The 12 Best Nail Hardeners In 2021 — Complete Review

Do your nails break or crack too often? Are they too thin or feel weak? Well, if these things affect you, then you are familiar with frequent cracking and breaking. In fact, you tend it be extra careful so as they avoid injury. A break may go all the way to the skin leading to bleeding. Moreover, you may accidentally scratch yourself because of the jagged edge that is left behind by a broken or cracked nail. Instead of being overly cautious, why don’t you invest in the best nail hardener?

As the name suggests, the product will harden the nails, making them stronger and more resistant to cracking, chipping, or breaking. Moreover, the top choices also improve the appearance and health of the nails in general. This is achieved through the introduction of essential nutrients. In their review, we will take a quick peek at the best nail hardeners in 2021.

Here Are The List of Best Nail Hardeners In 2021

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#12. Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener, 3478 Clear, 0.45 Ounce

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By: Sally Hansen

Kicking of this review is the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener. It comes in a clear form and will look amazing on the nails. It is suitable for different nail types including dry, brittle, soft, and many more. With just a little amount, it will provide the necessary protection to your nails. Cases of cracks, breaking or warping are unlikely. What’s more, it spreads evenly to ensure full protection to the entire nail. One of the top reasons it’s a good pick is the long-lasting protection. It will stay on the nails for as many as 10 days and won’t in any way, affect their integrity. The 0.45-Ounce pack should last you or any other user for a long period.

In Short:
  • Clear form and easy application
  • Suits different nail types
  • Prevents nails cracking, breaking
  • Remains for up to 10 days

#11. Nail Hardener With Free Nail File

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener 0.47oz (Pack of 4) w:Free Nail File

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By: Quimica Alemana

The Quimica Alemana brand is a household name when it comes to the best nail hardeners in the market. There are several once products from the firm. Nevertheless, this one stands out. First, we love how easy it is to apply. This comes handy even for people using it for the first time. Second, it has a practical 0.47-ounce pack and contains a good volume to last a good period. Third, the product is versatile and useful in dry, cracked, brittle, and soft, and other types of nails. It leaves a smooth protective coating that safeguards the nails from heat moisture, chemicals, and other things. Furthermore, it also improves the texture and appeal. In addition to the 4 bottles, the manufacturer also tosses in a free nail file.

In Short:
  • Easy to apply
  • Packed in a 0.47-ounce bottle
  • A decent volume and longlasting
  • Improves the appearance and texture
  • Includes a free nail file

#10. Kur Nail Hardener and Base Coat

LONDONTOWN Kur Nail Hardener and Base Coat

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Say goodbye to splitting, cracking, or chipping nails. You also don’t need to use hardeners that may compromise the texture, appearance, and health of your hails. With the LONDONTOWN kur Nail Hardener and Base Coat, you get maximum protection to ensure your nails look nice and healthy. It comprises active substances that create a thin protective coat on the nail.

This not only enhances the strength but also makes them shiny. The product has a nice consistency for easy spreading and comes in a clear solution. Because of this, your nail texture or color won’t be affected. The product also doesn’t have toxic compounds or strong odor. These help in the application process as well as making certain you get no side effects.

In Short:
  • Prevents nails from chipping, splitting, cracking
  • Enhances nail texture and appearance
  • Offers maximum protection
  • Promotes nice and healthy nails
  • Contains protective active substances

#9. Organic Nail Hardener and Nail Polish DryerDelore for Nails Organic Nail Hardener and Nail Polish Dryer.25-Ounce (Pack of 2)

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By: Delore for Nails

The Delore Organic nail hardener is available in a clear solution to ensure your nails look neat and chic. It is appropriate for many nail types including soft, thin, dry, brittle, and many more. You need a small amount to enjoy the protection and improve beauty. Moreover, the possibility of cracking, chipping, or breaking is unlikely.

The product spreads evenly for best protection while the transparent nature does not undermine the nail’s natural looks. It will remain on the nail for a long time and does not cause any side effects on the nails. The 0.25-Ounce, two packs, will serve you for a good period. Some of the product’s positives include easy application, excellent protection, and long-lasting protection.

In Short:
  • Comes in a clear consistency
  • Makes nails chic and neat
  • Appropriate any nail types
  • Safe and has no side effects
  • A bottle contains a 0.25-Ounce volume

#8. Esmalte Endurecedor Para Unas

Quimica Alemana. Esmalte Endurecedor para Unas

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By: Quimica Alemana

Also, from the Quimica Alemana, the Esmalte Endurecedor para Unas will protect your brittle, soft, or dry nails from damage. Rated as one of the best nail hardeners in 2021, it works well on different nails and is amongst the most practical. Applying it on the nails does not need great skills or you spending too much time.

In fact, you will appreciate the basic formula and straightforward instructions that make application a breeze. Like other top products from the firm, it comes in clear firm so as not to affect the color of your nails. What’s more, it spreads uniformly to make certain that every inch of your nails is covered. In the end, you do not just improve the protection but also make the nails amazing to look at.

In Short:
  • Suits soft, thin, brittle, and dry nails
  • A small amount is enough
  • Improves protection and beauty
  • Prevents cracking, breaking, and chipping of nails
  • Spreads evenly and is transparent

#7. Nail Strengthener For Weak & Damaged Nails

Nail Tek, Nail Strengthener Xtra 0.5 oz

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By: Nail Tek

The Nail Tek name is respected in the world of nail hardeners. Consumers love the good protection it provides on different lines. Your brittle, thin, and cracked nails will be stronger within a shortage. Furthermore, they will be more tolerant to therapies and other things. The product is simple to apply and does not interfere with the color or texture of the nails. What’s more, it does not emit any toxic fumes or cause any side effects. The handy pack will give you many applications and has a tight cap to prevent spillage. And thanks to its versatility, this product works on different nail types. It leaves behind a transparent, smooth coating, which not only protects but also gives your nails a chic and neat look.

In Short:
  • High quality and effective product
  • Makes the nails stronger
  • Simple to application and clear form
  • Does not affect the natural look
  • Remain on for a long period

#6. Nail Strengthener With Original Formula

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

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Splitting, cracking, or chipping nails will no longer bother you when you start using OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. It’s available in the original formula and this assures you of the best results. The item gives your brittle, weak, or danged nails maximum protection after application. You will notice the difference within a short time.

What’s more, the effects last for many days, and you don’t need to keep reapplying the product. This is achieved thanks to the active compounds (calcium, proteins…) found in the products. Other than making the nails stronger, this item also enhances their appearance. Moreover, it does not produce harmful odors or cause any discoloration. Thanks to the easy flowing solution and even consistency, applying the hardener is much easier in comparison to other options.

In Short:
  • Does not undermine the texture and color
  • Emits no toxic fumes
  • Doesn’t cause side effects
  • Pack offers many applications
  • The tight cap prevents contamination and spillage

#5. Lemon & Garlic Nail Hardener

Valmy Lemon & Garlic Quimica Endurecedora - Nail Hardener

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Also making it to this review list is the Valmy Lemon & Garlic Quimica Endurecedora – Nail Hardener and Whitening Polish Treatment. It comprises active compounds like Toluene, Butyl Acetate, Formaldehyde, and Ethyl Acetate, which work together to enhance the strength of the nails. Chipping, cracking, breaking, and other forms of damage will be a thing of the past.

The product also contains garlic to boost growth and counter harmful bacteria, fungi, fragility, and more. Moreover, it includes lemon, which will brighten your nails. It contains ingredients that have been approved by FDA; hence, you don’t need to worry about side effects. In addition, it is suitable for different kinds of nails.

In Short:
  • Versatile and suits different nails
  • Creates a smooth, transparent coating
  • The nails look chic and shiny after application
  • Strengthens and protects the nails
  • Combats bacteria, fungi, etc

#4. Natural Safe Non-Toxic Professional Nail Hardener

PS Polish Nail Strengthener, Nail Hardener, Natural Safe Non-Toxic Professional Nail

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This nail hardener works on various types of nail including dry, brittle, and more. It is non-toxic to keep your nails safe from side effects like dryness, thinning, cracking, and discoloration. A small volume delivers decent protection and minimizes the possibility of cracking chipping. Furthermore, it provides full coverage without affecting the nail’s texture or color. It is professionally designed to enhance the elegance of the nails and a single coat stays active on the nails for a good time. This 10ml/ 0.34 fluid-ounce pack offers you many applications. Additionally, reapplication is also easy and it won’t create a heavy barrier or rough finish.

In Short:
  • Works with various nail types
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Prevents dryness, brittleness, thinning, cracking, etc
  • Only a small volume is necessary
  • Decent 10ml/ 0.34 fluid ounce bottle pack

#3. Base Coat Top Coat Nail Hardener

MYSTIC NAILS Base Coat Top Coat Strengthener Nail Hardener 15ml - 0.5 fl oz

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By: Mystic Nails

Are you worried about chipping, brittle, weak or thin nails? Well, with the Mystic nails nail hardener, your nails will become stronger in no time. It appeals product among newbies as well as seasoned usurers. Like many other people, you will love the 0.5 fluid ounce/ 15ml pack that is easy to handle. Furthermore, it has a smooth consistency that ensures the active compounds deliver full coverage. And to prevent any damage or side effects, the product doesn’t contain toxic substances like Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Methylene Glycol/Formalin, and Formaldehyde Resin. The high-quality base coat also does a good job in giving your nails that shiny and smooth look.

In Short:
  • Smooth consistency and full coverage
  • Doesn’t affect the texture or color of the nails
  • Professionally designed and high quality
  • A single coat remains active for a decent period
  • Gives many applications

#2. One-Step Multi-Use Nail Fortifier

Prolana Nail Optimizer One-Step Multi-Use Nail Fortifier, Nail Hardener

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By: Prolana

The Prolana Nail Optimizer will stop your nails from cracking, chipping, warping, or breaking. Thanks to the range of superior ingredients, the products create a thin but strong coat over the nails. It will stop harmful compounds, moisture, dirt, oils, heat, and other things that may negatively affect the nails.

What’s more, the One-Step Multi-Use hardener also has other benefits other than making the nails harder. It fortifies the nails to improve their appearance and makes them smoother. The 0.5 ounces (15 milliliters) pack is practical and easy on the hand. To keep your nails as well as you safe from harm, the product has no toxic compounds (DBP, Toluene, Phthalates…). In addition to hardening the nails, it also repairs s damaged, peeling, thin or cracked nails.

In Short:
  • Prevents cracking, chipping, breaking, and warping of nails
  • Contains many superior ingredients
  • Practical 0.5 ounces (15 milliliters) bottle pack
  • Stops bacteria, fungi, moisture, dirt, etc
  • Makes the nails stronger

#1. Alemana Nail Hardener

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener 0.47oz Pack of 2

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By: Quimica

Coming from one of the respected firms, the Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener delivers excellent protection to the nails. It is ideal for thin, cracked, brittle, chipping, and other types. It is simple to use and easy to apply even if done by a complete novice. The product is available in a handy 0.47oz pack and comes in a 2-pack.

Therefore, it will serve you or another person for a long period. Courtesy of its versatility, it delivers good effects to different types of nails. You don’t need to purchase different products for dry, cracking, chipping, or damaged nails. Other than minimizing damage to the nails, this hardener also boosts the health and appearance of your nails. It also does not produce toxic fumes or unfriendly smell.

In Short:
  • Prevents moisture, oils, heat, bacteria, etc
  • Forms a thin, strong coating
  • Makes nails healthier and smoother
  • Safe, non-toxic compounds
  • Smooth and easy application

How To Select The Best Nail Hardener

Having beautiful and quality nails can bring out additional confidence. The many products that keep them in good shape include the best nail hardener. Not only to leave them more durable but also more reliable. And we have simple tips you can apply when looking for the right product of your nails.


What is the color of the hardener you’re planning to use? Some have a soft pink, while others have clear tones. But the shade boiled down to personal preference rather than performance. What’s more, the internet has in-depth tutorials about the color of this product.

Package Size

A smaller nail hardener may not be the right fit when used for a couple of people. For instance, a spa, nail spa, and other beauty places, purchasing multiple packs are costly than one huge content. Besides, the ingredients and previous reviews by clients will provide more detail about its longevity. Remember to consider the price when picking out various bottles or just a single jar of the best nail hardener.

Safe Formulation

Another tip for a nail hardener is the number of chemicals used. Is it toxic or non-toxic? Will it destroy the look of the nail after a few applications? It’s an excellent idea to pay attention to these questions when selecting a preferred brand for better nail protection. And some products emit nasty fumes and odors when opened, leading to discomfort and irritations.

Usage and Application

Can the best nail hardeners work with acetone when it’s time for removal? Most brands use acetone-derived nail polish to remove the hardener smoothly without damaging the nails. Furthermore, for new nail technicians, the internet has a variety of videos that show simple ways on how to perform this action.


Another feature of this product is the consistency. Some are quite hard to apply, leading to a messy-looking nail. In comparison, others are premium for a smooth and precise application. It’s always recommended to go for a popular product that has positive reviews about its performance. Also, does the hardener take time to dry or deliver immediate results? This will help a person who is pressed on time but still needs to finish revamping the nails.


What results does the best nail hardener deliver?Some are pricey, but there’s not much to say for the finish. Others are affordable and deliver exceptional outcomes after every use.If you’ve been applying this product for a considerable time, choosing the right one is easy. For the new consumers, note the feeling the hardener leaves after the application.


Nail hardeners are great nail products for additional strength and neatness. They don’t need too much practice when applying, especially for new consumers. Some have a soft pink and others boast a clear tone, but all deliver the same service. You can check the pricing and compare the variety of brands to get an ideal type for you. Plus, some are easy to use to leave smooth and desired results.

In Conclusion

With a good hardener, cases of breaking, cracking, or weak nails will be long gone. You also will worry less about getting injuries because of the breakage. In order to feature the above products, it was necessary to focus on the most popular products. And as you see, they enjoy a large following, have numerous reviews, and pride in many 5-star reviews. With such statistics, you can be certain that you are in for a good deal.

These products are versatile and will work on different nails (weeks, thin, cracked, damaged….), are easy to use thanks to the nice smooth flowing solution, and also help in repairing and improving the beauty of the nails. After reading this best nail hardener in 2021 review, we trust that you will find a product that meets your needs and will give you maximum satisfaction.

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