Discover Top 10 Best Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards – Products Review

Call it a whiteboard or dry erase board, but one sure thing is that it’s very common. You’ll see it in seminar rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, presentations, and many other places. It’s first replacing the blackboard and you’ll find all kinds of products. Finding an item isn’t that hard. You can walk into a retail outlet or departmental store. Better still, you can order it online from the comfort of your seat. The bigger issue is ascertaining that it’s the right one. You don’t want something that is of the wrong size, gets stained too easily, or doesn’t work well with some pens. Also important is to make certain that it’s of high quality, durable, and reliable. In this article, we are going to review the best dry erase glass whiteboards in the market.

The 10 Best Dry Erase Glass Whiteboards In 2021

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#10. Non-Magnetic Dry Erase White Board With Pen Tray

V VAB-PRO 24x36 inch Non-Magnetic Dry Erase White Board with Pen Tray

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You don’t have to put-up with a low-quality whiteboard. It may look cheap, unprofessional, or the surface doesn’t feel right. What you need is a high quality and professional board. This one by V VAB-PRO is a good choice. It’s useful in a classroom, office, seminar, lecture room, and many other places. We love the nice white color which looks good and also presentable. The glass surface is also elegant and can be written on without a problem. It will work with many pens without any issues. The item measures 24×36 inches and should be okay in most circumstances.

It’s a lightweight board and carrying or moving around with it shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, the slim profile improves handling. Just like writing on it, cleaning the piece is also very simple. It doesn’t leave any marks and maintains the nice white color. The design is also user-friendly and will suit many users and situations well.

  • The whiteboard looks professional and elegant
  • Writing on the glass surfaces is simple and easy
  • It feels sturdy and long-lasting
  • Erasing and cleaning of the writings is easy
  • The versatile unit is suitable for many areas of use
  • It is a non-magnetic board

#9. Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard With Black Frame

Quartet Magnetic Whiteboard, 17 x 23 Dry Erase Board, White Board, Black Frame (34608-BK)

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By: Quartet

With a size of 17″ x 23 inches, this dry erase board is worthwhile. It’s suitable for presentations, classrooms, lecture halls, exhibition, and conference rooms, among many other settings. The size looks pretty decent for most areas. It’s not too large or too small. We love the smooth glass finish which looks classy and professional at the same time. The white color doesn’t fade and also looks brilliant. This ensures the writings can be seen clearly, even from a distance. It’s compatible with most writing pens in the market.

We love the reversible nature that gives you two different writing surfaces. All you do is simply turn/flip it over. The board has a sturdy design and is held in place by a robust aluminum frame. This keeps it steady during use to prevent unnecessary shaking. It comes with a slot for the marker and eraser. Many consumers love its user-friendliness and professional look.

  • The white beard has a decent writing surface
  • It’s suitable for many situations
  • Writing on it is pretty easy and so is erasing/ cleaning
  • It’s a lightweight piece and also compact
  • The board is supported by a sturdy frame
  • It’s not a very large board’s hence not suitable for a large area

#8. Professional Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Office Marshal Professional Magnetic Dry Erase Board | White Board

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By: OfficeMarshal

Finding a good dry-erase whiteboard shouldn’t struggle. You also shouldn’t go for any piece without thorough research. This particular piece gets a nod from many consumers. It has a good dimension of 36″ x 24 inches and should prove practical in many situations. It’s made from a tough material that assures you of long-lasting service. We love the slim profile and light weights which make moving it or carrying form one location to another easy. Besides, it also features a super white finish that blends well with most surroundings.

It’s well built to handle the use well. The surface won’t get starched by the marker pens; it also doesn’t become stained over time. Like the other featured types, it erases easily and requires minimal effort. The sturdy frame keeps it firm throughout to prevent it moving or toppling over. It’s a beautiful piece that should look okay on many setups.

  • The writing surface is smooth and easy to erase/ wipe/ the board comprises tough construction and is also durable
  • It’s a versatile piece that looks all right in different situations
  • Moving or carrying the item isn’t difficult
  • The tough frame and nature boosts its steadiness and minimizes the possibility of falling
  • The metal frame isn’t very strong

#7. Magnet Dry Erase Board

Master of Boards White Board | Magnet Dry Erase Board | Magnetic Message

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By: Master of Boards

Forget dry erase glass whiteboards that look too dull even after cleaning. You also shouldn’t use a product that has poor legibility. With this product, you get one of the best offers in the market. It measures 36 x 24 inches and is famed for being very clear and good compatibility with different marker pens. The brilliant surface ensures the writing is very clear even from a distance. It puts up with regular cleaning and maintenance and doesn’t become dull and fade over time. Furthermore, it has a sleek and shiny appearance that complements the décor. It also improves the wiping and erasing.

We love it for being less prone to ghosting and guaranteeing the viewers of a good experience. It’s crafted from durable glass and will endure the use well. It’s a good pick for many settings, including the home, office, classroom, lecture, seminar, and presentation. Thanks to the sturdy frame, it will remain intact and doesn’t shake unnecessarily.

  • Has a good writing surface
  • It’s made from hardwearing and durable glass
  • The smooth writing surface is easy to wipe and clean
  • The dimension is ideal for most day-to-day applications
  • It’s high quality and affordable whiteboard
  • It may feel a little thin compared to some alternatives

#6. Frameless Wall Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Glass Whiteboard, 3'x 2' Glass Board Magnetic Dry Erase Board on Wall Frameless

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By: maxtek

The whiteboard is fit for many areas. It works okay with different types of markers. These include wet erase, dry erase, and neon markers. The size and weight feel okay for most people. It’s not too heavy and also not too bulky. Carrying or moving, it is thus easy. For extra support, it features a tough glass-made writing surface. It’s white in color and offers a nice writing surface. We love the easy cleaning and erasing thanks to the ultra-smooth finish. With just a single swipe of their eraser, it will return back to its brilliant white finish.

The board stays firm throughout and this minimizes any inconvenience. It’s also thinner than most types and this helps to save on space. We love the simple design that makes assembly easy. It should be ready for use within minutes. And although frameless, it’s a tough piece. If handled as recommended, this is a product that will last many years.

  • It’s made of tough tempered glass
  • The board is extra strong and also long-lasting
  • The surface doesn’t stain and also isn’t affected by ghosting
  • The super white surface offers amazing clarity
  • It’s easy to setup and to carry
  • It’s not a very large whiteboard

#5. Whiteboard With Frosted Surface

U Brands Glass Dry Erase Board, 36 x 24 Inches, White Frosted Surface, Frameless (120U00-01)

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By: U Brands

A low-quality whiteboard should be a no-no. It will be having a surface might not feel correct, may suffer from glare or ghosting, or it isn’t long-lasting. What you need is a well-made and reliable piece. This U Brands whiteboard is a nice option. It has a dimension of 24×36 inches and should work well in most conditions. It’s helpful in the classroom, in the office, in the seminar, in the lecture hall, and in many other locations. We find the surface and design beautiful. It looks good and presentable, too.

The frosted surface of the glass is also elegant and can be written on without any problems. It’s going to work with a lot of pens without any problems. Besides, it’s lightweight and it shouldn’t be an issue to carry or move around. In addition, the slim nature enhances handling. Writing on is very easy and convenient, too. No sliding or odd sounds. It leaves no marks and retains a beautiful white color. The layout is also user-friendly and is well suited to many circumstances.

  • The surface is resistant to chipping, stains, and scratches
  • It is a high-quality and durable product
  • The size and weight are pretty okay for most needs
  • Setting up and using this whiteboard is convenient
  • It doesn’t come with a frame

#4. Magnetic Glass Whiteboard Set

Audio-Visual Direct White Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Board Set - 17 3:4 x 23 5:8 Inches

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By: Audio-Visual Direct

Measuring 17 3/4 x 23 5/8″, this board targets classrooms, lecture halls, exhibitions, presentations, and conference rooms. The size looks pretty decent for most areas since it’s nether neither too large nor too small. The smooth glass finish looks classy and makes writing on the board easier. It’s also professional styled and retains the white color and brightness. The magnets are pretty strong to ensure the piece is stable.

The board feels very solid and should put-up with movement, regular use, and the environmental factors well. The surface suffers from minimal glare and reflection, making it a good choice even in brightly-lit situations. Many customers enjoy their user-friendliness and professional look. Setting up the accessory is not hard even for a first time user. It’s also among the durable pieces in the market. The surface is resistant to shatter, staining, and fading.

  • High-quality and good stability
  • The surface is smooth and easy to write on
  • The surface remains clear even in not-so-bright settings
  • The tempered glass is tough and doesn’t shatter
  • Good design and size
  • May be a little large for small spaces

#3. Dry Erase Glass Whiteboard Set

Whiteboard Set - Dry Erase Board 24 x 18 + 1 Magnetic Dry Eraser, 2 Dry-Erase Black Marker

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By: Navy Penguin

It shouldn’t be a hassle to find an excellent dry-clear whiteboard. You also shouldn’t settle for substandard quality. This unit by Navy penguin is among the best dry erase glass whiteboards in the market. It has a nice size of 18 x 24 inches and is perfect for many circumstances. It’s produced using tempered glass to assure you of long-lasting service. The slim profile plus lightweight make it simple to move or carry from one place to another. Moreover, the super white finish matches with most of the environments well.

It’s well designed to manage the writing, erasing, wiping, movement, and environmental factors. The surface is not scratched by the marker pens and doesn’t get stained over time. Like other featured items, it readily erases and needs minimal effort. It remains firm all the time to avoid it from toppling or falling over. It’s a lovely piece and also long-lasting.

  • It doesn’t get stained or suffer from ghosting
  • Made from anti-explosion and anti-shatter tempered glass
  • Works great either vertically or horizontally
  • Suitable for many areas of use
  • The surface is easy and smooth to write on
  • It’s not a very large whiteboard

#2. Small Dry Erase Glass Whiteboard

Dry Erase White Board- Hanging Writing, Drawing & Planning Small Whiteboard

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By: Yaze Magnet

Why use poorly-made dry erase glass whiteboards, yet you have this a high-quality piece? It will provide a nice writing surface with good legibility. It’s also has a good dimension that works well in various setups. Assembling the unit is pretty straight forward. It will support itself without a problem. The wonderful surface guarantees that the writing is very clear. It also is easy to clean and maintain and doesn’t become dull or stained over time.

Consumers like it because it is less susceptible to ghosting and also handles reflections and glare well. It’s made of durable glass, and it’s going to last a long time. It’s a great choice for many environments, including home, office, classroom, lecture, seminar, and presentation. Thanks to the sturdy frame, it maintains good stability. You also get 5 magnetic dry erase markers and eraser.

  • Wiping and cleaning the surface is easy
  • Has a nice practical dimension
  • Doesn’t suffer from glare or ghosting
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • The surface is resistant to scratches and dents
  • It’s not a very large piece

#1. Non-Magnetic Frosted Glass White Board Set

Audio-Visual Direct Frosted Glass Dry-Erase Board Set - 23 5:8 x 35 1:2 Inches - (Non-Magnetic)

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By: Audio-Visual Direct

The frosted glass whiteboard is fit for the classroom, office presentations, lecture rooms, exhibitions, and many other areas. It works quite well and is compatible with different types of dry erase markers. The dimension of – 23 5/8 xs 35 1/2 Inches is ideal for most needs. It’s also easy to set up and carry and this should take a relatively short time. It’s a portable piece and also has a space-efficient design. The stability of the board is on point and it doesn’t require additional weights or supports.

The surface comprises tough glass. It’s also smooth for easy writing as well as quick cleanup. A simple swipe will erase everything and leave a brilliant finish. The board is slimmer thinner than most types but feels pretty strong. It won’t chip, warp, crack, or get dents easily. Moreover, being glass, it will maintain its performance and integrity for a long time. We also love the basic style which proves handy even for first-time users.

  • It’s high quality and durable board
  • The surface prevents ghosting and is also stain-resistant
  • Firm support and good balance
  • Made from sturdy materials
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It’s a little costly than some options

The Best Dry Erase Glass Whiteboard – Buying Guide

Before spending money on dry erase whiteboard, it’s important to exercise due diligence. A product that may have worked for someone else may not prove useful for you. Also, it may be good, for now, but will prove ineffective in the near future. The surface may become scratchy or dull over time. The following are among the key things that you should focus on when planning to make a purchase:


One of the most important things is the size. You don’t want something that is too small such that people from a far distance will strain to see what’s been writing on. Also, you don’t want a bulky item that takes up too much space in your surroundings. You need to ascertain the most suitable one. For a kitchen, a small handheld piece may work. For a mid-size seminar room, you’ll need something much bigger. However, for a lecture hall, you definitely require a very large piece. It may help to have an idea of how the products are defined. Meters, centimeters, inches, millimeters, and the likes.

Area of Use

Are you going to use it in the office meeting room, a small classroom, a large lecture room, indoors, outdoors, or where? Having a clear idea of the area of application helps to find the right choice. As mentioned surlier, a product for a small classroom will be different from that used in a large lecture hall. If the area is brightly lit or outdoors, you need a piece that has anti-reflective properties. This helps to minimize glare and ghosting. Kids are more playful than adults. Hence for the classroom, you’ll definitely need a heavy-duty piece.

The Surface/ Material

Whiteboards are made from many types of materials. You’ll come across aluminum, steel, laminate, melamine, porcelain, and glass, among other types. Melamine, aluminum, and steel are more likely to get scratch marks. Nevertheless, they can be cleaned with ease. Glass, Laminate, and porcelain are more stain and scratch-resistant. They also are easier to clean and won’t be affected, but the chemical found in the markers. The glass will also vary since you’ll have a frosted or tempered type.

The Accessories

The whiteboard is used with other things. These include markers, erasers, cleaning solutions, and much more. You’ll come across boards that have the bare minimum while others come with many accessories. The more the accessories, the better, especially if it’s your first time purchasing the product. It’s also important to look for things that will help in the maintenance other than the normal writing and erasing. Stain removing solutions are recommended since they will help to tackle stains and keep the board as cleans and brilliant just like when new.

Ease of Use & Maintenance

You want a product that will make life easier. You don’t want to spend so much time and effort cleaning or wiping the accessory. Also, you don’t need a product that requires an expensive product or laborious procedure to get rid of marks and stains. What you want is a nice product with a smooth ad sleek finish. Glass is among the best materials. It’s less likely to get scratched, especially if it’s tempered, and also is less likely to get stains. Cleaning the surface is pretty easy and it’s also more tolerant of the chemicals used in making the markers.


Many people bought a product, thinking it’s the best only to end up with a bad product. It was too small or too large, the surface was a bit too rough or too slippery, or it seemed to not become super clean after wiping. Some also discovered that their materials of construction were a bit weak hence got chipped, dented, or cracked easily. The good news is that we have identified the best dry erase glass whiteboards in the market. To do this, we centered our research and comparison on the key aspects. These included quality, reliability, size, portability, easy cleaning, durability, and price, among other things. Any of the featured items is worth acquiring and will deliver reliable and long-lasting service.

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