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Top 8 Best Outdoor Misting Fans You Should Own

Enjoy a refreshing breeze on your patio or deck with an outdoor fan. It is perfect for use on different applications to cool the air, especially during the hot summer. Also, you can wall-mount or place on a stable surface without worrying about the floor room. In this review, we look at the best outdoor misting fans in 2020.

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#8. CoolZone by Sunheat CZ500 Misting Fan

CoolZone by Sunheat CZ500 Misting Fan

By: CoolZone by Sunheat

A misting fan helps cool you and the surroundings. The above one from CoolZone has advanced features, including a fast and responsive Bluetooth technology. It lets you connect from a considerable distance as you use the remote control. There is no need to stand up or move back and forth to change the settings. The remote is soft on the hands with a few dials to control the speed and direction of the blowing wind. This accessory measures 17.5 x 14.8 x 51.5 inches, to fit small locations perfectly without taking valuable floor room.

This item has a neat black finish with smooth edges. Even the fans inside are made of quality material that can withstand constant rotation. Not only to give you a cool, relaxing environment but value for your money. Preferably, you can wipe dirt off the non-electrical parts to improve the air quality. Pick your preferred wind rate from the three-speed level options to enjoy a relaxed and cooling experience. The misting technology ensures there is zero dampness on anything near the nozzles. Also, it is quiet, making it perfect for areas with sleeping babies and the elderly.

Boasting of four sturdy wheels, movement is a breeze. Push or pull the whole unit to a suitable location that needs cooling. Also, you can place with ease, thanks to a 20-pound weight. It is much lighter and durable to give you friendly service. Another feature is the inbuilt speakers and premium design to create the perfect environment indoors and outdoors. Use it on your patio, deck, and more places around the house to reach up to 20 feet ideal in a screen room.

  • Three-speed levels
  • Advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Convenient remote control
  • Quality-made four wheels
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Little pricey than other brands

#7. XPOWER FM-48 1/8 HP, 600 CFM Misting Fan

XPOWER FM-48 1:8 HP, 600 CFM Misting Fan


Enjoy a more relaxed environment in style with this Xpower misting fan. Boasting of a blue finish, it standouts from the standard black or white finish. Now, you can add a pop of color in your home as the shade complements most interior and even exterior decor. With a modern structure, this device serves in multiple applications to create a comfortable and relaxing outdoor solution. Stage it on an outdoor play area, patio, sporting event, greenhouse, garden, resorts, restaurant, and also in an animal kennel.

Cooldown almost immediately because this gadget allows easy setup. Plug in a wall outlet and connect your garden hose. This helps to reduce the temperature up to 30 degrees suitable for a hot summer to get a misty breeze. We love the 2-in-1 function of this oscillating fan. It produces 600CFM of direct airflow perfect as a 138W induction motor blower. You can use it indoors without turning on the misting features to dry paint, floors, and circulating air. To enhance portability, there is a carrying handle made of quality material.

This product has a higher advantage over the rest in terms of portability. It is lightweight and sturdy to improve performance by drawing 1.2 Amps of electricity. No more worries of high energy bill even in constant operation. Constructed with premium ABS plastic similar to those used in football helmets, it quickly resists abuse and impacts. In case of slips and falls, the casing does not dent as easily as some other fans. Pick the speed levels that suit the application and your needs from the three options. Also, you can enjoy a cooling effect from a far range with the 7ft power cable with a modern wrap-around design.

  • Elegant and stylish blue finish
  • Multiple applications
  • Portable and durable
  • Easy setup
  • 2-in-1 function
  • The nozzles drip and don’t adjust well

#6. NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan

NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan

By: NewAir

The NewAir misting fan has an 18-inch size to offer versatile cooling options. With three fan settings, you can keep guests fresh at parties or picnics during the hot summer. It has a flexible head that provides a broad area coverage for large areas suitable for large gatherings. Whether it is in the afternoon or late evening, you can enjoy a cooling breeze on your patio or deck. Preferably, you can turn off the oscillation to get a steady stream of cold airflow directed at you. Control the wind flow with an integrated knob and a pull chain switch.

We take note of the adjustable design that lets you have a customized experience. Select the right angle and height for an outdoor function to circulate the air evenly around a place such as a porch. Moreover, it has simple instructions to assist in assembly and use. You can find relief during dry and hot climatic conditions with modern misting functionality. It delivers a gentle breeze as the mist leaves you refreshed. The structure of this item is compatible with a 0.75-inch garden hose. After assembly, turn the misting action off to get only cooling.

Rest easy with the several integrated safety features of this accessory. The leakage protection device shuts the unit off after detecting a water leak. Connect the GFCI plug to a 120V three-prong wall outlet. Its portable and compact profile, lets you position anywhere that needs cooling. Add beauty, sleekness, and elegance with the beautiful bronze blades design. They improve the overall look and stand out to give a modern and contemporary effect. The adjustable height and tilting head allows a targeted misting action at a 60HZ frequency.

  • Versatile cooling options
  • Adjustable design
  • Integrated safety features
  • Refreshing mist
  • Convenient cooling
  • The nozzle needs improvement

#5. PELONIS FS45-9L 18″ Black 3-Speed Oscillating Misting Pedestal Fan

PELONIS FS45-9L 18 Black 3-Speed Oscillating Misting Pedestal Fan


Trust the PELONIS brand to come up with a misting fan that gives you simple portability. It weighs just over 17 pounds to improve movement from one place to the other. Stage it on your patio, deck, and other areas around your home for a refreshing feeling. With a dimension of 25.4 x 7.9 x 20.2 inches, it uses only the needed floor room perfect for small to medium settings. Now your guests can enjoy a cold breeze during a party, get together, birthday, wedding ceremony, and backyard event.

If you want an extra kick to get a cooling effect during the hot summer, this item is an excellent solution. It provides steady airflow in different locations to suit everyone’s needs. At the same time, it has a decorative finish to complement the current style without color-clashing. It is a lovely gift to give a loved one such as mother, father, relative, or friend to improve their outdoor stay during a hot and stuffy day. Operate this gadget with or without mist to give you a customized cooling action. You can turn off the misting mechanism to dry off paint and floors without getting the items damp.

This 18-inch oscillating fan is affordable and reliable. Built with quality materials, you get a lasting and dependable service. That gives you value for money and ensure you have minimal to no maintenance. Wipe off the plastic parts to remove dirt and dust buildup. We understand some cooling products have only a one-speed option, which makes it hard for someone to enjoy a high breeze during a hot day. This one comes with three-speed possibilities for you to choose one that meets your needs.

  • Lightweight and safe
  • 18-inch design
  • Adjustable height
  • Safety shut-off valve
  • Works with or without mist
  • Some users complain about too strong mist

#4. 7 Nozzle Fan Mister for 36″ Fan Outdoor Cooling

7 Nozzle Fan Mister for 36 Fan Outdoor Cooling

By: Kaz

Not all oscillating misting fans have well-made nozzles. This one from Kaz comes with seven sturdy vents to improve your cooling action at home or outdoors. It measures 36 inches, which is a bit larger than other designs for outdoor use. That means you can place it in a suitable location that has limited floor room. The structure plus a modern structure does not need constant maintenance. Now you can cool the surroundings while relaxing on your patio, deck, and even on a backyard.

Using this gadget is easy. Attach the fan mister part to get a misting experience as the airflow gets more powerful. It distributes cool wind throughout a space to eliminate stuffiness and air odors. Not only is it ergonomic but also safe for the environment. It has quality blades to chill hot temperatures up to 30 degrees F, perfect for the summer. Carry it to all your outdoor adventures like camping, fishing, and more to cool down the hot air. You can relax with your family and friends, whether there is scorching heat.

The included 7′ of 1/4″ tubing made of premium Polyethylene has three brass misting nozzles. Each nozzle is assembled at 6-inch intervals as the 3/4-inch FHT Swivel plus a 1/4-inch compression-lock pipe improves the connection to your hose. Made of lasting material, it can be used mildly or continuously without breaking down. The style with a glossy finish looks appealing while it improves the decor design. It acts as a beautiful summer gift for people who need a reliable product to cool the environment.

  • 7 nozzle fan design
  • Measures 36 inches
  • Covers a larger area
  • Suitable for summer party, patio
  • Simple to use
  • The hose adapter design is not user-friendly

#3. HydroMist F10-14-011 18″ Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

HydroMist F10-14-011 18 Shrouded Outdoor Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

By: HydroMist

HydroMist is a favorite brand for many users who love a refreshing atmosphere. The above fan offers a stylish and functional effect. It comes with a stainless steel fan guard with a chrome finish to provide lovely aesthetics. The material can withstand rusting and fading to give you an extended service. The guard also eliminates flying objects like leaves, small pebbles, and paper from getting inside and damaging the blades. Moreover, the black color is simple to clean, maintain, and coordinate with current decor.

Featuring a convenient mounting bracket, installation is simple within minutes. Mount it to a suitable place or place on your patio or deck for a pleasant cooling experience. Whether you are near or farther away from this item, it does what is expected. Connect to a wall outlet and direct the head to a suitable location. The included 5-foot cable comes in handy to add distance eliminating the need for getting close to the power outlet.

This shrouded fan gives you three-speed options to meet various applications. In the event you want the highest wind power, pick the third selection. Also, the shroud is constructed with black metal that focuses on the airflow and lessens noise production. Another thing we take note of is the use of low energy of 1.05 amps. That means fewer electricity bills and a more refreshing environment. Measures 18 inches, to cover a more significant distance suitable for camping and outdoor adventures. Use the provided ratchet fan head to tilt easily to a place that needs misting or cooling.

  • Easy tilt fan head
  • Strong mounting bracket
  • Black metal shroud
  • 5-foot cord
  • 3-speed levels
  • Produces high wind noise

#2. Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

By: Lasko

Lasko misting fan is perfect for patios, picnics, gatherings, and camping. It is lightweight and sturdy for you to carry it to all your hiking trips to enjoy a refreshing atmosphere. The included 3-speed option makes this fan a perfect companion outdoors. Not only to deliver a cool breeze but also in a compelling action encased in a compact frame. This accessory has a small structure that protects it against clutters and other flying objects such as leaves.

Get direct airflow and mist in a preferred place with the pivoting head. It circulates a steady moving wind to eliminate dampness, hot atmosphere, and stuffy air. The head has a wide swivel angle for you to aim the flowing air up, down, or in between. The design plus a modern cooling technology helps to reduce the temperature up to 25 degrees. In addition, it has three misters to support the cooling process. This item comes with a blower and a water mist to allow a refreshing experience on hot days.

Designed similar to large industrial blowers, you get high air power without consuming too much energy. That means you can use the GFCI cord to connect the plug. For added safety, it has a ground-fault circuit interrupter, to prevent damage caused by damp environments. The circuit shut off your electric power in case of ground-fault. Made of UV, weather, and rust-resistant material, it offers an extended service. No more worries about corrosion and malfunctioning during continuous operation. With quality plastics without exposing any metal parts, it can withstand extreme pressures.

  • For patios, picnics, camping
  • 3 refreshing speeds
  • Provides direct airflow
  • Reduces air temperature
  • 3 misters and powerful blower
  • The mist wets or saturates anything in front

#1. iLIVING ILG8E18-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Waterproof Fan

iLIVING ILG8E18-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Waterproof Fan

By: Iliving

The iLiving misting fan is suitable for indoors and outdoors. Measuring 18 inches, you can place it on multiple places without using too much floor room. You can pick between the 18 or 14-inch size if you prefer a smaller design. Use it at home, coffee shop, warehouse, greenhouse, loading dock, livestock building, amusement park, or sporting event. It comes with a galvanized steel frame that adds support and stability. Whether you use it during a windy or dusty day, rest assured of no tipping over.

Have a customized experience at home or on your patio, thanks to the speed adjustable setting. It has a pull chain control with three-speed levels to give you added versatility. This item has a sealed lubricated motor that supports wet locations to provide you with added comfort. Moreover, it comes in a black finish that coordinates well with most decor. Designed for mild and constant use, it has passed UL507 testing perfect for use with fogging and misting rings. Plus, the curved fan blades are constructed using premium aluminum to deliver excellent air movement. The spinners work together to power through even the harshest weather conditions without the worry of malfunctioning.

A bonus mount kit is available to improve your installation process. Follow the directions and other video tutorials to lessen the assembly time and effort. Now, you can wall-mount to an ideal location or around the house on a patio or deck. An added advantage is its moisture-resistant construction best for cooling down a hot place as you get a relaxing feeling.

  • Moisture-resistant design
  • Cools a variety of places
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • 18” fan bladed
  • Provides steady air movement
  • It does not support a multi-directional movement

Buying Guides For The Best Outdoor Misting Fan

A misting fan is usually used for outdoor places such as deck and patios. It has different parts that work together to provide a steady airflow. Also, the newer models have a small structure to allow smooth portability, placement, and use. If you want a true outdoor misting fan that produces a cold wind, we’ve got you covered. The following are the top features that make this unit suitable for outdoor environments.

Safety Features

Always check the functions the fan has that helps to improve safety in use. Go for a design that uses an in-line GFCI power cord with a circuit interrupter. The cable design ensures no damage affects the wind accessory as it provides a ground-fault service. That means it is safe and efficient in damp environments. Another advantage of the circuit interrupter is that it is fact-acting and shuts off immediately; it senses a ground-fault.

Construction Material

Most misting fans are made of plastic materials to house the electrical parts. The reason for this is because it provides UV resistant as well as fade-proof service. The other elements, if used near a damp area, corrode, crack and even break, leading to unplanned repairs.

Cord Length

The length of the power cable will determine the distance coverage. If the fan comes with a longer cord, you don’t need to relax near the power outlet. Some users opt to use an extension cable to increase the distance, mainly if used outdoors.

Versatile Cooling Options

Another thing to consider is the cooling options the fan delivers. Some have different speed settings to support various application and cooling needs. Others have both a misting and cooling functionality to add more convenience. If you use a fan with multiple airflow options, it can help keep guests and friends cool at parties or picnics during the hot summer. Remember to check the oscillating head design, which allows large area coverage. The newer models give you a choice of turning off the oscillation for a steady supply of cold air.


Where do you intend to use the outdoor fan? Is it at home or for outdoor events? It all depends on the user’s preferences. If you want one that supports outdoor use, consider some of the following factors. The type of material that can withstand harsh weather, the airflow power to eliminate hot conditions, and also the blade design. Moreover, the size also affects portability. If you love camping and always carry a fan, consider the weight and structure. If it’s too heavy, it might cause storage inconveniences.


Spend a few dollars and get yourself the best outdoor misting fans. It comes with several features, including powerful blades to deliver a cooling effect. Others have a wide oscillating angle and long power cord to cover a larger area. Remember to check the specifications of the fan beforehand to make a better judgment when buying. Preferably, you can read this review and pick one that has all your required functionalities.

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