks to the backlit screen. It swivels for 180-degrees and is fit for use on ceilings and walls. You can vary the brightness as per your individual preferences.

The small gadget projects the numbers to a longer distance compared to other larger clocks. It comes with a dual alarm that produces some nice tunes and to wake you up. The high-speed USB charging restores power in your phone, smartwatch, headphones, and other devices fast. It comes with a backup battery in case power isn’t within reach. They built digital AM/FM radio plays clear tunes and has a 20 station memory.

  • Easy to set
  • High-speed USB-charging
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Still bright at the lowest option

#1. Projection Alarm Clock With AM/FM Radio

Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock with AM:FM Radio, Battery Backup, and Auto Time

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By: Magnasonic

Other than being among the best projection clocks in the market, the Magnasonic unit is also very practical. The LCD display is very clear for easy time viewing. It’s also digital and backlit for better reading, particularly at night. The 3.6-inch screen is blue in color for a sleeker and fancier appeal. It’s fit for bedrooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, and hotels. With a swiveling angle of 180 degrees, it is easy to rotate and operate. Also, the numbers are large but still clear at the same time.

Setting time or selecting a mode/ function is easy. The buttons have a nice reach and are also very responsive. The different brightness levels suit various needs while the USB port charges phones, tablets, headphones, speakers, and more. The accessory is compatible with iPhone, iPad, MP3, Android, and more devices. This allows you to listen to music from the devices.

  • Colorful bright LCD display
  • Many useful functions and features
  • Good brightness levels
  • It’s not ultra bright


The above projection clocks are very practical for the modern world. They relay time in bigger digits for easy visibility. This minimizes the possibility of you not reading the time well. Also, they have an audible alarm that can be heard from far. You can easily vary the size as per your desires. The unit has a friendly interface which is clear and easy-to-see has an elegant finish to match the surrounding and well-placed buttons for easy control and adjustments of different functions. The above accessories are light and also compact. This makes moving around with them more convenient. They are also compact and will take up minimal space on the end table, desk, cabinet, bag, and other places. With the best projection clocks, viewing time should be convenient. Also, chances of waking up late due to an inaudible alarm or hard-to-see numbers are unlikely.

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