Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids – Products Review

You can help your son or daughter lead a healthier and more active lifestyle by getting the best fitness trackers for kids. We can’t deny that modern society has become lazier. Rather than going out and playing in the field like in the good old days, kids, just like adults, prefer slouching on the couch. No wonder cases of obesity, being overweight, and lifestyle diseases are on the rise.

The good news, however, is that you can add some fun to the active lifestyle. By gifting your child a fitness monitor, he/ she will always want to get out there and see how many steps he has taken, the distance covered, how the heart rate is, and also try to achieve higher speed. And in so doing, he/ She will be more active and, of course, healthier. The following are the best fitness trackers for kids in 2021:

List of The Best Fitness Trackers For Kids

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#7. Smart Band Fitness Tracker

Tovendor Smart Band Fitness Tracker with 0.96 Inch Color Screen, IP68 Waterproof Sports Activities Tracker

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By: Tovendor

This fitness tracker is just what your kid needs. It looks elegant, sleek, and any kid, whether boy or girl, will love it. It’s also very slim in profile and also has very flexible silicone straps. Therefore, wearing and removal are stress-free. It boasts of a clear 0.96-inch LCD screen that shows the different parameters. The unit captures the Heart Rate, calories burnt; distance covered as well as speeds. You also can use it to monitor sleep. It’s a well-built item and will withstand daily use, abrasion, bangs, and general abuse. Moreover, it is IP68 waterproof hence will endure sweat, moisture, spills, splashes, and also the rain.

The smart unit also comes with GPS connectivity and will work via a smartphone. This enables you to easily know the location of your child. And thanks s to the superior parts and technology, to delivers accurate results fast. It is compatible with Android 4.4, as well as iOS 8.0. And to serve the user for a longer period of time, it features a long-lasting rechargeable 110mAh battery. You can recharge it via a computer or any USB block.

  • Stylish and suitable for both boy and girl
  • Very flexible straps for easy wearing/ removal
  • Relays the results clearly and fast
  • Easy charging battery
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • The instructions are a little vague

#6. Activity Tracker For Kids 8+

Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids 8+

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By: Fitbit

Fitbit Ace comes in a trendy blue color that looks good on any boy or girl. It ranks among the best fitness tracker for kids currently on offer in the market. It’s really useful and likewise quite precise. Therefore, monitoring the activity of the youngster is very easy. It’s also lightweight to enable the individual to wear it for many hours. You also get a durable battery that keeps the charge for an extended period.

The device will enable the child to count steps, monitor sleep, and track the speed, distance covered, as well as heart rate. It shows all the information on the decently sized and clear LCD screen. Furthermore, the unit is shower proof and also waterproof. Therefore, it will withstand splashes, sweat, moisture, as well as spills.

It includes an easy-to-adjust wristband and is suitable for different wrists sizes. The system works quite well with iOS and also Android. Besides, it is compatible with many apps and works fine in different temperature settings. It handles bangs, abrasion, sweats, knocks abrasion, vibration, shock, and much more.

  • Easy to wear and takeoff
  • Good looking and fits boys and girls
  • Very flexible and smooth straps
  • Accurate and top performance
  • Longlasting rechargeable battery
  • It’s a little pricey than some options

#5. Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker With 1 Year Battery LifeGarmin vívofit Jr, Kids Fitness:Activity Tracker, 1year Battery Life, Real Flower

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By: Garmin

This is a decent fitness tracker and is appropriate for youngsters aged 4 to 9 years. It’s a fashionable looking item that fits a girl as well as a boy. Additionally, it’s extremely versatile, thanks to the smooth silicone strap materials. This makes adorning along with removing it quite easy. It will not feel uncomfortable, leave any kind of marks, or trigger sensitivity or side effects. Likewise, it won’t damage the skin or make the area sticky or weary.

It comprises risk-free products and contains no phthalates, latex, or BPA. The device has a tough polymer construction to withstand the use, bangs, abrasion, impact, falls, and more. Also, it’s very light. Therefore, the youngster won’t have problems wearing it for numerous hours. And thanks to the longlasting rechargeable battery, it doesn’t need too frequent charging.

We like the 64 x 64 pixels that provide a clear resolution. The images are s vivid and also clear. Moreover, it captures the distance, speed, calories burnt, and more quite accurately. It’s additionally smart and compatible with Apple iPhone variation 9.1, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as Android 4.4. It’s also water resistance and swimming, taking a bath, oar showering isn’t an issue.

  • Fashionable and suits girl or boy
  • Extremely versatile and smooth silicone strap materials
  • Adorning and removing it quite easy
  • Has no risky compound
  • Tough construction and durable
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • May not supports some apps and programs

#4. Kid Fitness Watch

UNICEF Kid Power Band - Star Wars Black - Original Version - Kids Fitness Watch

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By: UNICEF Kid Power

This fitness tracker is simply what your child needs. It looks classy, streamlined, and any type of youngster will like it. It comes in one-size-fits-all and also has a slim profile. Additionally, they have extremely flexible bands for simple and convenient wearing and removal. This best fitness tracker for kids takes pride in a simple yet clear digital LCD that reveals the various specifications. You get the Heart Rate, calories burnt, distance, and also speed.

This best fitness tracker for kids is a sturdy product and also will withstand day-to-day usage, abrasion, bangs, and more. Besides, it is waterproof hence will combat sweat, wetness, spills, and rain. The unit features GPS tracking and is also very precise. It functions with most smartphones well and this makes monitoring your child easier. In addition, the child won’t have issues wearing it for along session since it’s very lightweight.

The premium components and solidly built to handle the operation well. Also, modern technology relays precise outcomes quickly. It works with many apps and smartphones and features a lasting rechargeable battery. It recharges much faster than similar options. This fitness tracker comes in Plug & Play and has all that you need. No need to install programs or download software.

  • Suits both boys and girls
  • Really flexible a smooth straps
  • Very easy to use
  • Relays the outcomes fast
  • Quick charging battery
  • Not compatible with some devices

#3. Green Activity Watch

LeapFrog LeapBand, Green

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By: LeapFrog

This device helps your child to monitor his/ her activities. It has a basic styling that makes it ideal even for a novice. The accessory targets youngsters from 4 up to 7 years and is available in a simple green color. However, it has a fun appeal to suit the wearer. Also, it’s incredibly lightweight and additionally has a smooth texture. Therefore, wearing it for several hours won’t be an issue.

The piece has a slim profile and is compact. It will fit on the wrist nicely and won’t look too bulky or odd. The wristbands are smooth and won’t scrape, encourage sweating or create injury to the skin. It includes a series of things to encourage an active lifestyle. These include jumping, hopping, running, or even striking like a lion. It’s lively and also urges the kid to be more active.

The tracker is well made and comprises hard materials. Therefore, it will endure day-to-day use, abrasion, falls, impact, bangs, and much more. It handles moisture, sweat, saliva, and spills well, and this makes it safe to use in the outdoors. The battery does keep a charge for a long time and also recharges fast.

  • Stylish and kid-friendly
  • Good tracking and very accurate
  • The battery recharges fast
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Battery keeps the charge for a decent period
  • May not be compatible with some apps

#2. DX2 Kid Smart Watch

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Blue

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By: VTech

VTech KidiZoom is appropriate for boys and girls from ages 4 to 12 years. The elegant product has a nice layout and super smooth and flexible silicone bands. This makes adorning along with removing it fairly easy and fast. It will leave no marks on the skin. Also, it won’t trigger sensitivity, rashes, irritation, or sweat buildup. The unit is similarly risk-free and won’t have any kind of unfavorable impacts on the user.

The materials of construction, as well as engineering, stand up to the usage, impact, bangs, abrasion, and falls as well. Additionally, it’s really light in weight and for this reason, the kid will not have problems wearing it for lots of hours. The rechargeable battery keeps power for a long time and also recharges quickly. The good resolution offers clear views and also are less prone to glare or reflections.

The child will monitor the speed, distance covered, calories burned, and much more. Also, it has two-builtin cameras for taking selfies as well as video clips. Customizing the smartwatch and tracker to suit different needs is very easy to use. Also, it supports iPhone and Android devices and also works with most apps. And like the rest in this best fitness tracker for kids review, it’s also shower proof and waterproof.

  • Nice layout and very elegant
  • Super smooth and flexible silicone bands
  • Easy to adorn and remove
  • The rechargeable battery keeps power for a long time
  • Good resolution screen offers clear views
  • Shower proof and waterproof
  • The instructions are a bit too basic

#1. Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker With Adjustable Band

Garmin vívofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness:Activity Tracker, 1-Year Battery Life, Adjustable Band, Star Wars Dark Side

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By: Garmin

This Garmin fitness tracker has a Star Wars them and will suit many kids. It also has a great design and color that suits girls and also boys. It’s really reliable and likewise precise when it comes to relaying the results. As a result, it will make monitoring the activeness easy for the child. Moreover, it’s pretty easy to use and also lightweight. This permits the user to adorn it for long sessions without any problems. Also, the battery maintains the charge for an extended period.

The unit shows the steps, distance, speed, heart rate, and more. All the features are clearly displayed via the digital LCD screen. The system is shower proof, thus sustains sweat, spills, and the rain too. Also, it includes an easy-to-adjust wristband, which is very smooth and also flexible. This watch works with iPhone and Android devices. It also has good app support to help you and your child keeps track of the various activities.

This best fitness tracker for kids functions all right in lots of scenarios and has a vast operating temperature. This suits it for very cold and also very hot days. And thanks to the tough built and durable materials, it handles the movement, bangs, falls, and the elements quite well. And although it is of superior quality, the price is quite decent.

  • Great design and color
  • Very reliable and precise
  • Easy to use and also lightweight
  • Clearly digital LCD screen display
  • Shower proof and water resistant
  • Flexible and easy-to-adjust wristband
  • Not the cheapest option in its class


With the best fitness trackers for kids, you and your child will be able to gauge his/ her activeness. By just looking at the display, you’ll know the heartbeat rate, the distance he/ she has covered in a day, the steps are taken, speed, calories burnt, and much more. This makes urging them to go out there, instead of staying indoors, doing a lot of nothing, much easier.

Also, it’s more fun since we know how kids love cool gadgets. They won’t want to wait to show their friends how the trendy gadget works. Running to achieve a higher speed, walking longer to beat a previous record, or even seeing how high their heart pulse can be. With the best fitness tracker for kids, monitoring the activeness of your youngster is more rewarding.

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