Discover The 10 Best Crash Pads — Full Review In 2021

If you are considering to learn climbing or gymnastics, you have to take care of the safety aspects and gears first. Most of such enthusiasts try to practice nearby their homes, and that is why a crash pad is a must for them. A crash pad allows people to take bumps without getting hurt by any means. The height from which you take the bump, you should buy a crash pad of certain thickness accordingly. There are different types of crash pads available for kids and adults. The differences are based on the purpose of use as well as the size and shape. Check out the best crash pads you can buy online below.

List of The Best Crash Pads

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#10. Hera Crash Pad – Blue

Mad Rock Hera Crash Pad - Blue

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By: Mad Rock

Suitable for many different purposes, this is one of the best crash pads that is a lifesaver for women. This will protect women from rock climber’s fall and is padded with light and soft foam. Moreover, this is known to fight against the cause of ovarian cancer as the sale of this product will go for a noble cause. This is lightweight and comes in a dimension of 48 x 36 x 5 inches. Furthermore, this is foldable and can be carried conveniently.

It is sturdy and has an attractive look. It is very suitable to be used for different purposes and is a highly recommended product. This also comes with a backpack strap and is a value for money product. This is tough and can be great for your family members.

#9. Lightweight Crash Pad

Mad Rock Mad Pad

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By: Mad Rock

This is a lightweight crash pad which comes in the size of 37 x 12 x 25 inches. It is very comfortable as it contains open cell foam. With a thickness of 5 inches, this will allow you to rest comfortably. Moreover, the backpack strap makes it very convenient to carry and store. Further, this is foldable, and you can securely connect it with the straps.

Furthermore, the attractive and durable design of this mat makes it easily transform into a lounge chair. This is suitable for solo climbing places and will protect you when you hit the ground. It is also ideal for indoors and can be used for relaxing or other purposes. With this, you can fall with confidence, and it has also got Velcro. This is a super pad which can support the hard landing.

#8. Drop Zone Crash Pad

Black Diamond Drop Zone Crash Pad

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Made with water-resistant and abrasion resistant fabric, this crash pad is very large and will let you enjoy with your family members when you are at home. This has high compression PU foam which makes it very comfortable. Moreover, the color combination of this mat makes it look very attractive. On the bottom, this has polyester which makes it suitable for all types of surface.

Furthermore, this has an elastic mesh flap secure which makes it convenient to store. There are also easy hooking buckles, and you will also find two side handles where you can carry it with ease. The shoulder strap and waist belt all add convenience when you carry it. This is very suitable for landing, and it comes with a quick closure. This is lightweight and is guaranteed to give you satisfaction.

#7. Open Cell Foam Exercise Mat

Z-Athletic Gymnastics, Tumbling, Martial Arts Open Cell Foam Exercise Mat

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By: Z-Athletic

Available in three different sizes, this crash pad is 4 inches thick. You can also select from four different colors and is a medium soft mat. This will give you perfect cushioning and is also a durable product. The heavy-duty construction of this mat makes it last longer, even with rugged usage. Moreover, the open-cell foam core makes it ideal for landings.

You can easily fold this mat into two panels, making it convenient for transportation and storage. Furthermore, on both ends, this has a hook and loop connection which makes it suitable to be connected with other mats. This is very comfortable when you sit on it and will provide you with a good area for training. The cover is of strong vinyl and is resistant to mildew and puncture.

#6. Junior Practice Mat

Tumbl Trak Junior Practice Mat

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By: Tumbl Trak

Constructed with a thoughtful design, this crash pad is large and is of high-quality material. This is soft and comfortable and is very suitable for training purpose. This has rugged foam and includes a durable cover which lasts for years. Furthermore, this has handles on its ends which make it easy to move and carry. In the bottom, this has non-skid material which makes it perfect for using it on different types of surfaces. The top is of vinyl coated fabric which will keep the foam safe.

Moreover, this can be used for many things and is also safe for your kids. This comes in two different colors and is in the size of 3 x 6 feet. It is 4 inches thick and is a perfect tumbling mat which has extra padding. This is a perfect training product which has Velcro connectors. This has an extra layer of safety where the foam is of cross-linked polyethylene. You can fold it conveniently, and it has passed the testing of CPSI Act 2008 which makes it an automatic choice for the buyers.

#5. Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Mat

Gymmatsdirect Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Mat

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By: Gymmatsdirect

This is a top-quality crash pad which is very suitable for gymnastics, martial arts, stretching, parkour, tumbling, and other purposes. You can select from different sizes, and this also comes in many different colors. This has a high-quality foam of cross-linked polyethylene and meets the requirement of CPSIA. This is very soft, and the cover is of leather. Moreover, the product is also durable and is non-toxic.

It has a long service life and is resistant to mildew and puncture. Furthermore, this is portable, and you can also fold it with ease. It has handles on two of its ends and has Velcro on each of its sides. The flexible mat is ideal for tumbling runs. The non-absorbent PU leather makes it fit for gym exercise. This is attached to a high-quality zipper, and you can easily disassemble the cover. In terms of pure quality, this crash pad stands out, and it is long to last longer than you expect.

#4. Foldable R3 Crash Pad

Mad Rock R3 Crash Pad

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By: Mad Rock

This is an easy to fold crash pad which has recycled EVA foam. The outer shell is of denier nylon and is a rugged product. This is very strong and will last for a long time. Furthermore, this is very convenient and allows you to lay flat on it. This has the ability to withstand an impact from falls. This is lightweight and is 38 x 25 x 14 inches in dimension.

It can stand on its own and is a very useful product. Moreover, it comes with straps which make it convenient for you to carry or store it. It molds itself and can even be placed on uneven surfaces. This is very suitable for advanced climbers and will also protect you. It has secret pockets where you can keep snacks.

#3. Crash Pad With Machine Washable Cover

Skil-Care 5' x 5' Crash Pad with Machine Washable Cover for Crash Pad

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By: Skil-Care

If you are looking to have fun with your entire family at home, then this is the perfect product for you. This is one of the best crash pads, and it has an easy to remove cover which is machine washable. You can lie down on it and just stretch out or have any sensory stimulation. It can also be used for playing or other physical activity. Furthermore, this is very safe for your kids.

It comes in the size of 5 x 5 feet and is also portable. Moreover, this can be used daily as it is a durable product. It is of good material and is also very thick. You can place it conveniently in your home and can also be used by people who have autism. It is highly recommended and is also very comfortable while sitting.

#2. Jumbo Foam Crash Mat For Kids

Skil-Care Crash Pad - Jumbo Foam Mat For Kids

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By: Skil-Care

This is a foam mat which is very comfortable and comes in two different colors. The crash pad is available in four different sizes and is very suitable for indoor fun. In this, your kids can safely play and enjoy. Moreover, it can be for your entire family. This is ideal for sensory disorders, and you can also cover it with a washable cover. This is very comfortable and is padded with soft foam. The product is durable and very safe for use and one of the best crash pads to opt for.

It is lightweight and ideal for relaxing and sitting. Furthermore, it is sturdy and will help with the proprioceptive and vestibular senses of your child. Even when your kids jump on it, the crash pad will stand up. You can do various kinds of activities on it, like reading, sitting, exercising, yoga, and relaxing. This can be stored conveniently and will be loved by your kids. The outer skin is of nylon and has a durable construction. You can wipe it up easily to clean it.

#1. Portable Crash Mat

Everlast 2X6 FOLDING MAT

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By: Everlast

This crash pad is available in two different colors and has a non-absorbant shell. This is very easy to transport as it comes with a sewn handle. You can fold it conveniently with ease, and it can also be cleaned easily. Moreover, it gets folded quickly and has been made to give you extra comfort. This has a resilient shell and is very suitable to help you improve. This is an exercise mat which will last for a long time and is very suitable for continues use. In terms of reviews and ratings, it establishes itself as the best crash pad to buy.

You can store it conveniently, and it is also lightweight. Furthermore, it is 2 inches thick and does not have any odors. This is an excellent product which will resist wear and tear and lets you comfortably exercise on the floor. The thick padding makes it suitable for various purposes and can be used anywhere. This has top-notch cushioning and comes in a size of 24 x 72 inches. This is ideal for all types of training purpose.

Crash Pads Foam Types

This part is very important in every crash pad out there. Despite the fact that many crash pads look the same, they actually have different foam cores inside. Generally, there are 3 different types of foam in crash pads which are:

  • Closed-Cell Foam: is a stiff, durable, and weather-resistant type. Unless you fall onto what feels like plywood, you can skip this type. It is true that this type is durable, but it is not so comfortable at all.
  • Memory Foam: comes in some new models of crash pads lately. Quality comes with a price, and this type is a little pricey at some point. However, they take falls fairly well which is so worth the price.
  • Open-Cell Foam: is soft but not durable and absorbent. In fact, it is also more prone to mildew which is not so weather resistant at all. Also, this type offers a much higher chance to bottom out when taking long falls.

Each of these types is great, but stiff and thick foams are the recommended choice. That is because they have a longer lifespan, and they will support you well in case of big falls. Along with that, the stiffness of a thick foam also prevents you from a bottom out as well. That way, you won’t travel all the way during a fall at all.

Types Of Crash Pads

If you are new to crash pads, you have to know about their types before buying one. Different types are great in their own way, so let’s see which one is right for you the most.


Crash pads with hinge design are two pieces of roaming held together by a thin piece of the outer fabric. This type is portable because some even come with straps that you can wear as a backpack or carry as a briefcase.

  • It is compact and portable so that you can easily bring it along with it.
  • Hinge crash pads lay flat which creates the safest landing zone on the ground.
  • Usually, it is tri-fold so you can fold it to a smaller size while its size is super big.

New Baffled

This is the new type, and it is not so common yet. However, its performance and quality are incredible which is great for both beginners and pros out there.

  • This type is versatile, and you can even sleep on them as well.
  • Regardless of terrains, it can always lay flat and conform to the landing.
  • You can easily fold it up to a compact size for easy and convenient storage.


Just like the name suggests, it is usually a continuous piece of foam that folds into two like a taco. Many of this type come with backpack straps but some don’t come with side handles at all.

  • There are no hinges or openings for rocks to get you on uneven terrains.
  • You can lay it on any terrain to create a nice landing zone even when there is none.


It is always to buy an over-sized crash pad if you have the budget. Similarly, the greater the thickness, the better it is from the safety perspective. However, if you are planning to travel with it, you need to have optimal weight. Generally, climbers have to carry them, and they use it for sleeping. In such scenarios, the crash pads, with suspension system and carrying straps are the best to go for. Most of the best crash pads are folding, and you have to see the fold type like a hinge, angled hinge, or hybrid hinge and choose as per your requirement. The crash pads we have listed here are top-notch in quality, and they are highly durable.

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