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Discover The 12 Best Dust Mops For Personal Home Use — In 2020

It is easier to use a dust mop than a wet mop, and it is also less time-consuming. Therefore, not everyone has enough time to do wet mopping every day. Instead, they do dust mop to get rid of the dust and dirt so that the rooms are clean. Hence, along with a wet mop, it is necessary to buy a dust mop. With the quality dust mop, you can clean your rooms in a few minutes, and it is easy to get rid of the dust easily. It is especially useful when your floor has tiles and marbles as the movement of the dust mop will be swift. The following list contains the best dust mops available online for purchase.

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#12. 18-Inch Microfiber Dust Mop Frame Set

AmazonBasics 18-Inch Microfiber Dust Mop Frame Set

By: AmazonBasics

This dust mop set comes along with six aluminum mop frames and attached handles. You can also use them with microfiber mop pads. Moreover, these are ideal for cleaning the bare-floor surfaces. The hook and loop closure system also supports easy mop pad attachment and removal. The mops precisely collect dust, dirt, debris, pet hair, and dander from your floor.

The lightweight poles also come with the telescopic design. Furthermore, handles have an adjustable length from 33 to 60-inch. The poles of these floor mops are also resistant to rust and last for longer. Moreover, the rotatable heads of these mops help you to clean the hard-to-reach spots without any difficulty. These mops are very easy to use for people from different age group.

  • Aluminum frame makes it lightweight.
  • Adjustable telescopic handle.
  • Can clean large particles as well.
  • Relatively new product.

#11. Flat Mop Set With 2 Mop Refills

Flat Mop with 2 Mop Refills Chenille Magic Dust Cleaning Mop

By: Masthome

This dust mop is very easy to use and allows for tool-less installation and removal. The superfine microfiber chenille mop-head also has the ultra-soft and ultra-dense feature. Moreover, this mop head allows easy cleaning in both wet and dry surfaces. The microfiber head attracts the dust, dirt, and debris, just like a magnet. With the aid of the swiveling head, this mop also allows easy cleaning under cabinets or furniture and tight places.

The microfiber padding of this mop also precisely collects allergens, smallest dirt particles, pet hair, and dander in no time. Furthermore, the long rod design of this cleaner easily cleans the angled areas. The mop head is also easily machine washable and reusable. This cleaner ideally cleans your workspace, home, bathroom, gym, and other places.

  • Cleans hard-to-reach spots easily.
  • Perfect for both home and workspace.
  • Tool-less installation.
  • Slightly less average rating.

#10. Premium Industrial Class Cotton Wide Dust Mop Head

SQCLEAN Premium 24-inch Industrial Class Cotton Wide Dust Mop Head


This dust mop has a cotton mop head with the high-absorbency rate. The mop is not only ideal for wet cleaning but also perfectly allows dry sweeping. The cotton pad easily collects the dirt, debris, and dust particles from every surface. Moreover, the wide mod head of this mop saves a lot of time and effort in cleaning. This cleaner comes with a 180-degree swiveling mop head to clean the angled areas or hard-to-reach spots effectively.

This mop also has a robust and adjustable handle. Furthermore, this pole of this cleaner is expandable up to 59-inch. The easy locking system of this mop also allows for simple installation and removal. Moreover, this easy to use floor mop supports easy cleaning with water and detergent. You just need to air the mop head. This reusable floor mop head makes it a durable product.

  • Allows effortless cleaning.
  • Expandable and rotatable handle.
  • Easily washable and reusable.
  • Base is large which can be inconvenient for some.

#9. Industrial Strength Cotton Dust Mop With Wood Handle

Tidy Tools 48 Inch Industrial Strength Cotton Dust Mop with Wood Handle

By: Tidy Tools

This dust mop with super-wide mop head saves your time and effort on the cleaning. The mop head also has the cottony construction with high-absorbing capability. Moreover, this floor mop is perfect for both dry sweeping and wet cleaning. With the help of this cleaner, you can also easily clean the surfaces like wood, marble, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. This multi-purpose floor mop is ideal for residential and commercial areas.

This floor mop also has an ergonomic wooden handle. Furthermore, this heavy-duty handle comes with the maximum height up to 63-inch. The steel frame of this mop also offers easy snapping for a versatile cleaning angle. Moreover, the steel clip has a plastic slide to lock and unlock the swivel option.

  • Super-absorbent cotton mop head.
  • Ideal for both dry and wet cleaning.
  • Steel-clip to customize swivel option.
  • Base is very large.

#8. Closed Loop Ergonomic Dust Mop Kit

48 Blue Closed Loop Ergonomic Dust Mop Kit

By: Direct Mop Sales

This dust mop has the closed yarn loops on the mop head to attract more dirt, debris, and dust debris in one swipe. The mop head is also easily cleanable in the washing machine and reusable. Moreover, the closed-loop yarn technology of this dust mop prevents excessively lint and fire hazards during the usage. Made of high-quality aluminum, the pole of this mop is adjustable from 47 to 77-inch.

A plastic slide of the handle also allows you to lock and unlock the 360-degree rotatable head of this mop. Furthermore, the metal parts of this cleaner are resistant to rust. The industrial-grade floor mop is also ideal for office, home, and garage. You can clean different surfaces with the aid of this cleaner. The hole at the end of the handle allows you to hang it to save your storage space.

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum pole.
  • Light in weight and easy to use.
  • Closed loop dust mop for efficiency.
  • Does not seem to have any as of now.

#7. Microfiber Dust Mop With Telescopic Handle

Microfiber Dust Mop with Telescopic Handle


This dust mop consists of a combination of both wet and dry microfiber cloth for mopping. The mop pad also has a high water-absorbing capacity for précised cleaning. Moreover, the large skirt design of this mop allows you to clean the dead angles without any hassle. This mop easily collects all the pet dander, dust, and dirt particles. This pad is easily washable and reusable. The stainless steel handle of this cleaner comes along with a sturdy ABS plastic mop frame. This frame attaches and removes the microfiber pad with ease.

A switch on the handle also allows you to change the length of it from 32 to 55.5-inch for convenient gripping. This 360-degree rotatable pole allows maneuverability for easy dusting. Furthermore, the sponge grip of this handle offers a comfortable gripping. The 19-inch wide cleaning area of the pad also saves a lot of time in cleaning.

  • Washable and reusable mop pad.
  • Allows dry/wet cleaning.
  • Rotatable and expandable pole.
  • Handle could be longer.

#6. Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop With Telescopic Handle

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop with Telescopic Handle

By: O-Cedar

This dust mop comes along with a flip mop head for two-way cleaning. The one side of this mop head is of superfine microfiber. Another side of this is also of microfiber chenille with excellent absorbency. Moreover, the microfiber of the pad easily traps down the smallest dirt, dust particles, and hair for dry mopping. This 360-degree rotatable mop head allows maneuverability for easy cleaning. The flip mop is entirely safe for the environment.

You can also wash this mop pad up to 100 times in a washing machine. Furthermore, the chenille pad is perfect for sweeping. On the other hand, the microfiber side of this mop provides deep floor cleaning. The heavy-duty, retractable pole is adjustable up to 56-inch. The scrubbing strips of this mop allow you to remove the embedded dirt easily. There is no doubt that it is one of the best dust mops on the list.

  • Traps smallest dirt and dust.
  • High-absorbent microfiber mop head.
  • 360-degree rotatable pole.
  • Could have been sturdier.

#5. Triangle Dust Mop KitTriangle Dust Mop Kit- 4 piece Industrial Dust Mop Kit

By: Direct Mop Sales

This dust mop has triangle-shaped mops with forwarding and backward motion design for stress-free cleaning. The 180-degree flat design also allows them to stay flat on walls, floors, and ceiling for more effective dusting. Moreover, the triangle design of these pads permits you to reach the hard-to-reach spots of your room. This set of dust mop includes two different dusting heads for versatile dusting. The pole has heavy wireframes to grip the mop heads tightly in place.

The dust cleaner also comes along with an aluminum height-adjustable pole. Furthermore, this industrial-grade has the blended yarn to attract and trap more dust and dirt than the ordinary floor mops. The soft and twisted yarn design of the mop pads also allows 70 times of cleaning without any problem.

  • Forward/backward motion design.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Height-adjustable handle.
  • Small in size.

#4. Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop

JINCLEAN™ 24 Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop


This dust mop has the best-in-class cotton mop pads without any chemical coating. The 24-inch cleaning area of this dust mop also offers a faster and easier cleaning or dusting. Moreover, this mop ideally cleans your home, garage, and office without any difficulty. The one-touch attachment of this mop pad allows tool-free removal and installation. This mop comes along with sturdy stainless steel and ergonomic handle with the maximum height up to 59-inch.

The cleaning pad also perfectly cleans the surfaces like vinyl, bamboo, tiles, laminate, and hardwoods. Furthermore, this pad allows you to polish the stones without using any harsh chemicals. The cotton pad is easily washable with water in a washing machine. This industrial grade mop is also perfect for your office and home to trap the dust easily. Overall, it is one of the best dust mops to opt for.

  • Wider cleaning area.
  • Tools-free installation.
  • Perfect for cleaning various surfaces.
  • Does not seem to have any as of now.

#3. 18″ Microfiber Floor Mop

JINCLEAN 18 Microfiber Floor Mop


This dust mop has a lightweight 18-inch retractable rust-free aluminum handle for easy mopping. The cleaner also comes with both surface usable mopping pads. Moreover, one side of this pad is a super fine microfiber cloth, and another side is an ultra-absorbent microfiber chenille mop. This height of the pole of this mop is adjustable from 30 to 51-inch. The microfiber of the pads highly attracts and also locks the smallest dust and dirt particles for swift mopping.

Moreover, this pad also allows you to reuse and clean it with lukewarm water in the washing machine. Furthermore, the microfiber has excellent absorbency to clean your floor with or without detergent. With this mop, you can easily clean tiles, wood, glass, or vinyl surfaces without any problem. The dust mop is an environmental-friendly product. The 360-degree swivel mop-head frame allows easy and fast dusting all the time. This mop keeps your room free of pet hair.

  • Reversible mopping pad.
  • Machine washable.
  • Retractable and swivel handle.
  • Does not seem to have any as of now.

#2. Microfiber Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Microfiber Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaning

By: Turbo Microfiber

This dust mop comes along with two microfiber pads. The easy hook and loop closure of these pads also allow stress-free installation and removable. Moreover, you can wash the reusable pads in a washing machine up to 100 times without any hassle. Apart from that, this mop consists of a large telescopic handle made of aluminum. Moreover, the lightweight handle rotates up to 360-degrees for a swift and easy cleaning. You get two microfiber refills and two scrubbing pads along with this set.

The 17-inch mop head with retractable 36 to 65-inch rotating handle is also perfect for both short and tall people. Furthermore, this dust mop is safe for kids and adults. This floor mop effortlessly cleans dirt, pet hair, or other dirty kinds of stuff from floor, furniture, or other different surfaces. The wet mop is ideal for cleaning hardwood, cement, tiles, vinyl, or linoleum. You can use this mop for your bathroom, office, floorboards, and windows. Considering all the features, it is one of the best dust mops.

  • Reusable microfiber pads.
  • 360-degree swivel handle.
  • Allows wet/dry mopping.
  • Does not seem to have any as of now.

#1. Big Wooly Mop With Metal Telescoping Handle

Wool Dust Mop - Big Wooly with Metal Telescoping Handle

By: Sladust

This handmade woolen dust mop comes with all-natural lanolin coating. The dry mop also has the requirement of disposable pads. Moreover, this dust cleaner comes along with a sturdy metal handle to extend the lifespan of this product. This telescopic handle comes with a resin coating to protect it from the corrosion. The handle is light in weight and extends from 34 to 59-inch for a comfortable mopping height. This rotatable handle also offers maneuverability for easy cleaning.

The wool head of this mop also offers the dusting area of 11X18-inch. Furthermore, the wool head with Velcro closure is easily replaceable. This dust mop is a pet-friendly product. You also do not need to use any other chemicals for cleaning as it comes with natural lanolin. This mop allows perfect dusting for your furniture, ceiling, floor as well as walls. Moreover, you can stress-freely wash this wool head with lukewarm water.

  • Rust-resistant metal handle.
  • Rotatable mop head/handle.
  • Wool-head is replaceable.
  • Does not seem to have any as of now.


You should go through the product descriptions of these best dust mops to choose the best one for your home. People have floors of different types, and therefore, you need to buy the dust mop accordingly. The floor type can vary from wood, stone, ceramic to vinyl, and concrete. Besides, there are different types of dust mops available, like different shapes and features. Some are quite short while the rest of them come with a telescopic handle. You can adjust the height as per your convenience.

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