The 10 Best Gymnastics Mats You Should Own In 2020

The best gymnastics mats can let you and your family practice different floor exercises. It is a spacious pad made from firm and comfortable material for added safety. You can use it at home, gymnasium, school, park, or pool to enjoy simple outdoor activities. Read the following article to get more information about the best gymnastics mats.

The 10 Best Gymnastics Mats In 2020

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#10. Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track Tumbling Mat

Inflatable Gymnastics Air Track Tumbling Mat


The ALIFUN is a wide application mat applicable to all tumbling competitions. Whether you are a beginner or expert trainer, the spacious structure gives you freedom of movement. It has three size options, including 10ft, 13ft, and 16ft perfect for adults and toddlers. Not only that, but also you can use it outdoors for sports, yoga, cheerleading and other floor exercises. This accessory comes with an air track ideal for the water areas like the beach.

In addition, it is designed from double-wall fabric, commonly known as drop-stitch. It has a 0.9mm thickness made from PVC tarpaulin for maximum durability. Besides, this structure has an excellent air-tightness thanks to the seamed reinforcement. For simple deflation or deflation, use the supplied pump to fill air within one minute. Plus, it maintains the air for days to prevent daily fill-ups.

In Short:
  • This tumbling mat is bets for track competitions for all skill levels. It can be used for outdoor yoga, cheerleading, and another floor exercise. Plus, the drop-stitch material is stronger than most fabrics to extend its lifespan.

#9. Cushioned Junior Practice Mat

Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat

By: Tumbl Trak

Another top gymnastics mat available in most online shops is the Tumbl Trak, with amazing cushioning. Stuffed with a rugged and yet soft foam, it offers extra coziness when training. Also, it’s covered with knife coated vinyl to keep the filling safe from unfavorable outside elements. This accessory comes with handles to ease movement and carrying to desired locations. Plus, the bottom has nonskid material sections to keep this unit in place when placed on smooth grounds.

With advanced design, you can use this item with other matting. For instance, if you have a Kip Bar, place a practice mat on top of this one to get more padding. Another feature we like is a folding structure to minimize storage room as well as portability effort. At the same time, the young ones can manage it without adult assistance.

In Short:
  • This practice mat is perfect for junior gymnastics thanks to its amazing cushioning. It is stuffed with a rugged and soft foam for extra coziness. Not only that but also the bottom has nonskid material sections to keep this unit in place when placed on smooth grounds.

#8. Folding Gymnastics Mats

ZENOVA Folding Gymnastics Mats


Another best gymnastics mat applicable for kids is the Zenoya with a stylish finish. Measuring approximately 4ft long x 10ft wide, it is perfect for multiple floor exercises. Use it for tumbling, fitness, yoga, aerobics, stretching, dancing, playing, and much more. Also, the sides have a convenient Velcro to make connections to other mats super easy. Simply attach an existing pad to expand the surface for a more practicing area or as a kid tumbling rum.

Additionally, this product has a heavy-duty PU cover to simplify the cleanup process. Simply use water and normal soap to remove dirt and sweat in minutes. Besides, the surface is waterproof and tear-proof to withstand even the most aggressive exercising. Note that the material is toxic-free, phthalate-free, and chemical-free for added safety. This item is firm and yet soft enough for the little ones to play without worrying about skin discomforts.

In Short:
  • This gym mat has a stylish finish perfect for the youngsters. Measuring 4ft long x 10ft wide, it can be used for tumbling, fitness, yoga, aerobics, stretching, dancing, playing and much more.

#7. Air Tumble Track

Furgle Air Track 3.3ft:10ft:13ft:16ft:20ft Tumble Track

By: Furgle

The Furgle has joined the best gymnastics mats in the market because of its secure design. Unlike the rest, this one is soft for you to jump higher multiple times with minimal chances of injuries. Not only that, but also it is waterproof for you to use it in the pool and other wet locations. Pick one of the available sizes such as 3.3ft, 13ft, 10ft, 16ft, and 20ft to suit your training applications. Note that there are only 2 thicknesses, including 6 inches and 8 inches for added comfort.

This track pad has two valves to minimize inflation time. Plus, the pressure stays for days for added convenience as well as safety. Simply use the pump made from advanced mechanism any time you want to inflate or deflate this product. With a foldable structure, unfold this unit any time you want to perform different floor exercises like yoga and much more.

In Short:
  • The Furgle air track has a secure design soft enough to allow multiple high jumps. You can pick any of the sizes available from 3ft up to 20ft to suit different exercises. Plus, the pump inflates and deflates this pad in minutes to save time and effort.

#6. Air Track Set



The next top gymnastics mat with multiple sizes is this one you can choose from 10 to 20 feet. It has ample space ideal for yoga, cheerleading, clubs, gym training, school, park, beach, and at the backyard. Make a normal outdoor session into a fun and learning experience for the little ones. Also, this item is crafted using 1000D drop-stitch material for maximum durability. Plus, the PVC tarpaulin has excellent and reliable airtightness to increase superior performance.

In addition, this unit comes with a pump for quick filling and deflation. After use, simply fold it and throw it inside the carry bag. A bonus repair kit comes in handy when you need to patch up a puncture. Besides, this accessory is easy to use and does not need any complicated setups.

In Short:
  • This mat comes in a variety of sizes up to 20 feet to meet a variety of gymnastics needs. It is ideal for yoga, cheerleading, clubs, gym training, stretching, school, park, beach and at the backyard. Also, the bonus pump inflates this pad in a short time for you to enjoy a firm surface. Plus, the repair kit lets you patch up a puncture.

#5. Mats Roll Out Practice Pad

IncStores Home Cheer Carpet Top Mats Roll Out Practice Pad

By: IncStores

This is the best gymnastics mat suitable for practicing different floor exercises. With a sturdy design, it is made from carpet top over a unique cross-link polyethylene foam. It makes it firmer and yet comfortable to perform a variety of activities such as cheerleading, gymnastics, and much more. Also, these two pads are attachable with Velcro to create a wide workout surface.

IncStores accessory is lightweight and folds easily for easy transport. You can throw them inside a carry bag to enjoy a secure stowaway. In addition, the lovely finish comes in a variety of colors, including blue, purple, and black, for more appeal to the training area. You can use these two pieces at the gym or home, depending on workout preferences.

In Short:
  • These spacious mats are perfect for practicing various floor exercises. You can use them for cheerleading, gymnastics and also stretches. What’s more, the lightweight structure folds quickly to fit inside a small carry bag. You can pick either he blue, purple or black color to enjoy a stylish workout.

#4. Incline Gymnastics Mat

Giantex Incline Gymnastics Mat

By: Giantex

The next top-rated gymnastics mat we review is by the global brand Giantex for all workout levels. Boasting of an ergonomic wedge incline design, it allows trainers and trainees to enjoy a comfortable use. Not only that, but also it’s excellent for an exercise program, stretching, yoga, tumbling, daily care, and other applications. This accessory is created using non-deformable and eco-safe EPE foam. It delivers amazing support and stability for an extended time.

When it comes to cleaning, this item is super easy to wash. Due to its PVC surface, wiping with wet cloth removes all dirt, dust, and sweat. The material will not scrape, fade, or break easily as the rest for more durability. What’s more, the 3 sides are equipped with zippers for you to change the cushioning whenever. A bonus feature is a foldable structure that retracts into a cube shape to occupy little space.

In Short:
  • Whether you are a professional or newbie trainer or trainee, this is the ideal mat. It has a wedge incline design to allow an exercise program, stretching, yoga, tumbling, daily care and other applications.

#3. Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

ZENOVA Gymnastics Tumbling Mat


This best gymnastics mat by ZENOYA comes with handles to ease storage as well as transport. You can firmly hold it after use and fold it into a compact structure. What’s more, it has a dimension of 4ft long x 8ft wide x 2ft thick to let you enjoy maximum movement freedom. As a result, you can perform workouts, martial arts, tumbling, stretching, athletics, sleeping, dancing, and more activities. Moreover, this accessory’s Velcro on both sides facilitates simple hooking to several mats to creates a large tumbling run or exercise area.

Furthermore, enjoying an extended use is possible, thanks to the thick 2-inch EPE foam. It provides you with a comfortable and secure workout experience at home or the gym. Also, it has a stylish PU cover with excellent eco-safe and waterproof elements. This lets you clean with soap and water to remove sweat, dirt, debris, and others.

In Short:
  • The ZENOVA tumbling mat has handles to ease storage as well as transport. Also, the spacious surface is perfect for multiple activities including martial arts, tumbling, stretching, athletics, sleeping, dancing and much more.

#2. Gymnastics Octagon Skill Shape Tumbling Mat

We Sell Mats Gymnastics Octagon Skill Shape Tumbling Mat

By: We Sell Mats

Another best gymnastics mat is this one suitable for home gymnastics. You can choose any of the 3 sizes available, including 30” x 32”, to suit a variety of sports activities. Not only that, but also the overall structure is cushioned to deliver a supportive surface. This item improves your fitness routine for a healthier lifestyle. In addition, the octagonal shape stands out from the rest for added uniqueness.

We take note of the simple construction perfect for beginner tumblers and young gymnasts. It is firm and supportive, thanks to the quality material. Moreover, a newbie trainee can perform cartwheels, back tucks, back handsprings, cheer-leading, Martial Arts, Somersaults, and walkovers with maximum comfort. This mat’s vinyl surface is anti-tear and anti-rip to allow frequent use.

In Short:
  • We Sell Mats has designed this gym mat ideal for home gymnastics. It has an octagonal shape to meet different uses such as cartwheels, back tucks, back handsprings, cheerleading, Martial Arts, Somersaults, and walkovers. Also, the sturdy vinyl surface is anti-tear and anti-rip to allow frequent use.

#1. Thick Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom 2 Thick Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat

By: BalanceFrom

This exercise mat has a spacious surface measuring 6ft long x 2ft wide with a 2-inch thickness. You can use it for a variety of activities like MMA, martial arts, PIlates, aerobics, and yoga. Plus, the filling is made from high-density EPE foam to accommodate different body sizes and also minimize pains. We take note of the premium surface built from non-absorbent vinyl. It has an 18-ounce weight free of lead for added safety. The moisture-resistant technology improves cleanup by using soap and water.

What’s more, this item has excellent resilience to let you keep the perfect balance during exercises. And after the workout, fold it and carry comfortably using the sturdy handles. Note that the structure folds in 3 parts to use minimal storage room. The folded dimensions are 24” L x 24” W x 6” H.

In Short:
  • This gym mat is more spacious than most brands measuring 6ft long x 2ft wide with a 2-inch thickness. You can use it to perform MMA, martial arts, PIlates, aerobics and yoga activities.


Perform various outdoor activities with the best gymnastics mats. It is perfect for training, yoga, dancing, stretching, cheerleading and much more. Also, the best gymnastics mat folds up to occupy little bag space in storage.

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