Top 12 Best Helmet Locks – Products Review In 2021

Even though a helmet is not quite expensive a product, there are instances of helmets getting stolen. A motorcycle does not have an inbuilt lock to keep your helmet secure. Therefore, you have to buy a helmet lock externally to keep your helmets tied to your motorcycles in the best possible way. You can leave behind your helmet on your bike without worrying about it getting stolen. They are incredibly sturdy and difficult to tear. The following is the list of the best helmet locks of different types.

Here Are The List of 12 Best Helmet Locks

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#12. Universal Helmet Lock For Handlebar Tubing

E-Bro Universal Helmet Lock for 7-8 22-25mm Handlebar Tubing

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By: E-Bro

This universally mountable helmet lock is suitable for the handle-bars with the maximum diameters of 25mm. The high-grade aluminum material construction of this lock is not also easily breakable. Moreover, this tool comes along with two small keys for easy transportability. The weather-resistant and rust-proof construction makes this lock ideal for outdoor use.

The tool is also suitable to protect all of your helmets of bicycles, motorcycles, scooter, or bikes. Furthermore, this unit is very much easy to install and user-friendly. You just need to pass the buckle of your helmet through the hole of this lock and turn the key to lock the D-ring.

  • Suitable for a single helmet.
  • Minimalist design and small footprint.
  • Keys are small in size.
  • It is a relatively new product.

#11. Helmet Lock With Cable

Wayfind Helmet Lock with Cable

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By: Wayfind

With the help of the rubber-coated D-ring, this helmet lock effectively locks your helmet to your bike. The PVC-coated stainless-steel braided cable also securely holds your jacket through the sleeve to your motorcycle. Moreover, the outward opening carabiner-style locking mechanism of this tool is flexible enough to protect all sorts of gear.

The helmet lock is also very much compact in size and light in weight for easy portability. Furthermore, the locking mechanism of the unit comes with a 3-digit reprogrammable combination lock for keyless access to your gadgets. The whole construction of this lock is rust and weatherproof as well.

  • Lightweight and compact in size.
  • 3-digit reprogrammable combination-lock.
  • Heavy-duty, cut-resistant braided cable.
  • The construction feels flimsy.

#10. Motorcycle Helmet/Jacket Set

Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet-Jacket

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By: Master Lock

The keyed alike helmet lock is very much easy to operate just with a single key. You get a number of one main key and three spare keys for two locks. The sturdy cable construction of the locks is also resistant to strong cut. Moreover, these multi-purpose locks are suitable to secure your helmet or jacket on your motorcycle.

The cable of each lock is also 3-feet long and comes along with a 3/16-inch diameter braided steel cable. Furthermore, the braided steel is very much durable and offers extreme weather and rust resistance. The protective vinyl coating over the cables prevents scratching.

  • Extremely durable, cut-resistant braided steel cable.
  • Weather and rust-resistant construction.
  • Keyed alike locking mechanism.
  • The construction is not very strong.

#9. Helmet Combination PIN Locking

Jubapoz Helmet Lock Cable Combination PIN Locking

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By: Jubapoz

With the maximum length of 5-feet, the stainless-steel braided cable of this lock holds a pair of helmets with ease. This tool is also capable of holding the helmets of your motorcycle, bike, scooter, moped, bicycle, and more. Moreover, you can use this lock to protect your suitcase, bag, baby stroller, ladder, or garden furniture.

This self-coiling lock also allows easy transportation. Furthermore, with the help of the super-strong combination pin-locking, you can have access to your helmet without using any key. You can simply use the cable or the D-ring through helmet-buckle and attach it to the handle/mirror of a bike.

  • Accommodates up to two helmets.
  • Comes with a long-braided cable.
  • Strong combination locking mechanism.
  • The buttons are too rigid.

#8. Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

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By: Auto Parts Prodigy

The metallic carabiner-style rubber-coated D-ring of this helmet lock comes with a 3-digit combination pin-lock for ultimate security. This tool is also very much light in weight and compact in size for easy portability. Moreover, the combination of the pin-lock is easily resettable. The stainless-steel braided cable of this lock comes with the coating of PVC layer to prevent scratching. This lock has the cut-resistant construction as well.

This lock also works with the helmets of motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles. Furthermore, the weather-resistant and rust-resistant PVC coating of the unit provides protection against all harsh elements. This multi-purpose lock is useful for securing your objects, like a suitcase, baby stroller, ladder, garden furniture, and so on. The keyless combination pin locking allows more secured and hassle-free locking and opening.

  • Easily resettable combination-locking mechanism.
  • Causes no scratches on your helmets.
  • Multi-purpose and heavy-duty lock.
  • The material construction does not look strong.

#7. Carabiner Style Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock

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By: Precision Works Racing 1

This carabiner-style helmet lock supports keyless locking with a self-coiling feature for stress-free transportation. The tool also comes with super-strong stainless-steel braided cable covered with weather-resistant PVC coating. Moreover, the rubberized D-ring does not cause any scratch or damage to your bike or helmet. The 3-digital combination pin-lock is easy to reset.

The coiled cable of this lock is also up to 6-feet long. Furthermore, the tool is easy to secure your helmets, bikes, motorcycles, sports equipment, toolboxes, or ladder. The flexible cable is strong cut-resistant and offers extremely durable for outdoor uses. This lock holds two of your helmets without any hassle. The 3-digit locking mechanism offers keyless locking for faster and stress-free locking and opening. The construction of this unit is very much user-friendly and portable.

  • Useful to secure multiple objects.
  • Cut-resistant stainless-steel construction.
  • 3-digital super-strong combination-locking mechanism.
  • The average rating is on the low side.

#6. Heavy Duty Black Combination Lock Cable

Heavy Duty Black Combination Lock Cable

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By: Bristol Designs

This combination lock cable is light in weight and easily portable. The helmet lock also comes with sturdy stainless-steel braided cable with PVC coating to prevent your helmet from scratches. Moreover, the tool helps you to secure your jackets. Apart from that, this unit immobilizes your bike’s brake disk and locks the bike’s saddle in place. The user-friendly lock allows safe and secured operation every time. It is one of the best helmet locks on the list.

This combination lock is also suitable to secure anything from your bags, luggage, ladder, garden furniture, and so on. Furthermore, the whole construction of the lock is resistant to rust and all-weather conditions. The keyless 3-digit combination locking mechanism with a self-coiling feature allows easy operation and transportation. This anti-cut resistant helmet lock prevents your gear from getting stolen.

  • Rubberized D-ring to resist scratching.
  • Keyless 3-digit locking mechanism.
  • Rust and weather-resistant, durable construction.
  • There is no con in the product.

#5. Motorcycle Helmet Dead Lock

Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet Lock 99KA

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By: Master Lock

The dead-lock mechanism of this helmet lock prevents rapping the lock open. The attractive plastic lock cover of this tool also prevents your helmet from getting scratched or damaged. Moreover, this lock offers 4-pin tumbler safety. The keyed alike lockset allows you to open multiple locks with a single key for stress-free locking. The non-breakable 14-inch long vinyl covered cable comes with a 5-mm cable diameter to keep your helmet secured.

This helmet lock also helps you to lock a big bag, jacket, or other equipment without any hassle. Furthermore, the long wire of the lock is capable of holding two helmets with ease. The keys of the locks are small in size, and you can carry them around in your pockets or small bags.

  • Comes with a dead-lock mechanism.
  • Keyed alike construction for stress-free locking.
  • Holds up to two helmets.
  • The cable seems to be quite thin.

#4. License Plate Motorcycle Lock

Kuryakyn 4248 Motorcycle Accessory

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By: Kuryakyn

This license-plate helmet security lock comes with the mounting holes suitable for the standard 47-inch license plate. The lock also offers a universal fit for motorcycles with flat brackets. Moreover, the mechanism helps you to have easy yet secured access for your locking helmet. The spring-loaded hook of this unit supports quick and safe locking. You can simply unlock the lock with the help of key. It is definitely one of the best helmet locks on the list.

This lock also automatically snaps back in place when pressed back in. Furthermore, the heavy-metal construction with carabiner-style is highly resistant to rust and all-weather conditions. This tool is ideal for locking both the full-face and half-face helmets. This mechanism is very much user-friendly and safe for everyone. The lock does not require any maintenance. This unit locks your helmet in hanging position.

  • Suitable for Flat brackets.
  • Spring-loaded hook for easier locking.
  • Maintenance-free and durable construction.
  • There is no negative point.

#3. Heavy Duty Helmet Lock

Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock

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By: Lock-It Straps

The strong heat-treated steel construction of this helmet lock makes it extremely sturdy and anti-theft. With the help of the galvanized rivets, the lock also stands for extreme safety and durability. Moreover, the mechanism of this unit is very much user-friendly. The heavy-duty stainless-steel 3-millimeter cable embedded between two nylon straps. The carabiner is huge in size and extremely heavy.

This multi-utility lock also helps you to secure your other equipment along with your helmet. Furthermore, you can easily set the security code for your combination pin-lock. The whole construction of this unit is resistant to rust and weather and suitable for outdoor uses. This locking mechanism works better with your car’s rooftop cargo basket as well. The lock is suitable for both the full-face and half-face helmets.

  • Durable heat-treated steel construction.
  • Huge carabiner for additional safety.
  • Easy to set a combination code.
  • The average rating is relatively low.

#2. Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

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By: BigPantha

This carabiner-style helmet lock does not have any sharp metallic edges to cause damage to your bike or helmets. The D-ring of this lock also comes with a protective rubberized sleeve. Moreover, the self-coiling retractable steel cable of this unit comes with the coating of sturdy, flexible, and weather-resistant PVC outer-layer. The combination pin of the tool is easy to set. It is certainly one of the best helmet locks to buy.

The unit also works well with both the half-face and full-face helmets. Furthermore, the lock is compatible with most of the bike types, like a motorcycle, moped, scooter, ATV, bicycle, and mountain bike. The braided steel cable of this helmet lock is 6-feet long and very much durable. The lightweight and compact size of this lock allow it to fit in your pocket and even a small bag.

  • Carabiner-style lock with rubber-coated D-ring.
  • Secured and stress-free Pin-locking carabiner.
  • Sturdy rust and weather-resistant construction.
  • There is no drawback in the product.

#1. Universal Helmet Lock

Bikers Choice Helmet Lock

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By: Bikers Choice

The chrome-plated universal mount lock helps to keep your helmet safe from theft. This tool is also ideal for 7/8 to 1-1/4 tubing. Moreover, the set comes along with tamper-proof 1-way screws for ultimate safety. You can stress-freely install this unit to the saddlebag guards on the side of your bike. The screws of the lock are easily removable. However, you can replace the screws with the stainless-steel ones. This tool allows you to mount this to front engine guard as well.

You can also hold the clasp manually to shut, and you can stress-freely turn the key to lock this item. Furthermore, the chrome-finish of this helmet lock looks shiny and suitable for outdoor use. The lock does not get rusty or corrosive. The durable construction of this tool works perfectly without any spring-suspension.

  • One-way screws offer ultimate safety.
  • Extremely strong construction.
  • The clasp closes with the turn of keys.
  • There is no con at all.


We have listed the best helmet locks keeping all these points so that you do not have to research further. First of all, you have to check how thick or thin the strap of the lock is and whether it is easy to cut. The material needs to be premium and corrosion-free. Coming to the lock part, the key combination should be standard and difficult to crack. The durability should also be under scanner, along with how easy it is to use.

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