Top 12 Best In-Wall Subwoofers Review In 2020

A music system with a subwoofer is not really worth listening to. However, instead of having the subwoofer on the desk, the performance will be better with in-wall subwoofers. Besides, it takes care of the space issue that you might have in your room. You can use the subwoofer with your TV for the theatre-like experience or with your music system. It can blend with the wall design or color perfectly and will not look awkward. Moreover, it is essential for the in-wall subwooofers as they do not have much bass due to the small woofer driver. The following is the list of the best in-wall subwoofers available to turn your room into a movie theater.

List of The 12 Best In-Wall Subwoofers

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#1. Center Channel In-Wall Speaker

Micca M-CS Center Channel In-Wall Speaker with Dual 5.25 Inch Woofers

By: Micca

This is among the best in-wall subwoofer that is 2-way. The speaker also allows simple and stress-free installation. Moreover, it provides crystal clear and distortion-free sound. Furthermore, it comes with the silk dome tweeter to provide the perfect bass. The 12db crossover of this woofer provides the perfect integration between the tweeter and the woofer.

The speaker also delivers a smooth and natural sound signature. Moreover, the clean bass output of this subwoofer is ideal for the home theater. Furthermore, the flexible design of this woofer allows a versatile utilization. The in-wall mounting system of this subwoofer saves a lot of space in your living room. All in all, it is the best in-wall subwoofer and you can buy it blindly to get the best value for your money.

In Short:
  • Comfortable and stress-free installation
  • Circulates crystal clear sound
  • Has a silk dome tweeter for excellent bass
  • The 12db crossover offers improved woofer and tweeter integration
  • Suitable for home theatres

#2. 2-way Premium In-Wall Speakers

Polk Audio RC85i 2-way Premium In-Wall 8 Speakers

By: Polk Audio

This is one of the best in-wall subwoofers that provide the highly dynamic audio output. The subwoofer also effectively delivers the detailed sound for each and every audio. Moreover, this 8-inch dynamic-balance woofer gives you the fuller bass and lesser distortion. Furthermore, the 1-inch separated metalized dome tweeter of this speaker provides the depth of the music.

Moreover, the mineral-filled polymer cone provides more rigidity to the speaker. This in-wall speaker also provides a stress-free installation. Furthermore, the composite driver baskets gently align the moving parts of the subwoofer to create a wider dispersion. The speaker intelligently delivers even sound. It is ideal for the home theater and surrounds sound. The in-wall mounting system effectively saves a lot of space in your living room.

In Short:
  • Delivers highly dynamic sound output
  • Has active woofer offers a fuller bass
  • The metalized dome tweeter provides a superior depth of the music
  • Comes with a polymer cone for better rigidity
  • Stress-free installation

#3. Surround Sound HD Home Theater

Theater Solutions SUB8S 250 Watt Surround Sound HD Home Theater Slim Powered Active

By: Theater Solutions

The slim design of this subwoofer perfectly fits under most furniture. This subwoofer comes with a length of 4.75″. This speaker also comes with the 250watt peak power. Moreover, the frequency response of this subwoofer is 35Hz to 150Hz. Furthermore, this in-wall subwoofer comes with the 24dB per octave crossover. The subwoofer also has an impedance of 8ohm.

Moreover, this speaker includes an inbuilt digital drive high-efficiency amplifier. Furthermore, this speaker consists of the 8″ powerful low-frequency down-firing transducer. This speaker comes with the L/R RCA outputs and high-level L/R input and output terminals. It also has the 0 or 180-degree phase switch. This speaker has the built-in auto shut-off. The speaker includes a bottom slotted bass port. This speaker system has a soothing black ash finish.

In Short:
  • Has a slim design for quick installation
  • Contains 250W peak power
  • 35Hz to 150Hz frequency response
  • The octave crossover produces up to 24dB
  • Has a fantastic impedance of 8ohm

#4. In-Ceiling Dual Enclosed Speaker Systems

Pyle In-Wall : In-Ceiling Dual 8.0'' Enclosed Speaker Systems, 2-Way Flush Mount Stereo Speakers

By: Pyle

This speaker supports both system in-ceiling or in-wall. Furthermore, this speaker system comes with the 400Watt peak power. The speaker comes with a frequency response of 50Hz to 20KHz. This is also a flush mount stereo speaker. It includes two 8.0-inch long-throw woofers. Moreover, this speaker comes with the 1-inch high-temperature coils. Also, the speaker systems come with 2-way stereo sound.

Furthermore, the flush mounting enables a stress-free installation for all. This speaker is absolutely ideal for someone who like setting their own preference and custom applications. The speaker also comes with the 1-inch titanium dome tweeters. The cut-out dimension of this speaker is 8.8” x 13.0” x 4.0”. The overall dimension of this speaker system is 10.2” x 14.4” x 4.4”. This speaker system is absolutely compatible with your surround sound and home theater.

In Short:
  • Supports both in-wall and system in-ceiling
  • Provides 400W peak power
  • 50Hz to 20KHz frequency response
  • Comes with two long-throw woofers
  • Easy to use the cut-out

#5. IWS88 In Wall 350W Home Theater Subwoofer

OSD Audio IWS88 In Wall 350W Home Theater Subwoofer

By: OSD Audio

This is an injected woofer. The speaker also includes a pair of 8″ polypropylene woofers. Moreover, this speaker has the power handling capacity of 350watts. Furthermore, this speaker has a frequency response of 38 to 500Hz. The back bridge plate of this speaker enhances the bass. The woofer also allows a stress-free installation. Moreover, this in-wall subwoofer easily fits inside the wall cavity.

Furthermore, this speaker comes with the cut-out size of 10 1/4″ x 17 3/4″. The mounting depth of in-wall subwoofer is 3 9/16″. The in-wall mounting system of the mount saves a lot of space in your living room. The speaker successfully enhances the low profile sounds. This subwoofer also reduces sound distortion and provides good quality audio. This speaker is ideal for your home theater and surrounds sound.

In Short:
  • Has durable polypropylene woofers
  • Handles up to 350watts
  • Excellent 38Hz to 500Hz frequency response
  • Comes with a back bridge plate to improve the bass
  • Allows comfortable installation

#6. SUB In-Wall Speaker

Klipsch RW-5802 II IW SUB In-Wall Speaker - White

By: Klipsch

This speaker is an in-wall system and it has one of the best in-wall subwoofers. Moreover, this speaker has dual active 8″ Cerametallic woofers. Furthermore, this speaker provides a sealed integrated enclosure for superior installation flexibility. This speaker also comes with a flat, magnetic steel grill which is customizable. The power handling of this speaker is pretty high. Moreover, this in-wall speaker allows easy installation for all.

Furthermore, the speaker comes with the in-wall mounting system. This single speaker provides perfect sound without any distortion. Additionally, the mounting speaker easily fits on your wall or ceiling. This woofer is ideal for the surround sound and home theater. This speaker only weighs 22 pounds. The dimension of this speaker is 3.7 x 11.8 x 20.8 inches. The speaker comes with the sheetrock brackets. This speaker has the cut-out templates for the stress-free installation.

In Short:
  • Comes with dual active Cerametallic woofers
  • Delivers a sealed and secured integrated enclosure
  • Has a magnetic steel grill for customization
  • Offers a distortion-free sound
  • Lightweight structure weighs 22 pounds

#7. In-Wall / In-Ceiling High Power Subwoofer System

Pyle PDIWS10 In-Wall : In-Ceiling 10 High Power Subwoofer System

By: Pyle

This subwoofer not only involves the in-wall system but also it works well as an in-ceiling speaker. Moreover, this subwoofer is a 10″ high power speaker. Furthermore, this subwoofer allows the flush mounting. This subwoofer comes with the Dual Voice Coil with 2.0″ high-temperature coil. The subwoofer has the 8ohm impedance. The power handling of this subwoofer involves 180watt RMS and 360watt peak.

This subwoofer also comes with the frequency response ranged between 40Hz to 360KHz. Moreover, this DIY in-wall subwoofer allows a stress-free installation for all. Furthermore, the subwoofer with the cut-out template provides a quick installation. This single speaker provides perfect sound without any distortion. The mounting system of this subwoofer easily fits on your wall or ceiling. This woofer is ideal for the surround sound and home theater.

In Short:
  • Doubles as an in-ceiling speaker
  • Has an adequate size of 10″
  • Supports flush mounting
  • Comes with 40Hz to 360KHz frequency response
  • Simple to install with the cut-out

#8. Acoustic Audio Home Theater Passive Subwoofer Speaker

Acoustic Audio HDS10 In Wall 10 Home Theater Passive Subwoofer Speaker

By: Goldwood

This in-wall passive subwoofer has a frequency response of 26 to 200Hz. The subwoofer also has the power requirement of 20 to 300watts to run. Moreover, this subwoofer has the spring-loaded speaker wire terminals. Furthermore, this speaker has the efficiency of 98db. This in-wall mount saves space in your living room as well. The subwoofer is great for installing on a wall or ceiling. It is definitely one of the best in-wall subwoofers to buy.

This subwoofer also comes with the 10″ woven fiber bulletproof cones. Moreover, the butyl rubber surround of this subwoofer increases the overall performances. Furthermore, the subwoofer has a paintable frame and grille. This subwoofer also comes with the low profile housing. The integrated wall-lock mounting system of this subwoofer allows easy installation. The size of the cutout template is 10.625″ X10.625″. The overall size of this subwoofer is 12″ X12″. This subwoofer comes with the mounting depth of 3.75″.

In Short:
  • 26Hz to 200Hz frequency response
  • Runs on power between 20W and 300W
  • Has a space-saving profile
  • Installs on living room wall or ceiling
  • The woven fiber cones are bulletproof

#9. Infrasonic In-Wall Subwoofer

Definitive Technology In-Wall Sub

By: Definitive Technology

This is a single and fully-enclosed reference in-wall subwoofers. The speaker not only contains a 10-inch long-excursion woofer but also has a 10-inch infrasonic radiator. Moreover, this subwoofer has a frequency response range of 16 to 200Hz. Furthermore, this subwoofer comes with the non-resonant sealed medite enclosure. The subwoofer also has the cutout size of 14.38″ X3.82″ X19.88″. Moreover, this subwoofer is there to provide diffraction-free, wide, dynamic soundstage with decreased coloration or resonance.

Furthermore, the aerodynamic design of the subwoofer helps to minimize the sound reflection and prevents the structural or magnetic integrity. Furthermore, the locking arm mounting system of this woofer with high extension clamps and screws allows simple installation. The tweeter design of this subwoofer provides soft domes to smoothen the sound. On the other hand, the metal dome allows a greater clarity.

In Short:
  • Contains a long-excursion woofer measuring 10 inches
  • Has an excellent 10″ infrasonic radiator
  • Responses to a frequency between 16Hz to 200Hz
  • The sealed medite enclosure is non-resonant
  • Delivers diffraction-free dynamic soundstage

#10. In-Wall Surround Sound HD Home Theater Passive Subwoofer

Theater Solutions TS1000 In-Wall Surround Sound HD Home Theater Passive Subwoofer

By: Theater Solutions

This passive in-wall sub speaker requires a 20-150watt power supply to run. The subwoofer also comes with the frequency response of 22-200Hz. Moreover, the subwoofer has the efficiency of 92dB. Furthermore, this subwoofer includes the spring-loaded speaker wire terminals. The subwoofer is absolutely ideal for the low profile housing. This subwoofer also comes with the mounting with a depth of 3.625″.

Moreover, the woofer has the butyl rubber surround with 10″ poly treated body. Furthermore, the crossover of this subwoofer is 2nd order 12dB per octave. The subwoofer comes with a paintable frame and grille. This subwoofer has a wall-lock mounting system integrated. The cutout template measures 10.625″ X10.625″ of this subwoofer. The overall size of this subwoofer is 12″ X12″. You can use this subwoofer as your home theater, surround sound, or home entertainment.

In Short:
  • Runs on 20watt-150watt power
  • Has high-frequency response of 22Hz-200Hz
  • Produces less noise of up to 92dB
  • Suitable for low profile housing

#11. 10-Inch Passive In-Wall Subwoofer

Monoprice 104928 10-Inch Passive In-Wall Subwoofer

By: Monoprice

This in-wall subwoofer effectively converts your 2-way in-wall or satellite speaker into a full-range monitor. The subwoofer also joins the frequency gap, occurs during the pairing of the small and high powered subwoofers. Moreover, the 2-way speakers leave a sonic gap between the low and high frequencies. Furthermore, you pair this with your speaker, you get the clearer and defined audio.


This in-wall stereo also helps you to get the wide sound staging. Moreover, you get the ultimate audio experience with the aid of the Bi-amp. Furthermore, this in-wall subwoofer consumes no space in your living room. You just simply install this subwoofer inside of the wall cavity. This subwoofer enhances the quality of the sound of your home theaters efficiently. The subwoofer perfectly minimizes the vibration and distortion of the sound.

In Short:
  • Converts a 2-way satellite speaker into premium range monitor
  • Connects to frequency gap seamlessly
  • Leaves a sonic space between high/low frequencies
  • Delivers defined and clearer audio
  • Offers wide sound staging

#12. In Wall 300W Low Profile Home Theater Subwoofer

OSD in Wall 300W Low Profile Home Theater Subwoofer Trimless Design

By: OSD Audio

This in-wall subwoofer easily fits inside of the wall cavity. The subwoofer is not only slim but also appropriately enhances the low notes. Moreover, the subwoofer boosts the overall sound quality of your home theaters and sound system. Furthermore, the in-wall subwoofers comes with a space-saving design to save space on your floor. This is a 300W low profile home theater subwoofer with the trim-less design.

This subwoofer also comes with the distortion-free design to eliminate the distortion and vibration. Moreover, this in-wall subwoofer with the 10″ passive radiator increases the frequency response for the better sound. Furthermore, the sleek design of this subwoofer with the included template and paintable grille and frame suits any décor. This subwoofer works as a DIY projector. You can easily install this in-wall subwoofer all by yourself.

In Short:
  • Fits inside most wall cavities easily
  • Ha a slim profile to maximize low notes
  • Enhances overall sound quality
  • Saves floor space
  • Supplies a distortion-free service

Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

There are various parameters to consider while buying in-wall subwoofers, all of which are listed below.


Size is one of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration when you decide to get an in-wall subwoofer. You can accordingly select the size of the in-wall subwoofers depending upon the size of the room. It will also depend on the space you are having on the wall. The most common size of in-wall subwoofers is 5, 8, and 23 inches. Size and structure will make sure that you can pick a subwoofer which will easily go in any room. You must keep one thing in mind that the larger the size of the speaker, the higher the sound quality will it possess.

Easy to Mount:

Look out for an in-wall speaker which can be conveniently mounted on a wall. It should have easy mounting options and should allow you to unmount them conveniently. Moreover, it should be perfectly secured on the wall so that there will be no risk of fall. In addition to this, see if the cable management is clean which provide a clean look of your room. It should be not heavy so that there will be no chance for it to fall down accidentally.

Frequency Response:

See if it has an adequate frequency range so that it will be suitable for your ears. It should have an ideal frequency response and should offer a wider range of deeper bass. The ideal range of frequency rating is from 65 Hz to 20 kHz. It should provide you with maximum sound experience and have good control.


With good efficiency, you will be getting, you will be getting a good quality speaker with an amazing high volume. There are also many in-wall speakers which have swiveling tweeters. It will allow you to angle your sound according to your own preferred time and help you to customize your listening experience. You will also be finding many speakers which come with amazing bass and treble controls to set it according to your mood or the type of song.

Power Capacity:

The power specification will make sure on how much of max amp power, will your speaker take. With a high power-rating, your speaker will sound very loud. Look out if it has optimum stereo imaging and if there is low diffraction.

External Features:

The structure of a speaker should be very slim and efficient so that it will look great in your room. It has to be durable and must have tuber edges so that it can resist any kind of unwanted impact. If you are looking for a subwoofer for your bathroom, then it should have a water-resistant feature. Even the wires should be well-coated so that no moisture could get in and affect the sound quality.

Other Features:

Budget is one of the most important criteria that cannot be neglected. See if it is affordable and if it can maintain the musical accuracy. You will also have to look out for the watts and ohms and if it will allow you to use it from any angle. Some of the subwoofers also come up with the feature of reducing distortion to provide you the clearest sound.


There are a few factors you have to keep in mind while buying an in-wall subwoofer. If you have some technical knowledge, check the specification, and make sure the frequency is optimal. You have to look at the amplification factor, and it is different for active and passive subwoofers. With a TV set, you need active one while with a music system, a passive one will do. Besides, you need to check the installation and the dimensions of the area it will take. In the above best in-wall subwoofers, we have taken care of all the quality parameters for you to buy the best product. Choose some or a few of them and you will surely satisfy it.

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