The 10 Best Mountain Bike Pedals – Product Review

No one wants to struggle to ride a bike or the feet slipping off the pedals. This is more reason for you to obtain the best mountain bike pedals on the market. The accessory helps to prevent the feet from slipping off. Also, it provides a nice place sot place the feet. This allows you to cycle much better, user lesser effort, and even prevent injury. A good unit will not be too heavy such that it exerts undue weight on the bike.

Also, it will have a nice texture for better handling, will be tough, and made of durable materials. What’s more, it will be easy to fit and lasts for a long time. There are numerous kinds of options in the marketplace. This simplifies the search process. However, not all items will work. It may be too large, too small, too heavy, slippery, or not longlasting. In this read, we will examine the best mountain bike pedals in 2021:

Here Are The List of 10 Best Mountain Bike Pedals

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#10. Gates BMX Platform Pedal

Fyxation Gates BMX Platform Pedal

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By: Fyxation

This is a good mountain bike pedal. It’s flexible and suitable for different kinds of bikes. Also, it’s very basic and easy to install. You don’t need great experience or to rely on special tools. Once fitted, it remains firm and is unlikely to come loose or off. We love the black color that looks okay on any cycles. Also, it has a nice n texture/ finish that provides good traction. This prevents the feet from slipping.

It has a wide platform to suit different types of feet. And thanks to the high impact nylon built, it’s resistant to wear, tear, and is less soapstone to breaking. The unit includes a 9/16″ Chromoly axle/ spindle for smooth riding experience. It, however, isn’t designed for kid bikes.

  • High quality and durable
  • Easy to fit and wide platform
  • Offers good control and is comfortable
  • Works well with different types of bikes
  • Good design and traction
  • It’s not ideal for kid’s bikes

#9. PD-RS500 Pedals


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You do not need to subject your feet to hardship while cycling. What you need is the best mountain bike pedals in the market. The ShimanoPD-RS500 unit is a deserving pick. It is black and also great texture for maximum grip and to minimize slippage. Also, it has a decent platform to offer great coverage. This suits for a small, medium as well as large feet.

It’s a long-lasting item made of high -grade materials and will not corrode, flake, rust, or lose its color. Moreover, it comes with a Chromoly steel axle for better performance. It’s versatile and excellent for a range of bikes. Installation is straightforward and takes a very short time. Also, it’s easy to take care of and handles the vibrations, dirt, impact, environmental aspects, and the elements well.

  • Great texture and optimal grip
  • Decent platform and good coverage
  • Suits different feet sizes
  • Easy to fit and long-lasting
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust, wear and tear
  • Takes a very short time to install
  • The instructions aren’t very detailed

#8. Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals For BMX Road MTB Bicycle

Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Bike Pedals for BMX Road MTB Bicycle

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By: Imrider

Riding will be much easier and also more secure when utilizing the Imrider Polyamide bike pedal. The unit has a simple design but is very effective and reliable. Also, fitting it on a cycle is simple and straightforward. No need to call in an expert or invest in complex tools. It looks fantastic with various types of bikes, including mountain, cruiser, road, kids, city, junior, and many others.

It’s a high-grade piece that is built from tough polyamide materials. It handles the abrasion, bangs, roughness, vibrations, and much more pretty all right. Additionally, it comes with a practical platform to hold the foot properly. And together with the anti-skid nail surface, chances of the feet slipping off or moving unnecessarily are minimal. And for extra safety, it features a hard spindle with a strong grip.

  • Made of high -grade materials
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Simple and easy to take care of
  • Handles the vibrations, environmental aspects, bangs, etc well
  • Works well with different types of bikes
  • Looks a little plain

#7. SPD Bike Pedals With Cleat SetSHIMANO PD-EH500; SPD Bike Pedals; Cleat Set Included; Dual Sided Platform

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This is an excellent bike pedal that works with mountain, cruiser, city, and other types of bicycles. We love the versatile nature as well as a simple style that makes it easy to install. Also, you do not need special tools and it takes a short time. The unit remains firm after installation and won’t vibrate or become loose over time. Besides, it rides smoothly and quietly courtesy of the superior mechanisms.

The item comes in dual sides for extra convenience and has a fast-sided platform. We love the antiskid texture that provides excellent traction and this stops the feet from slipping. It’s made of tough aluminum and consists of a chrome-molly steel axle. The pedal is resistant to wear, tear, and is unlikely to break.

  • Excellent quality and also long-lasting
  • Easy to fit and safe design
  • Great control and very comfortable
  • Compatible with different types of bikes
  • Antiskid texture and easy maintenance
  • May not work with some bikes

#6. Lightweight Mountain Bike Pedals

ROCKBROS MTB Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals Lightweight Nylon Fiber Bicycle Platform Pedals

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With the best mountain bike pedals, riding the bike is much easier and more fulfilling. You’ll use minimal effort and also, it minimizes the risk of injury. The ROCKBROS MTB Pedals is a worthy choice. It is simple and comes in black hence suits most cycles. These include Mountain, BMX, MTB, Hybrid, Old School, dirt Jumper, Cruiser, Cyclocross, Folding, Road, Touring, Track, Unicycle, and Urban Bike.

It has a wonderful anti-slip structure for maximum grasp and to decrease slippage. Also, it offers fantastic coverage and this proves suitable for different feet. It’s a durable product made from high -grade nylon fiber while the axle comprises Chronology steel. It will not rust, flake, corrode, or fade over time.

  • Matches different cycles
  • Very easy to fit and use
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Durable and simple maintenance
  • Resistant to corrosion, rust, wear and tear
  • Takes a very short time to set up
  • The instructions are little unclear

#5. Platform Bicycle Pedal With Adjustable Grip

Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX:MTB Bike Pedal - Platform Bicycle Pedal, Minimal Profile, Adjustable Grip

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By: Crankbrothers

Riding your mountain bike is a lot safer and fun when using the best bike pedals. This is why you should go for the Crankbrothers Stamp Flat unit. It has an easy layout but is extremely effective. Fitting it on a cycle is straightforward and there is no need to hire a professional or buy complex devices. Moreover, it looks fantastic with different bikes consisting of mountain, cruiser, roadway, city, kids, and several others.

It’s a high-grade piece that is developed from tough materials such as Chromoly steel. It takes care of the abrasion, bangs, roughness, vibrations, as well more. Besides, it includes smooth-rolling bearings and superior lubrication. The wide platform holds the foot whereas the anti-skid nail surface minimizes the possibilities of the feet slipping off.

  • Made from high -grade products
  • Easy installation and smooth operation
  • Very easy to deal with
  • Works well with different kinds of bikes
  • Lightweight and robust
  • It’s not a heavy-duty piece

#4. Non-Slip Mountain Bike Pedals With 3 Bearing

FOOKER MTB Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals 3 Bearing Non-Slip Lightweight Nylon Fiber Bicycle Platform Pedals

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This is an excellent bicycle pedal and is very adaptable. It’s suitable for different sorts of bikes such as mountain, cruiser, MTB, BMX, Hybrid, Dirt, Touring, Unicycle, etc. it’s very basic and you don’t require extra accessories or great knowledge. Moreover, when fitted, it is unlikely to come off. We love the smooth and quiet ridding thanks top the advanced technology and 3 high-grade bearings. Additionally, it has antiskid nails to prevent the feet from slipping off.

The pedal has a broad platform to fit various types of feet. Furthermore, it’s made of high impact rugged nylon fiber materials. It’s resistant to tear, breakage, ripping, bending, and more. What’s more, it is shockproof, impact resistance, and handles the vibrations well. It consists of a 9/16″ Chromoly axle for smooth riding.

  • Top-quality and durable
  • Easy to fit and comfortable
  • Wide platform and nice grip
  • Provides great control
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Works well with different sorts of bikes
  • It’s not a very heavy duty

#3. Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

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By: RaceFace

RaceFace Chester Mountain bike pedal comes in blue color and looks amazing. It has a nice anti-slip texture for maximum hold and to lessen slippage. Moreover, the wider platform provides good support and balance. It comprises tough nylon composite to combat breakage, warping, rust, or corrosion. Also, it’s very lightweight and moves seamlessly.

The unit includes Chromoly steel and is excellent for a series of bikes. It’s versatile and the setup is straightforward as well as takes a very short time. Besides, it easy to care for and handles the resonances, dust, knocks, and also the elements well.

  • Good size and a nice platform
  • Smooth and silent riding
  • Suits different bike sizes
  • Simple to fit as well as resilient
  • Resistant to deterioration, rust, wear, and tear
  • Takes a really short time to install
  • It’s not very colorful

#2. Composite Bike Pedal

OneUp Components Composite Pedal

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By: OneUp Components

Riding your mountain bike or any other type is much easier if you fit the OneUp pedals. They are perfect replacements units that work with bikes in the market. It’s a tough unit and also extra safe. Moreover, it has a basic design yet is really reliable and durable. Likewise, fitting it on a cycle is simple and you get clear installation instructions. We love its purple color and it works all right with various kinds of bikes such as mountain, cruiser, road, kids, city, junior, and more.

It’s a top-quality item that is developed from robust nylon composite and Chromoly steel. It bears the abrasion, bangs, roughness, resonances, and more. Additionally, it features a sensible platform to hold the foot correctly. The anti-skid nail surface area prevents slippage and each pedal weighs about 355 grams.

  • Constructed from tough materials
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Basic as well as easy to take care of
  • Deals with the vibrations, environmental factors, bangs, etc
  • Works well with different types of bikes
  • It’s a little narrow for very wide feet

#1. Ultra Strong Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals

MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals, Ultra Strong Colorful CNC Machined 9:16 Cycling Sealed 3 Bearing Pedals

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This mountain bike pedal is ideal for various kinds of bikes. These include mountain, road, exercise, fixie, folding, cruiser, and more. It’s really standard and also simple to install. It takes a short time and you rely on basic tools. It fits tightly and chances of it falling off or becoming loose are unlikely. We love the black color that blends well with any cycle. What’s more, it has a nice anti-skid nail design that offers a great grip. This lessens the likelihood of the feet sliding.

It’s lightweight weighing juts 0.45 lbs and this improves rideability as well as performance. And thanks to the aluminum construction, it will not corrode or rust. This enhances the cleaning as well as maintenance. The 3 bearings, together with good lubrication, ensure the pedal moves smoothly and silently.

  • Excellent quality and durable
  • Easy to fit and reliable
  • Large platform and anti-slip
  • Functions well with most bikes
  • Great style and simple to use
  • It may not work well with some bikes


With the best mountain bike pedals, the cycling experience will certainly be a lot more gratifying. You won’t fret about struggling to cycle, your feet slipping, or the accessory wearing out too fast. Also, it will provide a nice platform and will work with a range of bikes. There are several items around and locating the appropriate pick is not that easy. In fact, many prospective consumers end up more confused.

You require understanding the part and market, focus on things like size, design, weight, style, comfort, materials, safety rating, mounting ease, durability, price, and much more. This not only takes skill and effort but time as well. Thankfully, for you, we have reviewed the very best mountain bike pedals in 2021. To own the right item, simply identify a piece from the above alternatives.

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