The 11 Best Outdoor String Lights In 2021 — Review

Everyone wants their home to look the best during the festive seasons. Therefore, they invest in decorating the outdoor as well as the indoor of their homes. The lights are the primary choice, and the outdoor string light is the best option. You can buy outdoor string lights of different sizes, and you can also buy multiple of them and connect them together. If you have a slightly higher budget, you should opt for the dimmable outdoor string lights that are trendy and eye-catching. We have handpicked the best outdoor string lights available online.

The 11 Best Outdoor String Lights In 2021

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#11. Outdoor LED String Lights Pack

Joddge Outdoor String Lights LED 2 Pack

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By: Joddge

This is very safe to use outdoor string light which comes in a set of 15 LED lights. You can also use it indoors and will create a wonderful ambiance during a romantic dinner. You can use it in all types of weather, and it is resistant to sun, wind, dust, snow, and rain, making it ideal for outdoor usage. Moreover, this is very easy to install, and it has the ability to withstand various elements.

Furthermore, you can use it on various occasions, and it will look great on your patio. This is ideal for weddings, parties, and festivals. This has energy-saving 2 watts LED bulbs and will not be heavy on your pocket. There is a space of three feet on each bulb, and it comes in a set of two.

#10. Classyke 48ft Indoor Outdoor String Lights

Classyke 48ft Indoor Outdoor String Lights

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By: Classyke

This is a 48-feet outdoor string light which will look great in your patio. This is weather resistant and can withstand dust, rain, snow, and sun. You can display it all year, and it has a UL certified adapter. This is very safe to use, and you can install it with ease. Moreover, this can also be used indoors and is suitable for all types of occasions like parties, festivals, weddings, and even bedroom.

You can use it confidently and leave it all summer and winter. Furthermore, this has glass bulbs and is also durable. On each socket, you will find zip ties or eye hooks which make it convenient to install. The flexible mounting options make it a suitable product to use at home or commercial.

#9. Weatherproof Outdoor Patio String Lights

AmazonBasics Weatherproof Outdoor Patio String Lights S14 Bulb

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By: AmazonBasics

Here is an outdoor string bulb which comes in a connectable design from end to end. This has a total of 15 incandescent bulbs which is very clear. This has a spacing of three-foot between each bulb, and the bulbs have a medium base of 11-watt. Moreover, you will also find a replaceable bulb for free, and you can choose the string color either in black or white.

This will give you continuous lighting and is a very durable product. Furthermore, it will look great on your lawn or patio and is suitable for all types of festivals. This is very suitable for outdoor use, and it measures a total of 48 foot. It is safe for use, and you can install it with ease. The lights come in different colors and will coordinate with your décor.

#8. Durable Outdoor String Lights

Addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights

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By: Addlon

This is a durable outdoor string light which is suitable for all types of weather. This is ideal for commercial use and will look great in café and restaurants. This has the ability to withstand rain, sun, wind, and snow, and you can also use it indoors. Furthermore, this is perfect for a romantic dinner as there is a dimmer which you can set up as per your preference. You can also decorate it on trees and has a festive feeling.

Moreover, this has incandescent bulbs, and you will also be getting three extra bulbs for free. This comes with hooks which makes it easy to hang anywhere you want. The product comes with smart installation making it easier to set up. This will give illumination anywhere you want and will add flair to parties. Overall, it is one of the best outdoor string lights on the list.

#7. LED String Light Pack

SUNTHIN 2-Pack 48ft LED String of Lights

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This is a two-pack outdoor string light which has sunthin dimmer. This is waterproof which makes it suitable for outdoor usage. You can even use it indoors and create a wonderful environment. It is 48-feet long and has 15 suspended sockets. This comes with a total of 18 bulbs, which includes three spare bulbs. Moreover, the LED bulbs are shatterproof and will last for a long time. The sockets are compatible for any type of bulb and will go with your own style.

Furthermore, this is linkable, and the female plugs will easily attach to the strings. With this string light, you will create a perfect ambiance in any kind of wedding, party, or festival, and it will look great in your garden, lawn, or patio. This product meets the safety requirements of ETL and has also gone independent testing. Even the sockets are waterproof and come with a gap of three-foot. This is very suitable for commercial use and is a durable product.

#6. Vintage LED Color Changing Café String Lights

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons LED Warm White & Color Changing Café String Lights

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By: Enbrighten

Here is a durable outdoor string light which will highlight any garden, patio, or lawn. This is ideal for your backyard as it will create a wonderful atmosphere with its illumination. This comes in a length of 48-feet, and you can also select one of 24-feet. It will go on any occasion and comes in two different color combinations. Furthermore, you can also select the dimness and has timeout options of two or four hours.

This is color changeable and comes with commercial-grade construction. Moreover, this is very easy to install, and you can easily link it to 750 feet. It has flexible mounting options, and the power cord plugs are very strong. This has a spacing of 24 inches between each bulb and comes with end to end connections. It will also go indoors and has impact-resistant bulbs which will last for a long time. This is controlled with a remote control, where you can also set the brightness.

#5. Waterproof Black String Lights

50ft Black String Lights, 60 G40 Globe Bulbs (10 Extra)- Connectable, Waterproof, Indoor:Outdoor

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By: Outdoor Lighting Store

Ideal for your backyard, patio, porches, or lawn, this outdoor string light is very durable and will last for a long time. This comes in a length of 50 feet and has a spacing of 12 inches between each bulb. This is connectable from end to end, and you can also link it with two other string lights. Furthermore, this has a tail along with a female connector and will give a perfect warm glow. This will create a relaxing ambiance when you use it indoors.

You will also be getting 10 extra bulbs for easy replacement. Moreover, this has a candelabra socket base and consumes less power. Even if one of the bulbs goes out, the others will continue to illuminate. You can decorate your place with ease, and it features a weatherproof cable. This is also waterproof and includes 100 zip ties which will aid in installation. There is also a spare fuse and will emit white light which is not intense. It definitely qualifies to be one of the best outdoor string lights to buy.

#4. String Lights With Sockets & Hanging Loops

2-Pack SUNTHIN 48ft String of Lights with 15 x E26 Sockets and Hanging Loops

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This outdoor string light is available in 96 feet length, along with 15 sockets. You will also get 3 extra bulbs with this outdoor bulb string. This string light set has the weather-resistant capability. The sockets have a seal around it to keep the water away. There are 18 incandescent bulbs available with this string. You can fit any bulb according to your choice with the same compatibility to set your own style. Moreover, the black wire of the set is high in quality and long-lasting.

You can prefer this string of bulbs to decorate a party, Christmas or other occasions. The bulbs are safe to use as these pass through some tests before placing in the market. Furthermore, it can create a perfect romantic atmosphere by spreading a soft and elegant light on the lawn. You can also connect and assemble this string of light easily.

#3. Waterproof & Dimmable LED String Lights

Mpow 49ft LED String Lights, Waterproof Dimmable Outdoor String Lights

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By: Mpow

This outdoor string light is ideal for brightening your party at the lawn for serving the elegant and soft light. Its unique shed creates a mesmerizing atmosphere at your place on the occasion of Christmas or wedding celebration. This string of light has 16 LED bulbs. 3.2 feet distance is there within 2 bulbs. The weather-resistant capability of these bulbs and sockets give you a long-lasting result. Moreover, you will also get the cup hooks that are easy to install and decorate your lawn. The rubber strands of the string are flexible and long-lasting at the same time.

You will also be able to install the wire and the bulbs in an easy manner. The bulbs of the string are long-lasting and available with the 18 months warranty. You can also customize your decoration with this string and 23 strands. Furthermore, this LED light string has an economical and power-saving design which is profitable for the user.

#2. Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights

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By: Brightech

This LED outdoor string light is appropriate for decorating your lawn on a special occasion. You can also use this string to decorate your bedroom in a romantic way. This string allows you to fit a maximum of 40 strands. 3 feet space is there within two bulbs. Moreover, the strands are sturdy, and these have the construction of heavy-duty material. This string light is also waterproof and weather resistant at the same time. So, you can use it throughout the year without any fear of damage. The cord is flexible and thick which makes it more durable and long-lasting too.

You will also get this product with 3 years of warranty. Furthermore, these light bulbs don’t become hot after using several hours at a stretch. You can save the power and electric bill by using this LED string light. You will also get this string light bulb at a reasonable price. Overall, it is one of the best string lights to buy on the list.

#1. Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

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By: Brightech

The pro lights of this string are an ideal choice for the people who want to decorate their deck on a special occasion. The lights of this string are of heavy-duty material that lasts for a long period and gives your deck a warm brightness. There are 15 bulbs of 11 watts in this string. Moreover, the cord of this string light is flexible and thick. This is also very durable and has weather-resistant capability. The bulbs are also waterproof, and you have no fear of damaging them even if you hang them throughout the year. You can use this string to decorate your bedroom as well.

The bulbs of this string don’t get hot after keeping them on for a long period. These LED bulbs are also power-saving and spread a nostalgic light in your area. Furthermore, you will get 3 years of warranty on this product. This strand is 48 foot in length, and 3 feet space is there between two bulbs.

Things To Consider When Buying Outdoor String Lights

  • Durability: Outdoor string lights must be durable and weather resistant. This is to ensure long-lasting quality for years of use. Style matters, but do not overlook the durability of the bulbs.
  • Length: When it comes to string lights, lengths are very important. Make sure that the ones that you choose are long enough to cover for your decoration. If not, you might end up buying multiple strings which are quite costly.
  • Light Bulb Size: String lights come in a variety of sizes that you can choose from. You have to be careful when picking the size, and don’t forget to think about the replacement. Since you will need to replace the bulbs, make sure that the same sizes are available.
  • Light Bulb Type: If you want to cover a large area brightly, go for LED bulbs. In case you prefer the traditional décor with soft and warm light, incandescent bulbs are perfect for that.

Common Types Of Outdoor String Lights

There are many different types of outdoor string lights that you can choose from. The choice is all yours depending on how and where you want to display them. Let’s take a look and see which type is the most suitable for you.

Edison Bulb Lights

Simple and stylish, Edison bulb lights offer the retro and vintage touch to any outdoor areas. That is because they have this beautiful and timeless look that delivers just the cool antique vibe. Edison bulb lights usually give off a warm glow which is very pleasing to the eyes.

Fairy Lights

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration, fairy lights are simply beautiful and magical to have. You can place them on trees especially on their branches and trunks, and they look great on terraces and gazebos. Fairy lights are very easy to find, and their price is also acceptable as well.

Feston Lights

This is a cafe light, and people usually use them as accent lights and decorations in similar spaces. It is the traditional type of garland lights with big bulbs, and they are very versatile. You can use them for porches, patios, pergolas, and they are very easy to decorate. At the same time, you can also connect several strands together as well which is so convenient.

Rope Lights

This type of light is very distinctive, and they come with tiny bulbs enclosed in a PVC tube. That is how to get the name due to the rope-like look. Rope lights are flexible and versatile, and you can use them to wrap around poles, trees, staircases, and more.

Solar Lanterns

With solar-powered, they are very economical and convenient to use. Solar lanterns simply charge themselves during the day and automatically light up when the sun goes down. This type has a very distinctive look, with the miniature paper appearance only more durable and stylish. Also, they are perfect for outdoor use since they can withstand typical weather conditions throughout the year.


There are a few factors one has to keep in mind while buying an outdoor string light. It is better to buy an oversized outdoor string light. Besides, you should see how much bulbs are there and the distance between them. It is better to buy those where the distance is less as they look better in the eyes. These lights are weatherproof, and you can also use them indoor for various celebrations like birthday and anniversary when you are not using them in the outdoors like your patio, garden, or backyard. All these best outdoor string lights are of high quality and highly durable.

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