12 Best Family Beach Bags (For Mom & Families) — Review In 2020

When you set out for a trip, and you are visiting a beach with your family, it is essential to carry all the essentials. Therefore, the need for a family beach bag is essential, and there are various types of family beach bags available. You can choose as per your budget, the space requirements as well as your style statement. Some of them are waterproof, and there are generally enough pockets to keep everything organized. You can get the best family beach bags below which our team has handpicked for you.

The Best Family Beach Bags In 2020

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#12. Heavy Duty Mesh Beach Bag

Heavy Duty Mesh Bag – Beach Bag

By: Planet Made Family

This multi-purpose canvas beach bag with its large interior effectively holds your valuables for beach parties. The flexible and upgraded mesh with double-stitched construction makes this bag wear and tear-resistant. The tote comes with a key ring holder to keep your key safe. This best family beach bag includes a waterproof phone case as well.

The bag also has an attached zipper wallet to keep your cash and cards safe. Furthermore, you can utilize this tote as a sports bag, pool bag, gym bag, duffle bag, laundry bag, and many more other ways. The breathable mesh construction of this bag allows speed and causes no odor. The ergonomic handles make the load more comfortable. The sand and dust easily pass through the mesh bottom of this bag.

  • Extra-large design with multiple pockets.
  • Reusable and easy to wash.
  • Durable with double stitched straps.
  • Relatively new product.

#11. Large Beach Bag With Zipper

Large Beach Bag With Zipper - XL Foldable Tote Bag For Travel And Shopping - Large Tote Bag

By: Bag&Carry

This oversized beach bag has enough space to store your all necessary items. The tote also comes with 11-inch long shoulder straps for effortless carrying. Moreover, the bag is very light in weight and handy. It consists of two inner zippered pockets to store wallets, keys, money, tablets, or smartphone. The nylon inner lining keeps your items safe from water, sand, and dust. The top zipper keeps your valuables safe from coming out.

The best family beach bag also helps you to keep your personal items in an organized manner. Furthermore, the reinforced stitching and durable material construction make this bag wear and tear-resistant. The stylish design of this bag makes it ideal for various occasions, like picnics, BBQs, road trips, sports events, and so on.

  • Folding bag with easy storage.
  • Spacious, durable, and multiple pockets.
  • Different color options and convenient to use.
  • Slightly less average rating.

#10. Multi Purpose Mega Utility Tote Bag

N. Gil Multi Purpose Carry All 24 Mega Utility Tote Bag

By: N. Gil

With a 13-inch of shoulder drop, this beach bag allows comfortable carrying. The foldaway design of this tote also allows for convenient storage. Moreover, this cute-looking and multi-purpose tote bag come with the waterproof nylon material. The top zipper allows you to store your belongings safely and in an organized way. You can use this as an overnight bag, storage bag, craft bag, and a closet organizer basket.

The bag also consists of one open front pocket for easy packing. Furthermore, the two side mesh pockets allow you to carry water bottles or other items. The best family beach bag has small side pockets to store small items. You can easily take this tote to your family beach party. The durable construction of this bag is resistant to wear and tear.

  • Easy to carry with a zip top closure.
  • Water-resistant and double carrying handles.
  • Multipurpose bag with different color options.
  • Relatively new product.

#9. Waterproof Beach Bag

SHYLERO Beach Bag XXL. Waterproof (IP64).


This canvas-like fabric of the beach bag makes it easily washable and resistant to water. The cool-looking tote also comes with the rip-resistant outer layer to block water from ruining your valuables. Moreover, this sand and dust resistant bag with PVC case protects your tablets, smartphone, credit card, cash, jewelry, and other necessary items from damages. The tote has three spacious inner pockets with inner lining.

The bag also holds your cosmetics, lipstick, magazines, lotions, outfits, towels, and more other items conveniently. Furthermore, this is a perfect gift for women. This beach bag has its own bottle opener and key holder. The extra outside pockets with sturdy and comfortable shoulder handles make it ideal for every occasion. You can store your water bottle, sunglass, and sunscreen in the outer pockets for easy access.

  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Attractive and multipurpose design.
  • Spacious with multiple compartments.
  • Big but not big enough.

#8. Multipurpose Beach Bag Tote With Inner Zipper Pocket

QOGiR Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag Tote with Inner Zipper Pocket and Movable Board


The neoprene beach bag comes in a classy design. This elegant looking tote bag also comes with enough space to store all your personal items. Moreover, with a movable board, this bag offers two different styles to use it. The foldaway design of this bag allows you to store it conveniently in your suitcase. The sailing rope handles of this tote minimize the weight and stress of the belongings.

The bag also comes along with a detachable shoulder pad to relax your shoulder. Furthermore, the neoprene bag is very easy to clean and maintain. The heavy-duty zippers of this tote keep your belongings safe from coming out. The over-sized inner bags with high-quality lining keep your valuables safe from water and sand. The high-end magnetic buckle of this tote keeps your item secure.

  • Beautiful with different color options.
  • Elegant and easy to use.
  • Durable, reusable and machine washable.
  • Not completely waterproof.

#7. 100% Waterproof With Cotton Rope Handles

Beach Bag XL. 100% Waterproof. L17xH15xW6 w Cotton Rope Handles


This cool-looking beach bag includes a top magnet clasp to prevent your items from coming out. The tote also comes with the construction of the waterproof fabric. Moreover, this canvas bag is easily washable. The lightweight bag is able to hold up to 22-lbs. This tote comes along with sand and dust resistant outer layer. You can safely store your electronic devices in this bag. The tote is spacious enough to hold your towels, outfits, lipstick, sunscreen, magazines, and cosmetics.

The waterproof inner lining also keeps your credit card, cash, jewelry, and other items safe. Furthermore, this tote comes with a built-in key holder and bottle opener for your convenience. You can use this bag as a gym bag, pool bag, an overnight bag, or as a travel bag.

  • Washable, durable, waterproof, and ripstop construction.
  • Spacious, multiple pockets, and a built-in key holder.
  • Multipurpose and top magnet design.
  • Handle is not appealing to some.

#6. Waterproof Lining Travel Tote Bag

Beach Bag XL, Waterproof Lining, Travel Tote Bag, Zipper Closure, Inner Pockets

By: Pier 17

This stylish-looking tote bag comes with robust construction for durability. The reinforced metal rivets of this also hold up 30 pounds with ease. Moreover, this tote efficiently stores your personal items, like wallets, books, and cell phones. Even you can store sunscreen, beach toys, and sunglasses, and so on. This beach bag is ideal for women.

This tote also comes with a top zipper to hold every item securely and in an organized manner. Furthermore, the waterproof outer layer of this bag keeps your valuables dry and safe. This eco-friendly canvas bag has rip-resistant construction. The two external zipper pouches for keeping water bottles and sunglasses. Even the bag effectively keeps the sand out of your bag. This cute-looking bag can hold up to two beach towels. It is one of the best family beach bags on the list.

  • Cute design with a quality look.
  • Large bag with multiple pockets.
  • Durable, water-resistant, and reinforced metal rivets.
  • Straps can be comfortable.

#5. Extra Large Beach Tote Bag Mesh Beach Bag -Extra Large Beach Tote Bag - Grocery & Picnic Tote Travel Bags


The reusable mesh beach bag has a large compartment to store all necessary items. This tote also has enough space to hold four to six-packs of roll towels. Moreover, you can store your snacks, water bottles, favorite magazines, toys, sunglasses, hats, diapers in this bag. It comes with nine oversized exterior pockets to carry your belongings without any stress. The internal, waterproof, and zippered pocket allows you to store your valuable items, like phone, tablets, keys, or purse with safety.

This best family beach bag also has a water-resistant base. Furthermore, the tote comes with a waterproof inner lining to keep your items dry. Even the inner lining prevents the sand from ruining your valuable items. The top zipper of this bag convenient keeps every item organized and safe from coming out.

  • Reusable bag with multiple pockets.
  • Different color options and waterproof base.
  • Sturdy shoulder straps and foldable.
  • There is no con as of now.

#4. Mesh Beach BagDejaroo Mesh Beach Bag – Toy Tote Bag

By: Dejaroo LLC

This extra-large mesh beach bag conveniently stores all your necessary items for beach parties. The bag also has eight large pockets for easy packing and unpacking. Moreover, the secret zippered compartment of this tote allows you to store your small purse, keys, and phone. The mesh construction of this tote supports superfast drying. This bag is resistant to wear and tear. Even, this canvas is ideal for people with kids.

The family beach bag is also suitable for the events, such as a picnic, festival, sports events, and more. Furthermore, this mesh construction is very easy to clean. The canvas bag is very much light in weight and comes with a comfortable shoulder handles. You can use this tote bag for your grocery shopping as well. Overall, it is one of the best family beach bags on the list.

  • Attractive design with multiple storage options.
  • Fashionable and reusable.
  • Durable and dries quickly.
  • Could be bigger in size.

#3. Mesh Beach Tote Bag With Zipper

Oahu - Mesh Large Beach Tote Bag with Zipper and Waterproof Secure Cell Phone Case

By: Odyseaco

The beach bag comes with enough space to store more than one beach towels, water bottles, toys, and other necessary items. The mesh bag also allows consists of seven oversized pockets. Moreover, the pockets help to keep your things inside in an organized way. Even, it has a secret zippered pocket inside of this tote to keep your expensive belongings secured. The outer layer of this bag is extremely water-resistant.

The bag also allows the sand to fall through the mesh. Furthermore, you do not need to spend much time cleaning this tote. This canvas bag is highly resistant to wear and tear. The tote comes with large and comfortable handles for stress-free portability. If you have kids, then this bag is a perfect beach bag for you. This bag folds down easily for convenient storage. You can bring this bag to every event, like festivals, picnic, and sports events.

  • Wider opening for easy access to items.
  • Attractive and unisex design.
  • Collapsible and easy to store.
  • Construction could be stronger.

#2. Baja Beach Bag Waterproof Canvas Tote

Odyseaco Baja Beach Bag Waterproof Canvas Tote

By: Odyseaco

With 10-inch of shoulder drop, thus multi-colored bag is perfect for beach parties. The classic Bohemian design of this tote not only looks attractive but also is very much easy to carry. Moreover, this heavy-duty beach bag is light in weight and resistant to water. Even the canvas tote comes with the rip and tear-resistant construction for rough handling. With the XL compartment, this bag easily carries your beach towels and other more valuables.

The two generously sized external pockets of this canvas bag also allow you to store your instantly required items. Furthermore, there is a hidden zippered pocket inside this bag to keep your valuable items safe. The extra-thick rope handles provide a comfortable carriage. The over-all reinforced stitching of this tote keeps your valuables safe and secured. This beach bag is perfect for the occasions, like picnics, beach parties, road trips, festivals, BBQs, and sports events. It is one of the best family beach bags on the list.

  • Classic Bohemian design with lightweight construction.
  • Water-resistant and resistant to ripping and tearing.
  • Quality bag with a zippered inner pocket.
  • There is no con as of now.

#1. Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag With Zipper & Insulated Picnic Cooler

Odyseaco Aruba Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Zipper Top and Insulated Picnic Cooler

By: Odyseaco

This lightweight and stylish canvas mesh-zippered bag comes with an additional cooler bag compartment. This beach bag also comes with enough space to hold all necessary items for a family beach party. The tote is capable of holding four beach towels at once. It comes with a pair of external pockets and a zippered pouch to hold valuable items, like mobile, keys, and so on. Even, you can store your sunscreen or other valuable items in this bag with ease.

The sturdy tote also comes with padded and reinforced shoulder straps for comfortable carrying. Furthermore, this bag is suitable for the pool, beach, picnic, BBQ, park, camping, and so on. The cooler compartment with clean and flexible soft liner keeps your foods and beverages fresh and cool for a long time. The mesh construction of this bag allows you to find out your items easily. This is a must-have tote for parents.

  • Padded handles for added comfort.
  • Easy to clean and soft liner.
  • Lightweight with multiple pockets.
  • There is no con as of now.


There are different types of family beach bags available, starting from waterproof ones to cooler bags. While buying, you have to look out for the size to carry all the items you generally want to carry. The fabrics of the best family beach bags are highly durable, and most of them have various extras than the usual stuff. All these bags are travel-friendly which means they are lightweight and compact in size even though space is large enough inside.

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