The 14 Best Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke Review

If you live in a house with pets, they leave some odors in different locations. Also, for a person who smokes cigarettes, often, they tend to make the air full of smoke leading to nasty smells. Most people prefer to use a reliable odor eliminator to remove these problems and other elements from the atmosphere and surfaces. In this review, we have the best deodorizers for cigarette smoke in the market.

The 14 Best Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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#14. Smoke & Odor Eliminator

Smoke Smell Be-Gone! Smoke & Odors Eliminator

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By: Smoke Smell Be Gone!

If you prefer an odor eliminator with a natural scent, you have found it. The above one has a nice-smelling lemon fragrance ideal for most places. You can spray in your house, vehicle, or office to improve the air quality. It comes in a pack of 2 at a friendly price to make sure you never run out of content. Although the packaging is quite small at around 33ml, a little amount goes a long way. You dint have to perform numerous application for it to be effective.

Boasting of an innovative formulation made from natural herbal extracts, it works on all smoke smells such as cigarettes and much more. Now you don’t have to endure a place that has an unconducive atmosphere. This item is free from toxins and other harmful ingredients to guarantee a safe and useful operation. Plus, the bottle size is travel-friendly and comfortable to hold as you spray to the specific spots.

  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Uses natural herb
  • Requires a little amount for effectiveness
  • Low-cost
  • Removes smoke smells
  • A bit oily when you spray

#13. Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle

Tobacco Outlet Products Smoke Odor Exterminator

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By: Tobacco Outlet Products

You do not have to use an odor eliminator with a single scent choice to eliminate the nasty smells. Instead, you can switch to this one that offers you a wide range of options to meets different styles and fragrances selections. Some are overpowering, while there rest mild perfect for anyone who wants to keep the atmosphere clean-smelling. This candle can last up to 70 hours of regular use and only need a few hours to work its magic.

Featuring an attractive design, it looks great in any setting such as living room, bedroom, lounge area, and more places inside your house. Preferably, you can light this accessory up to destroy lousy smell in the workplace for the occupants to enjoy a refreshing environment. Weighing 130z, it is lightweight and easy to carry to spots you need odor elimination.

  • Eliminates smoke odors
  • Multiple scent options
  • Burns slowly and smoke-free
  • 70 hours of use
  • Cost-effective
  • Uses paraffin

#12. Smoke Eliminator Spray

Smoke Eater - Breaks Down Smoke Odor at The Molecular Level - Eliminates Cigarette

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By: Mold Monster

What makes Mold Monster is its natural formulation and ease of use. Formulated from safe ingredients, it helps to combat unwanted smells from the atmosphere and other places. Remove odors from your couch, clothes, curtains, and also hair. Plus, it works on different scents such as cigarette and marijuana smoke, mold, musty rooms, and food smells. This eliminates the need to buy another compound to remove the various nasty scents.

With a travel-friendly bottle design, it is easily portable and weighs 22oz to deliver a tea tree oil fragrance. The scent clears unwanted aroma at the enzyme level for maximum effectiveness. Its structure breaks down a variety of odor without the need to rinse or wash afterward. Use this product for boats, motor homes, or cars to remove pets smell and mold.

  • Freshens multiple items
  • Works on different odors
  • All-natural formulation
  • Simple to use
  • Lovely scent
  • One scent available

#11. Large Smoke Odor Eliminator

Zep Commercial Smoke Odor Eliminator 16 Ounce

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By: Zep Commercial

Zep Commercial is among the fave manufactures of deodorizers which offer the expected results like the above one. It combines cost-efficiency and effectiveness to ensure you use less for more service. A little amount goes a long way, making a reliable and affordable product weighing 16 ounces. Also, it is in a 2-pack packaging for one to act as an instant replacement in case the current one runs out. Thanks to a newer formulation, it removes smoke odor, including cigarettes or marijuana, to leave the atmosphere clean-smelling.

We like the large container which is easy to hold and store. It has a lovely design with a few graphics to complement the existing style. This accessory only has a single fragrance that smells pleasant to most people to places like walls, carpet, car, house, and furniture. Also, it is useful to destroy bad aroma from garbage bins and pets rooms. Use it for

  • Large size container
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Multi-purpose and effective
  • Removes smoke odor
  • For short and long-term use
  • Leaves oily residue

#10. Smoke Eliminator Mason Jar Candle

Our Own Candle Company Smoke Eliminator Scented 13 Ounce Mason Jar Candle

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By: Our Own Candle Company

If you live in a small apartment or a dorm with roommates or multiple occupants, space becomes stuffy, especially if there is poor ventilation. Sometimes friends who smoke visit and leave cigarette odor behind that causes unpleasant breathing environment. That’s where this smoke eliminator comes in to offer an instant solution to clear the nasty smells and leave the space fresher. With a13 oz jar, it looks great and holds the candle that burns off a pleasant fragrance up to 100 hours.

Made from paraffin wax and blended soy, they fuse to destroy any odor in the air and on surfaces. Its lead-free wick ensures the burning is even and slow. For best results, trim 1/4 inch and remove the wick holder before lighting. The mechanism removes odor for an extended time than other candles.

  • Lead-free wick
  • Comes with wick straightener
  • Longlasting odor removal
  • Burns up to 100 hours
  • Sleek mason jar design
  • Inconsistencies in fragrances level

#9. Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray

Dakota Non-Smoke Smoke Odor Eliminator-Non-Smoke

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By: Dakota

Using an item from a renown brand is beneficial like this odor eliminator, which destroys nasty smells permanently. This makes it among the popular ones because people dislike others that only mask the smell. It uses a specialized mechanism to produce a pleasant fragrance without causing any damage to the surface or object. Use it to neutralize cigarette smoke odor in an old camper or car, at home, in the office, or hotel rooms.

Although it is an industrial-strength formula, it incorporates unnatural ingredients to eliminate smoke odor. Also, this best deodorizer for cigarette smoke has a strong smell that requires proper room ventilation after spraying in different places such as bedroom, living room, pets room, and car. The combination of various elements works on the surface and airborne odors without staining the fabric if using on a couch, furniture, curtains, and other materials.

  • Non-smoke operation
  • Permanently eliminates odor
  • Versatile and zero staining
  • Industrial strength formula
  • Works on surface odors
  • It is not a natural formula

#8. Fresh Smoke Odor Exterminator

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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By: Tobacco Outlet Products

This accessory from a renown company eliminates cigarette smoke and pet odors. If you live in a house with multiple cats or dogs, this product will help remove all the scents they leave in certain spots such as pets room. Another feature is its versatility is ideal for car, office, home, sofa, and any location that needs odor elimination. For best results, spray into any circulating vent or the air.

Weighing 7oz, it is enough to last for quite a while as a little application goes a long way. You can use it on surfaces such as furniture, couch, curtain, and more without worrying about staining and other damages. It also has an attractive design that fits most cabinet comfortably by using only the requires space. Don’t worry about the storage room when you have this product at hand. Moreover, it cost-effective and delivers a better service than some pricier units. Not only to save you money but ensure the air smells fresh.

  • Eco-friendly and user-friendly
  • Attack the nasty smells
  • Simple to use
  • Attractive bottle design
  • Inexpensive
  • Not as effective on fabric surfaces like couch and sofa

#7. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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By: Sensible Needs

Stop using chemicals and other products that don’t remove odors around your house and even inside the car. Sensible Needs has come up with this smoke eliminator that uses zero chemicals but sustainable bamboo charcoal to lessen bad smells. It is made of authentic materials to allow use in different settings such as a vehicle, gym bag, laundry bag, shoes, and around the house. The unpleasant stench from your sneakers is a thing of the past as you wear them with confidence.

With multiple sizes, this item is suitable for large open places, medium-sized rooms, and also for enclosed areas to meet everyone’s needs. Also, it has an attractive packaging making it a useful housewarming gift to a friend, family member, or a loved one. Moreover, it is reusable for up to 2 years as it recharges in sunlight, unlike the use of baking soda, which requires numerous amount to work.

  • Purifies the air
  • Natural odor eliminator
  • Car and home freshener
  • Versatile and multiple size options
  • Longlasting
  • No fragrance at all

#6. Odor Removing Spray Pack

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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By: Fresh Wave

We love this spray because it meets quality standards to offer you a safe service. By removing both surface and airborne odors, it ensures space is clean and free from smells. Although some users feel you have to apply numerous amounts for the scent to last, it is excellent for someone who prefers a mild fragrance.

This accessory comes in multiple scent choices for you to pick one that meets your needs and lifestyle. Also, it is made of non-toxic elements that may cause harm to you and the environment. This best deodorizer for cigarette smoke makes it great for people who are sensitive to some harsh chemicals for them to use worry-free. The formulation eliminates odors from smoke, trash, pets, mildew, bathrooms, food, and more. Its biodegradable container is recyclable for you to refill with ease.

  • Eliminates odor molecules
  • Non-toxic and EPA-safe
  • Recyclable container
  • Works on the surface and airborne odors
  • Variety of scent options
  • Spray bottle leaks during use

#5. Air Purifying Bags

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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Moso Natural is a brand that deals with fragrances and deodorizers to clean the atmosphere. The above bags quickly purify the atmosphere to absorb and eliminate odor from cars, bathrooms, pet areas, and closets. It has a natural design consisting of activated charcoal that can cover up to 90 square feet to give you value for money and easy use. A bonus functionality is the use of non-toxic chemicals to destroy bad smells, unlike the others, which only mask them. Not only that, this keeps you safe but also pets in the house without leaving any harmful residues.

The above accessory is well-made to help prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew buildup as it absorbs excess moisture from the air. Plus, it removes allergens, odors, and harmful pollutants to freshen the atmosphere. You can reuse for up to 24 months by placing the sacks once a month for one hour or more in the sun.

  • Odor absorber and eliminator
  • Wide applications
  • Has no fragrances
  • Prevents mildew and mold formation
  • Easy to use
  • No fragrance

#4. Smoke and Odor Eliminator Candle

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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The Candlove candle is suitable for someone who prefers a lighter scent to remove smoke odors. Made from natural vegetable and soy wax, it burns to approximately 70 hours before you need a replacement to ensure you have a longlasting service. The mason jar looks great and complements any room’s decor as it holds the wax safely inside. With an utterly renewable mechanism, it is eco-friendly and sustainable to burn slowly and cleanly suitable for most settings and applications to meets most people’s needs. It has a variety of scents like floral, novelty, food, aromatic, funny, and fruity for you to pick the right choice.

An advantage is the lead-free wicks constructed using lead-free cotton to prevent toxin emissions into the air. It is so easy to use this product by trimming the cord to a ¼ inch for lasting burn time. Allow it to burn undisturbed up to 45 minutes to fill up a room with a pleasant scent and even burning.

  • Burns to around 70 hours
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Quality mason jar
  • Longlasting and effective
  • Removes smoke odors
  • Has a single scent option

#3. Activated Charcoal Deodorizer Odor Neutralizer Bags

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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By: California Home Goods

If you want to maintain a fresh atmosphere, then the above bags are an excellent alternative. It has 3 sizes to fit different applications while absorbing nasty odors on the go or at home. The medium packaging is suitable for gym or laundry bag, the smallest one to fit in a shoe while the largest for clearing pet smells in a bedroom or living room.

The above accessory prevents excess moisture, mildew, and mold to double as a deodorizer or moisture absorber perfect for any home or a car. Plus, the chemicals are safe to trap and filter airborne moisture to reduce the formulation of harmful pollutants. With a unique formulation consisting of carbon activated bamboo charcoal, it works naturally for different purposes. You can use it to eliminate odors, as an air freshener, air purifier, closet deodorizer, car air freshener, and shoe deodorizer to help maintain a breathable environment.

  • Multiple size options
  • Multi-purpose (room in house, car, gym bag, shoes)
  • Long-lasting
  • Bags are reusable
  • Prevents mildew and mold
  • Not fast acting

#2. Air Freshener & Sanitizer Spray

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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By: Ozium

The above spray quickly eliminates and sanitizes all the smoke odors on various surfaces and in the air. It has a very potent chemical use ideal for places that need the strongest smell removal, such as funeral homes. Also, it gets the task done effectively, and for homeowners, ensure you have proper ventilation before you use.

Boasting of clinically proven ingredients, it attacks bacteria, germs, and removes odor to leave the space clean-smelling and fresh. You no longer have to purchase other chemicals that have a mild smell and force you to use more content for it to be effective. If you have a friend who worries about smoke smells inside the house or workplaces, this is an ideal gift. Not only to eliminate this worry but keep the atmosphere free from nasty odors.

  • Works on surface odors
  • Attacks bacteria and airborne germs
  • Clinically proven formulation
  • Sanitizes smoke odor
  • Effective and longlasting
  • Might pose a risk to pregnant ladies

#1. Smoke & Odor Eliminator Blended Soy Candle

Deodorizers For Cigarette Smoke

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By: Just Makes Scents Candles & Gifts

The above odor eliminator is among the top-used by most people due to its eco-friendly elements that don’t cause harm to you and the environment. It has a potent formulation which is more effective than the rest in the market to give you a longlasting effect. Also, with a persistent candle smell, most people enjoy it as it neutralizes food, pet, and cigarette odors.

This product is homemade to offer a natural feel and use while you get around 40 hours of burn time. Not only a cost-effective but also reliable products. Designed to self-trim, the paper, and cotton fiber wick ensure you have a smooth and smoke-free operation. You can light the candle for an extended duration without experiencing any discomfort like chokes and overpowering smell. You can use deodorizers for cigarette smoke in any room that needs freshening up, such as living room, bedroom, lounge area, and other places.

  • Eliminates multiple smells
  • Eco-friendly formulation
  • Burns efficiently up to 40 hours
  • Lovely candle scent
  • Affordable
  • Comes in small batches

Buying Guide For The Best Deodorizer For Cigarette Smoke

The time for searching for an effective deodorizers for cigarette smoke remover might not be there. Also, some people have hectic lifestyles, and that’s where we come in to offer a helping hand. We have researched the top factors of deodorizers for cigarette smoke based on effectiveness, formulation, fragrances, and others. Let us look at each one of them carefully.


The first thing you should consider in deodorizers for cigarette smoke is their effectiveness. Does it work well on surfaces and airborne area, or it only reacts well in specific settings? Here, you should look at the place that has persistent odor concentration such as couch and pet rooms to help you know which type of product to purchase. Fortunately, some formulations are useful on surfaces such as curtain, furniture, car seat, and more to eliminate nasty smells.

Masking or Permanent Action

The next thing to look out for in deodorizers for cigarette smoke is the formulation. Some only mask the smell instead of removing it permanently. This is only helpful in the short term but inconveniences someone who wants a permanent solution. Go for an odor eliminator that eliminates the unpleasant smells.


Most popular odor removers have a powerful action and require only a small amount to eliminate germs, cigarette, and marijuana smokes. Others need constant reapplication to be effective. Check the ingredients and previous client reviews to know which deodorizers for cigarette smoke is more reliable and longlasting.


If you love a clean-smelling space, purchase a deodorizers for cigarette smoke that has a lovely scent. Some offer more than five fragrances to fit everyone’s needs. But if you prefer one that has zero perfumes, you can pick one without one from a wide range of products. Also, for an area with babies, it is recommended to use a smoke odor eliminate that has mild to zero scents for added safety.


Lastly, read through the main ingredients used to come up with the formulation. The more natural elements it contains, the safer for you and the environment. Some have paraffin which might cause harm, especially to people with high allergic reactions to chemicals. Check the chemicals and how safe they are before purchasing deodorizers for cigarette smoke.


Keep the air quality fresh and odor-free by using one of the products on our list. You can pick the best deodorizers for cigarette smoke and make the atmosphere more conducive and breathable. Remember, the better they smell, the more comfortable you and your loved ones are.

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