The 13 Best Leaf Mulchers On The Market — 2020 Products Review

Gathering and placing the leaves is not anyone’s “cup of tea.” As we know the leaves will keep falling and you will have to keep picking them up. What’s more challenging is that they do occupy a large space. This means that the trash bin or waste paper bag will fill up fast or you will have to compress them manually. This is not easy. The fall season sees lots of trees shedding their leaves which translates to more work. You can’t leave them lying around because they dirty the environment. Going for the best leaf mulchers is always the right solution.

This accessory has an opening that allows you to place the leases. It may also come with a sort of blower that first lets you pile them up then gather them later. The accessory goes a step further and shreds the leaves into much smaller sizes. This reduces their size and makes it ideal for gardens, flowerbeds, and other places. Mulch is used to conserve moisture, eliminate weeds, and minimize evaporation. It also decomposes and adds essential nutrients to the soil. There are many types of products you can get in the market and they aren’t built the same. Some are amazing, others okay, while some not good at all. In the following read, we will review the best leaf mulchers in the market.

#13. Worx Trivac Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Pro – Lightweight and Easy to Use

Worx Trivac Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Pro - Lightweight and Easy to Use


If you use mulch often, you should consider acquiring this machine. The leaf mulcher works on different leaves and is fast in comparison to other types. We love the simple design, which makes using it easy. It also feels light in the hands and operating it for an extended period should not be difficult. The motor is powerful and not very noisy. Using this machine should not be a challenge even for a first time user. Other than the leave mulcher, you also get a blower.

  • It is not Very noisy
  • Has good coverage
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use

This is a nice musher and blower. It is lightweight and easy to operate. It does not produce too much noise and delivers good airflow. We also like the simplicity and versatility, which suits it for many applications.

#12. Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder with 205cc 4-Cycle Briggs & Stratton

Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder with 205cc 4-Cycle Briggs & Stratton

By: Earthquake

This unit will chips materials with a maximum diameter of 3 Inches. This makes it perfect for most leaves, grass clipping, weeds, and twigs. We like the heavy-duty nature, which provides durable performance. It runs via a 205cc Briggs & Stratton gas engine which feels powerful and doesn’t emit lots of noise or pollution. It starts fast even in the cold weather. In addition, with a 20:1 waste reduction ratio, you can be certain that the leaves will easily be shrunk into very small pieces.

  • Well built and heavy-duty
  • Can run for a long time without problems
  • Easy to use and control
  • Good performance and power

This leaf mulcher cum wood chipper is suitable for most needs. The gas motor is powerful and offers top performance. It’s also built from sturdy materials and will last a long time. The unit powers up instantly and isn’t affected by cold starts.

#11. Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas-Powered Wood Chipper_Leaf Shredder

By: Patriot

The chipping power of this unit is quite good. This is in spite of its fairly smaller size in comparison to most of its rivals. The Briggs & Stratton gas motor delivers up to 10 hp. And together with the sturdy steel blades and swinging-hammer system, it will compact or shred the leaves to very small sizes. Its fast-acting and you will see the results in a matter of seconds. Operating it is easy and it comes in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand manual.

  • Easy to operate
  • Comes in heavy-duty nature
  • Made from tough materials
  • Not Very noisy

This machine will make easy work of leave mulching and wood chipping. It handles various things, including leaves, grass, weeds, and twigs. It starts instantly and doesn’t produce lots of emissions. For a gas-powered unit, it is relatively quiet.

#10. Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

Patriot Products CSV-2515 14 Amp Electric Wood Chipper_Leaf Shredder

By: Patriot

Patriot Products CSV-2515 should be what you are after. It features a 140-amp electric motor, which delivers decent power. The unit is also compact and lightweight. Therefore, operating it for a long period should not be hard. It is ideal for leaves, wood chips, grass clipping, weed, and many other things. The motor is maintenance-free and quite energy efficient. It looks stylish and does not take up lots of storage space.

  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Starts fast and maintains good performance
  • Shreds fast and energy efficient

The patriot machine is worth having around. It starts fast and maintains good performance. The electric unit handles the leave and related things quite well. We appreciate the lightweight, which improves the handling. The motor is also s powerful and energy-efficient.

#9. Earthquake TAZZ 30520 Heavy Duty 212cc Gas Powered 4 Cycle Viper Engine

Earthquake TAZZ 30520 Heavy Duty 212cc Gas Powered 4 Cycle Viper Engine

By: Earthquake

The earthquake did an amazing job with this machine. It is well built and handles quite well. The 212cc gas motor delivers good power and will ensure the mulching and shredding is effortless. It is also well balanced and won’t feel too heavy or too light. The motor runs and idles smoothly and doesn’t produce too much noise or emissions. A machine can run continuously and won’t overheat.

  • Easy to handle and use
  • Heavy duty and well-built
  • Strong motor and effortless performance
  • Good waste reduction ratio

This mulcher cum wood chipper will help keep the surrounding clean. It will also help you maintain the garden well. We love the power, which is decent, easy starting, and operation. It’s also well-built and heavy-duty.

#8. Husqvarna 125BVx, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 470 CFM 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum – 952711902

Husqvarna 125BVx, 28cc 2-Cycle Gas 470 CFM 170 MPH Handheld Leaf Blower_Vacuum - 952711902

By: Husqvarna

Boosting a 28cc gas engine, the Husqvarna 125BVx will deliver quite some performance. The small motor will produce up to 470CFM or airflow, which is quite good. It also has an air velocity of up to 170 mph. This will easily low the leaves off the yard. The 16:1 reduction ratio is among the best in the market. It is easy to handle and to operate courtesy of the lightweight, compact I styling and good balancing.

  • Smart starting engine
  • Variable speed throttle
  • Powerful performance
  • Well built and longlasting

This machine will deliver good service for a long time. You get a 28cc gas motor from the renowned Husqvarna brand. Although it is not very big, it does perform quite well. The noise level is also manageable, just like the maintenance.

#7. Flowtron LE-900 The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder

Flowtron LE-900 The Ultimate Mulcher Electric Leaf Shredder

By: Flowtron

If the best leaf mulcher is what you want, you should give the Flowtron LE-900 a thought. It’s nice looking and the performance is equally impressive. We love the airflow and velocity, which are quite decent. It feels tough, thanks to the solid engineering and robust motor. It does not produce emissions and is quieter than most alternatives you may find. Weighing less than 17 pounds, you should not have a problem operating it for an extended period.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great value for money
  • Simple design and easy operation
  • Good airflow and velocity

While it may look simple, this electric leaf shredder is quite reliable. It starts instantly and has good airflow and velocity. It’s moderately lightweight and feels well balanced. The unit is also not too noisy and has no emissions.

#6. WORX WG430 13 Amp Foldable Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher

WORX WG430 13 Amp Foldable Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher


This is a powerful 13-amp electric leaf-mulching machine. It will handle as many as 53 gallons of leaves in a minute. The good mulching ratio of 11:1 is what makes it among the best in the market. It comes in an innovative design, which improves performance. Handling it should not be an issue since it’s not very heavy. It will shred leaves, grass, twigs, and much more. We love the lightweight, which improves handling.

  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Easy to use
  • Works great
  • Low noise levels

This mulching machine will prove useful in the home and other places. The motor is sturdily built and handles the vibrations, operations, and environmental factors well. The power and performance are impressive, and it is also easy to use and clean.

#5. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph)

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph)

By: Toro

This Toro leaf mulcher will shred and compact many things. It does so in a seamless and effortless manner. It comprises a decently powered motor, which also can handle large volumes well. Also, it is not very noisy and can run for a long period without any overheating issues. It feels light and comfortable. The design and weight are perfect for most day-to-day needs. In addition, if you worry about disturbing the people around you, this moderately silent machine should be a good pick.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong powerful motor

The Toro 51621 UltraPlus is a good leaf mulcher. It’s simple and easy to use. You do not need excellent skills. It is high quality and durable piece, which should last a long time. It doesn’t require lots of attention and cleaning it is straightforward.

#4. Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower Vacuum, 4.0 AH Battery

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower Vacuum, 4.0 AH Battery

By: Greenworks

This handy machine is what you need to effectively make mulch. It shreds the leaves, twigs, and other things into a much smaller size. This allows you to get rid of the leaves, branches, weeds, and much more. It shreds and compacts in a fast manner. The capacity is also good and you don’t need to put in a lot of effort or many cycles of operation. Just like insertion, waste removal is also simple and easy. It boasts of a powerful 40V motor which feels more silent than other types.

  • Good power and performance
  • Well designed and longlasting
  • Quick starting and minimal noise
  • Looks good and easy to use

This is a practical machine that comes with the basic features and functions for easy operation. The accessory works fast and runs smoothly. It is ergonomically styled and comfortable. This prevents any soreness, discomfort, or tiredness, especially after long use.

#3. DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower

DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium-Ion XR Brushless Blower


Make leaf mulching easier by using the right machine. The DEWALT DCBL720P1 is among the best leaf mulchers in offer. It performs well and is also easy to control. The versatile unit works on leaves, branches, twigs, and much more. With this unit, you don’t need to wear earplug or muffs because it is not very noisy. It is also well balanced and ergonomically designed. The possibility of unnecessary fatigue, poor posture, soreness, or pain is very low.

  • Good design and quality
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Not very noisy
  • It is not too heavy

Although looking smaller than most options out there, this relatively small machine puts out a good performance. It has high airflow and velocity and will handle a large volume at a go. It can run continuously without the motor becoming too hot.

#2. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red

Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac, 250 mph, Red

By: Toro

If you want the right solution for the falling leaves, this machine is what you need. The leaf mulcher and shredder will reduce the size and volume of the leaves fast and easily. It features a powerful motor, which is also fast-acting. It will handle leaves, pine needles, grass cuttings, twigs, and much more. The waste reduction ratio and CFM are practical and effective for most needs.

  • Doesn’t produce too much noise
  • Energy efficient and no emissions
  • Easy to operate
  • Good design and quality

This is a good leaf mulcher. It has a compact and practical size and is well balanced. Handling or moving, it is made simpler by the lightweight. It produces acceptable noise and can be used in residential areas without creating unnecessary noise.

#1. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit, 12-Amp (BV6000)

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower & Mulcher with Leaf Vacuum Kit, 12-Amp (BV6000)


The BLACK+DECKER BV6000 is known for its top performance. It has a powerful 12-amp electric motor that can generate unto 250mph of wind speed. This allows the blower to get rid of pine needle, weeds, leaves, grass cuttings, and other garden waste fast. You have two-speed choices to choose from. It feels well built and should put up with the demands and environmental factors well. With a weight of about 8 lbs, handling and moving around with this item is less of a challenge.

  • Well made and durable
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • Works great
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance

With this mulcher cum blower, your lawn should look cleaner and neater. Your garden will have lots of mulch as well. It is easy to use and runs smoothly. Being electric, you will worry less about emissions or too much noise.

Choosing The Best Leaf Mulcher

When it comes to identifying a product, many people face challenges. Most will have a difficult time because they don’t know what to look for. Others will have some clue but will be overwhelmed or confused by the many types. There are those who lack the time and patience to go through each and every product. For them, it is better to rely on a review. In the following section, we will highlight some of the main aspects to look at during the search.


The first thing you need to look at is the capacity. Yes, a large one will handle larger volumes. However, if you only have a few trees on your compound, it makes no sense to go for it. It occupies more spaces, and it is much harder to move around with. Additionally, it will consume more power. In such an instance, you should consider a smaller piece. Using a small unit on a larger space or where there are many trees is also not economical. You will run the machine for longer and will do many cycles. This will overwhelm the machine and shorten its lifespan. You will also use more time and effort. It is important that you chose the perfect size.


The machines will have different power outputs. Some will handle high volumes, twigs, and other materials without any issues. Others will have trouble dealing with large volumes or hard materials like small twigs. The more power, the easier the machine will work. However, it may also be a power hog due to the large motor. You should try to balance between power and energy consumption.


Most top products will support different functions. They will shed leaves, grass clippings, twig or small branches, and more. Besides being a mulcher or shredder, it will also be lower. This simplifies the task because you can first blow the leaves and forms a pile then gather them later. This also saves you from having to purchase a separate blower and a mulching machine.


It’s also important to look at the ease of moving around with the accessory. The truth is that you will be using it in many places. If your lawn, yard, or garden is large then you will be covering larger distances. The right machine will be very portable. It will be compact and has good weight, Features nice wheel and ergonomic handle. You will find that gas-powered types are more portable than electric units. The reason is that they do not have a power cord that limits the area of use.


The design or styling matters a lot. You don’t want a piece that is functional but the design hinders its use. For instance, it may be too high or too low, or the opening may be a little bit narrow. This makes insertion of the leaves inside the compartment a little challenging. A piece without good handles will also be a little challenging to handle. You also need to consider where you will be placing the unit after use. Square or rectangles types are more space-efficient in comparison to round or cylindrical types. The length of the blower also matters.

Noise Level

You don’t want a unit that sounds like an old tractor or truck. What you and other consumers’ desire is an item that does not produce lots of noise. This will make it easier for you as well as the people around. It also allows you to use it in a quiet environment without disturbing the peace. The noise is rated in dB (decibels) and the higher the number, the noisier the machine. Normally, an electric unit will be more silent than gas types.

Other things worth considering include energy efficiency, the brand, maintenance ease, availability of spare parts, consumer reviews, and of course price.


You don’t need to put up with a not-so-neat yard, garden, or lawn by allowing leaves to remain on the surface for too long. You don’t have to use lots of effort and time, or manually raking them into a pile and then collecting them with your hands. In addition, you can make good use of the leaves by turning them into mulch, which you can spread on the garden. What you really need is a leaf-mulching machine. This accessory will turn the leaves into smaller fragments by shredding them.

The right choice works fast and will handle a good volume. In the above review, we looked at the best leaf mulchers in the market. They are well made to put up with the use, are easy to use, work fast, and shred any kinds of leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and more. Most will also double as blowers for easy gathering of the leaves. By choosing any of the items, your lawn, yard, parking lot, and other replaces will look neater. At the same time, you will have a mulch for your garden.


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