The 14 Best Micron Gauges — Full Review In 2021

A micron gauge is widely used by the air conditioning professionals to measure the levels of vacuum or evacuation in an air conditioning machine. There are various other uses of this highly useful device, like measuring the level of degassing and dehydration, all of which are important to prolong the life of electronics equipment. Since they need to be accurate, you need to buy the best possible micron gauge for getting the job done. Check out the best micron gauges in the following list.

List of The Best Micron Gauges

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#14. Bullseye Precision Micron Gauge

DigiVac BPG Bullseye Precision Gauge

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By: DigiVac

With a weight of just one pound, this micron gauge will get to the root of the problem. This is made of rubber and is very easy to use. This is rugged and operated with the help of a battery. This will save your time as well as money and there will be no more customer aggravation. Moreover, this will meet all your demands and will give diagnostic results.

This has a replaceable sensor, and the battery life is for 70 hours. Furthermore, this comes with a strong magnet and will let you use it hands-free. This is accurate at any temperature and will graphics of various readings.

#13. Portable Micron Gauge

Testo 0560 5521

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By: Testo

Available in a portable shape, this micron gauge has a maintenance-free pressure sensor. This has an illuminated display which will make you easy to read it. This is a tough product and can withstand a drop of up to 6 feet.

Moreover, this will give accurate results and has a powerful battery life of up to 2400 hours. Furthermore, you can use it for various purposes like air conditioning, refrigeration system, and heat pumps. This will not get affected by contamination and required no clean up. This will allow you to document the measurements and you can directly check it on your desktop with the ‘EasyKool’ software.

#12. Digital Micron Gauge With Backlit Display

UEi Test Instruments Dmg100 Digital Micron Gauge

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By: UEi Test Instruments

This is a powerful micron gauge which has a battery life of 300 hours. In this, you will find an analog bar graph, and there is also a backlit display. This will allow you to have in-field calibration, and there is also the function of the calibration test. Moreover, there is also an oil contamination sensor.

This is easy to use and comes in a portable size. It is lightweight, and there is also a hook to hang it conveniently. Furthermore, the brass adapter will fit in perfectly and is easy to set up. This will work great and is very easy to read.

#11. BluVac Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge

Accutools BluVac Digital Vacuum Gauge

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By: Accutools

Here is another micron gauge which will give correct readings and is very easy to use. This can easily be field calibrated, and you don’t have to do it with any special equipment. Furthermore, this comes in a large size where visibility becomes easier. In addition to this, there is also a backlit LCD display.

Moreover, this can measure the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. This has a micron range of up to 25,000 including a micron resolution of under 10,000 microns. This will measure vacuums in various formats like mmHg, millibar, pascals, millitorr, and microns. This will increase your productivity, and there is also a temperature indicator.

#10. Full Range Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge

Appion AV760 Full Range Digital Vacuum Gauge

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By: Appion

This is a digital vacuum gauge which weighs very less. The micron gauge will provide a deep vacuum in the entire system and will give an accurate measurement. This has an oil catch and filter which will ensure that the sensors are clean. It has a rubberized housing which is also water-resistant. This will read the atmosphere easily, and you can also download the app to use it with the feature of Bluetooth. Moreover, the Bluetooth is connected for up to 15 feet.

This has a durable battery which will last longer, and it is also convenient to use. Furthermore, it is of great quality and will not disappoint you when it comes to performance. This is handy and is a highly recommended product. With the app support, this will make your task easier.

#9. Digital LCD Vacuum Micron Gauge

Yellow Jacket 69080 Digital LCD Vacuum Gauge

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By: Yellow Jacket

In this micron gauge, there is a thermal conductivity sensor which will automatically compensate to provide temperature, and there will be no calibration. In this, you can easily clean the handles as there will be a positive pressure. Moreover, this has a tough housing made of ABS and will provide accurate results.

This is lightweight and has a rugged construction. Furthermore, it comes with a T-adapter and is very easy to use. This has read in microns already displayed and will not take much time for you to calculate the results. The versatile product will display with hash marks, and it comes in a compact size. This is a value for money product, and you can use it anywhere you want.

#8. Refrigeration System Analyzer

Testo 557 Refrigeration System Analyzer

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By: Testo

This is one of the best micron gauges and it is very convenient to use. It comes with a built-in sight glass. It has four connections and has a valve block which is robust. In this, there are two temperature inputs which will provide real-time calculation simultaneously of subcooling superheat. It comes in a compact design and is very easy for transportation. Moreover, you can set it up with ease and will display the readings within seconds.

Furthermore, it comes with a back-lit display where reading becomes convenient. The display is large and has a robust housing that will protect the analyzer. This will provide accurate results and also has the ability to perform leak tests along with temperature compensation. You don’t have to worry about drops and bumps, and it is also lightweight.

#7. Micron Gauge With Wide Operation Temperature Range


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This vacuum gauge comes with a wide operating temperature range. The vacuum gauge also effectively works below freezing temperature. Moreover, this vacuum gauge needs a pair of AAA alkaline battery. The battery helps to run this vacuum gauge for up to 100 hours without any problem. The fully digital vacuum also delivers accurate reading every time.

Furthermore, this vacuum gauge is able to measure results in seven different international units Pascals, Millibar, mmHg, and microns. The large and high-visibility backlit LCD display of this vacuum gauge delivers a user-friendly reading. The size of this vacuum gauge is highly pocket-accommodating. The vacuum gauge works quickly. You get this vacuum gauge at a pocket-friendly price.

#6. LCD Vacuum Gauge Set With Case

Yellow Jacket 69075 SuperEvac LCD Vacuum Gauge Full Range Complete In Case

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By: Yellow Jacket

This vacuum gauge has the laboratory-tested thermocouple technology. The technology of this vacuum gauge provides you with the précised deep vacuum range sensing. This is also a digital vacuum gauge with a full LED display. Moreover, there is no repeatability with the thermistor sensor or analog meters of this vacuum gauge. This vacuum gauge excellently does refrigeration in both cold and hot weather conditions.

The vacuum gauge also needs a ‘D’ battery to run the device. Furthermore, this is definitely a micron gauge. This vacuum gauge comes with robust construction to last longer. The vacuum gauge comes with a cleanable sensor. You get the complete set of this vacuum gauge in a complete case. It is undoubtedly one of the best micron gauges on the list.

#5. Single Input Digital Vacuum Gauge

TPI 605 Single Input Digital Vacuum Gauge

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This is a single input digital vacuum gauge. The measure vacuum starts from 25 to 0 microns. This vacuum gauge calculates in seven different international units of measures, like microns, PSI, mBar, Pascals, InHg, Torr, and mTorr. The vacuum gauge also updates the display after every 0.5 seconds. This vacuum gauge automatically shuts down when it crosses 12,000 microns (12 Torr).

The built-in handle, magnetic wall hooks of this vacuum gauge also allows hands-free operation. Furthermore, the vacuum gauge comes with the cleanable thermistor sensor. This vacuum gauge withstands the overpressure up to 500 PSI. The vacuum range of this vacuum gauge starts from 12000 to 15 microns. The operating temperature of this vacuum gauge range is from 32 to 104-degree Fahrenheit.

#4. Digital Vacuum Gauge & Adaptor

Uniweld UVG Digital Vacuum Gauge & Adaptor

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By: Uniweld

This digital vacuum gauge delivers the unmatched vacuum accuracy. This vacuum gauge also efficiently shows results in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, and mmHg with a resolution down to the micron. Moreover, this vacuum gauge comes with the self-calibration without any oil sensor. You just need to clean the sensor with isopropyl to make vacuum gauge works like new.

The compact 4.25-inch x 1.5-inch x 1-inch size of this vacuum gauge makes it pocket-accommodating. This vacuum gauge with an orange rubber gauge boot is also a durable product. Furthermore, the vacuum gauge requires a pair of AAA batteries to run for non-stop 100 hours. This vacuum gauge has a large and highly visible backlit LCD display. The vacuum gauge ensures the overpressure up to 500 PSI.

#3. Vacuum Gauge With Digital LCD Display

CPS VG200- Vacuum Gauge with Digital LCD Display

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This micron gauge has the latest LCD digital display. The vacuum gauge also comes with standardized, accurate, and reliable outcomes. Moreover, the smart design of this vacuum gauge includes an advanced sensor, automatic temperature compensation, and a self-heated thermistor bridge. The cleanable field sensor of this vacuum gauge ensures up to a PSI of 400 of positive pressure with ease.

The vacuum gauge also comes with the continuous digital data of the evacuation process. Furthermore, you can easily see the data on a large LCD screen (5 digit). As a user, you have the flexibility to choose the units from the torr, micron, mBar, or in/hg. The operating pressure range of this vacuum gauge starts from atmospheric pressure to 0 microns.

#2. Wireless 4-Port Digital Manifold With Micron Gauge

Fieldpiece SMAN460 Wireless 4-Port Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge

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By: Fieldpiece

This is a wireless four-port digital manifold with a micron gauge. The manifold with a micron gauge comes with the automatic target superheat calculation. This micron gauge also delivers instant superheat and sub-cooling calculation on the screen. Moreover, this micron gauge is able to calculate 9 measurements. A large screen helps to show the real-time diagnosis, result, and charging with a simple wireless measurement.

This micron gauge also comes with the 3/8-feet full bore and 4th VAC port. Furthermore, this micron gauge measures two pressures and two temperatures. This micron gauge executes indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb calculation to get the live target to superheat measurement. This manifold comes with the micron alarms, stopwatch set with high and low alarm. You can go ahead and buy this one of the best micron gauges.

#1. 3-Port Digital Manifold With Micron Gauge

Fieldpiece SMAN360 3-Port Digital Manifold with Micron Gauge

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By: Fieldpiece

This 3 fold digital manifold micro gauge calculates the target superheat automatically. The built-in micro-gauge also comes with the stopwatch resolution range starting from 50 to 9999. This micron gauge in the digital refrigerant manifold includes a micron alarm. Moreover, this alarm helps the HVACR professionals to set their desired micron level. Once the micron level reached, this alarm makes noises to free up to keep working when pulling a vacuum.

This micron gauge also allows you to get an instant calculation of superheat and sub-cooling displayed on a backlit screen. Furthermore, this manifold only performs a linear adjustment of the pressure sensors based on the temperature, refrigerant type, and pressure. With the latest technology, this micron gauge comes with sturdy construction, with a ready-to-use interface. It quickly increases the efficiency of the A/C refrigeration unit.

Micron Gauges Buying Guide

Before buying micron gauges, there are a few things that you should have in mind. We list them all for you below so feel free to check them out.


This part matters in everything that you buy, and this is the point that you should not overlook. Get the one with high quality and sturdy construction to ensure long-lasting durability. When your micron gauge is durable, you will be able to use it for years which is worth its price.


A good micron gauge should offer easy and accurate reading as well as translation every time. Go for a gauge with convenient and automatic translations that you can easily read. At the same time, look for the one with an LCD display so that you can easily read them right away. Also, don’t forget to find the micron gauge with various units from microns for convenient and fast reading.


You have to know that the air-con and refrigeration systems operate with only oil and refrigerant flowing through. When the air moisture enters the system, it is when the device should perform a degassing. This process is the evacuation of the air in the system. You should look for the gauges that use highly advanced technology for the best results. At the same time, get the ones with exclusive filters and oil with sensors to prompt on time. That way, you always know when to clean for easy and convenient maintenance.

Benefits Of Micron Gauges

It is true that both of our air conditioners and refrigerators need micron gauges. What are the exact benefits of this device anyway? Feel free to check out and see what they are with us below.

  • Micron gauge gives accurate measurement that you knows if the sensors are clean or not.
  • You can use it with air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigerators, and many other devices indoor and outdoor.
  • It offers immediate reading in case there are any changes in pressure. If you pick the ones with high quality that can work in real-time, it is super safe and convenient to use. It lets you know right away if there is any leaking. This helps to reduce the amount of time that you hold up your gauge and cramp your arm in the process.

How To Use Micron Gauges

  • Remove the core values then connect the large diameter vacuum rated hose tot the back of the core tools. Do so at both sides of the system, the connect the hoses to the vacuum pump with your manifold gauge.
  • Pull a vacuum once all the valves are open. Close the valves to the high and low side of the system when the sensor reads between 300 and 400 microns.
  • Install your chosen gauge either using a copper line or brass connector. Then see if the pump can reach a vacuum level of 1,500, wait to allow the system pressure to equalize. You will know how much moisture you have in the system at the end of this step.


There are also low-quality micron gauges available which give inaccurate readings and to help our readers, we have listed the best micron gauges that are worth buying. Gone are the days when the service people of the air conditioner used to find it difficult to inspect the system accurately. There are high-quality micron gauges available from popular brands, and they are highly versatile such that they can be used in various machines for various purposes.

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