Discover The 12 Best Haier Mini Fridges – Products Review

Think about that relaxed place in your house where friends and loved ones chat and congregate. Wouldn’t it be easier to have chilly drinks and beverages at hand without moving back and forth to the kitchen? That’s why a compact refrigerator is an excellent alternative to keep beverages and snacks safely. Also, it takes minimal storage space, making it perfect for a game room, dorm, or den to improve the hangout environment. It keeps you and friends hydrated as you sip refreshing drinks and more refreshments. In this review, we have the best Haier mini fridges in the market.

List of The Best Haier Mini Fridges

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#12. 96-Can Fridge

Haier HBCN05EBB 96-Can Fridge

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By: Haier

Keep your drinks and beverage chilly with this fridge. Weighing just over 70 pounds and measuring 34 x 22 x 22 inches, it has quite a small profile. Now, you can stop running from room to room to get refreshments as it fits in any place. This unit is spacious enough to hold 46 wine bottles or 96 cans. That means you can have a few friends over and enjoy a cold drink without constant refilling. The drinks are secured in place, thanks to the six full-width wire shelves with a black vinyl-coating.

You can select the precise cooling level with an adjustable thermostat. Not only that, but the automatic defrost supports a maintenance-free service. Rather than leaving your favorite wine bottles on your countertop, this unit has a beverage center perfect for completing and improving a classy home bar. Your beer and wine get cool and ready for each guest to enjoy. Moreover, it has a flat back design with adjustable legs to improve flexibility and placement. The recessed handle and a sturdy worktop give you simple access to items.

  • Flexible reversible door
  • Wine storage compartment
  • Beverage center
  • Auto defrost option
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Produces loud vibrations

#11. Compact Refrigerator

Haier 1.7-cu. ft. Refrigerator, Black HC17SF10RB

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By: Haier

If you want a refrigerator from a renown brand that has an efficient compressor cooling, stop searching. This item uses less energy than the rest to ensure you have lower electricity bills. Plus, the cooling system is fast, reliable, and useful for different types of food products. Keep your frozen dinner, cheese, and meat in the freezer section to keep them from going bad quickly. With a 1.7 cu ft capacity, it is more spacious than other compact fridges.

The temperature adjusts to cold to help preserve your raw meat safely when the ice tray is at the center position in the freezer compartment. It also creates solid ice cubes perfect for cold drinks such as milkshakes. The motor and icebox take more interior space but deliver the expected results. It comes with bottle storage suitable for 2-liter cans or bottles. This Haier compact refrigerator is easy to maintain and take care to give you a comfortable use. Weighs 33.9 pounds, making it perfect for dorm rooms.

  • Compressor cooling system
  • 1.7 cubic foot capacity
  • Half-width freezer slot
  • Perfect for home, dorm, and apartment
  • Weighs 33.9 pounds
  • The motor pulsates loudly

#10. Mini Refrigerator/Freezer With Adjustable Lever

Haier HC27SF22RW 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator:Freezer

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By: Haier

Haier s a leading brand of electronics and other appliances for home use. It has created this mini fridge with a 2.7 cubic feet capacity to hold a variety of products like drinks, veggies, and even cheese to maintain their freshness. Also, it has a door space to accommodates three 2 liter bottles. That helps to prevent the constant refilling of more items because of the lack of space. With two durable glass shelves, they have a full-width to give you ample storage. Measuring 17.9 x 26.1 x 18.9 inches and weighing under 40 pounds, it is quite easy to move around.

The refrigerator’s design lets you have a simple positioning, thanks to adjustable leveling legs. In addition, its flat-back profile saves space and at the same time, uses minimal floor area. Place it anywhere around the dorm room and more limited-spaced locations with ease. This accessory automatically maintains the desired temperature level with a responsive temperature control dial. The button has 7 settings from warmest to coldest to suit different food product temperature needs.

  • Stainless steel door
  • Reversible door hinges
  • Lovely off white finish
  • 7 temperature levels
  • 2-liter bottle holder
  • Complaints about scratches and dents

#9. 3-Shelf Refrigerator/Freezer

Haier HNSE04BB 4.0 Cubic Feet Refrigerator:Freezer

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By: Haier

Haier 4.0-cubic feet refrigerator has a larger interior space than most compact designs. Featuring a half freezer with 3 glass shelves, you can keep multiple items at the same time. Also, its 2 door shelves with half-width size give you a variety of storage choices. You can place veggies on one side and fruits on the other for an organized storing system. Use the 6-can door slot to keep favorite drinks chilled as well as hold tall 2-liter bottles on the door.

With a mid-size structure, it has a dimension of 18.9 x 33.4 x 20.9 inches, perfect for small spaces. Use it in your dorm room, game room, or apartments to enjoy refreshing drinks. You don’t have to sacrifice valuable floor size, thanks to a space-efficient technology. Enjoy a modern, sleek black finish that coordinates well with your existing decor. Weighing just over 55 pounds, it is large to hold white wine, sodas, food, and beers, and leave extra room.

  • Large 4 cubic foot space
  • 55.1 pound weight
  • Holds 2-liter bottles
  • 3 glass shelves
  • Stylish black finish
  • Produces a buzzing sound when cooler turns on

#8. 150-Can Beverage Center

Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center

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By: Haier

We love this product from Haier, which holds both bottles and cans. You are not limited to one specific drink so that you can enjoy a refreshing drink with your preferred flavor. The beverage center is best for storing and chilling up to 150 cans measuring 12 ounces each. That means you can cool more items at once to save you time while preserving energy. Speaking about energy consumption, this unit uses less electricity than other brands perfect for all-day operation.

The included four vinyl-coated shelves, have a full-width to give you simple adjustments. Every time you access one of your stored drinks, it is much easier and safer. Another cool feature is the adjustable thermostat to help regulate temperature. Also, a reversible glass door with an ergonomic recessed handle gives you a firm grip to open and close effortlessly. Remove the detachable lower bottle rack when accessing or filling other products. Also, this accessory comes with an automatic defrost function to defrost the items inside before you take them out.

  • Weighs 72.5 pounds
  • Premium aluminum design
  • Ergonomic recessed handle
  • 4 vinyl-coated shelves
  • Holds both bottles and cans
  • Slightly larger

#7. 4-Door Refrigerator

Haier 16.0 Cu. Ft. 4 Door Refrigerator

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By: Haier

If you want a refrigerator that blends in with mots cabinetry design, this one does not disappoint. Boasting of a stainless steel finish, it provides a shiny and modern look in most kitchen settings. Not only that but also the material spots clean to give you easy maintenance. This best haier mini fridge offers an affordable and stylish built-in look with the multiple knobs. The HCS Filter controls high humidity to create the perfect environment for all your fruits and leafy greens. Plus, a bright LED lighting, illuminate the content as it consumes less energy than any incandescent lighting.

With an ENERGY STAR certification, it exceeds federal guidelines, to deliver better energy efficiency. This saves you the money you could have spent on high electricity bills. The included Quick Freeze and Quick Cool give you full options on the sate of the product’s coolness. Also, you can pick a suitable temperature level with an intuitive capacitive touch temperature dials. Weighing 300 pounds, it is quite heavy but provides more stability on most surfaces. For more convenience, this item has 6 door bins, 4 sliding freezer slots, and 2 sliding freezer compartments.

  • Reliable bottom freezer
  • Weighs 300 pounds
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • 4 sturdy doors
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Heavy

#6. Stylish Mini Fridge

Haier HC17SF15RB 1.7 Cubic Feet Fridge

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By: Haier

Improve your drink cooling action with this stylish mini fridge. It has an Energy Star Qualified to consume only the needed electricity every time you turn it on. Also, it assures you of safe electricity practices. The included bottle storage can accommodate 2-liter bottles and still leave enough space. This unit’s manual defrost system is perfect for defrosting items before taking them out of the fridge. You can set the ideal interior temperature quickly with a manual defrost feature.

Measuring 17.9 x 19.4 x 18.9 inches and weighing only 30 pounds, it is perfect for small spaces. You can set it in a dorm room, den, or a small apartment without worrying about floor space. Plus, the flat back design improves the storage placement and space used.

  • Half-width freezer slot
  • Sturdy ice cube tray
  • Slide-out wire shelf
  • Solid door storage shelf
  • Small

#5. 2-Shelf Refrigerator With Freezer

Haier HC27SF22RB 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

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By: Haier

The Haier refrigerator offers both cooling and freezing services. You can choose to freeze your favorite snack, such as cheese, or keep cold drinks. With a size of 2.7 cu ft, it can accommodate many stuff such as veggies and fruits. Also, the availability of the door space is perfect for keeping three 2-liter bottles. Now, you can place the beverage inside the holding container and retrieve it later for a refreshing experience.

Boasting of two glass shelves, it improves the overall design as you view the contents inside. The operation of this item is smooth as you position the adjustable leveling legs to your preferred position. Also, its structure saves space ideal for small areas like dorm rooms and RVs. An added advantage is a temperature control dial with 7 settings between 0 to 7. For the coldest setting, pick the 7th button to get the best results. With a black finish, coordinate the existing decor easily as you wipe off dust quickly with a damp cloth.

  • Half-width freezer cabinet
  • Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Multiple wire shelves
  • 2 door storage compartments
  • Accommodates tall bottles
  • Many users complain about dents on the fridge

#4. Compact Refrigerator With Fast Cooling System

Haier Mini Fridges

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By: Supernon

Some refrigerator designs need time to keep food and drinks colds. This one has a fast cooling system perfect for multiple items such as veggies and fruits. It has a convertible drip storage rack to collect any spills from food items. Although the freezer compartment is quite small, it can hold cheese, ice, fruits, and drinks. It is not ideal for large frozen dinners like the other larger fridges. The ice slot is perfect for making ice cubes you can put inside your favorite drinks. Its flat back design guarantees a simple flush-wall installation.

With a lovely stainless steel back finish, it adds simplicity and style in most places. You can place it in any area of your home without color clashing the existing style. Use the four storage areas, to keep 2L bottles as the can dispenser holds can. This item measures 22.20 x 20.30 x 32.10 inches with a 4.5-Cu. Ft. Capacity, which is larger than other brands. No more worries of your perishable goods like fruits and vegetables getting spoilt to save you money and minimize damage.

  • Gets cold fast
  • Large 4.4 cubic foot interior
  • Makes ice cubes
  • Convertible drip storage rack
  • For home and office
  • It has a small freezer

#3. Compact Refrigerator With Ice Cube Tray

Haier Mini Fridges

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By: Haier

The standard fridge color is white and silver. You can stand out from the rest by using this black mini refrigerator, which has a shiny finish. The edges are smooth to eliminate cases of scratches and accidental cuts. Place it anywhere around your house, especially the kitchen, to store multiple food products. Designed to fit small spaces, it measures 18.7 x 17.6 x 27.4 inches making it ideal for dorms, homes, game rooms, apartments, and entertainment areas.

Use the wire shelves to keep different items cools, such as veggies and fruits. Also, the included ice-cube tray ensures you have your cubes at home to drop inside a drink, smoothie, and others. Moreover, the spacious interior measuring 2.7 cubic foot with a sturdy door, can hold a 2-liter bottle or beverage. Keep your favorite drink can safely inside the can holders. This best haier mini fridge weighs around 30 pounds, making it lighter than other compact brands. You can carefully lift, carry, and move it with ease. Also, the design uses minimal floor room to improve the existing style look.

  • Black, shiny finish
  • Affordable
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Space-saving design
  • The freezer part is made of cheap plastic

#2. Refrigerator With Ice Cube Tray

Haier Mini Fridges

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By: Haier

If you want a mini fridge that does not take too much space, Haier is an excellent choice. Boasting of a 1.7 cu ft capacity, you can keep small items like veggies and fruits. That makes it perfect for a rec room, office, or dorm for drinks to remain chilly for an extended time. Not only that but also, you can carry it easily from place to place without the added workforce. An added advantage is the half-width freezer slot and a full-width wire shelf for you to keep additional items. The spacious door storage can hold a 2-liter bottle steadily.

Make your ice cubes comfortably at home, thanks to the ice cube tray of this Haier mini fridge. Now, you don’t have to drive off to the stores to buy a bag of ice. This accessory has a dimension of 18.9 x 17.6 x 20.6 inches and a 20-pound weight perfect for travels. Ensure you have a wall outlet for it to function correctly.

  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Timeless black color
  • Compact and safe
  • 1.7 cubic foot capacity
  • Spacious door storage
  • It is small and does not hold large items

#1. Compact Mini Refrigerator

Haier Mini Fridges

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By: Haier

This Haier mini fridge is perfect for small spaces such as dorm room, college, RV, and in the office. It measures 18.7 x 17.5 x 27.4 inches with a 2.7 cubic capacity to ensure minimal storage space use. The space-saving design comes with a full-width freezer slot and an ice cube tray to keep food items cold. Now, you can store veggies, fruits, drinks, and other products to improve their lifespan. The included wire shelves hold more things as the airflow moves freely to all corners. With an adjustable thermostat, you can customize the interior temperature to meet your freezing and cooling needs.

Featuring a functional construction, this Haier mini fridge is made of steel to add strength and withstand constant use. That means less to no damage, unlike the other plastic brands. Another thing is as spacious interior to accommodate juice, milk, and fresh fruit. The door allows you to store water bottles, cans, and beverages, along with a sturdy shelf. Although this refrigerator comes in only one color choice, it blends well with existing decor. Also, the shade brightens up any room as it adds an inviting element.

  • Functional, roomy design
  • Wide freezer compartment
  • Stores multiple items
  • Space-saving and reliable
  • Comes with adjustable thermostat
  • No other colors available

Buying Guides For The Best Haier Mini Fridges

Compact refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why picking a dependable one can get tricky, especially for new users. You need to do proper research to check out the different features each model has. For example, if you live in a dorm room, you can select one with a compact design to save space. Also, you can pick one with freezing or cooling options. Let us see the top factors that affect the overall performance.

Insulation of Fridge

Insulation is essential to help retain the desired temperature inside the fridge. That’s why Haier mini fridges are lighter to give you more reliability. With a well-made insulation system, it helps to create lots of loose air particles to cool your items. In case you use a product with poor insulation. The heat from your skin can seep back in the fridge, causing dissipation.

Size and Design of the Fridge

The dimensions of the mini fridge vary from counter height and even a small cube. If you prefer one that uses minimal floor space, check out the different aspects. Some models weigh less than 20 pounds while other a whopping 300 pounds. It all depends on the frequency of movement and portability. The smaller structures are perfect for studio-sized areas such as dorm rooms, game rooms, and also a dorm.

Compressed Power

Another thing to consider is the compressed air technology. It should not be longer than what is needed to cool the inbuilt coils. Also, it controls the coolant to keep your leafy greens and fruits fresh for long hours. This system ensures there is no overheating but uses lots of power. So, keep in mind about electricity consumption if you go for a model with advanced features.

The Capacity

The capability is the interior space the fridge usually has listed in cubic feet. Each band has a manufacture’s recommendation on the maximum load it can accommodate. Others incorporate bottle storage that holds tall 2-liter bottles and cans. If you love storing and chilling multiple drinks, go for a mini fridge that keeps 150 cans measuring 12 ounces each. It will save you time for refrigeration and energy for constant refilling.


Lastly, check the warranty period. Most effective brands in the market offer a more extended warranty to give you worry-free use. In case problems arise like failing to cool, you can get an instant replacement or money back. It all boils down to the company’s policies.

In Conclusion

Keep your fruits and leafy greens fresher for more hours with the best Haier mini fridges. It comes with multiple storage compartments that provide ample space to keep various items. You can store cheese and meats in the freezer compartment to retain their freshness. Also, you can stay tall 2-liter bottles of your favorite drinks to have a refreshing drink in no time. Choose one of the products and cool down during a hot day.

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