Discover Top 9 Best Manscaping Trimmers Of 2021

As a man, you always want to look good down there. And this is more reason for you to go for the best Manscaping trimmer. It allows you to carry out the activity in a simple matter but still achieve professional results. Also, you’ll put in minimal effort and also will save time. Furthermore, a good unit is very easy to operate and also works well even in the contours or skin folds. Chances of it nicking, bruising, or causing injury is very low.

The biggest challenge for most men is finding the perfect piece. I mean, with so many options claiming to be the best, we know that this is pure marketing. However, if you lack the skill, knowledge, time, and patience to research and compare, then owning a good product can be futile. The better approach to owing a top choice is to depend on a credible review. In this one, for instance, we will show you the best Manscaping trimmers that are currently on offer.

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#9. Andis 23885 Slim Line 2 Trimmer

Andis 23885 Slim Line 2 Trimmer

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By: Andis

Andis is one of those brands that are giving big names a run for their money. It has many amazing Manscaping trimmers in the market, and this is one of them. One thing we like about it is the handy design, which is slim and also very lightweight. You’ll, therefore, face little challenges when using it. It also fits perfectly in different hands, both large and small. This not only feels comfortable but also improves control. The last thing you want is clumsy hands or control as you can easily bruise the “boys.’

It’s a well-made piece that puts up with the operations well. The power from the builtin in an electric motor is quite decent. It powers the steel blades that easily eliminate the unwanted hair. Moreover, the performance is very consistent to ensure the results are even. You won’t come across some areas with long hairs while in some areas it’s short. The unit is dual voltage and works via 100-120V as well as 220-240 Volts. You can thus operate it from any part of the globe.

It’s ergonomically styled and feels comfortable on the hands. The weight is well balanced and it also has a nice grip surface. It’s also looking very sleek and has a smooth surface. Wiping or cleaning off hair, oils, moisture, dirt, spills, dead skin, and other things are easy. Whets more, it is easy to carry and stores thanks to the compact size of just 6.25 inches in length. It runs smoothly and also has minimal vibration.

  • It’s very easy to use and also runs smoothly
  • Works great even in the very tight locations
  • It’s a small and compact unit that fits nicely in the hands
  • The sleek and smooth surface is very simple to wipe and clean
  • It’s dual voltage hence useful anywhere in the globe
  • The builtin electric motor isn’t super powerful

#8. Cleancut – ES412 – Intimate and Sensitive Area Shaver – Designed for both Men and Women

Cleancut - ES412 - Intimate and Sensitive Area Shaver - Designed for both Men and Women

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Unless you have the best Manscaping trimmer, it’s very hard to get professional results. Also, it’s very easy to injure yourself down there. The accessory may nick or bruise the skin. This will definitely undermine the whole experience. But with a good product such as this piece by CLEANCUT, you’ll have an easier time trimming and shaping the hair. It’s a simple piece but still works pretty well.

We love the power from the motor, which together with the steel blade eliminates the hair fast. Also, it has a nice design that makes using it in a tight location much easier than its competition. You won’t need to stress yourself. It is lightweight and also very slim in profile. It fits very decently in the hands. Also, it follows the contours nicely for the perfect shave. The unit feels well made to tackle the job. It also runs smoothly and is also not too noisy. This enables you to carry on with your business without raising eyebrows.

Thanks to its compact and small size, it will fit in small spaces quite well. You can, therefore, take it along with you during your travels. I mean, its ideal to stay well groomed anywhere always. In addition to the pubic region, it also works quite well for the Underarms, French “landing strip” Bikini Line as well as for a Brazilian style. This means that women can also use it. It runs via batteries and is also cordless. This simplifies the operation, handling as well as convenience.

  • Very small, lightweight and compact
  • Fist in the hands nicely and also easy to control
  • The motor has decent power and is also not noisy
  • Useful in many applications include Manscaping, for Bikini Line, Brazilian and more
  • Works fast and is also less likely to nick or bruise the skin
  • The foil isn’t very flexible

#7. Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer, Lawn Mower 2.0 by Manscaped, Replaceable Ceramic Blade Heads

Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer, Lawn Mower 2.0 by Manscaped, Replaceable Ceramic Blade Heads

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By: Manscaped Refining the Gentleman

Grooming down there doesn’t need to be a painful, bruising, or stressful experience. With the top Manscaping trimmer, you’ll have an easier time but will achieve very good results. This piece by Manscaped Refining the Gentleman is a top choice in the market. Both beginners and seasoned users love it because it’s very easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you are doing the activity for the first time. It trims the hair pretty easiest and also fast. You will use minimal effort and it also cuts evenly. This means that the outcome will be quite amazing.

It is a small and portable piece; hence you can move around with it conveniently. Also, it has a small head design that works great even in the tight zones. Besides, the excellent design minimizes the odds of you accidentally nicking, cutting, or injuring yourself. What’s more, it fits nicely and comfortably in the hands. The reason behind this is the lightweight, nice finish as well as ergonomic design. This also allows you to hold it for a long session without the fingers feeling numb or tiring.

It runs via a rechargeable battery that stores power for a long time. Also, it delivers good “juice” to power the builtin motor and steelhead. And to allow you to use it in a wet environment such as the bathroom or shower area. The accessory is also waterproof. It prevents water and moisture from getting into the sensitive components. Besides, the blade is rust and corrosion-resistant. It also keeps its sharpness for a long period. And to suit different tastes and preferences, it features two adjustable guide combs that support four different hair lengths. And courtesy of the safe and non-toxic materials, it’s less likely to cause side effects or any allergic reactions.

  • Small and compact size works well in tight zones
  • High quality and well built to handle the operation
  • Delivers professions results fast
  • Made of safe hygienic materials
  • Doesn’t cause allergic reacting soar any side effects?
  • The color and design look a little plain

#6. Gillette Fusion ProGlide men’s Razor Styler Special Pack

Gillette Fusion ProGlide men’s Razor Styler Special Pack

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By: Gillette

Gillette is a well-known brand in the world of shaving and grooming. It also boasts of owning some of the best Manscaping trimmers in the market. The ProGlide razor is a good example that targets men. Something we like regarding it is the simple and handy layout, which simplifies the operation. It’s slim and additionally really lightweight. It likewise fits comfortably in the hand and also shaves very close to the skin. This ensures you have a smooth finish. And despite the closeness, it’s less likely to trigger any rashes, bruises, irritation and other side effects. This is because it comprises safe and hygienic materials. Also, you don’t need to use too much force for it to work.

It’s a well-made piece that bears the procedures well. The builtin electrical motor has decent power. It runs the stainless steel razor pretty well and will eliminate the undesirable hair fast. Moreover, it also energy efficient and uses minimal power. It’s additionally ergonomic and feels easy on the hands. No numbness or odd feeling due to poor weight balancing. The good grip surface improves the maneuverability and also makes cleaning the trimmer easy. The sleek surface is also resistant to oils, moisture, hair, dirt, dead skin, and more.

It is based on award-winning Braun engineered technology that will shave very close to the skin and won’t cause any bruising or harm. Also, you will need to apply very little pressure to achieve the results. The item comes with three combs to suit different requirements. Attaching them to the accessory is pretty easy. The unit relies on an AA alkaline battery that will offer service for as long as 45 days or 1.5 months. It runs efficiently and doesn’t produce any noise. And with its very small size and lightweight, you’ll have little trouble moving around with it. In fact, it slips inside the bag, backpack, and other places quite well.

  • Easy to use and runs efficiently
  • Small decent size is easy to handle
  • Fits well in the hands and has a nice finish
  • Smooth running and quiet motor
  • Cleaning the smooth surface is easy
  • It may be a little harsh on sensitive skin if too much force is applied

#5. Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit, Beard Trimmer (10 Pieces)

Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit, Beard Trimmer (10 Pieces)

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By: Remington

Remington PG525 also deserves a mention on the top-rated Manscaping trimmer review. It offers professional results and is also very simple to use. Besides, it is not bulky or heavy piece hence ideal even for the small zones and skin folds. It’s a straightforward item but still works quite well. It gets a nod from us as well as other consumers because of the powerful motor, which together with the robust stainless steel blade deliver fast service. And despite the speedy performance, the results are quite amazing.

It has a great design that makes using it in a limited area a lot easier than most of its rivals. You won’t strain yourself too much to reach the tight zones. It is lightweight and also slim hence fits comfortably in the hands. The device feels well made to take on any job and likewise runs smoothly. This enables you to carry on and finish the task much quicker. It comes with self-sharpening steel blades that offer long-lasting performance. They also save you the trouble of having to constantly sharpen them. They feature surgical stainless steel, which is very safe and also hygienic. It doesn’t rust, corrode, fade, or chip. What’s more, it requires minimal maintenance.

And courtesy of the compact and small dimension, it fits in small areas well. This makes it a good travel companion. Also, it saves space during storage. It gets power via the rechargeable battery and is also cordless. This makes using it anywhere not a problem at all. And when it is full of charge, you’ll get as many as 70 minutes of run time. Recharging the trimmer is also not hard and takes about an hour to fully charge.

  • Lightweight, compact and also portable
  • Feels cozy and also fits nicely in the hands
  • Powerful motor delivers decent performance and speed
  • Ideal for many other applications including Manscaping, stubble beard, etc
  • Works quick and less likely to bruise the skin
  • The battery isn’t super durable

#4. Philips Norelco Gustier, Trim and Shape, model FS9185/49

Philips Norelco Gustier, Trim and Shape, model FS9185:49

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By: Philips Norelco

Grooming down there is easier and safer with the best Manscaping trimmer. The Philips Norelco Gustier is among the popular choices and enjoys positive comments and reviews. It has a basic design, which makes using it pretty easy even by a novice. This trimmer relays good outcomes and requires little skills to use. It cuts the hair quite fast and also operates smoothly. No jerking or vibrations. Besides, it’s not too noisy. It is small as well as portable; thus, you can maneuver it comfortably. Additionally, it has a decent head design that works terrific even in the contours and tight zones.

The good design decreases the probabilities of you unintentionally nicking, cutting, or injuring the area. It fits well in the palm of the hands and this improves the control. We also like the lightweight as well as ergonomic style that allows the user to hold it for a lengthy session. The fingers won’t have a numb feeling. It has a nice soft rubber for a firm and comfortable grip. Chances of it slipping even when handling the unit with wet or oily hands are minimal. It runs using a rechargeable battery that powers the robust built-in motor.

It’s a multipurpose trimmer, which also works great in other applications. You can use it to shave the beard, legs, head and other places. In all the applications, it does deliver good outcomes. And to endure the wet setting such as the washroom it is water-resistant. The blade keeps its sharpness for a long period and doesn’t need frequent resharpening. Also, it doesn’t rust or corrode. The safe and non-toxic materials of construction make it unlikely to trigger adverse effects or any kind of allergies.

  • Compact dimension works well in tight zones
  • Top-quality and also durable
  • Delivers clean results quick
  • Made from safe products
  • Does not trigger side effects
  • Doesn’t shave super close to the skin

#3. Philips Norelco BG7030/49 Bodygroom Series 7000, Showerproof Dual-sided Body Trimmer and Shaver for Men

Philips Norelco BG7030:49 Bodygroom Series 7000, Showerproof Dual-sided Body Trimmer and Shaver for Men

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By: Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco is among the heavyweights when it comes to the great Manscaping trimmers. In fact, in this review alone, you’ll find several options. This unit has a useful design that works very effectively. It’s also slim and likewise very lightweight for easy operation and convenient crying. It fits flawlessly in small as well as large hands and also feels really comfortable. This improves control and minimizes fatigue. It’s well crafted and bears with the operations well. Moreover, the powerful electric motor powers the steel blades fast to eliminate the unwanted hair.

The performance remains constant to ensure you get even results. This prevents some areas from having short areas while others have long hairs. You also find several attachments to help you select the most appropriate length. And with 5 adjustable lengths, you’ll have little trouble making the right pick. The self-sharpening blades maintain their sharp edge for a long time. It features a dual-sided handle for better handling and also maneuverability.

The weight is well balanced and it likewise has a wonderful grip surface. It’s additionally looking very sleek as well as has a smooth surface. Wiping or cleaning off sweat, hair, oils, wetness, dirt, and various other things are easy. Also, it doesn’t corrode, rust, and is easy to wipe clean. It has an ergonomic grip that offers you maximum grip and also minimizes discomfort. The rechargeable battery will offer you up to 80 minutes per charge. Recharging the unit to full power takes about an hour.

  • It’s very easy to use and also portable
  • Runs smoothly and functions great
  • Fits nicely in the hands
  • The surface is sleek and smooth
  • It’s very easy to wipe and tidy
  • May nick the very sensitive areas if handled roughly

#2. Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer #8685, White – Great for Barbers and Stylists

Wahl Professional Peanut Classic Clipper:Trimmer #8685, White – Great for Barbers and Stylists

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By: Wahl Professional

Using this trimmer is very easy and requires minimal skills. It comes in a sleek design and measures just 4 inches long. And although it looks basic, it’s an excellent product that assures you of good results. It has a nice feel, which boosts its handling as well as control. And like the rest in this review, it has a small head, which makes using it even in the contours easy. Moreover, it’s less likely to nick or cause bruises thanks to the safe design. We like the white color, which gives it a nice hygienic look.

The power from the rotary electric motor as well as the tough steel blade work together too easily and quickly removes the hair. Moreover, it has a simple design and is also slim for easy use in a tight location. It is lightweight and weighs just 4 ounces. Therefore, you’ll have little trouble carrying it. It’s also very compact and fits really decently in the hands. Additionally, it will trim the hair on the contours nicely.

The well-made trimming runs smoothly and this allows you to complete the task quickly. At the same time, you’ll get positive results. And since its compact, it will fit in little spaces quite well. As a result, you can move around with or travel with it with no challenges. In addition to the pubic region, the versatile trimmer also comes handy in trimming the Underarms, beard, head, and body. It’s a good choice for home use as well as for professional service in a barbershop.

  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Compact and very easy to control
  • The electric motor has suitable power
  • Runs smoothly and is also not loud
  • Useful in many hair-trimming situations
  • Good operating speed and functions quick
  • It has a cord hence needs to be near a power outlet

#1. Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000, Men’s Grooming Kit with Trimmer for Beard, Head

Philips Norelco MG7750:49 Multigroom Series 7000, Men's Grooming Kit with Trimmer for Beard, Head

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By: Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 makes grooming down there easy and also safer. It also is among the very best Manscaping trimmers you’ll find in the market. It’s simple, reliable, and also delivers excellent outcomes. It’s ideal for newbies as well as experienced individuals and is extremely easy to use. The trimmer cuts the hair quite easily and you will be done in no time. Also, you will enjoy the professional outcomes and will use little effort as well time. It is small, compact, and also easy to walk around with. Likewise, it has a tiny head design that functions great even in the tight zones.

The excellent style reduces the likelihood of nicking, cutting, or injuring the area. What’s more, it fits well in the hands and is lightweight. And together with the sleek finish as well as ergonomic design, you’ll have an easier time holding it for a lengthy session. DualCut technology delivers results that are more accurate and also improves efficiency. The builtin electric motor is powerful and also has a high speed for fast performance.

It’s water-resistant and works okay in a damp environment. Besides, the steel blade is resistant to corrosion and also rust. Moreover, the unit blades are self-sharpening and can last for about 5 years. A single charge will give up to 5 hours runtime. In addition to the down area, this tripper is also good for shaving the beard, head, face as well as the body. It doesn’t require any oil to run but operates smoothly as well as silently.

  • Small, compact and very portable
  • The good size and functions well in tight zones
  • It’s top-quality and also durable
  • Powerful motor and fast speed
  • Made of hygienic and safe materials
  • It doesn’t shave close very close to the skin

Picking The Best Manscaping Trimmer

Before you spend money on a product, it’s important to first make sure it’s the right one. Failure to which will leave you regretting and cursing because of the newly acquired product. It’s important to have an idea of what the key or important aspects are then ensure the target item meets if not exceeds the standard. The following are some of the important considerations:


Shaving down there is very different from saving your beard or facial hair. The areas are very small and also have more contours and folds. Therefore, it’s critical that you pick a unit that is small enough to fit the tight spaces. The head will also be narrow so as to easily work on the contours. The narrower it is the better it is for the zones.


Shaving the below region is a little challenging due to the location. You’ll find yourself struggling to maintain good control. Also, you may be forced to take odd angles to safely reach some regions. You can make the experience less stressful by picking a unit that is not heavy at all. You won’t have to deal with the weight of the tool. Instead, all your focus will be on the activity itself.


Many men are always fearful of trimming the hair down there. This is because they have in many occlusions nicked or injured themselves. Usually, this is because of the poor choice of a tool, more so, not focusing on safety. A Good option will have a safe design. The head will be smooth and won’t bruise the skin. The blade will also be less likely to cause any injuries. Reading reviews and also talking to other consumers helps to shed light on the safety of the product.


The accessory comes in all manner of design. Some are large and bulky, other small, while your will still find some slender or slim units. The right design will make the operation easier but also deliver good results. Generally, you should pick a piece that is well balanced, lightweight, and also has a smooth finish. Also, it will have a non-slip finish that prevents slippage, especially with wet hands.


The best Manscaping trimmer is very comfortable. Firstly, it will fit and also feel nice in the palm of the hands. This is due to good weight balancing and also design. Secondly, the surface or texture will be smooth and devoid of any rough edges or sharp corners. It will feel nice to both the hand as well as the skin. Thirdly, it will have a good ergonomic style and also will have a non-slip finish for a firmer grip.


Many people focus so much on the trimmer itself and forget about the attachments. It’s only while using that they notice they have limitations in regards to the length or design of the hair. It’s always essential that you pay attention to the attachments. The general rule is that the more the pieces, the better the accessory as well as the experience. You’ll have many options in regard to the length as well as design.


You don’t want the trimmer dying out on you in the middle of the activity. To avoid this, you should pick a unit that has a durable battery. It will store charge for a longer period. This enables you to complete the task with no problems. In addition to good power conservation, it will also charge fairly fast. This lets you use the unit within a short notice. Also, a good unit will also support USB for easy charging with different devices.


In addition to the above things, you should also pay close attention to the motor power, speed, corded or cordless design, waterproofing, quality, brand reputation, portability, and also the price.


By reading and picking a product from this review, you’ll be able to own the best Manscaping trimmers. This will help you maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance. Also, you’ll spend lesser time and effort doing it. However, you’ll pretty love the outcomes. This is because the top product delivers professional results. Also, they are easy to use and will tackle any task. The above picks are compact and also lightweight. They fit cozily and firmly in the fingers.

Also, due to their style, it’s very easy to control them. They have a slender head that fits nicely on tight zones and won’t cause any nicking or bruising. What’s more, the power is good enough and will ensure the blade eliminates the hair effortlessly. Another reason to go for the above pieces is that they are very portable. You can carry them in your bag, backpack, and other places easily. Furthermore, the battery keeps a charge for a long period. By going for the best Manscaping trimmer, grooming down, there will be much easier and also convenient.

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