The 7 Best Drywall Screw Guns | Review In 2021

To get good results and also save time and effort, you need the best drywall screw gun. As you know, working on drywall is a delicate process. Use too much force and you’ll ruin the surface. Apply too little effort and you get unsatisfactory results. Also, nobody wishes to keep repeating a chore or correct mistake.

A good screw gun allows you to fit screws fast and effortlessly. It will thus allow you to cover a large area or finish the chore sooner-rather-than-later. However, which tool should you go for? Well, this is what this read seeks to address. The first step was to go into the market and they identify the most popular choices. Thereafter, we were able to compile the best drywall screw guns in the market.

List of The Best Drywall Screw Guns

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#7. Corded 2500 RPM Auto-feed Screwdriver

Senco DS332-AC 3 Corded 2500 RPM Auto-feed Screwdriver

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By: Senco

The Senco DS332-AC 3 is the first unit in the best drywall screw gun. It’s a wonderful looking device that suits newbies as well as pros. The tool is a popular pick and very practical. It has a brushless motor that runs seamlessly as well as additionally keeps power usage minimal. Also, it provides exceptional efficiency to take care of most tasks. We enjoy the long run time as well as power and torque. It’s a speedy tool that gets to a maximum speed of 2,500 rpm. And regardless of this, it won’t damage the drywall surface. Moreover, it’s a well-crafted item that handles the use and misuse well. It’s additionally versatile and you can utilize it in many situations.

The patent-pending corner-fit feed mechanism makes inserting the screws easier and faster. Also, it has an adjustable screw length, which doesn’t need any tool. You can adjust it to suit either right or left-handed users. The unit includes the tool, two drive bits, storage bag, and nosepiece (for drywall and wood). It’s not too loud and is friendlier when it comes to maintenance. And Thanks to the ergonomic style and lightweight, holding for a long session isn’t a problem.

  • Well-designed and ergonomic
  • Superior efficiency and easy to use
  • Smooth operation and high performance
  • Comfortable and ergonomic styling
  • Simple and clear instructions
  • Has some learning curve

#6. Drywall Screw Gun With Variable Speed

DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun, Variable Speed Reversible, 6.5-Amp (DW276)

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With the DEWALT DW276, driving the screws into the drywall is less complicated. Also, you’ll make use of less effort as well as time. It has a compact design that improves handling an operation. Besides, it fits quite well in the hands. The compact piece also requires minimal room and this suits it for restricted spaces. It’s likewise lightweight and also has a comfortable texture. Holding it constantly or for extended periods is hence not an issue. This allows you to finish a task fast. Likewise, you won’t experience exhaustion, especially on the fingers. The control switch is extremely responsive. With simply a little press, it will trigger the electric motor.

The system depends on a tough brushless electric motor. It has good power and torque to drive the screws in most drywall surfaces. The Helical-cut steel together with the gears are heat-treated for durability and longevity. It’s a high torque unit and will endure the operations well. Moreover, metal gear housing provides good protection to the gears and other internal components. And for a nice grip and to prevent slippage, it features a comfortable nonslip rubber grip. The two-finger trigger is well placed for better control and extra comfort. It’s ergonomic styled and provides minimal fatigue and maximum convenience.

  • Accurate performance and excellent efficiency
  • Easy to operate as well as extremely reliable
  • Consist of tough and durable materials
  • Longlasting battery and not very noisy
  • Decent speed and torque
  • It’s not super fast

#5. Drywall Screw Gun

DEWALT Drywall Screw Gun, 6.0-Amp (DW255)

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The DEWALT DW255 is an extremely versatile item. It functions fantastic in many cases and also is quite easy to use. The tool is small in nature and also lightweight. Consequently, you can handle it for an extended period and your hands won’t feel tired or numb. Additionally, it does not take up lots of room thanks to the compact styling. You can also use it in limited areas without any issues. It’s ergonomically designed and very comfortable to use. Furthermore, it does not have a slippery surface. Instead, you get a nonslip textured surface. It is powered by a 6-amp electric motor that collaborates with a rechargeable battery. A single charge will last a long time and will deliver top performance.

The electric motor supplies decent power and torque to guarantee the screws go in well. It features a two-finger trigger that is quite responsive. It’s also rubber hence more comfortable and less likely to slip. The Helical-cut steel is tough and also durable. You also find heat-treated steel gears inside the steel housing. It completes the work fast and also is extra quiet. Besides, it conserves power thanks to the brushless motor, which also runs smoothly and quietly. It’s additionally low maintenance and handles the vibration, friction, bangs, environmental factors, and more well.

  • Easy to use
  • Hi-speed transmission and not too noisy
  • Lightweight and excellent ergonomics
  • Long life and durable
  • The instructions are minimal and a little vague

#4. Lithium Single Speed Drill &Driver

BLACK+DECKER BDCDD120C 20V MAX Lithium Single Speed Drill:Driver

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BLACK+DECKER BDCDD120C sneaks into the best drywall screw gun reviews. One thing we like it for is the basic styling. It has minimal frills, which make using it pretty easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or have never handled a screw gun before. Besides, you’ll find a simple direction inside the pack. It’s a good tool for beginners as well as professionals. The piece works fast and also can run for a long session without any issues. What’s more, it relies on a robust electric motor for power. It will thus drive the screws inside the drywall with minimal issues.

The drill is very versatile and also doubles as a driver. You can thus use it in most situations. It’s powered via a rechargeable 20-volt rechargeable battery. And thanks to its good balance and fairly lightweight, it doesn’t feel too heavy or bulky in the hands. It also has a nice surface, which is also ergonomic. Therefore, it’s less likely to slip during use even with wet or sweaty hands. You also won’t experience any fatigue, especially in a demanding situation. It weighs just 2.5 lbs and is also very portable. And while it delivers top performance and is high quality, the unit has a nice price. Lastly, it doesn’t break down easily and needs minimal maintenance.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Requires less effort and is easy to handle
  • Compact and works okay in confined spaces
  • Decent speed and superior performance
  • Suitable for novices and professionals too
  • It doesn’t come with many drill bits

#3. Drywall Screw Gun, Tool Only

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Drywall Screw Gun, Tool Only (DCF620B)

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The DEWALT unit also makes an entry into the best drywall screw gun review. It’s a nice looking unit that appeals to professionals and novices tool. And coming from a respected brand, you have more surety of getting good service. It has a brushless motor that runs seamlessly and also keeps power consumption low. Also, it delivers superior performance to take care of most jobs. We love the power and run time, which improves its functionality. And to allow you to conveniently work in dark surroundings, it features an LED light.

It is a pretty fast tool that reaches a maximum speed of 4,400 rpm. This means it will drive the screws in much faster. And despite this, it doesn’t damage the drywall surfaces. It’s a well-crafted piece that is also versatile. You can use you on many surfaces without problems. What’s more, It isn’t very noisy. The credit goes to the brushless motor. Handling the tool is friendlier in comparison to other options. This is courtesy of the good balance as well as the ergonomic design. It’s also lightweight and compact.

  • Well-designed and decent tool
  • Superior performance and reliable
  • Easy to use even by a novice
  • Smooth operation and energy efficient
  • Comfortable and ergonomic styling
  • It may jam in some instances

#2. Drywall Screw Gun (Bare Tool Only)

Milwaukee 2866-20 M18 FUEL Drywall Screw Gun (Bare Tool Only)

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By: Milwaukee

Say good-bye to tedious work and energy wastage. With the Milwaukee 2866-20 M18, driving the screws on the drywall is easier. Also, you’ll use less effort and time. We love its compact styling, which improves handling. It fits in the hands okay and also requires minimal space. This suits it for limited spaces. It’s also lightweight and has a comfortable texture. Holding it continuously or for long periods is thus not an issue. This allows you to complete a task fast. Also, you won’t experience fatigue, especially on the fingers. The control button is very responsive. With just a little press, it will activate the motor.

The unit relies on a sturdy brushless motor. It has good power and torque to drive the screws through any drywall surfaces. And with a top speed of 4,500 RPM, it will complete the job pretty fast. It relies on a rechargeable 18-volt battery for power. And since it has a brushless motor, it is more energy-efficient. This allows the battery to last for a longer period. Also, it runs more smoothly and is also silent.

  • Good performance and very reliable
  • Easy to operate and very effective
  • Comprises of tough materials and very durable
  • Longlasting battery and energy efficient
  • Good speed and decent torque
  • Takes some time to fully understand how to operate the tool

#1. Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver (Bare Tool Only)

Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Drywall Screwdriver (Bare Tool Only)

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By: Makita

The Makita XSF03Z 18V LXT ends the review of the best drywall screw guns 2020. And like all the other pieces in this review, it’s a very versatile piece. It works great in most cases and also is very easy to use. We like its compact nature that complements its lightweight. Therefore, you can handle it for a long session without your hands getting too tired. Also, it doesn’t take up lots of space. Therefore, you can also make use of it in tight spaces. It’s ergonomically designed and comfortable to use. What’s more, it doesn’t have a slippery surface and also won’t make the fingers numb.

It is powered by an 18-volt rechargeable battery that will last a long time. A single charge will power it for hours. The powerful motor delivers decent torque to ensure the screws go through the drywall nicely. And with a top speed of 4000 RPM, you’ll be able to finish the job fast. And to improve this, it comes with Push Drive Technology. It also makes it more silent and conserves power. And since it’s brushless, it runs smoother, saves energy, and also requires lesser maintenance.

  • Good power and torque
  • Good design, size, and weight
  • Smooth running and quiet motor
  • Ergonomic design and safe design
  • Good performance and longlasting service
  • It doesn’t come with a carry case, jut a box

Final Thoughts

After reviewing this article on the best drywall screw guns, we trust you’ve seen something that meets your needs. You may wish to use it at home for your personal projects or commercial applications. Whatever the case, they will work pretty fine. They also make good gift items and your husband, or even wife, dad, son, friend, or student, will appreciate it. We went to great lengths to single them out and also rank them.

First, it was essential to make certain they were of high quality. This offers more certainty in regard to reliability, efficiency, and durability. Secondly, they had to come from trustworthy and credible brands. This meant they have a good record of accomplishment. Other vital considerations were portability, versatility, easy maintenance, speedy performance, and affordability. With the best drywall screw gun, undertaking the project is much easier.

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