Discover Top 7 Best Floor Drill Presses Review – In 2021

Finding the best floor drill press comes with numerous challenges. And if not cautious during the buying process, you might end up with a poor choice. It may have a nice design and height, but making adjustments may not be very easy. It may be well-built but shakes or vibrates too much. Also, it may have a sturdy work table, but the surface area may be a little small. And although the motor may be Powerful, it will have little torque. This means it will struggle to drill through thick or tougher materials.

Other things that influence the choice and reliability of a tool include speed, speed variability, height and height adjustment, base design and stability, weight, portability, maintenance and assembly ease, operation ease, materials of construction, quality, price, and much more. Fortunately, you don’t need to stress yourself with all these things. Simply go through the best floor drill press and pick a unit or even two if you want.

The Best Floor Drill Presses In 2021

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#7. 5-Speed 4.1 Amp Drill Press

Genesis GDP1005A 10 5-Speed 4.1 Amp Drill Press with 5:8 Chuck, Integrated Work Light

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By: Genesis

Genesis GDP1005A will speed up the work and also produce good results. It’s a good choice for the home, workshop, and other places. We love the design, which makes installing it pretty easy. It’s simple, easy and also takes little time. Moreover, it remains firm after installation. This provides a firm surface and will minimize vibration. In addition to delivering perfect results, it also improves safety. The sturdy table is rotatable and also tilts this allows you to pick the most functional position. It has a 360-degree rotation while the tilt is from 0-45 degrees. It relies on a powerful 4.1-amp electric motor. It’s also an induction type hence runs much smoother and is also more energy-efficient.

The tool will drill hard surfaces and won’t become hot, especially in demanding jobs. You also get a reliable 5-speed gearbox that handless the operation. Furthermore, it comes with a 5/8-inch chuck that accommodates larger bits quite well. The height is also variable to suit different tasks and users. And for a smooth transition, it depends on a simple yet effective rack-and-pinion system. Using the table in the dark or dim surroundings is also not an issue. This is thanks to the built-in work light.

  • Sturdy design and very stable during use
  • Useful in both residential nd commercials applications
  • High quality design and also durable
  • Powerful and high torque motor
  • Smooth drilling and silent performance
  • Takes time to fully understand how to use the depth gauge

#6. 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

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The SKIL 3320-01 is unquestionably among the best floor drill presses in the market. It’s a high-quality pieces that offers decent service. You can use it for both domestic and commercial uses with no issues. Moreover, it comes in a sturdy construction to bear the operation and mishandling too. And Thanks to the fairly wide base and tough metal, it remains firm and doesn’t wobble or shake. In addition, it has a robust 3.2-amp electric motor that delivers decent power and torque too. This ensures it drives the bits smoothly and also effortlessly. And with a variable speed of between 570 and 3050 rpm, it will handle different tasks well. Besides, it supports 5 speeds and selecting the ideal option is not a problem.

It comes with a 1/2-Inch chuck that handles the bits well. Also, It’s the keyed kind hence maintains a firmer grip on the drill bit. The unit runs seamlessly and is also not too noisy. Therefore, it’s suitable even in a silent environment. And for convenient repetitive drilling as well as accurate measurements, the unit comes with an adjustable depth stop. What is more, you get a bump-off switch to improve safety. The work table can tilt in both right and left directions for 0-45 degrees.

  • Made of tough materials and also last long
  • Fast and accurate drilling
  • Easy to mount and operate
  • Easy to rotate and tilt the table
  • Good speed and power
  • The table is a little small

#5. 18-Inches Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900 L 18-Inches Laser Drill Press

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By: Delta

The Delta 18-900L laser drill press is a good choice for day-to-day operations. It will drill holes on different products a lot easier than most options out there. It includes a good dimension and design to accommodate everyday demands. Also, it’s really simple to mount and also operate. The good versatility manages various jobs and also improves its reliability. We give it a thumb up for the innovative style as well as simplicity. This makes it a worthy pick even for a newbie. Moreover, it remains firm and doesn’t vibrate too much. Therefore, you are certain of professional end results. Likewise, you’ll need to apply minimal effort hence saving time. The system has a reliable and powerful electric motor that provides excellent service.

It is 18 inches, works all right, and is sturdily built. The tool drills deep and is very accurate. It comes with 5 speeds; hence you have a range of options in regards to the right speed. It runs efficiently, has no jerky motions, and is very consistent. The micro-adjustable depth stops repetitive support drilling and this improves efficiency and performance. You also find a twin laser that helps in delivering precise drilling.

  • Good height and stable performance
  • Versatile design suits daily needs
  • Good dimension and design
  • Powerful and reliable electric motor
  • Runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Assembly takes a bit of time

#4. 20-Inch Floor Drill Press

JET 354170:JDP-20MF 20-Inch Floor Drill Press

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By: Jet

The JET 354170/JDP -20 MF floor drill press makes carrying out different jobs easier. It’s a well-crafted unit that proves effective and reliable in everyday situations. You can utilize it at the home office, as well as a workshop to name but a few locations. Moreover, it’s a good alternative for both seasoned and professionals. It features a practical weight and dimension to cater to everyday requirements. The height of 20 inches works great, just like the robust working table. The styling makes installing it extremely easy and after setup, it stays stable. This assures the use of accuracy along with expert outcomes.

It prides itself on a durable and powerful electric motor with excellent power and fast speed. For that reason, competing for a job is not just fast but also effortless. Other than that, you also get desirable outcomes. It works with a 3/4-inch drill chuck that accommodates different types of bits. And with 12 speed options, you have many alternatives to work with. The system runs efficiently and is extremely constant. No vibrations or jerkings whatsoever. Additionally, the motor runs efficiently and doesn’t become too hot. It weighs about 288 pounds and carrying, handling or moving it is not a big challenge. It is really simple to care for and will not damage easily. Furthermore, it’s immune to rust and corrosion.

  • Durable and powerful motor
  • Excellent performance and fast speed
  • Steady and doesn’t jerk or shake
  • Accommodates different types of drill bits
  • Immune to rust and corrosion
  • The cord positioning needs improvement

#3. Oscillating Floor Drill Press

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press

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By: Shop Fox

Shop Fox W1848 floor drill press will not only work fast but also produce excellent outcomes. It’s an excellent oscillating drill and is perfect for the residence, workshop, as well as various other locations. We like the layout, which makes installing as well as using pretty easy. It’s simple as well as takes little time to install. Also, It o has a shorter learning curve thanks to its basic nature. Moreover, it’s steady and remains firm after the mounting. This offers you or any other person a firm surface and also has minimal vibration. Along with supplying perfect outcomes, it likewise boosts security.

The tough table can rotate for 360 degrees and also tilts from 0-45 degrees. To power the drill, it has a 3 /4 HP electric motor that connects to the gear system and a 1/64″-5/8-inch drill chuck. It will accommodate different sizes of drill bits and supports speeds from as low as 250 up to 3050RPM. It runs much smoother and is additionally power-efficient. Moreover, it won’t become too warm after extended use. The height is also variable to fit different situations and the base is also steady for perfect results and minimal shaking during use.

  • Works great and easy to operate
  • Simple design and a shorter learning curve
  • Hugh quality and tough metal construction
  • Good table height and d working surface
  • The motor is robust and powerful
  • For use with 110V AC and not 220-240V AC

#2. 6.2-Amp 10″ Drill Press

ShopSeries RK7033 6.2-Amp 10 Drill Press

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By: Rockwell

The ShopSeries RK7033 is also one of the best floor drill presses in the marketplace. It’s a durable and top quality item that supplies good performance. It’s ideal on different surfaces and materials, including wood and metal. You can use it for both residential and business uses without issues. Moreover, it is available in a nice height and size of 10 inches. The sturdy construction bears the operations and abuse too. Also, it has a sturdy base and remains firm and does not wobble or move while in use. It has a durable and robust 6.2-amp electrical motor that supplies decent power and decent speed. This ensures it drives the drill bits efficiently.

With variable and easy to adjust the speed of between 620 and 3100 rpm, it will certainly match up to most tasks. Besides, it can tilt from 0 to 45 digress in both right and left sides. It comes with a user-friendly 1/2-Inch chuck that deals with all kinds of bits well. Furthermore, it holds it firmly to prevent it from coming loose and also for the right results. This floor drill press runs flawlessly and is likewise not as too loud. For that reason, you can confidently use it even in a quiet setting. It also has a practical table height and size and will work just fine with most users.

  • Durable and top quality
  • Ideal on different surfaces and materials
  • Nice height and size
  • Sturdy construction and firm base
  • Durable and robust 6.2-amp electrical motor
  • Variable and easy to adjust speed
  • The instructions are somewhat brief

#1. 5-Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

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With the WEN 4208 Delta floor drill press, drilling on metal, wood, and other surfaces is easy. It measures 8 inches and also is very practical. You can use it for your Diy projects as well as professionally. The weight and height prove efficient and also speeds up the service. Additionally, it’s really simple to run and also is very flexible. This will take care of numerous jobs pretty well. Also, we like the design that improves the installation even if you are a beginner. The unit remains firm and this assures you of top-notch professional outcomes. Likewise, you’ll use too much effort and also will save on time. It features an effective and robust electric motor, which also has good torque. This will definitely make the operation simple as well as time-efficient.

It comes with a 5-speed mechanism and will drill well even in great depths. Selecting a suitable speed option is also straightforward. It runs effectively and smoothly and you will not experience any shaking or jerkings. Additionally, the performance remains consistent all through. The depth stops come helpful in repeated drilling and it also enhances the performance. The height is easy to adjust to cater to different users.

  • Fast and accurate drilling
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Works with a range of bits
  • Firm base and decent working table
  • Excellent power and torque
  • No work light


By picking the best floor drill presses, you’ll be more productive and also deliver a good quality of work. Also, you’ll use lesser time and effort and this allows you to focus on other things. In this review, we have touched in some of the top pick currently in offer in the market. And to become a proud owner of one, you just need to pick any options. In addition to great satisfaction, the best floor drill press also comes with peace-of-mind.

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