12 Best Press-On Nails In 2021 — Complete Review

Everyone is not gifted with the best shape of nails to show off. Moreover, to attract the attention to the crowd towards your nails and appreciate the beauty of the design you have put on, you need to take the utmost care of your nails. Instead, you can put on the beautiful press-on nail and take them off when you come back out. They are washable, and there are a lot of varieties available to choose from that will go perfectly with your every dress. Check out the best press-on nails that we have handpicked for kids and women.

List of The Best Press-On Nails

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#12. 24 Sheet Long Fake Nails

JINDIN 24 Sheet Long Fake Nails

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These press-on nails are a set of twenty-four long fake nails. It comes in wine red color and is perfect for full nail coverage. These are also easy to wear with the glue sticker attached to them. You can easily put them on your fingers. The fake nails have been perfectly shaped as they can be worn n different size nails as well. You can also cut them to any size you want to. Moreover, these can be used for any nail fashion as well.

You also get the sticker glue attached to the nails. Moreover, you get the nail file with double-sided sticker fake nails. Furthermore, you can remove them easily by dipping your nails in hot water.

In Short:
  • A kit has 24 fake nails
  • Available in lovely wine red color
  • Ideal for entire nail coverage
  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Comes with a nail file

#11. Scented Nail Boutique

Hot Focus Scented Nail Boutique

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By: Hot Focus

This is a kit of nail art which contains 168 pieces of fake nails and nail art items. The nails are scented and come in attractive designs. You can also find nail polish, nail stickers, nail file, nail ring, and nail patches in the kit. Moreover, the nail polish is water-based, and you can peel off it easily. The nail art set is also themed in cute kitten and bulldog.

There are 135 nail stickers, two water-based nail polishes, twelve scented nail press on and twenty scented nail patches in the kit. You also get a nail file and ring with the kit. Moreover, the products are kid-friendly, and you can use them safely on your kids too. The experts have also tested as per the safety standards of the product, so there is nothing to worry.

In Short:
  • Contains 168 fake nail and art pieces
  • Scented and attractive
  • Has a nail polish, nail ring, nail stickers
  • Water-based nail polish
  • Easy to peel off

#10. Pop Nail Glitz 3D Emoji Nail Art Kit

Hot Focus Pop Nail Glitz - 3D Emoji Nail Art Kit for Girls

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By: Hot Focus

This is a nail art kit for girls, and it contains all the items for a complete nail kit. The kit has a total of fifty-three pieces of nail decoration items. There is 3D press on nails, nail stickers, nail file, and also a nail ring. Moreover, the nail art kit is themed for emojis and has different themes such as rhinestones, googly eyes, and much other funny themed nail press on.

You can use these nails for five days, so no need to create a mess with your nails. Moreover, you can also reuse them later. You get twenty 3D nails, 31 nail stickers, and even a nail file and ring with the kit. This kit is safe for use on children and is suitable for children who are older than five years. It is definitely one of the best press-on nails to buy for your daughters.

In Short:
  • Ideal for girls
  • Contains lovely nail decoration items
  • Themed for emojis
  • Lasts for 5 days
  • Safe for children above five years

#9. 24Pcs/Set Bridal False Nails Set

Yean 24Pcs:Set Bridal False Nails Set Full Cover Short Square

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By: Yean

This is a set of false bridal nails which contains twenty-four pieces. These are fake press-on nails and come in different designs to be used in your nail. You can easily apply them to your nails and remove. The nail designs are blingy, and you can also use it for any wedding party or special day celebration. Moreover, you can find different nails of different sizes so they can be easily fit in your nails.

You can wear these false nails without any worry as they are chemical-free. They are safe to be used in natural nails. To wear the fake nails, you also get two choices in the package. There are adhesive tabs and glue provided so you can choose accordingly. Moreover, you can also apply and remove it properly with the instructions provided.

In Short:
  • Includes false bridal nails
  • Has multiple designs
  • Ideal for special occasions like wedding parties
  • Different-sized nails
  • Easy to fit

#8. Impress Gel Nails with Glitter Accents

Kiss Products Impress Gel Nails with Glitter Accents

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By: Kiss

This set are press-on nails that are available in dark green color. You can also wear them comfortably on your nails as they come in different nail sizes. So, you can align them easily with your cuticles. You just have to press them firmly on your nails, and you are ready to go. Moreover, it is easy to apply these glitter gel nails.

The product is completely safe to use on your nails. These nails are very easy to use as they come in peel-off adhesive. So, there is no need to apply glue for your nails. The gold glitters on the nails add to the bling and increase elegance. The product is of high quality and stays for long, so it does not come off. You just have to put it on, and it will not peel off.

In Short:
  • Come in the dark green shade
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Easy to align to cuticles
  • Quality peel-off adhesive
  • Shimmery gold glitters

#7. 24 Pcs 12 Sizes Solid Color Fake Nails

24 Pcs 12 Sizes Solid Color Fake Nails Short Press on Style

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This is a set of twenty-four pieces of fake nails. This press-on style fake nail set comes in a stunning black color. You can use it for five days and also reuse it after that. The acrylic technology of the product gives it durability. Moreover, the package comes with nails, glue stickers, and a mini file. The twenty-four nails also come in twelve different sizes so they can fit in any nail size.

You can wear these fake nails in case of any home or professional use. You also need not spend more time to wear these nails. The nails are very safe to use, so you do not have to worry about it. Moreover, it is very easy to remove the nails too.

In Short:
  • Contains 24 artificial nails
  • Easy to press on and reuse
  • Durable acrylic technology
  • For professional or casual use
  • Simple to remove

#6. 24Pcs 12 Different Sizes False Nails

24Pcs 12 Different Sizes Matte Black:Grey:Wine Red Stiletto False Nails

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This is a set of long and full cover false nails. The pack contains twenty-four nails in twelve different sizes. You do not have to worry about the different sizes of your nails as they come in different sizes. You can also easily apply the false nails as they come with glue stickers. Moreover, you get a mini file with the nail set as well. It is one of the most beautiful and best press-on nails to have.

You can also design your own nails using these false nails. You can easily use these nails for home as well as professional use. These nails pass through acrylic technology, so they are durable and are long-lasting. Moreover, they are safe to use on your natural nails as well. They last for five days, and you can also reuse them afterward. You can also remove the nails very easily.

In Short:
  • Has both full coverage and long nails
  • 12 different sizes
  • Easy to use the glue stickers
  • Convenient mini file
  • Safe to press-on, remove and reuse

#5. Short Oval False Round Nails

BTArtbox Fake Nails Short Oval Nails False Round Nails

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By: BTArtbox

This is a set of fake full cover nails to be used on natural nails. The nails are available in round shape and cover the entire nails. The nails are available in a box, and you get the entire set altogether. It contains five hundred pieces of false nails in ten different sizes. Moreover, the nails are also pressed on which means you can apply them directly.

You get three colors of nails in the box, like a clear, white, and natural color. You can also choose to apply any nail art over the fake nails. The nails also have the perfect length, so they cover your natural nails completely. The nail tips are oval to give you the perfect shape and design. Moreover, you can very easily apply or remove these nails on your natural nails.

In Short:
  • Suitable on natural nails
  • Available in a simple round shape
  • Cover the whole nails
  • 3 colors available including white
  • Boasts of the perfect length

#4. Fake Nails With Short Coffin Nail Tips

False Nails Fake Nails Short Coffin Nail Tips

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By: BTArtbox

This is a pack of six hundred pieces of artificial nails. The pack of false nails has short coffin nail tips to give a perfect style. The nails come in ten different sizes to fit any nail size. They also cover your nails fully to ensure the perfect fit. You get two optional lengths-long and short for wearing artificial nails. Moreover, they come in three different colors, like natural, clear, and white colors. You can easily create your favorite designs on these nails.

You can easily apply those fake nails over your natural nails without any hassle. The nails can be trimmed, colored, or shaped. Those are also high-quality nail items that you can use safely. Moreover, these nails are environment-friendly and do not cause any harm. They are also non-toxic to your body.

In Short:
  • Contains 600 artificial nails
  • Prides short coffin-style nail tips
  • Fits all nail sizes
  • Comes in both long and short lengths
  • Easy to apply, color, trim

#3. Clear Tips Stiletto Nails

ECBASKET Clear Nail Tips Stiletto Nails Full Cover Fake Nails

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This is a set of clear nails which is suitable for boys, girls, men, or women. These are long clear nails which you can easily wear over your natural nails. The nails also have sharp tips and are stiletto nails. These are artificial press on nails which can be easily applied over natural nails. You can paint or file easily on these long nails. Moreover, they are of high-quality materials which are safe to use.

The nails can last for 1-3 weeks and are safe to use on your natural nails. The material is very light to use and also does not feel heavy on your nails. They are non-toxic and do not cause any harm. Moreover, you get fifty nails with ten different sizes so it can fit any nail size.

In Short:
  • Suitable for women, boys, girls, or men
  • Have a long and clear style
  • Pressed on top of natural nails
  • Features sharp tips
  • Easy to file and paint

#2. 500pcs False Nails

Makartt 500pcs Coffin Nails Clear Ballerina False Nails

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By: Makartt

This is a five hundred piece clear nails. The nails are shaped coffin ballerina and are full cover nails. You can easily apply it in a short period to cover your nails properly. They also have long tips and come in ten different sizes. You can easily wear them even If you have different nail size. Moreover, the false nails are easy to apply.

The nails also do not cause any harm to the environment or to your body so you can use them safely. You can easily paint or file these coffin nails according to your wish. The material is very durable, and you can use them for up to three weeks. Moreover, they are quite easy to apply and remove as well. It is also a great gift for anyone who is creative and loves nail art. It is by far one of the best press-on nails to buy.

In Short:
  • Contains 500 pieces of clear fake nails
  • Shaped in unique coffin ballerina
  • Fast and comfortable application
  • 10 different size and long tips
  • Environmentally safe design

#1. 500Pcs False Nails

ECBASKET 500Pcs Coffin Nails Clear Nail Tips Full Cover Artificial Nails

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This is a pack of clear coffin nails for wearing them over natural nails. The package consists of 500 pieces which are available in ten different sizes. The clear nails also cover your nail tips and give full coverage to your natural nails. Moreover, you can design your nails accordingly. They come in different sizes so that you can wear them according to your convenience.

The nails fit very well to your natural nails and are very safe to use. They can last for 1-3 weeks and are very durable. They do not have any smell, so do not cause any harm to your health or the environment. You can easily apply the clear false nails and also easily remove them as well. You can also customize the length of the nails by trimming them to your suitable size.

In Short:
  • Wearable over natural nails
  • Contains 500 artificial nails
  • Cover entire nail tips
  • Last between 1 to 3 weeks
  • No smell emissions

Advantages Of Using Press-on Nails

No More Nail Biting Habit

Generally, artificial nails are made of acrylic. Therefore, you will not get the urge to bite your nails repeatedly. By using the press-on nails, you can quit the habit of chewing nails with ease.

No Need To Grow Nails

Growing nails and maintaining them is one of the biggest deals and time-consuming. These instant nails help you to quit the need to grow your own nails. Many of the press-on nails come with beautiful nail art or colors.


You do not have to go to the salon for getting highly expensive manicure treatment. The false nails with their cost-effective price and natural look help you to save plenty of bucks. The press-on nails help to maintain the manicured nails for a long time. You can get the perfect French manicure nails if you use the acrylic nails


The ready-made nails are usually longer than your natural nails. Even, they allow you to trim them according to your requirement. They also come in several designs, so you do not need to buy expensive nail polishes. By applying the protective gel, you can easily maintain the symmetrical lengths for all the nails.

Fast Dry

Generally, these nails take less than 5 minutes to dry. You do not have to wait for your turn in the salon when you can fit the false nails all by yourself.

No Risk Of Getting Hurt

Your natural nails can get easily broken, and you can hurt yourself. In the case of these ready-made nails, there is no chance of getting hurt. Even they last for a really long time. The acrylic nails are harder than your natural nails.

Personal Styling

The acrylic nails allow you to do personal nail styling as well. You can paint them, use glitter or stone on them. Therefore, you can make your DIY nails to make your own style statement. You can even get the expert-designed nail at home with less expense. The nail polish lasts longer on the press-on nails and does not chip-off.

Long-Lasting Shine

Unlike the natural nails, the acrylic nails are able to keep the shine for a really long time. The nails protect their glossiness even after laundering, washing plates, and so on. You can even reuse the press-on nails if you properly use them and remove them.

How To Apply Press-On Nails?

With the help of press-on nails, you will get a glamorous look instantly. By applying it properly, you can easily outsmart anyone and get their attention. Here are the points on how to put on press-on nails.

Preparing Your Nails:

The primary thing that you need to do is to get rid of your old nail polish. Be removing the old nail polish, you will easily make the press-on nail to stick. To conveniently remove them, you can use acetone or any other thing. Make sure to wash your hands after removing as the chemicals can dry your nails.

Get a Quick Manicure:

To ensure that your nails are healthy, you need to get quick manicure prep. Soak your nails in warm water for almost five minutes which will make them become soft. Following that, you can dry them with a cloth. You can even add a hand wash shop to clean it effectively, but you need to make sure that it does not have oil, which will make your nails sticky and will make it tough for you to apply the press-on nails.

Trimming and Filing:

Trim your nails with the help of nail scissors or nail clipper. You need to ensure that they are all even and it should not be too short so that the press-on nails will not get hold. You can also make smooth edges with the help of a nail file.

Cuticles and Buffing:

You will also have to push back your cuticles when your nail beds are soft. By doing so, the press-on nails will stick on the nails and not on your skin. However, make sure that you don’t trim the cuticles as your nail beds might get infected. There will also be a risk of accumulating germs and dirt by trimming the cuticles. You will also have to create a rough surface by using a nail buffer. Clean the dust after you are done with the buff.

Placing the Press-on Nails:

Place the press-on nails accordingly on your nails so that it will fit perfectly on the size of your nails. If it does not fit comfortably, then you can shape the bottom edges with the help of a file. You can apply it with the help of nail glue, which usually comes with the press-on nails. You can also apply it with acrylics. However, the same may be complicated. Other items that can be used are gels and glues.

Applying the Nail:

Put a little glue on your nail and the same amount on the press-on nail. Now carefully place the nail on your nail in a perfect line. After doing it, you will have to press it for ten seconds. You need to ensure that the nail is resolutely set, and you should not use excessive glue. Always begin with the dominant hand first, and do not put it on the crooked nail. You will have to repeat the process with the remaining nails and then give it a little filing to get the desired shape. If the press-on nail fits perfectly then, you don’t have to file it.


Putting on press-on nails has become a trend, and even the celebrities do the same. There are various benefits of press-on fake nails as you can hide your original nails, and you can also protect them from harmful chemicals that women apply for great designs. They also help to reduce the makeup time as they come in ready-made designs, and they are also highly affordable. Therefore, you do not have to buy nail polish and other such nail designing products. However, there are certain uncolored best press-on nails also available to design them as you like.

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