11 Best Outdoor Barstools — Full Review In 2021

Most places have an accessory for resting. Some of these items include a sofa, stool, settee, couch, or even a mat. These are the most common items that most individuals use. In this article, we will focus on the barstool and its features that make it popular each day. The barstools are excellent products for indoor and especially outdoor use. You can comfortably place them outside to promote outdoor scenery and events. Some of the benefits these units offer are a calm sitting, aesthetic beauty, simple to use, and also easy to maintain. We have come up with the top 10 best outdoor barstool choices currently in the market. Let’s look at what makes them a favorite to most users.

List of The 11 Best Outdoor Barstools

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#11. Furniture Bar Stool With Powder-Coated Metal Frame Set

Changjie Furniture Bar Stool-High Backless Powder-Coated Metal Frame- Set of 4

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By: Changjie Furniture

The above accessory serves as a nice sitting for all weather types. It is made with a detachable low back that offers a unique design. You can remove the low back to have a backless design. Also, this item comes with a crossbar design under the seat for additional stability. With this unit, the wooden top adds more beauty to the overall construction, unlike other units that use a single material. Moreover, this accessory gives a quiet and scratchproof performance because of the plastic caps and rubber feet protective elements. Furthermore, this product offers space-saving features with the stackable style that is easy to use. Also, with this unit, you can place it in many places and still gives out excellent results.

#10. Outdoor All Weather Patio Wicker Barstool

Sundale Outdoor 2 Pcs All Weather Patio Furniture Brown Wicker Barstool

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By: Sundale Outdoor

The above unit is among those that offer a safe and durable outdoor service. You can arrange them neatly outside without the worry of material damage. The aluminum frame provides rust resistant and waterproof properties. Also, this item comes with 2 well-made cushions measuring 5cm thick. The cushions offer maximum comfort without sliding off. Besides, this product has spot-cleanable and detachable cushions filled with fiber to resist fading and provide easy cleaning.

Another feature is inclusive of assembly instructions to give you a straightforward installation. Moreover, this accessory boasts of a wicker design finished by hand to add a more natural feel and character to your space. Also, the wicker is UV safe to offer safe use and prevent sunlight damages.

#9. Grey Wicker Design Bar Stool Set

Conrad Outdoor Furniture- Grey Wicker Design- Set of 4- Patio Bar Stool

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By: GDF Studio

The above outdoor barstool is excellent for adding great aesthetics to your patio or even the backyard. The PE wicker material is perfect for most outdoor events to give you a comfortable time during a barbecue. Also, this item boasts of an elegant gray finish that sets it apart from the standard brown look most units have. Moreover, this product has a simple assembly that requires no expert skills.

This stool is made with a powder-coated iron frame that offers a continued service even in extreme use. Also, this accessory gives out a cleaner look with the lack of an armrest and the presence of a footrest. Additionally, this merchandise comes in a set of 4 to give you more space for more people to have a pleasant sit-down.

#8. Indoor and Outdoor Metal Low Back Barstool

Merax Indoor and Outdoor Low Back Barstool, Metal Design, Set of 2, Golden Black

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By: Merax

Merax outdoor barstool offers a look that does not go out of style. The blend of different material and frame give your unit a more distinguished appearance. Also, this accessory has a base with soft rubber caps on each leg to protect the surface of your floor. Besides, the rubber protection offers a noiseless operation in case of movements. Moreover, this item is made of steel to provide an easy-clean and extended service. Also, the material provides a corrosion-free and fade-proof element to give you long years of use.

The above unit adds an industrial feel to any outdoor and indoor space and can hold up to 500 pounds. Lastly, this merchandise boasts of a double water-resistant feature to withstand all weather conditions, especially in rainy seasons. The golden black color adds more edgy look in your outdoor scene.

#7. Outdoor Stool Wicker

Crosley Stool, Outdoor Wicker- Set of 2 (Brown)

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By: Crosley Furniture

If you are looking for an outdoor seat with a simple design, then this is an ideal choice. It measures 29-inch for you to rest your body at a nice height comfortably. Also, this product features a palm harbor construction that offers a calm place for a relaxed meeting or peaceful scene. The above unit is made with a UV resistant that offers safe use and protects against sun damage. Crosley stool does not disappoint in providing a comfortable sitting due to the large sitting surface. No more moving around to find the best sitting position even in long hours of use.

Furthermore, this unit is perfect for all-weather even during the rainy season because of moisture-proof resin wicker. Besides, this item boasts of a steel frame for extended service. Lastly, this accessory can be used as a bar stool or on a patio.

#6. Metal Bar Stool Set of 4

Devoko Bar Stools- Metal Design- Set of 4- 24-Inch Industrial Finish (Gun)

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By: Devoko

Devoko comes in a set of 4 barstools is great for home use to bring out a modern industrial feel for breakfast or casual sitting. The above unit is made with a sheet metal frame to prevent bending issues during storage or use. You have a peaceful use every time you assemble and disassemble even when kids are near the vicinity. Also, this item comes with a stackable design to gives you space-saving elements. Some units are not stackable which prevents minimum storage space and even an organized look when not in use.

This product is easy to clean, and there is no assembly required. Furthermore, with this accessory, it features a crossbar under the stool to offer more strength to the entire unit and a nice footrest position. Also, this item has a seating area dimension of 11.8” by 11.8” for a comfortable sit down.

#5. Cast Aluminum Patio Stool

Best Choice Outdoor BarStool, Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture, Copper Design

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If you know a barstool that focuses more on beauty, then this is the best choice. You get a European inspired feel with the details imprinted on the overall construction. Also, this item offers zero corrosion and anti-fade elements because of the cast aluminum design. The sturdy frame with 3 tiers offers additional stability and uniqueness to make the unit more eye-appealing than the rest. Moreover, this accessory boasts of copper finish that gives out an antique style that easily blends with your outdoor decor.

This piece features a footrest to give your feet a nice place to rest them with maximum comfort. Also, this product has an inbuilt swivel action to provide you with a nice rotating action as you enjoy your scenery. Furthermore, this stool weighs 32 pounds which makes it easy for mobility and storage actions. The UV protected technology offers safe use at all times.

#4. High Backless Black Metal Bar Stool

Flash Furniture 4 Pk. 30'' High Backless Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Barstool

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By: Flash Furniture

The Flashy furniture is a great unit that saves you money if bought in a set of 4 instead of separately. The 4 stools are easy to store when not in use because of the backless feature. Also, this item features rubber foot glides with plastic caps to ensure your floor is free from scratches and damage. Besides, this unit is made with a stackable design for minimum storage space. Moreover, the above accessory has sturdy footrests with a counter height to offer maximum comfort to your legs and whole body.

Another thing is the inbuilt drain hole in the stool to prevent moisture or water accumulation from rainfall when left outside. Also, this product prides on having a steel finish that gives out a beautiful modern look in any outdoor scene. You can use a simple cleaning solution of dish soap and water to clean the wicker.

#3. Outdoor Wicker Bar Stool Set Of 6

Cloud Mountain Tax-Free Outdoor Wicker Bar Stool, Set of 6

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By: Cloud Mountain

Cloud Mountain outdoor bar stool is perfect for comfortably entertaining a group of friends. The above seats come in a set of 6 unlike the standard 4 set or less. You can place three stools at each side or in a row to give you a wide design choice. Also, this item is made of PE Hand-woven rattan wicker that has a 9mm thickness for added strength. For a safe and premium service, the strong powder-coated steel frame serves this purpose. Besides, this product can hold up to 250-pound weight which is ideal for most people of different sizes.

The stool has an ergonomic size of 25.25” x 20″ x 46.5″ for more comfort and relaxation. Another thing is the 90-degree armrest that has a beautiful construction to offer support to your arms as you relax. Also, this stool has a wide seat with a brown tone that blends well with the pre-existing decor.

#2. Metal Stackable Bar Stools

Furmax Silver Metal Stackable Bar Stools, 24-Inches High Outdoor Counter Stools

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By: Furmax

The above product has a modern design that works best for most outdoor places. This item features a quality varnish cover to add a glossy finish and beautiful appearance. Your stool will stand out from most outdoor decors without trying too hard. Also, this accessory has a versatile design to allow use in barbecues, backyards, patios, kitchen, and also in the restaurant. With this unit, it is made of metal which offers waterproof and rust-resistant properties. Also, this material is strong enough to withstand pressure and offer premium service.

It comes with a non-mar rubber feet to prevent hardwood floor damage like scratches. The rubber feet design also offer a quiet performance when moving your stools around. Furthermore, this stool weighs 38.5 pounds to promote easy portability. Besides, this merchandise has a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to get a refund in case of undesirable results. Also, these products boast of a backless construction that adds a unique look to your outdoor space.

#1. Outdoor Wicker Barstool Set Of 4

Stewart | Outdoor Wicker Barstool | Set of 4 | in Brown

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By: Christopher Knight Home

When you want a barstool that has a durable finish, the above unit does not disappoint. It is made with finely woven polyethylene wicker that is moisture-resistant. Also, this material offers rust-proof elements to provide long-lasting service. Besides, this accessory features a sturdy iron frame with powder coating to gives an overall eye-appealing finish. Another thing this seat has is a weight of only 48.4 pounds to provide easy portability and use. You can easily carry the set of 4 because of the stackable design without any assistance.

With this best outdoor barstool, it boasts of a brown shade that easily blends in with its surroundings. Also, this color is easy to maintain and clean. Also, this equipment comes in a set of 4 to fit in all outdoor space without using up too much room. Additionally, its dimensions are 47.05” x 24.80” x 23.62” which is ideal for viewing your surroundings without straining. Lastly, you can relax your hands and legs comfortably with the armrests and footrests.

Additional Features In Outdoor Barstools

In case you are looking for outdoor barstools, we have some tips that you should have in mind. Choosing the right barstools is not too difficult if you have these things in mind, so feel free to check them out.

  • Adjustable Height: allows the barstools to accommodate users of any height. In case you have customers or users with different height, then don’t overlook these features.
  • Footrest: is quite important because it helps to add more comfort to users. It is quite awkward to just swing your legs as you sit on a barstool, especially for short users. That is why footrest is great in outdoor barstools.
  • Padding: helps to add more comfortable especially for long hours use. Padded seat or back also provides more supports as well which is a total plus.
  • Width: the seat reflects the amount of comfort that the barstools deliver. Too small is not comfortable, so it is advisable to go for barstools with a large seat.

Types Of Barstool

Before you buy a barstool, you have to think about the type that fits your design and style. There are different types of a barstool that you can choose from, so let’s take a look.

Arm vs. Armless

This type is quite optional because you will most likely to rest your arms on the table. However, you may have to consider the storage if you want the back stool with arms. Make sure that the height of the table or countertop can accommodate the size of your barstool with arms. See if you can store them under the table when not in use because that helps to save a lot of space.

Back vs. Backless

Depends on your preference, either of these is quite comfortable to sit on. Barstools with back offer more support for you, and somehow they are more comfortable. Their only downside is that storage is not so convenient because of the back design. As for backless barstools, they are ideal for rooms with limited space since you can push them under the counter. The storage is easy, and most of them are lightweight as well which is simply nice to have.

What To Think Before Buying Outdoor Barstools

There are two simple steps that you can follow so that you can purchase the right outdoor barstools.

  • Measure your countertop height before you buy an outdoor barstool. That way, you will be able to calculate the height of the stool and bar for comfortable use. Too tall can be uncomfortable, and it might cause a backache for some users. Outdoor barstools that are too short are also uncomfortable because you cannot comfortably rest your arms on the counter.
  • Pick the style or design of the outdoor barstools to match with your bar décor. The key is to see what type of décor you have so that you can choose the right barstools. Wooden barstools fit great with rustic décor while metal or plastic barstools are for contemporary use.


We understand there are numerous accessories easily accessible for sitting. We have come up with the best outdoor barstool that offers excellent features. Remember that some of the outdoor barstools we have on our list can be used for indoor purposes. What makes the items we have a favorite to many are the many advantages they provide. For instance, fantastic functionality, premium comfort, quick and easy assembly, beautiful aesthetics, and also simple maintenance. You do not have to spend a lot of time shopping for the best outdoor barstool that fits your preference. Just go through the list above and get to find one that has the features that interest you. Check out the links below to get more useful barstool information.

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