Discover The 8 Best Commercial Vacuums – Products Review

If you work or run a hotel, motel, library, or restaurant, it is essential to keep the premises clean. Not only to attract customers but enhance productivity for numerous tasks. That’s why a vacuum cleaner will ensure the place stays clutter-free. It eliminates even the smallest microns, reduces allergens in the air, and at the same time, guarantee a lesser time use than the tradition cleaning tools. In this review, we have the best commercial vacuum in the market.

List of The Best Commercial Vacuums

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#8. Premium Commercial Vacuum

Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 Commercial Vacuum

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By: Oreck

Oreck is among the top brands that develop high-quality home and outdoor supplies like this commercial vacuum. It has a Micro sweep technology ideal for use on most surfaces for easy and safe cleaning. The soft wheels ensure moving from one area to the other is a breeze. Also, they are made from premium materials to prevent markings on wood floors as it protects the surface for you to get a dirt-free spot. With a 40-inch power cable attached to the pigtail cord, allow easy replacement without re-wiring or expensive repairs. Besides, the cord guard comes in handy to prevent cable damage.

With a fingertip-control switch, it is much easier to turn on or off this item. Simply press the dial, and it automatically responds to the function selected. Another thing is an innovative top-fill design that helps to keep power at maximum. Whether the bag is empty or fills, you still get the same performance as the start of the vacuuming. If you love setting your preferred level when cleaning your house, it is possible with this device. The included double brushes spin at high speed at 6,500rpm. Not only is this efficient but also you complete a wide area much quicker than using traditional means.

An advantage is the provided six Oreck bags to store the collected dirt as you move around the place for cleaning. Before you complete all the bags, it takes multiple vacuuming actions and a considerable amount of trash. This is cost-effective and convenient to prevent running to the stores to purchase other bags. Moreover, this gadget is li8ghtweight with a low-profile design that uses only minimal storage space. Plus, the handle drops down flat to let you clean under low furniture and at the same time, for sturdy and straightforward carry.

  • Lightweight
  • Upright standing
  • 6 Oreck bags
  • High-speed roller and side edge brushes
  • 40-foot cord
  • Hard to clean corners

#7. Tradition Upright Bagged Commercial Vacuum

Sanitaire Tradition Upright Bagged Best Commercial Vacuum

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By: Sanitaire

The Sanitaire vacuum uses premium functions to provide you with longlasting and more productive operation at a lower price. Featuring a strong hood with quality chrome finish, it protects your machine in the harshest and toughest environments. Also, it extends the inbuilt motor’s to provide more than 2,000 hours of cleaning power. The engine can also withstand non-stop use and at the same time, ensure you have a smooth use even during large projects.

Made of heavy-duty structure, this accessory withstands the harshest environments. There is no need to worry about damages or below-average performance. The looped handle is a nice touch to enhance comfort and is soft on the hands to allow you to have a pain-free experience. Boasting of a unique metal clip-bag release technology, make this item easy to maintain and use. You can reduce the constant need to switch plugs, thanks to the 50-foot detachable power cord that also delivers a cleaning potential area 7,800 sq. Ft. For simple maintenance, replace the belt and brush roll without using any special tools.

We take note of the large shake out bag that can hold up to 18 quarts of debris and dirt before the need for disposal arises. This gives you more comfortable use and cleaning for you to complete a job before a change of bag. Unlike the traditional upright vacuum for commercial purposes that are hard to take care, this one is simple. It has newer features, Quick Kleen Fan Compartment, to allow you to view any log for an instant clearance. Plus, a Chrome Brush Roll consisting of replaceable bristle strips for added convenience.

  • Longlasting and powerful motor
  • Delivers fast cleaning
  • Durable structure
  • Comfortable looped handle
  • Large capacity bag
  • Heavy

#6. Sensor XP12 Commercial Vacuum

Windsor Sensor XP12 Commercial Vacuum

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By: Windsor

The Sensor XP has the smartest features that give a quicker and convenient vacuuming to meet multiple cleaning needs. It combines performance, filtration, versatility, and value into one machine, for a smooth performance. You can adjust the height electronically using the Electronic Automatic Height dial to get your exact height preference of any floor surface. The integrated 1200watt motor is larger and more powerful than the rest to pull more dirt form rags or carpet easily. Clean abroad area quicker to get more time to do other things. Plus, the unique Filtration System is efficient enough to trap99.6% of microns to enhance a healthier environment.

Some cleaning equipment is quite bulky, making cleaning more of a hassle instead of a quick task. With this one, it is much lighter than most designs and has an ergonomic handle. You can increase your productivity and at the same time, get maximum comfort. Additionally, the presence of on-board tools adds more convenience as the reinforced wand improves detailing. It covers all areas with dirt and also ensures no debris is left behind.

This item notifies you of potential problems and adjustments with a simple indicator at the message center. Now you can clean an area with maximum confidence and react immediately after getting a warning alert. You can still look stylish as you perform your vacuuming needs. It has a lovely finish with a bold color that complements its surroundings to add additional beauty. Also, it is compact and does not take too much floor space during storage and allows simple portability.

  • Automatic height control
  • Pulls more dirt
  • Large and strong motor
  • Lightweight handle
  • Increase cleaning productivity
  • Expensive

#5. Versatile Commercial Vacuum

Windsor Sensor S12 Commercial Vacuum

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By: Windsor

The Windsor SENSOR vacuum makes cleaning hotels and other commercial places simple. It surpasses the pricier models to meet the staff’s requirements in large institutions. In a single unit, it combines versatility and performance to give you a straightforward vacuuming. With a high-performing motor that uses only 1200 watts of energy to produce a 105cfm speed, it can clean up to 50 liters per second. This makes your workload quicker and easier to complete as compared to using traditional ways. It has a water lift with a dimension of 228cm for added convenience before a change.

The longevity of this machine is better thanks to a well-made ABS plastic housing. It has an excellent high-impact to withstand even the harshest use. Also, the included anti-slip gear belt with integrated speed control and safety clutch enhances vacuuming security. Furthermore, your floor surface is safe from markings and scratches because this accessory has soft bristles and a fast brush speed of 2700 rpm. What this means is that it spins 5400 times per minute. A notable feature is a three-layer dust bag that holds up to 5.3 liters before the need for disposal.

The wheels are wide enough with 2.5″ diameter to roll smoothly on multiple terrains. Plus, the rubberized 40-ft cable with an18/3 SJT gives you enough room to cover with maximum freedom. This stands out from other with shorter cords forcing you to clean the area around or near the power outlet. With a double-insulated electrical system, it operates on 120 volts for 60 cycles while the lightweight handle gives you comfortable controlling. For people who dislike noisy vacuum cleaners, this one is an ideal choice that produces a maximum of 69 decibels, which is quite low to ensure almost noiseless operation.

  • Ergonomic and lightweight handle
  • Versatile extension wand
  • Detailed and quick cleaning
  • Bright indicator light
  • Improves air quality
  • The belt sensor needs improvement

#4. Vigorous Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Commercial Vacuum Cleaner TaskVac Cordless

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By: Hoover Commercial

Hoover vacuum cleaner makes the most vigorous cleaning task less stressful and lengthy. It has a multipurpose design perfect for retail, hospitality, libraries, school, and much more. With a powerful and innovative WindTunnel Technology, helps to clean in and out the trickiest places such as corners and underneath furniture. No need to lift and move objects to reach the corners and edges of your house. This process is improved with the lack of a cord which might cause detangling and other inconveniences. Also, is operated by using high capacity lithium-ion technology to deliver a powerful fade-free performance.

The above accessory comes with a powered brush-roll that ensures a smooth transition between different floor types. When done vacuuming, swap the battery and empty the release dirt cup located at the bottom. You can rinse the filter without using special detergents by under running water to extend its longevity. Moreover, the interchangeable battery allows for quick and convenient cleanup. Operating this machine is so simple, and the provide user manual offer step by step guideline to make the process faster and safer. Made of quality material, it not only gives off superb service but looks good in different surfaces. Now you can vacuum with a gadget that delivers excellent functionality and aesthetics.

The included three air tunnels easily lift and eliminate debris and dirt from multiple surfaces such as floors, walls, and much more. You can discard the traditional cleaning tools like brushes that take a lot of time and fail to clean microns. With this one, it has a powerful technology to pick dust on carpet to leave the area free from debris and hairs.

  • Easy Rinse Filter
  • Fade-free performance
  • Easy Rinse Filter
  • Bottom release dirt cup
  • Quick debris disposal
  • The stability needs improvement

#3. Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Hoover Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum, C2401

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By: Hoover Commercial

The constant pain and other discomforts brought by poorly-made vacuum cleaners are eliminated with the above unit. It stores all collected debris and dust in a large backpack canister to give you an obstruction-free cleaning. Weighing less than 10 pounds, this item has a small-profile to vacuum small spaces, narrow passageways, as well as broad spots with comfort and ease. Moreover, it can hold up to 6.4 quarts of garbage, which is enough for a complete full-length cleaning task. With a positive lock hose, it ensures no movement, and it stays in place during use. The 3-wire 48-feet long cord gives you maximum freedom to move around without restrictions.

You can monitor the debris and dust capacity, thanks to a clear dome lid. No more second-guessing or constant checking as you know when to empty the collection pouch. Disposal is a breeze by detaching the bin and emptying and then re-installing. Its multipurpose design lets you use it with a paper bag insert or shake-out cloth liner for maximum flexibility. Also, we take note of the chiropractor designed harness to help reduce user strain while increasing the vacuum portability.

The integrated HEPA filters help to destroy up to 99.97% of microns faster and efficiently. That means all harmful allergens like pollen, dust mites, and dust mite debris are trapped and locked away. This machine comes with a 60-inch locking hose for added safety. Plus, the backpack and crevice tool, floor tool, upholstery tool, and turbo floor tool enhance a convenient cleaning for different purposes. You can use the provide 2-piece metal wands with a straight style to reach underneath furniture and the crevice tools for the trickiest corners. Dust the floor, furniture, vehicle seats with the 2-inch dusting brush.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Chiropractor designed harness
  • Extra long, 48-foot power cord
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduces user strain
  • Lacks a floor attachment

#2. PortaPower Vacuum Set

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

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By: Hoover Commercial

Make your cleaning experience fun, convenient, comfortable, and easier, and with the Hoover vacuum cleaner. It delivers a reliable service even in hard to reach places and large areas. You can use for cleaning under furniture, beds, walls, floors and more. Because it uses the canister design, it is ideal for detailed as well as long-distant vacuuming thanks to the 33′ long power cord. Vacuum down the halls, stairways, and around sharp corners and edges easily. At only over 8 pounds, this item is lightweight to makes the operation more comfortable and less stressful.

This machine comes with an inbuilt blower for cleaning trickiest spots such as upholsteries, draperies, and inside a car. You can vacuum under the vehicle seats, dashboard, and seats to have a healthy car environment. We love the versatility of this unit that has a commercial cloth bag plus a paper dust bag. Not only for switching and between cleaning tasks but also make the process more comfortable. The cloth bag can be used with sharper items while the paper bag for cleaning up the dust.

Boasting a compact form, you can clean multiple places and even the trickiest areas. The weight is not bulky and only uses a minimum storage room for you to lift and carry with ease. A bonus function is a hose which stretches to give you an extended reach. No more frustrations and discomforts to make your home breathable, and clutter-free. The motor with 7.4 amps is sturdy and strong enough to spin the brushes at high speed for you to complete a cleaning task quicker.

  • Comes with a reusable cloth bag
  • Inbuilt blower
  • Versatile cleaning and maintaining
  • Compact and detailed vacuum
  • Quality construction
  • The handle causes hand fatigue

#1. XL Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck Commercial XL Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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By: Oreck Commercial

You can transform commercial vacuuming from hard floors to cleaning carpets with the direct suction and fingertip controls of this Oreck vacuum cleaner. Not only to clean up close to baseboards, cabinets, and under furniture and desks. And weighing only 8 pounds, it is so simple to push, lift and carry anywhere. Measuring 6 x 13 x 35 inches, you get an easier maneuvering and less hand fatigue to vacuum a large area. The double helix brushes spin at 6500 RPM to move dirt towards the inlet for quick cleaning. It comes with a disposable inner bag with a larger capacity to hold a heavy load before disposal. The bag has a top-fill design to keep power at the highest level as it fills.

We love the Microsweep technology for cleaning different surfaces from tile and hard floors and even rugs. Also, you vacuum a large area with maximum ease, thanks to the 35-foot cord. Some units have shorter cables that require a long power extension or cleaning a succinct place. The roller brush is made with quality bristles and spins at high speed for you to complete a task quicker and effortless.

This item has a low profile and compact to take up minimal storage space. Place it beside a wall or other compact places for a cleaner and organized storing. Another thing is the side edge brushes to add convenience and cover other spots around the cleaning path. Also, to help clean in tightest and hard to reach locations. Your floor, furniture, baseboards, and walls have full protection against damage with the well-made non-marring bumpers. With a strong handle, it makes vacuuming comfortable and easy to eliminate the constant hand squeezing, twisting, and bending of the wrist. This is perfect for people with limited arm mobility and also people with arthritis.

  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • Utilizes less storage space
  • Easy to use handle
  • Powerful, balanced brush roll
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Heavy

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Commercial Vacuum

Some factors are essential to note when scouting for a vacuum cleaner for commercial purposes. Vacuuming is not a daily task for most people, but in a business, it is a must to keep the area looking perfect. The following guide will offer informative information for you to pick a suitable unit that meets your cleaning needs.


The machine should consume enough ability to make cleaning efficient. If you reside or work in a dusty place, the electricity bill might be high because of frequent vacuuming. If performance is what you are looking for, go for one that has the most power with a quality motor and modern vacuuming technology. Note that some lightweight vacuums work well for the hard to reach places like under furniture and drapery. Pick a unit that cleans properly in multiple surfaces without compromising quality.


The first thing to put in mind is your sensitivity to allergens such as pollen, mites, dust, and even mites debris. Look for a vacuum that has a certified HEPA Filter that traps not only 99.7 percent of harmful allergens but also dust to keep that area free from any potential element that might cause harm to your health. Make sure to vacuum regularly with water to avoid dust buildup and also change the filters to prevent allergic reactions. The filters should be replaced after six months for best results.


Another thing to consider is the weight of the vacuum. The compact to medium-sized items is best for multi-level premises while the single-floor houses require a heavy-duty model. Do thorough research to get a suitable product that takes minimal storage but delivers a powerful performance.

Bag or Bagless

The two most common vacuum is either bag or bagless. The bagless one offers better convenience due to its detachable design to dispose of dirt and debris but has to use replacement bags. For the bagless, it has a dust bun reusable and easy to clean. Select a design that fits your preferences.


Most, if not all, people dislike noisy vacuum cleaners, especially in a place with babies, the elderly, or students. Choose a unit that has a decibel range between 60-65 decibel because it will be less noisy and at the same time, handle all the cleaning needs.


You can spend your money on a vacuum cleaner to make sure you have a convenient, reliable, and easy cleaning. For people working or owning industrial places such as restaurants and hotels, the area should be clean and clutter-free. Choose the best commercial vacuums available in the market from our list. It will make vacuuming more enjoyable and at the same time, improve the air quality.

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