9 Best Ornament Storages in 2021 – Products Review

The best ornament storage can help organize and secure all your Christmas decorations. It is usually made from a sturdy material such as fabric or plastic to help protect the supplies from dirt, moisture, and insects. Also, the newer designs have a tight-fitting lid to keep the valuables intact during portability. You can use the handles of some of the units to carry your box from one place to the other with ease. Note that this item holds a different amount and size of stuff, depending on its interior space. In this review, we have the best ornament storage in 2021.

List of The Best Ornament Storages

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#9. Large Ornament Storage Set

StorageMaid Holiday Storage Set - Large Ornament Storage

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By: StorageMaid

The StorageMaid is large and easy to use ornament storage. With finger slots, they let you remove the boards easily and quickly. Also, the lids have sturdy Velcro to help them stay secure while preventing entry of insects, dust, and dirt. This item measures 12″ long x 12 inches tall x 12 inches wide and has 3″ x 3″ slots. You can fit 64 standard Christmas tree balls securely for decorating your tree. Moreover, this bin folds flat into itself to take up minimal storage space.

Constructed of PE fabric, you’ll experience maximum durability and easy maintenance. This material has excellent strength and wear-resistance that keep your valuables safe for every season. Another thing we like is the robust handles to improve the lifting and carrying process. You can use this bag to keep both your small and large wreaths. Also, the two-way heavy-duty zippers come in handy to offer more protection.

  • Large and spacious
  • Unique finger slots
  • Easy and quick to remove the boards
  • Folds flat to use minimal space
  • Holds multiple items
  • No other colors

#8. Green Christmas Ornament Storage

Vencer Green Christmas 41 Ornament Storage

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By: Vencer

If you have a large holiday ornament collection at home, you need to invest in one of the best ornament storages in the market. The Vencer is an excellent choice that improves your storage system to personalize the setup. It comes with 41 compartments featuring 32-standard-sized and 9 large-sized slots. Now, you can place and organize your holiday supplies with more ease and comfort. In addition, this item has removable drawers that slide out smoothly during tree decorating sessions. You don’t have to open and close lids every time you access the accessories.

The individual dividers are easy to remove when creating one large storage space. Not only that, but this box has the perfect size to hold many items at the same time. You can keep it under the bed or compact dresser when not in use. Furthermore, the use of durable fabric makes it simple to clean and use. We love the green of this top ornament storage that goes with the festive mood and occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, and other events.

  • Ideal size
  • Stores lots of ornaments
  • Removable drawers
  • Easy access to the items
  • Lovely green finish
  • The fabric quality needs improvement

#7. Stackable Storage Container Blue

LifeSmart USA Stackable Storage Container Blue

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By: LifeSmart

This is the ideal storage solution for all your Christmas or Halloween ornaments. It measures 6″ L x 10″ W x 11.5″ H while each section has a 1.75″ L x 3.25″ W x 2″ H measurement. Simply customize the inserts by removing them to create a larger room. Not only that but also you can keep your little one’s figurines and toys safely. This gadget comes with sticky letters to help personalize it with a kid’s name or logo. Made of sturdy plastic, this box is lightweight and yet firm to withstand constant abuse from a child’s kicks, carry, and even throw-downs. Plus, a convenient lid snaps close for the supplies to get more protection.

What’s more, this best ornament storage has an elegant blue finish suitable for all rooms, such as a kid’s bedroom or toy area. It has 50 adjustable slots outfitted with five removable tiers, each containing 10 pockets. Snap them together to get a simple and space-saving floor placement. Boasting of a multipurpose structure, this box accommodates different valuables. You can keep jewelry, Pet Shop figurines, Lego Dimensions, Shopkins, art and craft, and also LOL Surprise dolls.

  • Sturdy
  • Visually appealing
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Easy to use
  • Holds different items
  • The depth can not be adjusted

#6. 48 Quart Clear Stackable Holiday Christmas

Sterilite 48 Quart Clear Stackable Holiday Christmas

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Do you know you can keep your holiday decorations safe without spending too much money? The STERILITE box is more affordable than the rest and comes in a 6-pack for added storage space and user convenience. Each piece has a 48-quart capacity that accommodates 45 supplies at the same. Besides, you can stage it on most small locations at it measures 22.38 inches long x 15.88 inches wide x 13.13 inches tall. With a lovely finish, you can buy one as a gift for Christmas.

This top ornament storage prides a see-through base for you to view the valuables easily. You don’t have to open the hinged lid that has a secure fitting mechanism. No more worries about dirt, insects, and moisture damaging your ornaments when not in use. Furthermore, these boxes are constructed from plastic, which has better strength than those made of fabric. It will not fade, discolor, chip r peel, hence value for money. In addition, carrying and storing this unit is more straightforward, thanks to the integrated handles in a lightweight structure.

  • Affordable
  • Each box holds 45 supplies
  • Easy to use
  • Quality plastic
  • Secure and sturdy handles
  • The instructions are minimal

#5. Holiday Ornament Storage Cube

Whitmor Holiday Ornament Storage Cube

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By: Whitmor

The Whitmor cube is among the best ornament storages in 2021, thanks to its versatile design. It ensures you have a fast and easy setup as you customize the cardboard inserts. Arrange and rearrange them to keep different-sized ornaments more comfortably. Besides, this gadget’s dividers create up to 64 slots suitable for accommodating holiday trinkets and ornaments. Made of a tear-proof and wear-proof material, the exterior is longlasting. Plus, the polypropylene fabric is easy to clean with the standard cleanup solutions and wet cloth.

Featuring a transparent window, the side lets you view your stored valuable easily as it protects them from dust, insects, and moisture. Store 64 supplies in each of the 64 compartments, such as Christmas small lights and ornaments. Each section is 3 inches in height, ideal for holding the standard sized tree ornaments. Moreover, this gadget is simple to carry because of the handles in a contrasting shade for security and appeal. Carry it around your home and place it in a compact space. Note that the top is removable to ensure you access the items quickly and safely.

  • Fast and easy setup
  • Creates 64 slots
  • Wear-proof polypropylene
  • Comfortable side-viewing
  • Removable top
  • The interior could be better

#4. Green Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dividers

TreeKeeper (Green Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Dividers)

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By: TreeKeeper

Prevent damage to your Christmas, Halloween and birthday decoration with this box. Boasting a unique tray lining, it has acid-free elements that keep the ornaments safe at all time. Also, it ensures no scratches during transportation affect the shape of the valuables. This item has an ample interior room that stores up to 72 Christmas tree ornaments that measure four inches. You can put all your sparkly balls, toppers, and more accessories easily for added protection. What’s more, the three removable trays come in handy to improve your storage system. You can remove then around the tree while hanging your ornaments for easy access.

Additionally, this box’s self-standing construction lets you place on the ground or table without worries about wobbles. Not only that but also it has a metal frame for protecting the three trays. Keep stockings, tree skirt ornament hooks inside the large front pocket. This unit is easy to carry and move, thanks to the reinforced padded handles. They offer additional comfort, whether the inside is half or fully stacked as you transport the goods.

  • Prevents ornament damage
  • Acid-free lining
  • Ample interior space
  • Self-standing construction
  • Strong metal frame
  • Complaints about the lack of fabric lining

#3. Christmas Ornament Storage Compartment

Sattiyrch Christmas Ornament Storage-3-inch Compartment

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By: Sattiyrch

Another best ornament storage available in the market is the Sattiyrch that keeps decorations safe. With a compact dimension, it holds 64 supplies at the same time. Not only that but also the cardboard dividers let you customize the interior. You can store large, small, and irregular-shaped ornaments to keep them free of shattering and scratches. In addition, this unit has a sleek design suitable for most festivities such as Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and more. Made of 600G oxford fabric, this box is durable and easy to maintain.

Note that the dividers have an excellent strength to promote an extended use. Also, this bin is compact and lightweight than most ornament holders in the market. We love the transparent card slot for simple identification of the contents inside. Plus, a convenient lid keeps the stuff safe from dust, debris, crawling animals, and insects. Now you can stack this gadget quickly to save floor space when not in use. It has a cube shape that fits perfectly in most storage areas and collapses flat for a concealed setup.

  • Holds 64 ornaments
  • Adjustable cardboard dividers
  • Quality 600D polyester
  • Clean-looking cube shape
  • Secure lid
  • It does not hold large ornaments

#2. Holiday Ornament Storage Box Chest

ProPik Holiday Ornament Storage Box Chest

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By: ProPik

Carrying your ornaments with the hands can cause accidental damages like falls and even scratches onto surfaces. If you invest in this best ornament storage, the valuables are safe at all times. Also, the reinforced handles are made of quality material for easy holding and potability. Even when the interior is at full capacity, you’ll still enjoy comfortable transportation. Another thing is a convenient plastic tag compartment located on the side. You can keep your valuables in one of the four trays that have four panels. Set them diagonally or horizontally to enjoy a customized operation to achieve up to 64 square slots.

This item is designed from polyester for durability and tear-proof service. There’s no need to run to the store every time to purchase a replacement box, making this a cost-effective unit. Also, this fabric wipes clean than the rest when removing dirt and other undesirables. Furthermore, it measures 12 “H x 12 “W x 12 “L to hold 64 items and Christmas tree decorations securely.

  • Keeps ornaments safe
  • Sturdy reinforced handles
  • Plastic tag compartments
  • Holds up to 64 items
  • Tear-proof polyester
  • The cardboard inserts are a bit fragile

#1. Heirloom-Ornament Storage Box

Homz 5831005 Heirloom-Ornament Storage Box

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A poor storage system leads to numerous ornament misplacement and damage. You can avoid all these by using the HOMZ box, which has a large design. Not only to keep the valuables safe but also in perfect shape at all times. It measures 7.5 inches wide x 22 inches long for easy carry, usage, and storage. This item looks good and stylish with the modern Holiday red finish. The color fits in with most festivities such as Christmas and more occasions. Besides, this product has a 2-tier system to accommodate various sizes of decorations.

With adjustable dividers, you can set up and rearrange the interior space to suit your ornaments’ design. Whether irregular, round, or oval, it will fit in perfectly. What’s more, the vast room holds 56 ornaments at the same time as the label window adds more convenience. You can lift this storage quickly thanks to the sturdy loop handles made from quality material. Besides, the base is steady to ensure all the stored valuables are safe in use and storage. Place this gadget in a secure place such as under the bed and more locations.

  • Large design
  • Lovely Holiday red finish
  • Easy to carry and storage
  • Has 56 compartments
  • Adjustable dividers
  • The lid fitting could be a bit tighter


The list above has the best ornament storages in the market that can be used season after season. They have a longlasting and secure design to give you a comfortable use. Also, these best ornament storages keep your valuables, such as Christmas tree balls free of dirt and damage.

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