Top 10 Best Honey Extractors — Full Review In 2021

Honey extraction is not an easy task, especially if you do it manually. You have to harvest at a specific time for the desired outcome. That is why there is equipment that helps to lessen the frustration harvesters face. The use of honey extractor, which has a crucial benefit of ensuring the honeycombs, does not separate for reuse by bees for the honey process. There are two common types of extractors including a radial or tangential. The main difference between them is the frame construction. Note that different extractors have different functions and they differ in price, performance, durability, and also the components. Below we have the top best honey extractors. Each unit has its features and benefits to serve a specific purpose.

List of The Best Honey Extractors

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#10. Durable Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

Best Choice Honey Extractor, 2-Frame Durable Stainless Steel

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Best Choice honeycomb unit provides excellent service for both an amateur and expert beekeeper. It has an affordable price with great features, such as clear instructions. In case you are stuck while using this unit, the manual offers concise directions. Also, this accessory comes with a honey gate which is sturdily built to help you drain your honey easily.

This item is inclusive of a double-sided lid with a bright design. The cover allows you to view the drum during use. Moreover, this product comes with a solid metal crank that efficiently spins the gears for maximum honey extraction. For portability purposes, it weighs just above 20 pounds to promote natural movement.

#9. Farm & Agriculture 2-Frame Honey Extractor

Little Giant EXT2SS Farm and Agriculture 2-Frame Honey Extractor, Stainless Steel

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By: Little Giant Farm and Ag

The above unit is among the best honey extractors and is perfect for smoothly extracting honey with almost no experience. It has a clear lid made of plexiglass to help you monitor the extraction process. Also, this item gives you the option to use either a broad or medium frames. Moreover, this gadget comes with a well-made cover that protects the exterior paint from chipping and adverse outside conditions. Besides, this product is simple to assemble, requiring no expertise.

Another thing is the stainless steel that not only offers durability but also enhances the overall beauty. This material also gives you an easy and fast cleanup. Also, this unit boasts of a well-made honey gate that efficiently passes honey through without any clog-ups.

#8. Large 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Equipment

Goplus Large 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Beekeeping Equipment

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By: Goplus

This Goplus is impressive for people with low budget. It boasts of 2 clear lids that keep dirt out and also prevent spillage. Also, this item gives you three frame options to use: Shallow, medium, and deep for added user-experience. Moreover, this accessory gives you more personality because of the beautiful finish. You can place it anywhere and instantly, it blends well with your decor.

This extractor boasts of is a stainless steel model that offers a rust-free and safe operation. Furthermore, this merchandise has an ergonomic handle to give you a more comfortable operation. Also, Goplus has an inbuilt spring clutch that ensures a smooth performance throughout the extraction. Additionally, this honeycomb drum has a large capacity that saves you tons of time while avoiding numerous extraction processes.

#7. Electric Honeycomb Extractor With Spinner

FoodKing Electric Honeycomb Extractor- 2-Frame Extractor Spinner

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By: FoodKing

If you love an item that offers safety precautions, the Foodking is a better option. It uses 304 stainless steel which does not affect your health and the environment. Also, this material offers a durable, rust-proof, and anti-fade performance. Besides, this gadget gives you an opportunity to monitor the extraction process because of the clear double-sided lid.

The above piece uses a strong motor that offers a quiet and efficient operation. In addition, this accessory can hold comfortably up to 4 frames to give you a stress-free activity. Another feature is the bottom construction which guarantees every drop comes out of the honey gate and also reduces waste. Remember that the design gives you a less messy cleaning. Also, this equipment boasts of a beautiful construction that blends well with its surroundings.

#6. 2-Frame Honey Metal ExtractorHarvest Lane 2-Frame Honey Metal Extractor, Stainless Steel

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By: Harvest Lane Honey

The Harvest Lane Extractor is also rated as among the best honey extractor and helps to make honey extraction easier and enjoyable. It uses food-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and fading. Also, this metal is easy to maintain and clean. Another feature is a well-functioning hand crank that smoothly rotates the inbuilt gears. Besides, this product boasts of a 2-frame design that allows you to fit either a deep and medium frame easily.

It has a dimension of 17 x 17 x 28″ 12 and weighs 12 pounds, thus offers easy portability. You can naturally pick your item up and store it without using too much energy. Furthermore, this metal extractor prides on having a beautiful silver finish that instantly adds extra beauty to your space. Also, this accessory has three sturdy legs that promote stability and comfortable use.

#5. Stainless Steel 2-Frame Honey Extractor With Uncapping Knife

Stainless Steel 2-Frame Honey Extractor With Uncapping Knife, Honeycomb Drum

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By: XtremepowerUS

The above honeycomb drum is among the top units that offer ease of use. It boasts of an electric uncapping knife that efficiently heats up to enable the wax to cut through quickly. Also, this item features three sturdy adjustable legs that give you the freedom to choose the preferred height. Some honeycomb units lack this feature which forces you to work with the height you are not comfortable with.

It’s made with stainless steel that offers excellent insulation against corrosion and fading.

Moreover, this accessory has detachable parts that give you comfortable and safe cleaning. Furthermore, this product provides smooth operation with the inbuilt handle. You can easily lift, carry, and move your extractor with zero effort. Another feature is a capacity between 45-50kg which is ideal for holding a considerable amount of fluid.

#4. Large Three 3 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

VIVO Large Three 3 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor SS Model (BEE-V003D)

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VIVO has become one of the best brands in producing top-performing items. The above unit has numerous features that completely supports smooth honey extraction. It is made from 304 stainless steel to promote easy cleaning and prevent rust problems. Also, this accessory has an 18.5-inch drum that comfortably holds 8 medium, four deep, or 8 shallow frames simultaneously. Moreover, this unit has an excellent construction that easily clears honey from the drum’s inner walls.

Another thing is a 15.75-inch gap between the stopper and the floor to ensure a clean working station. Furthermore, this extractor unit features a clear Plexiglas cover that lets you see the process inside the drum. Also, it keeps off unwanted particles and dust during processing. Besides, this item uses 120V with a powerful AC motor that ensures not a single component overworks itself. The presence of a fan helps to prevent overheating problems. The VIVO extractor is unique with a safety function that automatically power off the motor when you open the lid. Also, it resumes working after you close the cover. Additionally, this equipment has a beautiful design that adds extra beauty to your space.

#3. 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

VIVO New Large Two 2 Frame Stainless Steel, Honey Extractor Model BEE-V002

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This product is excellent for providing premium performance. It has a solidly built design with a mirrored finish to add great aesthetics. Also, this accessory comes with two carrying handles that help to promote mobility. Besides, this unit features a stopper that efficiently drains honey out of the drum. Another thing is a 29-inch drum that comfortably accommodates a considerable amount of frame. Moreover, the above extractor is inclusive of two clear lids that aid in protecting your honey from debris and also allow easy monitoring.

The inside conical shape promotes smooth honey drainage out from the drum. Also, the metal gears are built in an enclosure to avoid contamination of the honey. Also, the gears are made of steel for long-lasting service and smooth operation. Besides, this merchandise comes with a protective wrap to help maintain your unit’s exterior look. For a non-messy floor and unit, it boasts of a raised bottom to keep it free of honey. With a simple crank construction, it gives you almost zero effort when rotating the honey frames. The plastic handle is soft on your hands and easy to use. Also, this accessory has a 1-year warranty for extended service.

#2. Pro Electric 4 Four Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

Honey Keeper Pro Electric 4 Four Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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By: Honey Keeper

The Honey Keeper is a unit that gives value for your money. It boasts of modern construction that easily allows you to fit eight shallow, eight medium, and four deep frames. Also, this unit has a well-built honey gate that ensures a natural honey drainage process. You don’t have to be a tech guru to operate and install this unit. The assembly process is easy and within minutes. Another feature is a strong motor with variable speed that gives you full control of how fast or slow the extractor rotates. Besides, this equipment comes with an easy-to-use on/off switch located on the motor. The button gives you easy access when switching on your unit. Also, this product leaves 12-inches of space above the ground to allow space for drainage.

With the above unit, you can use warm soapy water to clean your honey extractor. There’s no need to buy expensive cleaning solutions. In addition, this honeycomb unit is inclusive of 3 strong legs made of stainless steel. You can safely bolt them on the floor for added stability. Also, this item features sealed bearings and steel gears to promote easy spin during extraction. It comes with a 5-inch power cord which is enough length to power to a power outlet.

#1. 4-Frame Stainless Steel Honeycomb Extractor With Electric Spinner

Happybuy 4-Frame Stainless Steel Honeycomb Extractor, Electric Spinner

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By: Happybuy

The above honeycomb drum is efficient for draining every drop of honey out of its drum. It boasts of conical shape at the bottom inside part to ensure a smooth flow of liquid pouring out. Also, this item comes with two clear perspex lids to allow easy viewing of the extraction action. Besides, the caps keep unwanted properties like dirt out of the honey. Moreover, the additional stability you get with the three stainless steel legs. The barrel and inner frame are made from food-grade steel which offers safe outdoor use. Moreover, this item has a barrel height of 24″ and a diameter 20″ to accommodate four frames easily for faster extraction. Another feature is a beautiful exterior that standouts from other units to offer an eye-appealing effect.

This unit uses a powerful motor featuring variable speed options to give you full control of the speed. You can set it from low to high depending on the amount of honeycomb you have. Additionally, a well-functioning honey gate made of plastic offers a clear drainage path. No more worries of clog up because of a well-made construction. Also, this product uses an enclosed transmission technology to make extraction safe and secure. The inbuilt mesh consists of a rounded shape to help prevent honeycombs from breaking. More so, this equipment weighs 37.5 pounds to give you an easy lifting, cleaning, storage, and use.

Honey Extractor Types

Before buying honey extractors, you have to know about their types as well. Usually, there are 4 types of honey extractors that you can choose from. Each type is unique and great in their own way, and the choice is all yours.

Electric Honey Extractor

This type operates through electricity, and most of them allow you to adjust the speed of the spinning frames. When you use an electric honey extractor, you have to be careful because you can damage the frame at high speed. Electric honey extractors are more ideal for commercial use because they are fast and easy to use.

  • It can remove larger amounts of honey in a short period.
  • The operation is more efficient which is ideal for large-scale use.
  • This type is very easy to operate since it does the job automatically.

Manual Honey Extractor

Just like the name suggests, this type works by physical effort or by using hands. Manual honey extractors have the same internal materials as the electric honey extractors, except for the electric motor part. Generally, a manual honey extractor can hold up to 2 or 4 deep, shallow, or medium frames.

  • It has a lower price which is more affordable.
  • Since it does not use electricity, this type is energy efficient to use.
  • You can use this type of honey extractor in areas without electricity.
  • The hand controls ensure that you will not damage the honeycombs at all.

Radial Honey Extractor

Very popular among beekeepers, this type is very easy and efficient to use. You will only need to load the frames once, and it saves both time and energy which is so convenient. With it, you won’t have to remove and flip the frames each time at all.

  • It is more efficient and energy-saving.
  • The extractor spins more frames in a shorter period.
  • It spins both frames at the same time which is fast and time-saving.

Tangential Honey Extractor

As for this type, it is the least popular because it requires so much effort. You have to remove and flip every frame before it starts spinning again. It is very time consuming especially if you have a lot of frames to work on.

  • It is more affordable.
  • This type is great for a smaller business.
  • There are high chances that nothing will remain in the frames because you need to spin each side individually.

How To Clean & Maintain Honey Extractors

To achieve pure and golden honey every time, you have to properly clean and maintain your honey extractors. There are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Level the device then shut the gate
  • Fill the extractor with cold water from top to bottom
  • Leave it overnight until it soaks completely
  • Rewash it in the morning with cold water and then rub it down with a hairdryer or dry towel

Note: You can also clean your honey extractors with hot soapy water if you want to.

Final Word

There goes our review of the best honey extractors. Before you decide to purchase a honeycomb drum, make sure you check the features that fit your preferences. Compare the different units and various brands before settling on a specific unit. There are many things you could consider, like the following: Price, features, benefits, performance, durability, ease of use, maintenance cost, and also the design. These are some of the features we have in the above list. Check the products individually and pick one that most favors you.

Note that if you reside in a place with constant power outages, a manual honey extractor can come in handy. It works as well as an electric one with zero power sources. A piece of advice is to never settle for an item that does not give you what you need. For more details on how to use and maintenance, check the links below that offer excellent value information.

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