Top 12 Best Heated Car Seat Covers Of 2021 – Review

It is really inconvenient to sit on a car’s seat when it is super cold. It is generally the case when it is cold outside and therefore, getting a heated car seat cover is a must for comfortable sitting. A heated car seat cover will provide your back with warmth, and the heat distribution will be even. Besides, it is also going to protect your seat from scratches and thereby, increasing its durability. You can also control the warmth or heat level in most of them. They are absolutely safe and sitting inside your car will be a totally different experience now. Check out the best heated car seat covers below that we have put together for you.

The Best Heated Car Seat Covers In 2021

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#12. Universal Heated Seat Cushion For Car

Vaexheart Heated Seat Cushion for Car Universal Auto Pad Single Cover

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By: Vaexheart

The crushed velour construction of this heated car seat cover provides enough warmth in winter days. The velour material is also breathable, comfortable, and conducive to thermal diffusion. Moreover, the non-skid mesh fabric on the bottom of the cover prevents it from misplacing. The mesh layer also allows quick drying. The construction of this cushion cover is sturdy enough to last for a longer time.

The infrared heat-resistant wire is also flexible and stronger than the traditional wire heating. Furthermore, the infrared wires are corrosion resistant. This cushion cover also comes with the automatic constant temperature control. The whole construction of this heated seat cover is safe to use in your car. The fire-retardant material construction also makes it safer for everyone.

  • Non-slip design and automatic temperature control.
  • Comfortable, breathable, and durable.
  • Corrosion and infrared heat resistant.
  • It is a new product.

#11. Car Heated Seat Cushion Pack

Tvird Car Heated Seat Cushion

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By: Tvird

The heated car seat cover generates the heat quicker than the other ordinary heated cushion covers. This cover with special design also delivers the heat equally to your back, hip, and thigh area. Moreover, from high to low, this cover comes with two different level heat options. This cover is the best match for any car, RV, truck, van, or boat seat with 12-Volt DC outlet. Moreover, the straps of the cover hold tightly in place.

The additional straps on the bottom of this cushion cover also hold the cover securely from misplacing. Furthermore, you can improve blood circulation and metabolism by sitting on this heated seat cover. It helps you to relieve the muscle pain, soreness, stiffness, and back pain as well.

  • Warms up quickly and even heat distribution.
  • Safe to use and secured straps.
  • Universal fit and improves metabolism.
  • It has relatively less rating.

#10. 12V Car Heated Seat Cushion Cover Pad

iHealthComfort. 12V Car Heated Seat Cushion Cover Pad

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By: iHealthComfort

The universal design of this heated car seat cover makes it ideal for the car, van, truck, SUV, RV, and boat seats with 12-Volt DV outlet. The heat function of this cover is also perfect for the coldest winter days. Moreover, this cushion cover supports quick heating to provide instant warmth. You get three preset timing options for heat function. Even the three-heat setting also allows you to have your desired heat all the time.

The default time setting for the heat function is 45 minutes. Furthermore, the special micro bead bottom of this cover prevents it from slipping. You also drive safely and comfortably by installing this heated cushion cover. This is a fuel-efficient heating pad for your car seat. You can also easily install this cover with the help of some sturdy straps.

  • Wide compatibility and quickly warm up.
  • Energy efficient and non-slip design.
  • Comfortable with the micro-bead bottom.
  • It is a relatively new product.

#9. Heated Car Seat Back Massager Cushion Chair Pad

Comfitech Heated Car Seat Back Massager Cushion Chair Pad

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By: Comfitech

This heated car seat cover comes with special heat therapy to relieve stress, pain, and tiredness. With ten powerful vibrating motors, this cover also provides deep vibrating massage on your neck, shoulder, whole back, and thighs. Moreover, the deep tissue massage of this cover relieves sore, stressed muscles, cures pain, and aches. The cushion cover also comes with five different heat therapy programs and massage modes. You can separately activate the heat function.

The massage mode of this cover also allows you to have intense spot massaging. Furthermore, this portable seat cover is ideal for all the car, van, truck, and office chair seats with 12-Volt DC and AC outlets. With the help of three adjustable Velcro straps, you can easily install and remove the cover.

  • Multiple massage modes and portable.
  • Heat therapy and relieves stress.
  • Convenient to use and adjustable straps.
  • There is no con.

#8. Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion

Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer

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By: Zone Tech

This heated seat cushion for the car with heat therapy keeps you warm and comfortable during winter day driving. The cushion cover also provides enough warmth to your back, hip, and thigh areas. Moreover, you can improve your blood circulation and metabolism by activating the heat function of this cover. Even the seat cover with thermal release relieves your sore and tired muscles.

The elastic straps, with additional straps and hooks, also keep the seat cover in place. Furthermore, this seat cushion is suitable for car, van, SUV, RV, truck, and boat seats with 12-Volt DC outlet. This cover effectively generates heat within a few minutes. The hi-tech heating fabric has far-infrared heating to avoid the lumpy wire heating process. You can set the maximum temperature up to 150-degree Fahrenheit.

  • Easy to use and adjustable temperature.
  • Fireproof material and portable design.
  • Quick heating and temperature control.
  • The heat holding capacity is less.

#7. Fireproof Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion

Zone Tech Car Heated Seat Cover Cushion Hot Warmer - Fireproof NEW and IMPROVED 2020

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By: Zone Tech

The heated car seat cover is suitable for the coldest winter days to keep you warm during the driving. This cushion cover also effectively keeps your body warm and comfortable. Moreover, by warming your back and bottom area, the heat function maintains blood circulation and metabolism. This cushion cover delivers instant heating within a few minutes.

You can also relieve your tired and sore muscles with the help of this seat-cover heat therapy. Furthermore, the elastic straps strongly hold this cover with your seat to provide non-skid and safe grip during driving. The additional straps and hooks provide extra protection against misplacing. The 12-volt DC outlet is an ideal power source for activating the heat function. The fireproof material construction of the cover is entirely safe to use a car seat cover.

  • Temperature control protection and fireproof structure.
  • Easy to use and universal fitting.
  • Warm, comfortable, and secure straps.
  • The heating up is slow.

#6. Seat Cushion With 3 Levels

SNAILAX Seat Cushion with 3 Levels Cooling and 2 Levels Heating SL26A8 Cool and Heating Pad

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The ultra-breathable material construction with heat function of this car seat cover is suitable for both winter and summer days. You can also drive safely and comfortably by installing this cushion cover. Moreover, the ventilation layer of this cover provides dry and cool seat during hot days/. Whereas, the quick-dry 3D mesh layer easily soaks all the bodily moisture to keep you dry. It is definitely one of the most versatile and best heated car seat covers.

The soothing heat therapy of this cushion cover also relieves your back pain and stress during long drives. Furthermore, the overheat protection device keeps the cushion safe for a longer time. The dual-zone rapid heating of this cover effectively keeps you back, hip, and thigh are warm. Made of high-quality polyester fabric, the seat cover is extremely durable. This cushion cover is ideal for car seats with 12 or 24-Volt DC outlet.

  • Double layers for cooling and ventilation.
  • Wide compatibility and multi-functional.
  • Easy to use optimum comfort.
  • The cold functioning is not up to the mark.

#5. Heated Car Seat Cushion

COMFIER Heated Car Seat Cushion

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With three separate heating pads in the back and sitting area, this car seat cover generates and delivers heat within one minute. This cushion cover also provides a gentle warmth to soothe your back pain and muscle strains. The cover supplies enough warmth to your total back, hip, and thighs. This cushion cover is ideal to use during cold winter days. At a low level, the heat function reaches up to 114-degree Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the temperature reaches up to 131-degree Fahrenheit at a high level.

The back heat and seat heat functions also work separately. Furthermore, this cover consists of an overheat protection thermostat for safety. The individual auto shut-off heating pads are highly energy-efficient and safe to use. You can set the maximum time up to 60 minutes.

  • Quick heating and safe.
  • Non-slip design, elastic strap, and comfortable.
  • Wide compatibility and overheat protection.
  • The color could have been better.

#4. Travel Heated Seat Cushions Pack

BDK 2P-056-BK_AMO Black Travel Warmer Pair - 2 Heated Seat Cushions Covers

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The soft and padded material of this car seat cover gives an extra comfortable seat during driving. This cushion cover also offers you warmth with the aid of the heat-generating function. Moreover, you just need to connect the cigarette lighter with a 12-Volt DC outlet of your car. The three-way temperature toggle provides warmth to your seat, back, and bottom of the seat. You can also reduce your back pain and muscle stress-pain by using the heat function of the seat cover.

This car seat cover also protects your car seat from getting dirt and debris. Furthermore, you just need to fasten the elastic strap to wrap the seat cover around your seat. This thermal release cover is ideal for most of the car, van, truck, and office chair seats. Overall, it is one of the best heated car seat covers to buy.

  • Soft, padded, and set of two.
  • Elastic strap and comfortable fit.
  • Soothes back pain three-temperature closure.
  • The anti-slip property is less.

#3. Heated Seat Cushion With Intelligent Temperature Controller

KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller

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This heated car seat cover requires 12-Volt of DC outlet to activate the heat-generating function. The seat cushion also comes with intelligent temperature control. Moreover, you can choose the temperature range from 86 to 140-degree Fahrenheit after every 37.4-degree Fahrenheit. This seat cover instantly generates heat within two minutes. Furthermore, you can select the timer for 30, 60, or for 90 minutes to save the battery from draining.

This heated seat cover also comes with an electric protection device to turn of this heat option once reaching the required temperature. Furthermore, the cigarette lighter has two interfaces to run heat operation for two cushions simultaneously. The cigarette lighter also has flame-retardant material construction. The anti-freeze power wiring harness stays soft in cold winter days. The rubberized back of the cushion holds it in place to allow safe driving. You can easily install this heated car seat cover all by yourself.

  • Multiple temperature options and electronic protection.
  • Intelligent temperature control and quick heating.
  • Easy to use and two cushion compatibility.
  • Construction could have been sturdier.

#2. Universal 12V Heated Smart Multifunctional Car Seat Heater

Sojoy Universal 12V Heated Smart Multifunctional Car Seat Heater Heated Cushion

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By: Sojoy

The heated car seat cover comes with a universal fit to suit every standard car seat in the world. Mainly, this car cushion is also a perfect match for the car seat with a 12-Volt DC outlet charger. Moreover, the multifunctional seat cover has the non-slip upper layer with elastic belts, hook and loop fasteners to keep it in place on every surface. Even, you can drive comfortably and safely without straining your back.

The non-skid fiction-grip bottom of this cover also prevents it from misplacing. Furthermore, the seat cushion delivers heat in less than 3 minutes. From low to high, the cover offers three different levels of heating. The breathable yet thick and sturdy polyester fabric of this cushion also allows you a comfortable sitting experience with quick warming function. The maximum heating generating capacity of this seat cover is up to 120-degree Fahrenheit. You can set the heat warming time up to 45 minutes.

  • Safe to use and quick warm-up.
  • Easy to use and non-slip base.
  • Universal fit adjustable heat settings.
  • There is no con for the product.

#1. Auto Heated Car Seat Cushion

OxGord Heated Car Seat Cushion - Auto Seat Cover

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By: OxGord

This seat cushion is suitable for seats of almost all cars, vans, trucks, boats, RVs with 12-Volt of the lighter outlet. The heat-generating car seat also comes with the complete interior coils to provide even heat distribution. Moreover, the seat delivers the heat to the entire seat, bottom, and back of the seat as well. By installing this cover, you can protect your car seat from dirt, debris. Even, the cushion also resists wearing and tearing to some extent.

This seat warmer with velour cushioning and additional lumbar support also makes it very much comfortable. Furthermore, the cushion is ideal for curing back pain, muscle, and joint-stress caused by longtime driving or sitting in a car. You can also adjust the heat setting of this heated cover from low to high and up to 114-degree Fahrenheit. You just need to place the seat cover over a seat and fasten all the elastic band, straps, and hooks. It is certainly one of the best heated car seat covers on the list.

  • Adjustable heat settings and installs easily.
  • Even heat distribution and comfortable.
  • Warm and full coverage.
  • There is no con as of now.


Keeping these factors in mind, we have listed the best heated car seat covers to fulfill all your requirements. There are definitely a few factors you have to keep in mind while buying heated car seat covers for your car. First of all, you need to get the size right, and therefore, if you are confused which one to opt for, go for a universal fitting cover. It is better to opt for a cover where you can control the level of heating or temperature and heating speed. Apart from that, some of them have a timer setting and other modern controls.

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