Discover The 12 Best Indoor Mosquito Traps Review – In 2021

It is more important than to have a good night sleep without any disturbance. An indoor mosquito trap will let you sleep better, and it is a must for your entire family. It is safe for your kids, too, and it can prevent various diseases originating from the mosquitoes. These indoor mosquito traps do not use any gas to kill mosquitoes and, therefore, do not pollute the air. They not only let you sleep with ease but also let you breathe without any chemicals or toxic materials. Here is a list of best indoor mosquito traps for you to buy.

#12. Mosquito Killer and Bug Zapper

RockBirds Mosquito Killer and Bug Zapper

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By: RockBirds

This is a very intelligent mosquito trap which will attract the bugs when you place it indoors. This is very safe for your family members as well as your pets. This will prevent mosquito bites and other insect bites to your family. This is very easy to use, and you will only have to switch on the power. It will work instantaneously without any interruption. You can have a good night sleep as it works continuously. Moreover, you can easily release the trapped dead mosquito. This has dual modes and works either automatically or manually.

Furthermore, you will only have to press the button and then go for a change in the darkness. This has a high-quality BLB bulb which will lure the flying insects. It will also not disturb your sleep as the intensity of the light is 40 decibels. With this, you will get a power adapter and a USB cable.

In Short:
  • Has an intelligent design for attracting bugs
  • Safe for indoors, pets, and the family
  • Helps prevent mosquito and insect bites
  • Very easy and secure to use
  • Comes with a premium BLB bulb

#11. Electric Outdoor Bug & Mosquito Zapper

Ommani Bug Zapper Mosquito Zapper Electric Indoor Mosquito Killer Trap

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By: Ommani

If you are looking for a mosquito trap that will kill instantly, then this is the perfect one for you. This comes with the Led technology and has double-sided trapping which makes it trap the mosquitoes from both the sides. You will also find a UV lamp that will instantly kill the mosquitoes when it comes in contact with the light. Moreover, this has a large coverage of 800 square feet and uses only 8 watts of energy. You can use it 24/7 and is very suitable for home, office, hospital, or school.

This is non-toxic and kills the mosquitoes without any chemicals. It has a tight standard safety mesh which will avoid any contact with the electric grids. This comes with a detachable collection tray which makes it very convenient to clean. You can also use it easily as you will only have to turn it on by pulling the string switch.

In Short:
  • Kills mosquitoes instantly
  • The LED technology and double-sided trapping eliminates mosquitoes
  • A UV lamp instantly kills insects
  • Covers up to 800 square feet
  • Energy-efficient consumption up to 8 watts

#10. Indoor Electric Fly Trap & Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper,Electric Fly Trap Indoor Mosquito Zapper

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By: Xvolt

With this, you will have control over the mosquitoes and any other flying pests. The mosquito trap uses a 13-watt ultraviolet bulb which attracts all kinds of insects. This immediately traps and kills the insects with its charging metal grid. This product is very easy to use, and it comes maintenance-free. Moreover, this is very safe and does not use any chemicals to kill the insects.

This is also free from odor, and you can clean it easily. It is very safe for your family as it kills the mosquitoes by electrocuting them. It is very suitable for indoor use and works perfectly for an area of 500 square feet. This is also portable, and you can easily throw the dead insects collected as it has a tray. You can also easily clean the electric grid, and it comes with a cord measuring 4 feet in length.

In Short:
  • Helps control mosquitoes and flying pests
  • Runs on an energy-efficient 13W UV bulb
  • Attracts and traps insects
  • Efficient charging metal grid
  • Free from odor for indoor use

#9. USB Powered Mosquito Trap & Bug Zapper

RockBirds Mosquito Trap USB Powered Bug Zapper

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By: RockBirds

This indoor mosquito trap attracts the insects with its BLB bulb. This is very effective in trapping the mosquitoes and is very safe for pets and humans. This does not make any noise and is non-toxic, non-radiative, and non-chemical. It kills the mosquitoes with the suction power of its fan. Moreover, this is powered with a USB, and you can charge it with the help of an adapter or power bank. It is suitable for indoor usage and will keep your family safe from the harmful insect bites.

The product is also very easy to clean as it has an integrated storage box. It does not rust and has excellent breathability. You can install it easily, and it is also very convenient to use. This comes in an attractive design and is also available in two different colors. It consumes only 5 watts of power, and the mosquito range is up to 25 meters. It is one of the best indoor mosquito traps on the list.

In Short:
  • Comes with a BLB bulb to attract mosquitoes
  • Safe for the family and pets
  • Non-chemical element
  • Provides incredible suction for killing mosquitoes
  • Easy to clean

#8. Original Indoor Insect Trap

Original Indoor Insect Trap- Fruit Fly, Gnat, Mosquito, Bug Killer

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With a triple trapping power, this indoor mosquito trap can also catch other insects. This has UV light which lures the insects and gets them to stick to the glue board. The indoor bug trap is very safe for your family and does not have any odor or chemicals. This is also free from zapper and operates in a quiet way. This is very effective in keeping away the mosquitoes and will give you a good night sleep.

The product can be used conveniently and can cover an area of 320 square feet. This will work great in a dark and closed room and is very suitable for offices and garages. It has a rated frequency of 60 Hz, and the power consumption is 5 watts. With this, you will have mosquito-free home, and it also catches the mosquitoes with the catching airflow.

In Short:
  • Innovative triple trapping power traps insects
  • Has UV light for luring mosquitoes to the sticky board
  • Doesn’t produce chemicals or smells
  • Quiet and safe operation
  • Covers up to 320 square feet

#7. Electric Fly Trap Indoor Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper, Fruit Fly, Gnat, Electric Fly Trap Indoor Mosquito Zapper UV Light Insect Killer

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By: Vivreal

If you are looking for a product which is super-quick in trapping mosquitoes, then this is the one for you. It is very powerful and has two blue tubes which attract flying insects. This can eliminate all harmful insects as it has a high voltage metal grid of 2800V. Moreover, it does not emit any gas and is very safe for your kids and pets. This is harmless to your health, and there is no smell or sprays. The product is also free of chemicals and toxins.

It is very effective and can cover an area of 538 square feet. Moreover, you can easily clean it by removing the collection tray. It also comes with a hanging chain where you can hook it to any surface. It kills all the mosquitoes from home, school, and offices. This is also very suitable for industrial use and uses 19 watts of power.

In Short:
  • Provides ultra-quick mosquito-trapping action
  • The 2 blue tubes attract flying insects
  • Kills harmful bugs using 2800V metal grid
  • Doesn’t emit chemicals or gases
  • Suitable for the office, school, home

#6. Plug-In Sticky Trap Mosquito Catcher

COMLIFE Plug-In Sticky Trap Mosquito Catcher

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Equipped with powerful glue boards, this indoor mosquito trap has a UV light which is very safe for your family and pets. It does not require any high voltage and does not make any zapping sounds. The sticky glue of the trap makes it very difficult for the mosquitoes and insects to escape. You can also easily replace the glue board and have a good night sleep. This is also very easy to use and can be cleaned without any problems.

You will only have to replace the glue board and follow the cycle every month. The product is very portable, and you can carry it anywhere you want. Furthermore, this is odor-free and non-toxic and is eco-friendly. This has a USB output port and comes in a compact design. With the USB port, you can also charge your mobile phone or tablet.

In Short:
  • The glue boards trap the mosquitoes
  • ideal for indoor use to kill insects
  • Active and replaceable glue board
  • Portable and comfortable cleaning
  • Easy to charge via the USB port

#5. Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap

Trapro WS108 Wall Sconce Fly Light Trap

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By: Trapro

If you are looking to have a good night sleep without any disturbances, then this indoor mosquito trap will let you have it. It works without making any noise, and it lures the insects with its violet light. It also kills the insects softly without making any noise. This has a reflective coating which will also enhance the UV light and improve its performance.

It has a wide area coverage of 900 square feet and is an eco-friendly product. Moreover, this is free from any odors and does not use any chemicals or toxic. It can be used safely in hospitals and schools, and the stylish and attractive design also makes it a decorative item.

In Short:
  • Supports a restful night’s sleep
  • Quiet and eco-safe operation
  • The violet light lures the mosquitoes
  • Comes with a reflective coating to improve the UV light
  • Covers up to 900 square feet

#4. Electronic Night Lamp Insect Killer

Bug Zapper - Electronic Insect Killer Mosquito Killer Night Lamp Mosquito Trap Mosquito Zapper

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By: Syhonic

This is an electric mosquito trap which can be used indoors and is very suitable for commercial or industrial use. It does not use any harmful chemicals to kill the insects and includes an outer mesh to protect your children and pets. It is also non-radiative and non-toxic and is very effective in killing the mosquitoes. Going by its reviews and ratings, it is definitely one of the best indoor mosquito traps to opt for.

This is very lightweight, and you can also hang it to prevent children from touching it. This will not let escape a single mosquito and will provide you with satisfying results. The product is very suitable for indoor use, and it can also be cleaned easily. Moreover, the dead insects get collected on the tray which can be removed with ease.

In Short:
  • Has a superior electric design
  • Traps mosquitoes indoors and commercial places
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Non-toxic and non-radiative
  • Lightweight structure for easy hanging

#3. Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper Lamp

AdorioVix Bug Zapper, Indoor Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp

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By: AdorioVix

Here is a mosquito trap which effectively kills the mosquitoes from 360 degrees. This is powered with a USB cable and can directly be attached to a mobile power. This is easy to use and has an LED lamp. It is safe and is non-toxic. Moreover, there will be no harmful radiation or chemicals and is safe for your family and pets. The product is also cost-effective and eco-friendly, and it attracts the insects towards it before killing them.

This is very suitable for the indoor application and also includes a built-in fan which makes it operate without making any noise. This comes in a wonderful design and looks like an attractive showpiece. With this, you will get a good night sleep without any disturbances.

In Short:
  • Kills insect at a 360-degree angle
  • Runs and charges via a USB cable
  • The LED lamp is non-toxic and safe to use
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective
  • Comes with a built-in fan for a quiet operation

#2. Electric Indoor Bug Zapper TrapHoont Electric Indoor Fly Zapper and Bug Zapper Trap Killer Catcher

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By: Hoont

With a wide area coverage of 6000 square feet, this indoor mosquito trap will prevent not just mosquitoes but also other insects and flies. This can be used both for domestic and industrial purposes. This is very safe to use and does not require any pesticide or chemicals to get rid of the mosquitoes. You will only have to plug it in and let it attract the mosquitoes. The insects are killed through electrocution, and it has two ultraviolet bulbs of high intensity.

Moreover, this will kill the insects instantly without any limit, and it can also be killed easily. This is perfect for indoor use and uses only 20 watts of power. It can be used 24/7 and comes in a design which makes it easy to get mounted on the wall. It is one of the best indoor mosquito traps available.

In Short:
  • Covers up to 6000 square feet
  • Prevents mosquitoes, flies, and insects indoors
  • Ideal for industrial and domestic applications
  • Destroys insects via electrocution
  • Has 2 UV bulbs for high intensity

#1. Upgraded Electric Bug Zapper

S SAVHOME Upgraded Electric Bug Zapper, Insect Killer, Mosquito Trap

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With this indoor mosquito trap, there will be a wide coverage of up to 500 square feet. This can conveniently be used at home and also for commercial use. This is very effective in controlling mosquitoes as this has a 15-watt ultraviolet bulb which will attract the insects. It kills by electrocuting the mosquitoes and also does not have any odor, chemical, or radiation. Moreover, it is very easy to operate, and the dead insects get collected in the bottom tray.

The tray can be cleaned easily and removed effortlessly. This is made up of the plastic shell which is fire resistant and is very safe for humans and animals. It is eco-friendly and is also suitable for infants. This requires a power of 120V and will provide you with a pest-free area. This is very efficient in getting rid of the harmful gnats.

In Short:
  • Suitable for indoor and commercial purposes
  • Covers up to 500 square feet
  • The UV bulb consumes 15 watts
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with a catch tray to collect dead insects

Benefits of Indoor Mosquito Traps

Target Biting Mosquitoes

Mosquito traps have the ability to attract female mosquitoes and trap them. It will not kill the insect, and there will be no harm to the mosquito. It starts to work immediately when the power is turned on and can trap from a marginal distance. This will let you have complete control, and you can use it at any time.

Safe to Use

It is very safe to use and will cause no harm to any other insects. You can use it even if you have honey bees as it does not have any harmful pesticides or insecticides which will cause toxicity. You will also be not adding any risky chemicals to your property, so it is also safe for humans. Furthermore, as pesticides can affect the health of your kids and pets, an indoor mosquito trap is very safe for your children, and you can remain rest assured. It is one of the easiest ways to ensure the safety of your home.

Give Effective Treatment

A mosquito trap will work round the clock to ensure that there are no mosquitoes. It works by disrupting the mosquito reproductive cycle and will reduce their bites considerably. It will provide a long-term solution and will keep on reducing the mosquitoes. They are not like sprays or repellents which is active for a few hours or days. Some of it can also last for years.

Complete Control

With it, you can have complete control and make sure when to use it. It will not cause any risk to your lawn, and you don’t have to remain far from the area, unlike insecticides. Moreover, it will ensure that you get a peaceful and comfortable sleep without the worry of mosquito bites and it is also safe for your environment. This is even better than using a mosquito repellant, as the latter is tedious to apply. It will provide you with noticeable results and is perfect for your family or guests.

Will Give No Immunity

Some mosquitoes or insects can be resistant to some chemicals. With time, they can become immune to the compound and will not be effective to some insecticides. However, mosquito traps do not have any chemicals; rather use the technique of trapping them. You don’t have to worry about adaptation as it will attract the mosquitoes to which they find tempting. Indoor mosquito traps are very effective in getting rid of the blood-sucking mosquitoes.

How To Choose An Indoor Mosquito Trap?

Here are some factors to remember while choosing a mosquito trap.

The Installation Point

Before owning a mosquito-trapping device, you need to determine the spot first. There are so many models of the trapping device for both indoor and outdoor purposes. If you spend most of your time at your backyard, then you should not opt for the plug-in models. You can purchase H2O system models for your backyard.

Power Source

Some of the mosquito-trapping devices run with power. If you are looking for an indoor trapping device, then you can go for the power-connected devices. On the other hand, wireless mosquito traps are perfect for outdoor activities, such as camping and traveling.

Coverage Area

In case if you have a large room, you always look for the device, which covers a large area. Therefore, before selecting a trapping machine, you need to check for the coverage area of a certain device. Apart from that, it is better to check the installation height of your selected device for choosing the right machine for your place.

Easy Operation And Maintenance

The machine with simple mechanism is ideal for your kids. Therefore, you can look for a mosquito-trapping device, which is easy to use for everyone, including your kids. You need to select a device, which is also easily cleanable and assembled after cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

Definitely, you should go for a mosquito-catching machine, which is safe for your family’s health. You need to opt for a device, which does not emit any harm causing chemical, gas, or odors. Often, the device with harmful chemical gas emission can cause allergy, asthma, and other health problems. The machines with low-power consumption are ideal for you.

Quick Action Formula and Long-lasting

It is always good to choose a mosquito trap with swift and instant action. In this way, you can get faster relief from the mosquitos. On the other hand, a device is perfect if it works for long 24-hours without losing its effectiveness.

Types of Mosquito Traps

Co2 Trapping System

Carbon dioxide usually attracts mosquitos. With this following system, you can easily trap down mosquitos from different species. This Co2 system is the most famous, simple, and effective way to kill mosquitos. The well-known process is lesser expensive. However, different upgraded CO2 models with timed CO2 release are costly yet effective. This inexpensive system is ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Heat-Trapping System

In this system, the models emit heat to attract mosquitos. These models work perfectly for the yards. Many of these mosquito-trapping devices emit the heat from the trap intake system. This system is not that much popular but effectively traps down the mosquitos. However, these machines are very much expensive than the other models. Generally, the heating system is ideal to use for outdoor or inside of a large house.

H2O Trapping System

Unlike the heat-trapping system, the H2O system is much more cost-effective than the other models in the market. The formula of this system uses the combination of CO2 and water trapping to attract mosquitos. Most of the cases, these models have a water tray to collect the dead mosquitos without causing any mess. Even, the system is suitable for use both indoor and outdoor places.

UV Indoor Trapping System

This system is the safest way to trap mosquitos. In this system, the models tend to release Ultra Violet ray to attract mosquitos. These models are perfect to use for indoor. Even the UV trapping system does not emit any harmful or unpleasant gases or odors like the other ordinary trapping systems. Generally, the traps require changeable lamp very frequently. Therefore, you need to for if you have enough supply of lamps and bulbs to activate this system.

Propane Trapping System

This system works well for the backyard or any outdoor places. The system is highly expensive and popular as well. You need balloons for this system to work. However, these models effective work to trap down mosquitos. This makes propane trapping system way more popular than the other models amongst the people.


There are various types of indoor mosquito traps available, and you need to go through the description of these best indoor mosquito traps to choose the best one. They are very useful and can also be used commercially in hospitals or schools. The product will keep away mosquitoes and prevent various kinds of diseases like malaria and dengue. These are simple to use and will let you sleep without having a fear of any mosquito-borne disease.

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