Top 12 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners – In 2021 Review

If you are an expert or beginner logger, you use a cutting machine to create desirable log sizes and shapes. The equipment over time tends to get blunt, and that’s where you need a grinder to sharpen the blades. In this review, we have the best chainsaw sharpener in the market.

The 12 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners In 2021

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#12. Fast Operation Chainsaw Sharpener

ADINC Chainsaw Sharpener

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Costing under 19 dollars, this chainsaw sharpener is quite affordable. It has a lovely finish blending black and orange to stand out from the typical black color. Also, this mix looks excellent and improves the current style. It is lightweight to enhance portability and comfortable use. Whether you file your saw for short or long term, it delivers a fatigue-free action. This item sharpens the balded between 3-5 seconds to save time and improve efficiency.

Assembly is simple by attaching your chainsaw onto the holes of this filing machine. Close and lock as you squeeze the saw to make the edges sharper for better cutting performance. Another thing is its upgraded style to deliver a quick operation than others with a similar price. The additional whetstone acts as an instant replacement in case the current one has served its purpose. Detach it to fix the new one without special tools. With broad compatibility, it is suitable for 14-20-inch saw bars.

  • Has a broad compatibility
  • Safe and fast sharpening
  • Easy to install
  • An extra whetstone
  • Affordable
  • Locking system could be better

#11. Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit

CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Kit

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By: CO-Z

CO-Z is not a new brand in the tools industry to ensure you have a quicker and efficient performance. The above sharpener is suitable for all chainsaw designs with varying size and weight. Make an appropriate grinding angle adjustment between 0º to 30º to meet your needs for the best results. Also, you can set the motor between 0º to 70º, to accommodate a variety of sharpening needs for various applications. With a lovely finish incorporating solid cast aluminum, it improves the suitability, and the reinforced hinges provide better sturdiness.

Operating this tool is simple even for a beginner. Secure it to a worktable or an ideal place and use the cutter to secure the chainsaw. Follow the clear instructions to aid in simple operation as you rotate the knob and press down the ergonomic handle for quick grinding. Another feature is the inbuilt work light that enhances accuracy while the thick cutter reinforced in an aluminum cover prevents splashing of the iron filings. This item has two grinding wheels for convenient and straightforward operation measuring 5.5 inches in diameter and 3/16 in, 1/8 inches in thickness. The reinforced hinges ensure steadiness and exceptional performance.

  • Comes with two grinding wheels
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides maximum protection and accuracy
  • Durable cast aluminum material
  • A wide variety of adjustments
  • It does not hold the chainsaw firmly when sharpening

#10. Chainsaw Sharpener For Beginner

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

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By: Timberline Sharpener

We love this chainsaw sharpener because of its user-friendly design making it perfect for a beginner. You don’t have to rely on an expert every time you want to file your chainsaw. With a new mechanism, it sharpens much quicker in seconds, to keep the tooth in pristine condition. This will improve performance in all your activities as you use lesser body energy. Besides, it grinds each tool in high precision to ensure the angle and length is the same for the best results.

This item is highly portable, thanks to its innovative and lightweight structure for you to carry anywhere with maximum ease. It can fit small sized pouches and at the same time, use minimal storage room to enhance transport. The provided Carbide Cutter measures 7/32 inches suitable for 404-inch or a 3/8-inch chain. Turn it by using the handle to speed up the sharpening process. Use the carbide guide fixed at a 30-degree angle to offer better visual and accurate results. Its cordless style aids in quick delivery and improves comfort for you to move from area to area with simplicity. No more tangling cords that cause disruptions and other inconveniences.

  • Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Precise chainsaw sharpening
  • Offers a better filing than similar models
  • Heavy-duty aluminum constriction
  • You can sharpen with the chain still intact
  • A bit pricey than other manual sharpeners

#9. Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

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Invest in this chainsaw sharpener that comes with multiple tools to improve a multipurpose use. Featuring three round files with different sizes, you can sharpen most chainsaw at home more comfortable. Also, the provided file holder acts as a filing guide to enhance accuracy during operation. You use the 6-ich flat file for a more simple filing without using too much effort even in an extended process. Sharpens pitches on the blades to keep them sharp for a safe cutting experience. All these accessories and more fit comfortably in the roll-up pouch to enhance portability and storage.

The above kit is constructed from robust materials that file any chainsaws blades with high precision to keep them in perfect condition. The style looks and feels excellent, completed by an ergonomic handle to boost a firm hold. The grip is made of premium wood and plastic, which offer maximum strength and longlasting effects. If you have a friend who sharpens their chainsaw, this gadget is the perfect gift to improve the process at home or in other places.

  • Comes with multiple flat inch files
  • Simple to use filing guide
  • Sharpens faster and accurately
  • Soft to touch handle
  • Quality-made tool pouch
  • The filing guide needs improvement

#8. Chainsaw Bench Grinder/Sharpener

Oregon 511AX Saw Chain Bench Grinder:Sharpener

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By: Oregon

Oregon unit is well made to provide a safe chainsaw sharpening experience. Featuring a strong motor, it delivers up to 3400 RPM while using 285 watts of power. The energy consumption is ideal for giving you an accurate filing than the use of the traditional ones. With a 115V AC and 60hz speed rate, the 3-amp usage ensures you finish the project quicker without using too much electricity. This item sharpens different sizes chainsaw teeth such as 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch, 0.325-Inch, and 3/4-Inch pitch chains. It has three grinding wheels with different thickness to add more convenience as you pick the ideal dimension.

There is no need to hire an expert to file your chainsaw when this unit comes with an in-depth template for you to have a straightforward use. Plus, the wheel-dressing brick is ideal for wheel contour and depth-gauge setting due to its high compatibility. Another thing is the new angle adjustment options to deliver precise results as the wheel turns and even wear out. This device has unique controls for easier managing, even for new users.

  • Powerful and sturdy motor
  • Simple to use dials
  • Bright integrated guide light
  • Multiple grinding wheels
  • Informative template
  • Expensive

#7. 12-Volt Portable Electric Chain Saw Sharpener

Timber Tuff CS-12V 12-Volt Portable Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

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By: Timber Tuff

Some chainsaw sharpeners have a bulky structure that makes it hard to carry and store with ease. With this one from Timber Tuff, it has a travel-friendly design to enhance portability and compact storing in small bags or pouches. Fit it inside a carry pack and enjoy safe transport without using too much room. It has an integrated no-load speed motor that delivers a high rate to quicken the sharpening process. This best chainsaw sharpener uses just a lesser amount of watts, making it the most energy-efficient grinders in the market. Use the spindle lock to quickly change a grinding stone to fit a different sized one without the need for special tools.

This item standout from the rest thanks to its stay-cool feature. It comes with 3 grinding stones with different sizes like 7/32’’, 5/32’’ and 3/16 ‘’ to give you a wide choice in all your filing needs. Another thing we take note of is the simple connectivity to a charging port or outlet. You can use your car’s or lawnmowers with a 12-volt capacity to file your chainsaw for a sharper edge. Its battery-powered mechanism is perfect for areas with poor or frequent electricity blackouts for you to use without waiting for the lights.

  • Easy grinding file changing
  • Anti-impact and anti-aging
  • Remains cool during and after use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Variety of grinding stones
  • Some users complain about the short cord length

#6. 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

XtremepowerUS 85W Mini Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

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By: XtremepowerUS

The above sharpener comes with a break to hold your chainsaw in place during grinding. This is an excellent function that other brands don’t have to prevent too much handhold pressure in every use. It runs on a powerful 85W motor that offers speeds reaching to 4200 RPM to give an efficient and quick grinding. Now, you can perform the filing at the convenience of your home to save multiple trips to the professional shops.

It is bench-mounted to improve the stability of the base and give you a safer service. Also, the flexible vice angles and a pivoting head move quickly to the right and left to suit most sharpening applications. Additionally, it comes with a high capacity measure in inches and a 35-degree table angle for added convenience and flexible use. The material casing is sturdily built to withstand excessive pressures while eliminating quick aging and damages from high impacts. You can use it for extended periods without worry of discoloring, scratches, and other unfavorable elements.

  • The brake handle holds the chain securely in place
  • Offers a stable and precise sharpening
  • Smooth pivoting head movement
  • Adjustable vice angles
  • Simple to use
  • Chain clamp system could be better

#5. 12-Volt Chainsaw Sharpener

Oregon 30846 12-Volt Chainsaw Sharpener

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By: Oregon

Another dependable item one from Oregon that is easy to use for anyone who wants to sharpen their chainsaw at home or in other areas. With a compact structure, it is highly portable for you to keep securely in a small carry bag. The design also facilitates simplicity of use by connecting to a 12v battery from a car, lawnmower, and other gadgets. Whether you are out in the wild or around the backyard, connect to the recommended cell capacity, and enjoy a seamless operation. After filing the chainsaw teeth, it leaves the new and appealing to improve durability.

The provided two sharpening stones add more versatility as you pick the ideal size that meets different grinding needs. Moreover, a quick-adjusting guide improves the results for a consistent and uniform edge finish no matter the length of use. The integrated depth gauge is an excellent addition to enhance your cutting confidence while the motor delivers a high impact for a lasting effect. You get a straight cutting edge and at an affordable price.

  • Highly portable and reliable
  • Simple to operation
  • Quick adjusting guide
  • Different sharpening stones
  • Durable construction
  • The instructions are too minimal and confusing

#4. Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener

Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener

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By: Granberg

If you want a chainsaw sharpener that requires simple manual operation, you are in the right place. Granberg filing unit is constructed using zinc-plated steel and premium cast aluminum that works together to give you an extended performance. The coating is also rust and stain resistance perfect for both wet and dry conditions to prevent rust issues. Another thing is its high compatibility suitable for any file size to give you a smooth sharpening and attaching. Although it does not come with files, the delivery and performance are top-notch and highly reliable.

The above accessory quickly files most chainsaw designs without the need for electricity. It is manually operated, making it energy efficient and easy to use anywhere and anytime with or without power. A bonus function is its affordable price that lets you get sharp edges just like the pricier ones and other electric models. You can set the file height and tool length, thanks to the additional features to enhance a precise sharpening. Set to your suitable angle using the calibrated swivel markings for best results.

  • Less pricey than other brands
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum material
  • Compatible with all files
  • Comfortable chain sharpening
  • Calibrated swivel guide lines
  • Does not include files

#3. 8 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

Katzco 8 Piece Chainsaw Sharpener File Kit

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By: Katzco

Improve your chainsaw sharpening confidence by using the Katzo file. It comes in an 8-piece set with multiple accessories to ensure you have all the filing tools for smooth operation. With a roll-up tool bag, it accommodates everything in one area not only to give you simple access but straightforward portability to bring it anywhere, anytime. The material of the pouch is quite lightweight and tears over time if you use it excessively. This accessory has different files to suit sharpening needs and ensure you pick one that gives you optimal results.

Incorporating premium round and fine-tooth flat files, they quicken the filing and cutting process. Choose the round file dimensions that have your appropriate size, including 5/32”, 3/16”, as well as 7/32”. We like the material of the handle made of sturdy wood that attaches to a depth-gauge tool, chainsaw, and file designs. The grip is ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable grip to improve performance even in with wet hands. Use the filing guide to have an actual procedure with minimal hand effort.

  • Quality construction
  • Surpasses the performance of other brands
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Accurate filing guide
  • Simple to store and maintain
  • The carrying pouch feels and looks flimsy

#2. Adjustable Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

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By: Buffalo Tools

Buffalo Tools company has come up with this chainsaw sharpener that gives you an extended service. Constructed using lasting material, it can file numerous times without breaking to provide you with smooth operation. Some other brands only last for a short while leading to another repurchase. This item keeps the chain in perfect condition and at the same time, saves you the money you could have used to take to a professional filing shop. It mounts to different locations, including a vise and a wall to add convenience and quick setup before the beginning of the sharpening process.

Featuring a modern design, this accessory is adjustable to most chain models to guarantee the highest compatibility without amendments. It has a grinding speed up to 4200RPM and uses 85 watts to make the procedure faster and accurate. Connect to your 120V wall outlet with ease as you attach 4-1/4 x 1/8 inches grinding wheel with a 7/8-inch arbor. Now, you can file your chainsaw with confidence to reduce downtimes mostly experienced by the low-quality models. Also, it’s versatile enough, making it perfect for beginners and expert filers at home and in other places.

  • Mounts quickly on a vise, wall or bench
  • Adjustable to accommodate different chain designs
  • Delivers a fast filing
  • Efficient and simple operation
  • Firm handhold
  • Hard to sharpen chain gauges with small sizes

#1. 2-In-1 Chainsaw Sharpener

STIHL 2 in 1 Chainsaw Chain Sharpener 3:8 P

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By: Stihl

Spend lesser money on a chainsaw sharpener that can withstand extreme use. This unit from Stihl costs around 40 dollars but gives you multiple services. Not only can it sharpen a depth but also a tooth gauge at the same time to make it a time saver and more convenient, unlike the rest. It weighs 12 ounces, which is lightweight to facilitate smooth handling and storage. Place it in any location free from wetness to improve durability. If you are new to this type of device, don’t worry because it has a simple style to help speed up the filing process and deliver consistent outcomes.

This item boasts of a stable structure made of quality material to extend the longevity of use and lessen wear problems better than the inferior models. Use this item to remove bluntness in your chainsaw for the best cutting experience you can have. Moreover, its lightweight and sturdy to facilitate simple carrying to and from different places around the workshop. The included files have various sizes to meet the demands of many chainsaw brands and types. Also, they are removable for you to spend lesser time in cleanup.

  • Simple to use
  • Sharpens depth and tooth gauge
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Quick to remove files
  • Easy cleaning
  • The instructions could be better

Buying Guide For The Best Chainsaw Sharpener

A chainsaw grinder helps make the teeth look new and improve the sharpness for the better cutting action. The many designs in the market can make it stressful for you to pick a suitable choice. We have researched for you based on material, construction, use, and many more. They are as follows:


The material used to come up with any product is essential because it affects performance. Look for sharpeners that use quality material that can withstand excessive use without breaking or wearing out rapidly. Ensure it does not cause additional harm to the chainsaw edges leading to costly replacements.


Another thing to consonance is the overall structure. Does it improve or lessen the performance after use? Some parts that impact the result and usage include a handle and size. The handgrip has to be ergonomic and straightforward to hold for you to have a precise cutting. This process is completed with a filing guide which shows you the correct angle to file your unit. For the size, there are compact ones that improve portability and storage. Throw the file in a carry bag and use it anywhere with added confidence.

Power Options

The last thing to check is the power source of the chainsaw file. Some have manual while other electric designs. If you know you live in an are with multiple blackouts, choose one that requires a manual or battery operation. This will eliminate unnecessary headaches to find a power outlet every time you want to sharpen your chainsaw.


Check the products above to get the best chainsaw sharpeners in the market. You can settle on one that has a premium construction and advanced features to give you precise cutting and safe operation.

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