The 11 Best Glow in the Dark Paints Review In 2021

In the last decade, the fame of glow in the dark paint has risen. This is seen in a period where people want to add some excitement to the event. It’s useful when going to a party, rave, club, and other functions. The glowing paint creates a unique appeal to make a person more noticeable. There are many challenges in identifying a good product. For example, you want superior brightness, easy application, versatility, maximum safety, reliability, and good quality as well. The following is a review of the best glow in the dark paints.

List of The Best Glow in the Dark Paints

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#11. UV Glow In the Dark Face & Body Paint Set

Blue Squid UV Glow in the Dark Face & Body Paint - Set of 8 0.5oz Tubes Black

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By: Blue Squid

You and your friends or any other person will be the focus at an event (the club, party, Halloween, rave…) if you paint yourself with the blue Squid UV Glow paint, It has a bright glow for the best effects. To keep your skin safe its is made of safe ingredients. It does not have any paraben, allergens, lead, or toxic compounds. The possibility of side effects is much lower. The simple pack makes using and carrying easy. You get 8 different colors packed handy tubes. The FDA-approved product is suitable for most users, including vegans.

  • Good quality and safe
  • Glow lasts long
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Small pack

#10. UV Glow Blacklight Face & Body Paint Tube Set

UV Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint 0.68oz - Set of 8 Tubes

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By: UV Glow

This set is said to be the best glow in the dark paint because of several reasons. One, the glow is brighter than in others on offer and is, therefore, more noticeable. You just need a little amount to see the amazing effects. Two, it’s in a user-friendly pack for easy use and carrying. This also prevents spillage.

Three, the 8 tubes offer you different colors. Coming up with good artwork is simplified. And because of the excellent concentration and high glow, a small amount is required. Therefore, it lasts a long time. Four, the paint dries quickly because of the advanced formula and doesn’t leave a flaky appearance. It’s suitable for many situations, including face painting, doodling, hallowing, Party, and birthdays.

  • Dries fast and safe
  • Non-flaky and Good pack
  • Easy to remove
  • The glow isn’t very visible in the light

#9. Non-Toxic Glow In The Dark Pigment Luminous Powder

HXDZFX Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder Luminous Powder Safe Non-Toxic

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The HXDZFX glow powder makes a good glowing or fluorescent paint. It’s easy to use and mixes easily and well for bright paint. The final product may be used on the body, hair, nails, and more. And since it’s free of any chemicals, it won’t have any adverse effects on the body. The set has eight bottles, each with a0 .4 ounce capacity.

You get super bright high-quality paints that illuminate under UV, blacklight, and dark. It has a nice texture and is also water-soluble for easy cleaning. It is also safe and non-radioactive for children, animals, and the environment. It’s in the dark paint review also because of easy application, good quality, vibrant, affordable, and versatility. This pack lasts a long time.

  • A very nice and bright glow
  • Safe for skin
  • Good for the environment
  • High quality and a decent pack
  • It has a mild scent

#8 3D Fabric Permanent Paint 4 With Vibrant Colors

Magicfly 3D Fabric Permanent Paint 40 Color, Puffy Paint with Vibrant Colors

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By: Magicfly

These 40 colors are what are required to highlight your art. The nice glow makes it easier to see while the decent packaging improves use. The product can be used for a variety of applications. These include face painting, doodling, drawing, tee shirts, surface painting (plastic, wood, metal, leather…), and much more.

They contain safe ingredients to prevent side effects, allergies, and environmental pollution. Chances of things such as dry patches on the skin, excess oiliness, skin rashes, reddening, nausea, or sensitivity are unlikely. To use the product, you just need to squeeze the tube. The kit comes with a handy brush for easy application. And because of its 3D, the results will stand out better. The product is water-soluble and safe to the skin. It washes off easily and doesn’t leave any marks or stains.

  • Good quality
  • A nice glow
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Small packs

#7. Glow In the Dark Pigment Powder With UV Lamp

Glow In the Dark Pigment Powder with UV Lamp - 0.7oz Each Slime Luminous

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By: DecorRom

It shouldn’t be troublesome to find the best glow in the dark paint. With the DecorRom pigment powder, you’ll be able to create highly luminous paint. The pack contains 10 bottles of 0.7 ounces each. The lightweight, compact nature makes it easy to handle and carry.

Even in areas with some light or a long-distance, it is very bright. In addition, only a small volume is required. Because of the good concentration and decent volume, you will also get many cycles. Both the body and the environment won’t be harmed by the product. And it’s easy to clean due to its easy-to-wash nature.

  • Easy to use
  • Bright glow
  • Contains no toxins
  • Not super bright

#6. Dimensional Fabric Paint – Glow Green

Tulip 16069 Dimensional Fabric Paint 4oz Glow Green

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By: Tulip

The Dimensional Glow Paint from Tulip is suitable for a variety of uses, both indoors and outdoors. It shines brightly in both the dark and dimly illuminated situations. The paint is liked due to its simple nature which makes it easy to use. It also releases no toxic compounds that can harm humans, pets, or affect the environment. It remains intact and lasts without losing its glow for a long time.

Many users claim it has no strong odor. It also has no flaky or dry appearance. Moreover, for good results, it spreads easily and nicely. It is also good for products like wood, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and leather. It’s easy to use and carry thanks to the 4-ounce pack. The cap seals tightly to prevent spillage or contamination.

  • Easy-squeeze bottles
  • Washes off easily
  • Bright long lasting glow
  • Has a mild smell

#5. Neon Glow Paint Cosmic Set

Neon Glow Paint Cosmic Bowling Themed Birthday Party Supplies - Set of 6 Colors

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By: Neon Glow

This paint set is supposed to make the experience in the rave, club, Halloween, birthday, and other replaces fun and cooler. It will make objects, both in the dark and dimly lit surroundings, more visible. The versatile paint, like others in the review, is suitable for a wide range of uses. It works on the body, posters, t-shirt, walls, banners, and clothes, among other surf cases. It is also very safe because it has no toxic compounds like mercury, lead, sulfates, or phthalates. In addition, the product is proven safe for humans, animals, and the environment. This is following rigorous tests.

It dries evenly without leaving a flaky, dry appearance. Instead, you get a smooth and even finish. It sticks well on the object but still washes off quite easily. It doesn’t leave marks or a funny appearance such as dryness or dullness. The 6 different colors in the pack will help you come up with great creations. You also won’t worry about side effects, allergic reactions, or polluting the environment.

  • Safe for skin and eco-friendly
  • Easy to use and good quality
  • Washes off easily
  • Doesn’t dry super fast

#4. UV Black Light Fluorescent Glow Fabric & Textile

neon nights UV Black Light Fluorescent Glow Fabric & Textile Paint Ultraviolet

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By: neon nights

The neon nights set should match most of your needs since it comes from one of the reputable brands. It comprises a variety of items, with fluorescent paints being the most notable. They are okay for use on textiles and have a superior glow. The application is straightforward and it dries super fast. Also, you need just a small volume to standout. The consistency is smooth and this contributes to the excellent quality. It also improves the appearance as well as makes colors more vibrant.

Unlike most paints which work in ultraviolet (UV) light only, this one is also effective in areas with black lights. They also don’t have a powdery feeling and still look bright in dim lighting. The basic package suits professionals and amateurs alike. They are safe and won’t harm the users, pets, or the environment. After the event, you easily wash the paint off with water. No need for hard scrubbing or using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents.

  • High quality and very bright
  • Colorful and very effective
  • Easy to wash off
  • Brief instructions

#3. UV Body Paint Black Light

Midnight Glo UV Body Paint (8x 0.75oz) Black Light Paint Black Light Makeup

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By: Midnight Glo

Finding the best glow in the dark paint shouldn’t be difficult. You’ll enjoy the attention with the Midnight Glow Fluorescent Paint. This should also make you proud. This set includes 8 fluorescent paint bottles which have a nice glow in the dark. It should be easy to carry or use the product considering every tube weighs just 0.75 ounces.

The product is very brilliant even from far or in lit situations. To see the results, you need to use a small amount. This also means that you will get many cycles from the small bottles. Another thing is they’re very safe and they are not going to cause harm to the body or environment. Cleaning the non-toxic paint is easy and you just need to use cleanup water. No marks or stains are left behind.

  • Easy to apply
  • Very bright glow
  • Contains no toxins
  • May not be very bright in slightly lit surroundings

#2. UV Body Paint Black Light Make-Up Blacklight

neon nights 8 x UV Body Paint Black Light Make-Up Bodypainting Neon Blacklight

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By: neon nights

When using the best glow in the dark paint, body painting is more enjoyable. The neon night is a good product example. It has a beautiful glow that can be seen even from a distance. This offers easy viewing of artistic designs. The product is made from non-toxic ingredients and protects the body from side effects and allergic reactions.

For easy spreading and fast-drying, it has a smooth consistency. Within minutes of applications, you go to the club, rave, Halloween, costume party, and other functions. The pack has eight small bottles, each with a 20ml/0.7. Fluid ounce volume. Pink, yellow, violet, green, blue, red, orange, white are the colors available.

  • Easy to apply and wash off
  • Good quality
  • Long-lasting glow
  • Small bottles

#1. Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder

Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder - 12g - Neutral and Fluorescent Colors

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By: Art ‘N Glow

This powder allows you to come up with nice fluorescent paint that glows in the dark. The pigments are available in Neutral Aqua and are ideal for many uses. The environmentally friendly product doesn’t release toxic fumes or pollutants. This makes it safe for the surroundings. Besides, it’s also safe for people and pets as well.

The nice bright glow is due to the strontium aluminates coating. It’s more long-lasting, doesn’t look dry, flakey or powdery, and doesn’t come off easily. However, since its water-based, washing with water will completely remove it.

It works on wood, metal, glass, rubber, vinyl, fabric, plastic, and leather, among other products. The 12-gram packaging is easy to use and also portable. The nontoxic product doesn’t cause any negative reactions.

  • Water-based and safe
  • Easy to wash off
  • Made from safe natural ingredients
  • Not the cheapest

Glow In The Dark Paints Buying Guide

Glow in the dark paints is very popular especially among arts, parties, and other special events. This type of paint is cool and fun, and it is also creative to have and use as well. To pick the best glow in the dark paints, there are a few things that you should have in mind. We list them all for you below, so feel free to check them out.


The best glow in the dark paints should be easy to apply especially on the skin. For occasions such as Halloween or parties, you will have to paint it on your face or body. This is why you want to make sure that it stays on the skin well without dripping off. That way, the art that you create will remain in place beautifully after the application. You might want your glow in the dark paints to be compatible with both brushes and fingers. This ensures that you will be able to be creative with the paint with ease.

Easy Cleanup

Apart from the easy application, you also want your paint to be easy to clean up as well. You should go for the options that are water-based because it comes off easily. This type allows you to wash using just soap and water which is so easy and simple. If not so, you will spend a few more days being extra glowing, and that can be unpleasant.


The main purpose of the glow in the dark paints is to glow, and you want it to glow brightly. There is some low-quality glow in dark paints that lose its ability to glow after a few hours. This is not the type that you want because you wouldn’t want your art to fade fast. Always check for the options that offer bright and long-lasting glow so that it serves its purpose well. In case your parties are long, you might want to find the ones that you can reapply. That way, your art will last longer which is simply great.


No matter if you use the paints with adults or kids, safety is important. You should always check the label to make sure the paint does not contain toxins and other chemical substances. This is to prevent skin allergies or irritations, and this part is important. Having itchy rashes after a fun party is not what you want, so safety is important. This is why you have to make sure that you pick the glow in the dark paints that are non-toxic to use.


Glow in the dark paints is not only for body arts but also for other forms of art as well. If you choose the versatile options, that means you can also apply it to other objects apart from the skin. Those are fabric, leather, glass, metal, rubber, vinyl, wood, and many more. This is extra fun, and it also makes fun of experimental projects with the kids as well.


In many areas, the above best glow in the dark paints will be handy. These include the birthday, club, Halloween, birthday parties, rave, costume parties, etc. We picked items that are easy to use, have the best glow, comprise only safe ingredients, and wash off easily. Also, they are packaged nicely for convenient use and also to prevent spillage or contamination. These paints will make you more noticeable and also meet the most demanding requirements.

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