Top 14 Best Floor Chairs with Back Support of All Time – Review

Eliminate a cluttered-look and use of valuable floor room when enjoying a movie. There are modern designs for seats that don’t have the chunky legs and armrests. Most people use them on a floor surface when reading a book, lounging, and even meditation. It has a small profile, lightweight, and simple assembly perfect for indoors or outdoors. In this review, we look at the best floor chairs with back support.

Here Are The List of 14 Best Floor Chairs with Back Support

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#14. Wide Back Floor Chair

BackJack Floor Chair

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By: BackJack Floor Chair

The BackJack chair is a stackable seat suitable for classroom, office, or home. It has an elegant navy blue finish that offers an attractive element in most settings. Use the flip-up cushion anytime you want to store the unit after use. It stacks up easily and quickly while using minimal space. Upholstered with premium cotton, it is durable for high-use settings, especially with active children. Measuring 19.5 x 14.5 x 2.25 inches, it uses only the needed floor room.

This item has a dense foam to increase comfort in extended sitting. Also, it lightweight free of sharp edges to allow simple transport. Carry it around for all your meditation, yoga, movie, or video-gaming activities, thanks to a 4-pound weight. If you have children in your household, it supports the back and entire body. For the adults, they get more relaxed seating, unlike the use of an ordinary chair. Pick a color from the multiple options to complement the room’s style.

  • Stylish navy blue finish
  • Easy to use
  • Quality cotton material
  • For high-use placements
  • Multipurpose
  • Tad expensive

#13. Classic Video Rocker Floor Chair

THE CREW FURNITURE Classic Video Rocker

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This video rocker chair is perfect for watching movies and gaming. It is made from faux leather vinyl material to allow simple cleaning and maintenance. The fabric is eye appealing to blend in well with existing indoor decor. This item is ergonomically designed using a sturdy wood frame for support. The frame can withstand constant use without giving in to give you extended use.

Featuring a polyurethane foam padding, it is soft and comfortable. The cushioning lets you sit for long hours as you read a book or watch an exciting TV program. We love the bold mesh upholstery that adds beauty and style. You can stage this chair in any room, such as a living room, bedroom, and gaming room. Its compact structure is lightweight to facilitate easy portability. Now, you can carry it to a different spot in your house as it weights under 12 pounds and measures 37.2 x 16.8 x 16.2 inches.

  • Perfect for gaming
  • Ergonomic design
  • Attractive faux leather
  • Strong wood frame
  • Polyurethane foam padding
  • Narrow

#12. Portable Floor Chair

Original BackJack Floor Chair – Portable - XL Size

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By: BackJack Floor Chair

BackJack chair offers a unique and friendly sitting at home. It has two sitting options for you to enjoy a vertical or horizontal experience. If you are reading a book, the latter is the best angle to prevent discomfort. Besides, it is adjustable to meet a variety of applications, including use in sporting events, home, office, or camping. Its functional design offers lumbar and back support to eliminate slouching when sitting or relaxing on the floor.

Purple is a color that stays timeless and elegance. This product has a lovely finish to add an elegance aspect in most settings. Measuring 16 inches wide by 23 inches tall, the backrest offers fantastic support. Although some users feel after long hours of use, it tends to get uncomfortable; it is ideal for a shorter time. There is no need to stress about portability and storage. It is made of a lightweight material such as cotton to improve transportation. The fabric offers high breathability than the rest to keep you dry and stink-free.

  • Supportive 16-inch backrest
  • Provides excellent lumbar support
  • Quality cotton material
  • Multipurpose and sturdy
  • Two-position sitting
  • The back support is uncomfortable after long sitting periods

#11. Go Anywhere Floor Chair With Backrest

Stansport Go Anywhere Chair

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By: Stansport

If you want a foldable floor chair with a huge sitting position, Stansport has all these aspects. Featuring thick padding, it turns any seating position into a comfortable, relaxing moment. Place it on classroom floors, stadium seats, or metal bleachers to get maximum support. The design is also great for both adults and kids to turn the space into a serene lounge. This item has 10 different adjustable positions to allow customized use.

You can use it when reading, gaming, lounging, or watching a game because of its versatile structure. The sturdy steel frame with extra cushions on the seat and back offer excellent support. Another thing is the use of polyester, which is easy to keep clean and maintain. Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth to enjoy a smell-free and dirt-free seating environment. This furniture is lightweight and folds flat and has a shoulder strap to ease transport. Take it to the beach, lawn picnic, or tailgating.

  • Comfy padded chair
  • Multipurpose and sturdy
  • Adjustable positions
  • Durable steel frame
  • Portable and stylish
  • Huge and a bit hard to carry

#10. PU Leather Floor Sofa With Two Pillows

Giantex Floor Sofa PU Leather Leisure Bed Video Gaming Sofa with Two Pillows

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By: Giantex

This Giantex chair is ideal for people who love reading when sitting on the floor. It is sturdily built to offer excellent support as you meditate, watch TV, lounge, or relax. That means you can have an additional sitting spot in case you have guests in your home. Built with a solid steel frame structure, the internal support is excellent to withstand continuous use. Also, the metal does not need intense maintenance.

The above sofa has a high filling of foam to offer a soft sitting position. Its surface is made of PU leather as well as the two pillows. The cushions deliver better relaxation and comfort. An additional advantage of this item is that you get extended use, thanks to an ergonomic design. You can set the sitting angle up to 180 degrees from the 5 positions.

  • Comfortable and durable
  • Foldable and lightweight design
  • Adjustable and simple storage
  • Multi-use and easy assembly
  • Quality steel frame
  • The leather material feels and looks cheap

#9. Adjustable Padded Floor Chair With Back Support

bonVIVO Easy Lounge, Adjustable Padded Floor Chair with Back Support

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By: bonVIVO

This comfortable lounge chair has amazing back support suitable for extending seating. You can choose either the grey or blue color to have simple style coordination inside your home. Preferably, you can match the tone with furniture, accessories, and more gadgets. The seating surface of this floor cushion measures 25 x 17 x 6.7 inches and has a 19.2″ backrest height to improve comfort when in an upright position. Also, the overall weight is just over 12 pounds making it simple to carry and transport.

All materials used to construct this lounging unit are non-toxic. Equipped with a durable cover, it wipes clean by use of a damp sponge. The backrest is highly flexible to offer stability and is adjustable up to 5 different levels. That means it adapts to your natural sitting structure because of its multiple angles. Assemble and disassemble quickly, to stow away in a space-limited place such as under the sofa or bed.

  • Comes in two color choices
  • Measures 25″ x 17″ x 6.7″
  • Weighs 12.34 pounds
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • It has a factory odor

#8. Foldable & Adjustable Floor Chair With Back Support

Floor Chair Adjustable NNEWVANTE Back Support Chair Foldable

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We understand that not all floor chairs have an adjustable sitting position. This one comes with multiple angles for relaxing to give you maximum comfort. The design makes it super easy to lift, carry, and transport to different places around the house. Stage it in your living room, lounging area, bedroom, or near a patio for a customized experience. This couch allows you to relax on hard surfaces or bay window as you get amazing back support. This best floor chair with back support has a safe height to help provide your kids with a relaxing spot to chat, play games, read, meditate, lounge, or watch videos.

Weighing 5.5 pounds, it is lightweight and yet made of durable material. It has a crystal velvet cover to keep the inner cushion free of stains and dirt. Remove it to clean out any dirt buildup. The use of 3 sponge layers for the filling, improve comfort and support. Also, the sponge is eco-friendly to prevent any health issues.

  • Adjustable and portable
  • For meditation, reading, lounging
  • Lovely Navy color
  • Safe height level
  • 3 layers of soft sponge
  • Quality backrest material
  • The top cushioning does not stay put in one position

#7. Indoor Adjustable Floor Chair With Five Positions

Sundale Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Floor Chair Five-Position

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By: Sundale Outdoor

Use this floor chair in different places for various applications. It has a universal structure best for both indoor and outdoor use, such as on the lawn, gym, beach, pool, trains, automobiles, home, park. With an internal metal lock system, it ensures a simple adjusting to your most comfortable position. Push the seat back and set the ideal level without using special tools. This seat can recline up to five angles to meet everyone’s relaxing needs.

The included armrests provide maximum support and comfort. Bonus features are the two pockets that add convenience as you keep small items safely inside. It creates a storage spot for stashing smartphones, bottled water, and books. If you love simple portability, this item supports the action. It folds flat to guarantee the use of the smallest storage space. Plus, the shoulder straps are adjustable to enhance transport for you to carry this chair with ease.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Adjustable sitting levels
  • Superior metal locking mechanism,
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Convenient integrated pockets
  • The bottom padding could be better

#6. Adjustable Floor Sofa Chair

Giantex Adjustable Floor Gaming Sofa Chair

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By: Giantex

This chair from Giantex is perfect for use when watching TV, playing games, or relaxing with an intriguing read in hand. You will enjoy its fantastic support and comfort in your bedroom, living room, lounge area, or child’s room. Boasting of a lay-flat design, it allows quick and compact storage under a bed or high sofa. We like the ergonomic structure of this item perfect for kids who love coloring, crafting, and reading while sitting on the floor.

Designed with a sturdy adjustable backrest, you can set a 90 degree upright position or lay flat up to 180 degrees. Not only to suit a variety of sitting but also lying and leaning settings. Use the breathable fabric of the cover to prevent sweating and damp effects, unlike others that cause burns and discomforts. The material is also simple to clean and maintain to help facilitate a clean seating environment. Furthermore, your comfort level is improved by the use of durable cotton.

  • 14 seating positions
  • Modern dark grey finish
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Breathable fabric cover
  • Ergonomic design
  • Not as comfortable

#5. 14-Position Adjustable Floor Chair

Giantex 14-Position Floor Folding Gaming Sofa Chair Lounger Folding Adjustable

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By: Giantex

Giantex is among the leading companies that make comfortable seating accessories. This one has a brown finish to offer natural beauty in most places, such as the bedroom. Designed with flannel material and filled with soft high-density foam, you not only get comfort but durability. The filling easily conforms to your body shape to help eliminate pains usually caused by solid surfaces.

Conveniently use this seat without worrying about discomfort. It has a sturdy and durable iron frame to deliver maximum back support. Also, you can adjust the back 90 degrees from upright to flat. The iron material can withstand a maximum of 200 pounds, suitable for kids and adults. With an overall dimension of 40.6 x 20.1 x 5.5 inches and weighing approximately 13.5 pounds, it is easy to carry and storage. Set it up on your preferred floor location easily because it does not require any assembly.

  • Soft high-density foam
  • High-quality iron frame
  • 200-pound back support
  • no assembly requires
  • Easy for transportation
  • The height is not ideal in a flat seating potion

#4. Adjustable Soft Brushed Polyester Multi Angle Floor Chair

Sundale Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Soft-Brushed Polyester Cord Five-Position Multiangle Floor Chair

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By: Sundale Outdoor

You can position this chair at five comfortable angles, thanks to the locking mechanism. Now, you can reach a cozy setting while watching TV or reading. Another thing is its superior comfort with thick padding to support extended hours of seating. Since the cushioning is adequate, you get enough back support, best for gaming, or working on your floor with a laptop. It is made of a lasting soft-brushed polyester casing with quality zipper. This gives you easy access and removal every time you perform a thorough cleaning.

The lightweight structure is simple to carry and storage as it reclines fully in a flat position. Take it anywhere you want to create a relaxing and comfy environment. This chair supports a maximum of 260 pounds, which is more significant than other models. Your kids can use it during video games, coloring, and crafting sessions. For added support, the inner frame is made from a steel tube that offers maximum strength.

  • 5-position design
  • Comfortable and functional
  • Supports up to 260 pounds
  • Soft polyester cover
  • Easy to maintain
  • Goes flat over time

#3. Folding Floor Chair With Back Recliner & Adjustable Seat

NOVI Folding Floor Chair Floor Sofa Chair Breathable Back Recliner and Adjustable Floor Seat

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By: Novi

If you want a floor chair that is easy to use, carry and store, you have found it. The Novi is lightweight and tiltable to a flat position to improve portability. After folding this item, it measures 30 by 19.3 inches, while the cushion thickness is 3.14 inches. That means you can enjoy quick and safe storage even under your bed. With an internal metal locking mechanism consisting of six gear levels, it is easier to position the perfect sitting angle. Also, the structure allows you to enjoy your favorite movie without moving back and forth to get additional accessories for comfort.

Although there are only four color options, you can pick either black, orange, grey, or blue to fit your lifestyle. Its many practicality is ideal for reading, meditation, relaxation, PS4 game, seminar, cushion, or floor recliner chair suitable for most rooms. Place it in your bedroom, living room, lounge area, or even patio to improve comfort.

  • Multiple practicalities
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable seating positions
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Simple to carry and store
  • 4 color options

#2. Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

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BirdRock Home chair offers a functional and safe service. It can be used in an apartment’s floor because of ready-to-use design. Kids can use it as a safe spot while crafting and coloring. It is designed with chopped memory foam and plush material to give you comfortable seating on any surface. The filling conforms to the body for a strain-free and pain-free use. With 14 different positions, adjust to the level that meets your needs. Preferably there is a 90-degree option perfect for board game playing.

The chair gives multiple options for use. You can read, meditate, or sleep after a long day. The design adds extra seating for guests and family gatherings during an exciting game. It collapses to fit under a tall couch or bed as you stack the chairs to enhance storage. Moreover, the blue finish stands out to add a pop of style and color in most environments.

  • Universal use
  • Easy to store
  • For adults and kids
  • Adjustable seating positions
  • Soft plush fabric
  • The back needs more height to help deliver adequate neck support

#1. Waterproof Folding Stadium Seat

Alpcour Folding Stadium Seat – Deluxe 6-Position Reclining Waterproof Cushion Chair

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By: Alpcour

Watch your favorite movie or TV program in total comfort. This seat is lightweight and portable, suitable for multiple places. You can carry it to a stadium and enjoy an exciting game with your friends. With a wide seating surface, both kids, teens, and adults can use it without experiencing body pains. The design is perfect for sports games, stadiums, camping, boats, picnics, and barbecues. Made from quality 600D polyester, it is not only waterproof but also keeps you dry in all conditions. Use it during a light snowy or rainy day without worrying about getting wet.

The above accessory has a modern construction that provides the underside an anti-slip texture to improve support and safety. It has six reclining levels to aid in relaxing as the adjustable design converts in different positions. You can sit in an upright or flat sleeping angle to meet your resting needs. Now, you can get your comfortable angle to avoid lumbar, shoulder, neck, and back pains.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Provides superior support
  • All-weather performance
  • Versatile and safe
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The carry strap is a bit short

Buying Guides For The Best Floor Chairs With Back Support

Let us look at the features that improve comfort and performance when using a floor chair. They are as follows:

Design and Filling

The filing mostly used for floor seats is memory foam because of its flexibility and softness. It conforms to any body shape to eliminate pains caused by long hours of sitting. Check the contents used to fill the cushion to enjoy a relaxing feel. The design should also be safe and secure for both kids and adults. Some floor seats are versatile enough, perfect for use by all age groups. Also, it is ideal for indoor or outdoor places such as camping, beach, and much more.


The other factor is the fabric quality. Does it wipe clean or require lots of special cleanup solutions to remove dirt? One of the easiest materials to clean is velvet and polyester. Velvet looks great and adds lovely aesthetics in any setting. As for the latter, it does not shrink, fade or damage as quickly as the rest. Look through the variety of designs and know which fabric is best for you and maintenance needs.


Check the products above and get the best floor chairs with back support available in the market. You can find one with soft memory foam filling that conforms to your body structure to increase comfort. Others come with a variety of color options to meet different style needs. Remember to always research the top factors of the seat before making a purchase. Now, you can enjoy a relaxing stay without taking too much floor room.

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