13 Best Laminating Machines To Buy In 2021 Review

A laminating machine is extremely useful for office purposes as well as for home. Laminating the important documents prevents them from wear and tear, and they will stay intact for decades. Not just that, the stability and strength of the documents improve significantly, and they look attractive. There is no question of wrinkling, and lamination prevents the documents from water and other liquid. If you are looking to buy the best laminating machine, go through the following list and choose the one that satisfies your requirements perfectly.

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#13. Thermal Laminator Machine

JZBRAIN Thermal Laminator Machine

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The compact laminating machine takes about three to five minutes to warm up the device. This unit also has the ability to laminate 9.8-inch of the sheet within a minute. Moreover, the machine is compatible with A4 and A6-size sheets. This device is suitable for your personal use at home, school, or office. Even, you can laminate your handicrafts, photos, or other DIY projects without hassle.

The cold and hot functions of this machine also serve your different laminating needs without any problem. Furthermore, with the help of an ABS button and quick jam-release system, you can easily unclog the machine from papers. The pouch thickness of this machine starts from 80 to 125-micron.

  • Quick warm up to eliminate waiting time.
  • Dual function and compact housing.
  • Jam release system for problem-solving.
  • It is relatively a new product but no drawback.

#12. Thermal Laminator Machine For A4/A5/A7

ABOX 9'' Thermal Laminator Machine for A4:A5:A7

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By: GooBang Doo

With two roller system, this laminating machine offers smooth and wrinkle-free lamination every time. This unit also prevents the chances of bending or folding corners during the lamination process. Moreover, the compact size of this thermal laminator device makes it easily portable to almost everywhere. The machine only takes two to four minutes to warm up.

The machine also performs lamination for non-stop 30 minutes. Furthermore, with 400-mm per minute laminating speed, this unit is able to laminate 3mil sheets with no bubbles. The machine does automatic lamination, so you do not have to hold the paper until the end. To fix jammed papers, you just need to pull out them directly after turning the machine off.

  • High speed and fully automatic function.
  • Bubble-free lamination and internal jam release.
  • Continuous operation for efficient results.
  • It gives out a strong odor.

#11. Thermal Laminator Machine With Trimmer & Fast Warm-Up

JZBRAIN Thermal Laminator Machine with Trimmer, Two Minutes Fast Warm-Up

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This laminating machine takes about two minutes to warm up the machine. The tool also offers a full A4 paper lamination within 30 seconds. Moreover, the machine comes with a trimmer mode for providing a professional finishing to your lamination. This tool is responsible for processing up to 400-mm of paper in a minute. With the help of the trimmer, you can easily trim out the shape you need.

The cold and hot laminating systems of this unit also meet your different needs without any difficulty. Furthermore, with a 9-inch maximum laminating width, this tool is suitable ton laminate your photos, handicrafts, and other essential documents. The jam-release system with an ABS button easily pulls out the clogged papers or pouches.

  • Easy to use and dual functions.
  • Jam release system and quick warm-up.
  • Integrated operation with built-in cutter.
  • There is no drawback to write on.

#10. GBC Thermal Laminator Machine

Swingline GBC Thermal Laminator Machine, Fusion 3100L

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By: Swingline

The sleek and modern design of this laminating machine is ideal for mid-size offices or any places with high lamination needs. This tool also takes less than one minute to provide the fastest lamination of all time. Moreover, the machine is capable of laminating 28 pieces of documents in ten minutes at 31-inch per minute speed.

With the help of the 12-inch width, this machine also laminates a variety of projects with ease. Furthermore, the machine is compatible with any 3, 5, and 7mil laminating pouches. The machine comes along with thirty pieces of easy to use letter-sized premium speed pouches. The auto jam detection process with a simple jam-release button allows easy cleaning.

  • Sleek design and easy to use.
  • Wide application with cold lamination.
  • Smooth rollers for wrinkle-free results.
  • The average rating is relatively low.

#9. Laminator Machine For A3 A4 A6 Two Roller Technology

JZBRAIN 13'' Laminator Machine for A3 A4 A6 Two Roller Technology

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This 4-in-1 thermal laminator works as a laminator, paper cutter, corner rounder, and a trimmer. The advanced mechanism of this unit also comes with a dual roller system for more professional finishing. Moreover, you can effortlessly use this tool to laminate a wide range of personal or business projects. The machine takes on 3 to 5 minutes to generate the heat.

The tool also processes up to 250-mm of paper in a minute. Furthermore, the cutting-edge and noiseless operation make it suitable for your quiet office atmosphere. The specially-designed laminating machine prevents the wrinkling, curling, or crinkling of your documents while laminating. The thermal-conductivity pipe and motor with inbuilt advanced bubble heating prolong the durability of the machine.

  • Noiseless roller and quick operation.
  • Bubble heating system for smooth laminating.
  • Multipurpose unit with adhesive sheets.
  • The jamming can be relatively more frequent.

#8. Thermal Laminator Machine For A3/A4/A6

Thermal Laminator Machine for A3:A4:A6

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With two roller system, this thermal laminator allows you to achieve wrinkle-free lamination with professional finishing. The faster warm-up mechanism of this unit also generates heat within 3 to 5 minutes for faster lamination. Moreover, both the cold and hot laminating systems of the tool help you with different pressure requirement. This machine works with a speed of 10.2-inch in a minute.

The laminating machine also comes with different pouch thickness settings with single button operation. Furthermore, the tool is suitable for non-professionals, and you can easily install this in your home, school, and office. You get three different sizes of twenty-piece pouches for stress-free lamination every time. Considering its high average rating, it is one of the best laminating machines.

  • Multiple application and convenient to use.
  • Maximum width and high speed.
  • Time-saving with a faster warm-up.
  • There is no con to discuss.

#7. Laminator Saturn3i 125

Fellowes 5736601 Laminator Saturn3i 125

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By: Fellowes

This laminating machine takes only a minute to warm up to provide you with the fastest and simplest lamination. This advanced thermal laminator also comes with a large 12-1/2-inch entry width to accommodate multiple document sizes. Moreover, this tool offers cold lamination with the pressure-sensitive self-adhesive pouches. The auto shut-off technology of this laminating machine saves a lot of energy.

The tool also comes with overheat protection to save it from damages. Furthermore, the jam release lever of this device prevents the machine from clogging for quick and smooth operation. The sleek and compact design of this unit makes it perfect for your home, school, and small office. The audible beep sound with indicator lights lets you know when the machine is ready to work.

  • Auto shutoff for safe operation.
  • Jam release and quick warm-up.
  • Wide entry for multiple document size.
  • The product is slightly expensive than others.

#6. Thermal Laminator & 20 Laminator Pouches

Apache AL9 9 Thermal Laminator and 20 Laminator Pouches

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By: Apache

With the maximum laminating width of 9-inches, this thermal laminator offers faster and easier lamination for all of your important documents. A pair of silicone roller of this machine also helps you to have wrinkle-free lamination with professional finishing. Moreover, the high-quality motor and heating element of this laminator offers perfect lamination every time.

This machine also supports quick warm-up, and the indicator light turns on when the machine is ready. Furthermore, you get a total number of twenty pieces of thermal pouches for smoother lamination. The user-friendly ABS release button easily cleans the jam for swift operation. With 3mil and 5 mil heat settings, this machine is ideal for laminating business cards, photos, and other documents.

  • Lightweight design and release buttons.
  • Powerful motor with the heating element.
  • East to store and wide width.
  • The jamming can be an issue once in a while.

#5. Thermal Laminator Machine For A3/A4/A6

Laminator Machine for A3:A4:A6, YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine

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By: Eficentline

This thermal laminator is compatible with the laminating pouches from the business-card-size to A3 paper size. With the help of the quick warm-up technology, the machine offers faster-laminating speed to laminate all of your precious documents with a professional finish. The machine effectively preserves and protects your important documents, like cards, photos, and presentation materials. It is definitely one of the best laminating machines on the list.

This laminating machine also comes with a corner-rounder and three different patterns of paper trimmers. Furthermore, the machine comes along with 20 thermal pouches for A4 and A6 papers. This upgraded tool effectively laminates with a speed of 250-mm/minute for faster lamination. The no paper-jam technology of this machine prevents the clogging of the papers or pouches for smooth operation.

  • Wide compatibility and multifunctional unit.
  • Easy operation with release button.
  • Temperature control for safe use.
  • There is no drawback to write on.

#4. PRO Thermal Laminator

Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator

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By: Scotch

The laminating machines take about five minutes to warm the machine. The indicator light of this tool also lets you know when this machine is ready for lamination. Moreover, the never-jam technology of this unit helps the machine to automatically prevent misfed items. With the help of two roller system, this laminator offers a professional finish to your lamination.

The automatic shut-off technology of this laminating machine also automatically turns off the machine after one hour. Furthermore, this shut-off technology helps you to conserve energy. The dual roller system of this machine adds a professional finish to your laminations. The 3mil and 5mil heat settings with thermal pouches offer perfect lamination every time.

  • Jam technology for misfed items.
  • LED signals and easy to use.
  • Auto shutoff to save energy.
  • There could be heating issue when runs for long.

#3. Thermal Inspire Plus Lamination Machine

Swingline Laminator, Thermal, Inspire Plus Lamination Machine

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By: Swingline

The compact and stylish structure of this laminating machine is suitable for every home, school, and small office. This thermal laminator also takes less than 4-minutes to warm up. Moreover, with a simple indicator light, the unit offers faster and easier lamination. This machine is capable of laminating 9-inch per minute. The 9-inch maximum document width of this tool allows you to laminate several projects. The smooth roller system of this laminator supports wrinkle-free lamination.

This laminating machine is also compatible with both 3mil and 5mil laminating pouches. Furthermore, the single power setting of this unit allows you to switch between the pouch thickness with ease. The jam release quick lever allows you to clear the clutter without any difficulty. This unit comes along with five letter-size standard thickness thermal lamination pouches for a clear and glossy finish. The cold lamination of the machine works with the pressure-sensitive adhesive pouches.

  • Stylish design and quick startup.
  • Cold settings and wide compatibility.
  • Lever to release jammed pouches.
  • There could be jamming issue at times.

#2. Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System

Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System

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By: Scotch

This thermal laminator with two roller system adds professional finishing to your every lamination. The machine is also capable of laminating documents up to 9-inch width. Moreover, the laminating machine helps you to make each document water-resistant, spill, and tearproof. From business cards to photos, this unit offers quicker and easier lamination every time. You can easily protect your frequently used documents, as well. Even the machine helps you to preserve your important memories and create decorative items.

This easy to use laminating machine also comes with two different heat settings. Furthermore, the 3mil heat setting is perfect for regular documents with normal papers. The 5mil heat setting is ideal for thinner papers. The thickness of the pouches allows you to laminate several items without any hassle. It takes only one to six minutes to warm up the machine. The indicator light lets you know when the laminator is ready for laminating. It is clearly one of the best laminating machines.

  • Professional finish with dual rollers.
  • Wide application and lightweight design.
  • Temperature settings for efficient performance.
  • There is no negative point to discuss.

#1. Thermal Laminator

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

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By: AmazonBasics

This thermal laminator laminates documents up to 9-inch wide. The tool is also compatible with the letter-size, legal-size, business-card size, and photo-size papers. Moreover, this machine offers two different heat settings. You can use the 3mil heat setting for photos, normal documents, and card stock. The 5mil heat setting is suitable for thinner papers or films. The heat settings effectively work with any laminating pouch-like 8.9X11.4 inches laminating pouches. The compact design of this laminating machine easily fits into your home, classroom, and office.

With the help of two roller feeding system, this laminator also offers faster and easier laminating. Furthermore, the ready indicator light of the unit comes along with 4-minute warm-up time for faster operation. The jam release lever of this laminating machine allows super easy cleaning. This unit protects your items, like various papers, crafts, photos, seating charts, and other important documents. It helps to laminate any document and project faster than the ordinary laminators.

  • High compatibility and dual heat settings.
  • Easy setup and compact design.
  • Light indicator for user convenience.
  • There is no con at all.


Considering all these factors, we have listed the best laminating machines for you. While buying a laminating machine, you have to pay immense attention to the specifications. Different machines have different capacities and width. Not every laminating machine will be suitable for all document types. Besides, some are cold laminator, others are hot, and there are some which are pouch and roll laminator. Apart from these, it should have auto shut off features and overheat protection as well as anti-jamming feature.

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